Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person

Everything Is Awful and You re a Terrible Person In these unconventional interconnected stories of first person narratives in an age of text messages and Instagram posts gay men look for love steal office supplies hook up on Grindr bake pies s

  • Title: Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person
  • Author: Daniel Zomparelli
  • ISBN: 9781551526751
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • In these unconventional, interconnected stories of first person narratives in an age of text messages and Instagram posts, gay men look for love, steal office supplies, hook up on Grindr, bake pies, see therapists, have threesomes with ghosts, and fear happiness With wry abandon and a beguiling heart, Everything Is Awful and You re a Terrible Person is a deadpan, tragicomIn these unconventional, interconnected stories of first person narratives in an age of text messages and Instagram posts, gay men look for love, steal office supplies, hook up on Grindr, bake pies, see therapists, have threesomes with ghosts, and fear happiness With wry abandon and a beguiling heart, Everything Is Awful and You re a Terrible Person is a deadpan, tragicomic exploration of love, desire, and dysfunction in the twenty first century.Daniel Zomparelli is editor and founder of Poetry Is Dead magazine, and the author of the poetry collections Davie Street Translations and with Dina Del Bucchia Rom Com This is his first work of fiction.

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    One thought on “Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person”

    1. *I received advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Edelweiss and Arsenal Pulp Press*I liked this book, but it wasn't what I was expecting. This book contains short stories all somehow relating to each other. I kind of got how they were relating to each other, but at the same time I really didn't I found some stories to be hilarious and others to be just not my type. Overall I liked this book, but I don't think this author's writing is for me. I'm happy I went out to rea [...]

    2. This book was the things I love: funny and sad and insightful and queer and of a time (the time is this time). While some books evoke a strong sense of place, this one evokes a strong sense of this moment. I was aware while reading it that it will become (according to my youthful students) a period piece quickly, and I love that.Plus mental health issues! Loss! Online dating. It's good!

    3. This book is beautiful and hilarious, smart, thought-provoking and full of spot on feels. It will give you so much amazing literary enjoyment that you will get to the end and thank it for being written. You might even want to kiss it.

    4. I loved this collection of short stories - they were at turns sad (dealing with the loss of a parent, rejection , loneliness) funny (dating🙃) and weird (you'll see). Recommended! I particularly liked "fake boyfriend" and "phone call".

    5. Everything is not appalling or dreadful as the title suggests. And you are not horrible or hideous either. Wickedly honest at the point of being sacrilegious, Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person by Daniel Zomparelli is a striking, stunning and side-splitting book with neat, provocative, challenging and spot on feels bound together in thirty-two short stories which are surprisingly interlinked in one way or the other.Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person is not just anothe [...]

    6. This collection is hands down unlike anything I have ever read. Zomparelli builds an alternate Canada filled with unfulfilling sex and misadventures on dating apps. The stories widely vary in form and have some loose connections which definitely had me flipping back to the table of contents to try to weave some threads. In this collection, Zomparelli explores what seeking happiness looks like through casual sex, long term relationships, friendships, and traditional familial relationships. Charac [...]

    7. I couldn't get through this book as there was nothing of substance here. Even keeping in mind I am not the intended audience as a woman and not a gay man, I'm not sure how many would feel like this book is worth their time. The writing is monotonous and monotone. It's not funny it's not sad or tragic it's just extremely mediocre and the author's attempts at insights into Grindr hookup culture are better gleaned from twitter than this book.

    8. I loved this book ! It was hilarious, well-written and very engaging! Mr. Zomparelli reinvents the short story genre and his stories and characters are unforgettable. Highly recommended!

    9. The fragments that make up this book are often savagely funny, but what really impresses is the way they come together to create a story not just of looking for love in wrong places but also of pain, self-doubt, and the burden of having a mind and a heart. Disaffection, pain, absurdity, and a curious kind of tenderness.

    10. I got my library to find this (there is not a single copy in the Maine library system) since I generally like collections of short stories with an unusual approach (both in content and format). Well, it had the usual style, but the content disappointed me. Maybe this is a book intended for a particular audience of which I am not a part, but I have enjoyed other gay fictionjust not so much this one.The upside is Zomparelli's excellent ear for dialogue. The stories read as if the things the charac [...]

    11. I was really excited for this one, and its description made me think it was really going to be up my alley — sadly, it was a real slog for me, and took me a few months to get through despite its brevity. I may have enjoyed it more if I’d gotten through it faster. A few of these vignettes were quirky in a good way and enjoyable to read; Zomparelli has a dark, mordant sense of humor and a keen satirical eye toward modern gay hookup culture (often depicted here in its most dehumanizing extremes [...]

