The Maze

The Maze Dillon Savich is head of the FBI Criminal Apprehension Unit CAU where he has developed predictive analogue programs to help catch serial killers Lacey Sherlock is a qualified new agent bright and e

  • Title: The Maze
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9780515122497
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dillon Savich is head of the FBI Criminal Apprehension Unit CAU , where he has developed predictive analogue programs to help catch serial killers Lacey Sherlock is a qualified new agent, bright and eager A vicious murder in Boston sends her off like a shot, lying to Savich They must find who killed Sherlock s sister seven years before.

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    1. Dear Catherine Coulter,I don't know why I punish myself. After your horrid first book in this series, The Cove, the only reason I decided to give this one a shot is because I love the woman who reads the audio version, Susan Ericksen (she does a fantastic job on the Eve Dallas series by J.D. Robb). Either this was her first audiobook or yes, your writing is still horrendous. No FBI agency has solved more serial murders as fast as the ones in this book. I still can't believe it. Cliches abound, t [...]

    2. This is one of my favorite books. I can't tell you how many times I have read this book. Each time I read it, it’s still as good as the first time I opened that very first page. I love the author of this FBI series. Each book in this series is a stand-alone, so you can read them out of order. The character’s in each of the books drew me right into the plot.Lacey Sherlock met Dillon Savich when she was still in her FBI training. After she graduated she was assigned to his special unit. Lace [...]

    3. Very enjoyable read! Savich and Sherlock are introduced in this book and their actions keep you turning pages to the end

    4. The Maze2 StarsAfter reading and disliking the first book in this series, I decided not continue. However, I recently discovered a later installment in a box of second hand books and The Maze fit into my Bookshelf Bingo challenge, so I thought I'd give it another chance - big mistake!The plot starts out well enough with an FBI recruit in search of the serial killer responsible for her sister's death but goes straight downhill from there. The story development is ridiculous and contrived, the wri [...]

    5. This one's just as awesome and UNPUTDOWNABLE as the first! Coulter drags you right in at the beginning and holds you until the end! Twists that I didn't see coming, especially in finding out who killed Lacey's sister. Just when I thought I for sure had the murderer pegged and I was soooo wrong! The entire story was action-packed, the suspense enough to make you cringe the characters each had a personality very much their own, the whole story believable that it could've happened / could happen in [...]

    6. Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock meet for the first time in this book. She's just completed her training and begins working for him.I found the story to be interesting and fast paced, the romance to be tension-filled and compelling, and the mystery to be suspenseful. I highly recommend the book and am on to the next in the series.

    7. The FBI dream team has done it again. However, this one focuses on their initial meet & greet and how things rapidly progressed from there. Lacy S and her deranged family are the primary focus throughout this brain teaser. I'll finish the review shortly.gotta run.

    8. This is the third book I have read by Catherine Coulter and the second in the series. I started out with the third novel "The Target" which sold me into reading more of her books, it was an excellent read which I couldn't put down! I can say "The Maze" has a fair story and story line as did "The Cove" her first book, not top notch, but sufficient. Not many twists and turns although it did have me guessing some! The problem I have had with Ms. Coulter's first two books is she tries to get too cut [...]

    9. When Lacey Sherlock (yes, that's her real name) joins the FBI and tosses aside her love of music, she doesn't realize that her background will land her with the FBI's Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU). She becomes a rising star in the CAU and causes some feathers to be ruffled.Lacey has an underlying reason for joining the FBI, to help track down the killer of her sister, Belinda. She enlists the help of her supervisor, Dillon Savich, to catch the fiend.Catherine Coulter has done it again with "T [...]

    10. I dont read alot of this type of novel. Sadistic serial killer stories are really not my preference, but I found myself reading this book, and for a while, I seem to be enjoying the story, even if I was hoping that the killing didnt become too graphic, etc. But around the 2/3 point of the book, it seemed like the author became tired of writing the book and took short cuts, gave in to the lower nature of adolescent sensationalism, for lack of a better way to say it. Some of the significant points [...]

    11. I think this book was good. Had some up and down moments. I liked the suspense aspect of it, but I didnt like how the romance just popped from god only knows where. I think the author did a good job, although it was just too long and some parts could have been cut so the suspense would be thighter and no t so all over the place.Lacey Sherlock has had her life turned upside down when she was only 19, when her sister was brutally murdered by a serial killer. She lived in fear for a time, and one d [...]

    12. Lacey Sherlock is a woman with a mission. It's been seven years since a serial killer murdered her half-sister and threw her life into turmoil. And in those seven years, Lacey has managed to get a B.S. in Forensic Science, a master's in Criminal Psychology, and a job at the FBI. So when the "String Killer" strikes again, she's on the first plane to Boston to investigate, regardless of what her boss might have to say about things. Her boss, who happens to be brilliant, good-looking, and deadly (o [...]

    13. This was a surprisingly good book to me. I was browsing the audiobooks available at my library online service. I loved a good romantIc suspense. I came across it and thought why not. I loved the story. It is about Lacey Sherlock who goes on to be an FBI agent. While going thru the last part of her classes she meets Agent Dillon Savich by defeating him in a practical run training test. Her reasons for becoming an agent are revealed when she becomes assigned to work under Savich. This begins a fri [...]

    14. I love Sherlock and Savich. I beleive this is the best book in the detectives' series. Your learn about Sherlock's background and how she comes to meet Savich.

