Тишина през октомври

  • Title: Тишина през октомври
  • Author: Jens Christian Grøndahl Йенс Кристиан Грьондал Ева Кънева
  • ISBN: 9786191507689
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] Û Тишина през октомври - by Jens Christian Grøndahl Йенс Кристиан Грьондал Ева Кънева ¿
      186 Jens Christian Grøndahl Йенс Кристиан Грьондал Ева Кънева
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] Û Тишина през октомври - by Jens Christian Grøndahl Йенс Кристиан Грьондал Ева Кънева ¿
      Posted by:Jens Christian Grøndahl Йенс Кристиан Грьондал Ева Кънева
      Published :2018-09-15T11:32:04+00:00

    One thought on “Тишина през октомври”

    1. Having lived in Scandinavia, I've developed a taste, evidently, for cultures that are hard to crack; I'm always seeking out the work of new Scandinavian authors to fall in love with. I return to Peter Hoeg's Smilla's Sense of Snow over and over (I've even begun shopping around an essay I wrote on that one); no other contemporary Nordic prose writer has moved me nearly so much.Until nowrhaps. I'm re-reading Jens Christian Grondahl's Silence in October; I read it for the first time about a year ag [...]

    2. Малко тържество на съзерцанието, мълчаливото вникване в детайлите и картинното възприемане на реалността. На интровертния вътрешен диалог, който изплита цялата книга. Присъствието на Едуард Хопър и творчеството му - за мен еманация на мълчанието и перцепцията на празното [...]

    3. Много, много ми хареса! Поетична, философска изповед за любовта, търсенията и самотата, предадена чрез богато нюансиран и чувствен език. Изящен превод на Ева Кънева!

    4. Skandinaviškai lėtas, gilus ir stebinančiai įžvalgus kūrinys. Akiplėšiškai leidžiu sau teigti, kad jis subalansuotas moteriai ar vyrui, santuokoje (ar partnerystėje) pragyvenusiai/-iam daugiau kaip 10 metų, pageidautina būtų turėti ir bent vieną vaiką. Kitais atvejais neabejoju - būtų sunku tinkamai jį įvertinti. 😊 Nagrinėjama tema – ilgalaikė santuoka/partnerystė. Problema – įsisenėjusi santuoka/“pavargę“ santykiai. Kai gyveni su žmogumi diena iš dienos, [...]

    5. Любовен живот.Изобщо живот – рядко срещано честно, пълно и умело обрисуване.„Най-накрая бях престанал да се питам дали съм щастлив.“

    6. An author's wife leaves him and his grown-up children just as he is getting ready to leave for New York on business. (The book is mainly set in Denmark and is translated from the Danish.) The author tracks his wife's movements by watching her credit card transactions on his computer and he discovers that she is re-tracing a trip to Portugal they took together years ago. That's basically the plot. The rest of the book is a wonderful introspection of the author's life as he reflects upon his life [...]

    7. A lovely, introspective, quietly beautiful novel. A man wakes to find that his wife of 18 years is leaving him. At first, you sympathize with him in his bewilderedness, then as the narrative of his life unfolds, you start to understand the reason behind the separation. Memory, the man finds, is a tricky thing. You can go your whole life believing that something that happened to you was "right" and "good." But when faced with an alternative path that becomes very viable, your whole life falls und [...]

    8. Обичам тихите книги, които оставят пространство за мислите да се разгръщат. Книгите, в които чуваш тишината около думите. Тишината на отсъствието, на настъпилата празнота, в която сякаш въздухът е запазил очертанията на любимия, но него самия го няма.“Тишина през октомври [...]

    9. Много интелигентно написана книга. Деликатна, нежна, тиха. И ако до един момент симпатизирах на разказвача, чийто съпруга го е изоставила след 18-годишна връзка, то той постепенно започна да ми става антипатичен и дори да ме дразни. Темпото ми на четене драстично забави ход и [...]

    10. They say that something is always lost in translation. Unfortunately I can't read in Danish so I read this book in the Dutch translation. The translated version is so beautiful that I really wonder what it must be like in the original language. Of course, this is also meant as a compliment to the translator. I highly recommend this book and Jens Christian Grøndahl's work in general.Er wordt gezegd dat er altijd wat in een vertaling verloren gaat. Jammergenoeg kan ik niet in het Deens lezen dus [...]

    11. A melancholy exploration of the innermost thoughts on life, decisions, how we see ourselves, love, dreams, desires, change and marriage. Slow and meandering it almost felt as though I were reading a diary. Really quite wonderful.

    12. Много, много ми хареса! Въпреки привкуса на тъга и меланхолия, голямо удоволствие ми доставяше бавното четене, усещането ми всеки път бе едно и също - все едно сядах, завита в дебело и топло одеяло на стар фотьойл пред прозорец, дъждът вали тихо, вадичките от дъждовните капки [...]

    13. 10 ⭐️ grāmatai. Visiem, kas piedzīvojuši ne vienu vien dzīves gadalaiku un, atskatoties, redz, ka ne viss ir balts un melns. Patiesi un vienkārši par dzīves daudzslāņainību un cilvēka ierobežoto spēju spēju to visu apjēgt. Vēl 10 ⭐️ par Daces Deniņas tulkojumu. Bez neviena brāķa! Tas ir pārcilvēcīgi, pat ar izcilu redaktoru.

