Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam

Saladin Noble Prince of Islam Forty years before the boy was born a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians thundered out of the west and conquered his native land They had succeeded because his people ever at war with one another had

  • Title: Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam
  • Author: Diane Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780688171353
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Forty years before the boy was born, a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians thundered out of the west and conquered his native land They had succeeded because his people, ever at war with one another, had not fought together to defend their cities In time the boy was destined to become the very leader that was needed, a man with the courage and vision to unite his people andForty years before the boy was born, a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians thundered out of the west and conquered his native land They had succeeded because his people, ever at war with one another, had not fought together to defend their cities In time the boy was destined to become the very leader that was needed, a man with the courage and vision to unite his people and face the most fearsome and brilliant warrior of the age.The time was the twelfth century the barbarian horde was the armies of the First Crusade the great warrior was Richard the Lionhearted and the leader was Saladin This is than the other side of a familiar Western story, the Crusades It is the tale of an extraordinary man, remarkable for his generous and chivalrous ways, a warrior who longed for peace Courageous in battle and merciful in victory, he would be revered even by his enemies as the marvel of his time In her vibrant narrative and magnificently detailed illustrations inspired by the Islamic art of the time, Diane Stanley presents a hero whose compassion, piety, tolerance, and wisdom made him a model for his time and for ours.

    Saladin conquers Jerusalem Map Third Crusade Map of Jerusalem Ayyubid Period Conquest of Saladin A.D Saladin Conquers Jerusalem in the Battle of Hattin Saladin was the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty, which ruled much of the Middle East during the th and th centuries. Saladin Anne Marie Edd, Jane Marie Todd Saladin Anne Marie Edd, Jane Marie Todd on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Working simultaneously on two levels, Saladin represents a different kind of biography a portrait of a man who is said to have made an age Muslim Chivalry and Templars The Knights Templar Order The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon recognizes that our Muslim colleagues in the tradition of Saladin historically embodied and promoted the same Codes of Muslims in Membership The Knights Templar Order of the A ccording to th century chronicles, the Egyptian Sultan General Saladin himself experienced the full Templar Knighting Ceremony, an elaborate ceremonial version sometimes used for teaching the doctrines and principles of the Templar Order. In AD, during a truce Saladin met in the camp of King Amalric of Jerusalem, outside of Alexandria with the Christian Knight, Humphrey of Toron. ANTIOCH Home Foundation for Medieval Genealogy ANTIOCH v. Updated April RETURN TO INDEX TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION. Chapter PRINCES of ANTIOCH HAUTEVILLE Chapter PRINCES of ANTIOCH POITIERS Chapter . Ayyubid dynasty The Ayyubid dynasty Arabic al Ayy b y n Kurdish Xanedana Eybiyan was a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Kurdish origin founded by Saladin and centred in Egypt.The dynasty ruled large parts of the Middle East during the th and th centuries Saladin had risen to vizier of Fatimid Egypt in , before abolishing the Fatimids in Bohemond III of Antioch Bohemond III of Antioch, also known as Bohemond the Child or the Stammerer French Bohmond le Bambe le Baube c , was Prince of Antioch from to He was the elder son of Constance of Antioch and her first husband, Raymond of Poitiers.Bohemond ascended to the throne after the Antiochene noblemen dethroned his mother with the assistance of Thoros II, Lord of Armenian The Black Widow Gabriel Allon Series by Daniel Silva Daniel Silva is the award winning, New York Times bestselling author of The Unlikely Spy, The Mark of the Assassin, The Marching Season, The Kill Artist, The English Assassin, The Confessor, A Death in Vienna, Prince of Fire, The Messenger, The Secret Servant, Moscow Rules, The Defector, The Rembrandt Affair, Portrait of a Spy, The Fallen Angel, The English Girl, The Heist, The English Spy God s Battalions The Case for the Crusades Barnes Noble Rodney Stark is the award winning author of How the West Won, The Victory of Reason, The Rise of Christianity, God s Battalions, and many other books. JERUSALEM Foundation for Medieval Genealogy jerusalem, kings v. updated june return to index table of contents introduction. chapter kings of jerusalem a kings of jerusalem comtes de boulogne b kings of jerusalem comtes de rethel c kings of jerusalem anjou, monferrato, lusignan

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    1. Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam is a biography of Saladin, or Salah al-Din, who lead the Muslim forces during the crusades. Because of the important role he played in the Crusades, much of the biography focuses on the particular battles he fought during this time, with a few pages dedicated to his life before and after. The book is not over the top gory, but it does occasionally touch on many of the harsher aspects of life at war, and the death that is involved. Although this book is obviously to [...]