    15. If you are looking for a little mystery and lots of romance, this is your book/series!! I often get in the mood for something light that I don't have to pay close attention to, this book was perfect for that.FBI Special Agent Dillon Savich teams up with new agent Lacey Sherlock in a case that leads them back to the murder of Sherlock's sister seven years ago-and put both their lives on the line.

    16. This review is in reference to the audio book version.The Maze started out so well that I actually began to look forward to reading/listening to the other FBI books that Catherine Coulter has written. However, in part due to the narrator's sometimes sing-song voice, the prose began to grate on me as did the lack of specificity: "The dish was prepared very nicely."The big flaw here is that the book seems to go on too long. There's a substantial amount of melodrama to go around as well as both the [...]

    17. I skipped The Cove and went right to The Maze and, based on the reviews so far, I'm glad I did but it only helped me a little. I've tried to read Coulter before with no success and after this I'm not likely to try again. It's not that this book was bad, there were parts that I enjoyed, but it was like a soap opera set in a nuthouse! Everyone was crazy and hardly anything they said or did made any sense to me. I found the plot to be too hard to believe and the resolutions even more so. The romanc [...]

    18. Lacey Sherlock may have just finished training to be part of the FBI but she has been on this case every since her sister was murdered 7 years ago. Unknowingly, Dillon Savich played right in to her plans to track down this killer. After seeing her performance at a training excercise, he gave her a option to join his newly created Criminal Apprehension Unit. He's the boss but she seems to have all the answers.The love story involved in this one is not as hot as it could have been but the mystery [...]

    19. Perhaps the worst book I've read this year. I love thrillers and I love crime and mysteries, who dun its, etc. This book has aspects of all of those but it should really be listed as a fantasy because the plot is so unrealistic. Yes, it is fiction, however most FBI based fictional stories have some basis in reality but this one is wholly unbelievable. Without giving too much away, I'll just say that the timeline is so compressed and events are happening so quickly that it seems the author had in [...]

    20. The Maze focuses on Dillon Savich who made an appearance in The Cove. Once again, Ms. Coulter has given us a great mystery. While I did have part of the mystery figured out early one, I did no figure out the twist at the end. The chemistry between Dillon and "Sherlock" was great! Although I would think that their HEA was a bit rushed. I also have to wonder at the Bureau chief being OK with them having a relationship when Dillon is Sherlock's boss. But, hey creative license, right? There is also [...]

    21. I liked it but I didn't love it. The story itself wasn't bad, but Coulter's writing style bugs the mess out of me. Her plot is all over the place and doesn't seem very focused at all. Her dialogue is monstrously terrible and took me out of the story so many times. I wouldn't mind reading more about Savich and Sherlock, but I'm not sure I can sift through another frantic story. It stinks because I am sort of glomming romantic suspense right now, and I wanted to like this one so much. Maybe the bo [...]

    22. I have now read three of the FBI files books. I read one later in the series (Whiplash- which was an ok read- but slightly stilted and nothing exciting). So I decide to start at the beginning of the series and work up. I have made it through book two and can't take anymore. The plots are formulaic, the characters are either cardboard or stereotypes. I can tell that the characters develop over time, that is across books, but it is not worth the effort to get to the tenth or twelfth book to finall [...]

    23. I really liked the little we saw of Dillon in the first book, but in this one he didn't come off as good, just weird. Lacey was weird too, which seemed to be the theme of the book for me and it wasn't a good weird. The story was pretty predictable and boring in the middle. But for some reason I had to keep reading. I think the best part of the book was when Miss Lily, Marvin, and the bartender showed up in the story. There parts bring in such funny antics that you can't help but to love them. I [...]

    24. It took me awhile to get into this novel. This is the second Coulter novel I've read, and I enjoyed the first one (The Cove) better. The characters here seemed flat to me and the dialog didn't sound like anything resembling actual human speech, but once the plot got going I found myself somewhat more interested than I had been before. However, I never really felt that any of the characters were in actual danger, and I prefer my thrillers to be so gripping that I fall on the floor from being push [...]

    25. Ever have that time your colleague suggested an author you haven't read and you realize you just added 20 books to your TBR stack. #tbrproblems The Maze, by Catherine Coulter, is an excellent read. Lacey Sherlock changes the trajectory of her life to become an FBI agent and catch her sister's killer (who has also killed 7 other women) Can she and Special Agent Savich catch him before he kills again. Why does he make them walk through a maze? Who tried to hit Sherlock with a car? There are some q [...]

    26. I enjoyed the suspense in the book. I didn't have everything figured out which I always appreciate. But the best part is the main character's name is Lacey Sherlock. The FBI agents she works with even make fun of her name.Story revolves around a serial killer that appears to only kill some women every 7 years. Lacey's 1/2 sister was killed 7 years ago and that is what got her in the FBI. I'll definitely read another Catherine Coulter book in the future.

    27. What I love best about these books is the loveable, complex characters set in a mysterious plot, that also manage to combine for an easy read. They aren't literary, but are riveting and fun, something that I most definitely appreciate.

    28. This is the first book by Catherine Coulter that I have read. I loved it! The characters were interesting and the plot kept me reading. I thought that she wrote romance stories. I was not aware of the serial killer story lines. I will read more by this author.

    29. Done with this book. Done with this series. Insufferable dialogue. I can't stop thinking of pirates and ripping bodices. I stopped reading Harlequin romances around age 15.

    30. Her ability to create thoroughly developed relevant characters always amazes me. She takes time to spin her tale.

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