    14. Šią ir kitas mano apžvalgas galima rasti čia: knygoholike/2016/0Jenso Christiano Grondahlio romanas "Spalio tylėjimas" - toks gražus, kad vėliau net pasidaro nuobodu.Tai intelektualus romanas apie vienatvę dviesę. Pagrindinį veikėją netikėtai palieka žmona, o tai puiki proga jam apmąstyti savo gyvenimą, santuoką, ryšius su kitomis moterimis ir šeima."Visus tuos metus, kai buvome šeima, ir dabar, vaikams pradėjus veržtis iš jos rato, judėjome kartais pagal nervingą, karta [...]

    15. I came to this book by way of "Out Stealing Horses" because that was so well translated that I looked for other books by the translator, Anne Born. This is an excellent book in which the main character, a man, examines his life in light of his wife leaving him unexpectedly. Anne Born's rewriting of Grondahl's novel is excellent in the extreme. I've only read this once but intend to reread it.

    16. I am so embarrassed. Hailed as a "masterpiece," and "captures the essence of our time," this was absolutely awful. And, what is more awful, in desperation I chose it as one of the few books I could find written by a Dane for my "Scandinavian Smorgasbord" literature class, reading one book from each Scandinavian country. Obviously, because of constraints of time, I did not have an opportunity to read this . This is going to be a terribly painful experience. I deserve it; I have put my class throu [...]

    17. Grondahl's lyrical prose flows effortlessly from one lovely sentence to another as he explores romantic relationships. This a quiet book that unfolds slowly with random thoughts of past events and what might have been. A sad but honest look at love and how different expectations can be at various stages in life. Beautifully written.

    18. It is a most honest book, a great one. As if written for me and for all wondering people my age. It is full of searching, love hope and forgiveness. For me personally, it is full of wisdom.

    19. Somehow my review written 2/2/18 got deleted, so here it is again.Grondahl's lyrical prose flows effortlessly from one lovely sentence to another as he explores romantic relationships. This is a quiet book that unfolds slowly with random thoughts of past events and what might have been. A sad but honest look at love and how different expectations can be at various stages in life. Beautifully written.Currently reading "An Altered Light," review to follow shortly. Grondahl is one fabulous writer!

    20. An art historian wakes up one morning to find Astrid, his wife of eighteen years, with a coat on and a suitcase in her hand. She turns and leaves without saying a word. Melancholy and meditative by nature, the narrator looks back on his life and ponders his relationships with his children, parents, friends, and old lovers. His memories form a series of stories, meandering back and forth in time as he tries to attend to his book on the New York School of painting. But his past haunts him, especia [...]

    21. Романът „Тишина през октомври“ получава изключително висока оценка както от страна на читателите, така и от критиката. Преводът на българското издание е в актива на Ева Кънева.„Тишина през октомври“ е въздействащ интроспективен разказ за любовта, изолацията и надеждат [...]

    22. I just finished reading The Pilot's Wife, by Anita Shreve, and I think had I not read it first, I would've enjoyed this book much more. Although the specific events leading to the main characters' situations are different, the end result is the same: they are alone.In The Pilot's Wife, Kathryn's husband dies in a plane crash, leaving her with many unanswered questions, the most important of which is how well did she really know her husband? In Silence in October, the main character wakes up one [...]

    23. Jens Christian Grondahl's stunning Silence in October could easily have been an embarrassingly mawkish trawl through the psyche of an artistic man in midlife crisis.In fact, it is a hugely moving investigation into the nature of conversation, art and relationships.The unnamed narrator is a Danish art critic who wakes one day to find his wife on her way out of the door; she looks at him as he rouses, tells him that she will be away for a while, and then leaves. His children have also only recentl [...]

    24. Grondahl has a masterful way with words and an insightful talent for telling the story that happens between the mind and the emotions.What is love? How do you know when you have it? When you feel? How do you know when you've lost it? This is the story of one man's attempts to discover these answers and his several failures to recognize love and hold onto it; his failure to understand when to let it go. This is also a story that displays intuitive and profound insights into the vast differences b [...]

    25. I love grown up love stories and this one is written by someone with a deep understanding of love's vicissitudes. Grondahl pulls no punches - this is a novel about flawed people. For all that the narrator appears intelligent and thoughtful, he knows (as we do) that 'love loves without a reason', that even those we love and live with may retain a mysterious core, that we may never truly fathom their motivations. What the novel illuminates so beautifully is one man's attempt to honestly describe l [...]

    26. Geen hoogvlieger, dit boek. Grøndahl kan een aardig stukje proza schrijven en zin per zin gelezen is dit een mooi werkstuk. Maar in zijn geheel maakt het op mij een quasi-onuitstaanbare, valse, voze, en navelstaarderige indruk. Ik had de protagonist omwille van zijn lafhartigheid en narcisme een klap in zijn gezicht willen geven. Dit verhaal bezwijkt onder zijn eigen pretentie. Er zit geen sikkepit authenticiteit in, geen voorwaarts momentum, geen heldere contour. In de plaats wordt de lezer ov [...]

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