    2. Very well done biography on Salah Al-din or Saladin as he is more commonly called. I was worried that it might be biased, as a lot of books on the Muslim characters in history have been in the past (esp when dealing with the Crusades). However, the author was very good at presenting both sides of the story, and actually made the Crusaders to handle things worse than the Turks/Saracens. In 1099, the Crusaders slaughtered hundreds of Muslims and you would think Saladin (who had heard the story gro [...]

    3. He was an important to people of the Islamic religion. Saladin and his brother Richard never actually met face to face. Also, he was ill when his wife died and so his advisors kept the news from him for three months for fear the shock might kill him.

    4. I came across this book at the Teachers College library. I thought it would be interesting to look through a picture book that had to do with history. While this story is a picture book (half the book is composed of illustrations), the elaborate history of the Muslim prince, Saladin is presented. The book offers a full biography of Saladin, from his birth to the battles he fought to his later life and death. The story was mostly about Saladin, but the author did include information about Judaism [...]

    5. I LOVE reading history books to my kids. This one was great! Such a great example of leadership to the world! I also love that Saladin is a Muslim. Not all Muslims are terrorists. The contrast of the Christian/Muslim conflict then is interesting given the state of Christian persecution in the Middle East today. So sad. Also, so far, I just love all of Diane Stanley's books.

    6. More books about Saladin should be written--or at least this one should be read more often. Crusades too often told from just one point of view.

    7. Shockingly there are no histories on islamic leaders of the past in our town libraries. We got this one online for D's school report. It was completely age appropriate, full of exactly the right amount of detail and was pretty interesting too. Good for my kids to see history as described from a less anglosaxon perspective.

    8. I have read many books about Saladin in more details, but this one is very short but raising the important station in Saladin life. He was great Kurdish Muslim nobleman which we need one like him in this terrible middle east. I think the writer mad some mistake in this book which I will point as following. 1-The writer mention that Nur al-Din is a Turkish, but actually most of the sources have been stated that Nur al-Din is from Zank family and it was written as Nur al-Din Zanky (in Arabic نو [...]

    9. 1. Genre: Biography2. This biography details the life and accomplishments of Saladin. This book portrays the compassion and his rise to power during the Crusades.3. a) Area for Comment: Illustrationsb) The illustrations in this book are so detailed and complex. With each mini chapter, Stanley produces images that portray the vast and beautiful landscape as well as the intricate details of dress, and jewelry.c) The front cover provides intricate details in the robe that Saladin is wearing. It als [...]

    10. This is a nice additional resource when covering the Middle Ages and the Crusades in school (typically 7th grade). Unless your student has some rudimentary knowledge on these topics and some of the key people involved (such as: Richard the Lionheart, King John, and Pope Gregory VIII) this read can seem a bit confusing and would be better off being read after familiarizing yourself a bit more with the material. All in all though, a very good read that showed even in times of war compassion could [...]

    11. This picture book was very long! The true story of Saladin occurs during the third crusade and Saladin is who the infamous Richard of Lionheart of England goes against and looses. The author portrays Saladin and very virtuous and kind. The reader is left feeling anger at those "Franks" and relief that the Muslims have won their land back. So bear that in mind if you choose to read the book, whatever your opinions may be.

    12. This book for older children tells the story of Saladin (Salah al-Din), the Muslim warrior who fought to wrench Jerusalem from the hold of the Christians, including Richard the Lion-Hearted, in the First Crusade. The story is told with a compassion and understanding that is rarely present in most one-sided portrayals of the Crusades from the point of view of the Crusaders. It is beautifully illustrated, with Islamic-style art.

    13. where did my knowledge of the Crusades go? I can only wonder. With this book, I got it back! It's easy to read and ever-interesting. The Crusades were complicated and mostly without heroes--filled with a heap of personalities, though Answsers that question I had while reading Dante, "Why was Saladin deemed an honorary Christian?"

    14. I was interested in the history I learned about Jerusalem, Saladin, and the first Crusade. I could not believe just how brutal these wars were towards Jews, Christians, and Muslims. I would use this book to teach a history lesson about Jerusalem or the first Crusade.

    15. In an interesting twist, in this biography the Crusaders are portrayed as bloodthirsty barbarians and the Muslims as civilized. Although my knowledge of the period is limited, it seems to do this while sticking to the facts. The text is engaging, and the illustrations wonderful.

    16. Saladin was an amazing figure in middle-east history and an example to all. I wish that we could all learn to be more chivalrous and forgiving as Saladin was. A children's picture book, but a great intro to a great leader, making me want to read more about him.

    17. Historical account of Salah al-Din's life and the battles he fought during the Crusades. The narrative is long and would be appropriate for middle grade readers. The gorgeous full-page illustrations are vibrantly colored and very detailed, nicely complementing the story.

    18. Absolutely GORGEOUSLY illustrated with an informative and concise text that never makes you feel like you're being talked down to.

    19. We read this beautifully illustrated biography of Saladin to complement our middle ages history lesson about The Crusades.

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