    12. I feel ambiguous about this book. I have pros and not really any cons, I just wasn't particularly touched. I don't think this is necessarily the author's fault, I just found myself judging the characters more than relating to them.Pros: - Playing with format paid off- Carrying the theme/interconnecting the stories is always a plus to me- The emotional depth of the mother's death was pretty intense. I definitely consider that a strength of this book.Cons:- ???- I mean I would say "Oh it was confu [...]

    13. I'm not quite sure what this book is, but it fascinated me. It's short stories, I guess, but it's more than that, operating under a system of braided narratives that return to the same few characters; in that way, it feels more like a novel. On the other hand, there are very few emotional arcs and even fewer resolutions for our characters; in some ways, this feels almost like documentary for how its primary goal appears to be merely to observe and put to paper the some aspects of the modern gay [...]

    14. I liked the date vignettes. Lately I've been thinking about how gay male culture is impacted by mental health, sex, twitter, Grindr/"apps", grief, secrets, homophobia, masculinity, money etc etc. I think this is all highlighted quite viscerally in this text. I think I was turned off by this book because presently I don't think things are awful and that I'm a terrible person. But then I realized that maybe all of it is true (re: the awful and terrible) and this book is just putting a light on my [...]

    15. Few things in it are awful, and even the most terrible persons in it are handled with care. "Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person" is entertaining, but it feels like it's building up to a climax that never comes. In that way, it loses impact as a collection even as some individual stories are especially profound. The short, Grindr interludes are equal parts moving and horrifying, and I keep thinking of the phrase "The Gardens Were Hardly Lush" so many weeks after. Still, it's willing [...]

    16. DNF at 40%.This was just too weird for me. The blurb says that the stories are interconnected, but other than a few names showing up again and again, it never felt like there was any connection at all. There were maybe two stories that actually made sense to me, but that's not enough to keep me going. One thing's for sure, though: every story was bleak and sad, so everything was awfulMaybe I was just not in the mood for this, because I generally like weird, twisted stories, but this just didn't [...]

    17. I found the narrative frustrating at times but it felt realistic In terms of what gay dating is like. There are 3 amazing stories here. The rest are vignettes and really do exemplify the futile loneliness of love in the digital age. However, I think this is prose constructed as if it were poetry and the nuance gets lost a bit. Like a lot of romances, I felt it ended just as I had become fully immersed. Very much worth a read, especially if you're familiar with Vancouver and it's landmarks.

    18. A nuanced book of what seems like short stories, but is actually a gnarled tapestry of a cast of deeply flawed characters working to find something, whatever it be love, peace, sex, alcohol, or quiet. Not a particularly easy read - but that's part of the reward for wading through the complicated lives of others, feeling the metallic, damp tinge of acute anxiety. Think I Love Dick but better, with more beauty, more sweat, and more viscera.

    19. This is an engaging yet sorrowful book of linked stories. Zomparelli, with sparse prose and rich insights, leads us through iconic moments in the lives of a group of young men sometimes confronting, and more often refusing to recognize, the barriers they themselves have built to keep love at bay, at the same time they nominally continue searching for it. Inventive, and well worth reading.

    20. Perfectly captures the nihilism and emptiness of the social media generation. Although the characters that inhabit these stories are callow and selfish, Zomparelli manages to convey a measure of compassion for his characters while refraining from endorsing and only rarely condemning their actions. Cleverly written and structured, the vignettes will flow by in poetic telling of the overall story.

    21. The very skillful moving camera pov focusses on particulars in a closed social scene; you may want to go back and read from the beginning once you know who everyone is. It's a clever and moving book - not many can juggle grief with dating mishaps without coming off like a 3rd rate Bridget Jones. I also love the soft touch of magical realism here! I loved it.

    22. I'm not one who typically appreciates collections of short stories, and some of these were pretty difficult for me to relate to. There are some lovely passages and lines kind of scattered throughout and it provides an interesting insight into a world that I know hardly anything about.

    23. 3.75. I don't know what I was expecting when I started reading this, but I didn't expect it to be so funny, yet also moving in parts or to be charmed by some of these characters. Since it is a short story collection, there are often going to be misses mixed in with the winners, and this is true here. But overall, I enjoyed this collection quite a bit.

    24. Incredibly poignant, relatable and hilarious. Honestly this book had me on board from the title, but these stories offer a glimpse at real sadness, shattered dreams and inability to connect with others. Great summer read. 10/10.

    25. Oh my god. This collection is so snarky and self-centered and tender and dreamy and insecure and desperate and plain weird, and I loved every minute of it. I wish there was more. I finished this book and immediately called my neighbour and made him borrow it.

    26. It's rare that I find a short story collection where I love each and every single one. Hilarious, beautiful, and sometimes twisted, this is a fantastic, interconnected collection.

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