Misty's Twilight

Misty s Twilight Misty s Twilight is part thouroughbred part Chinoteague pony and one hundred percent fire and talent A direct descendant of the most famous pony ever Misty of Chinoteague Twilight has greatness in

  • Title: Misty's Twilight
  • Author: Marguerite Henry Karen Haus Grandpre
  • ISBN: 9781416927877
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Misty s Twilight is part thouroughbred, part Chinoteague pony, and one hundred percent fire and talent A direct descendant of the most famous pony ever, Misty of Chinoteague, Twilight has greatness in her blood Now it s her turn to shine, perhaps as a cutting horse, a jumper, or in the graceful art of dressage.Can Twilight, whose ancestors were wild ponies living on an uMisty s Twilight is part thouroughbred, part Chinoteague pony, and one hundred percent fire and talent A direct descendant of the most famous pony ever, Misty of Chinoteague, Twilight has greatness in her blood Now it s her turn to shine, perhaps as a cutting horse, a jumper, or in the graceful art of dressage.Can Twilight, whose ancestors were wild ponies living on an untamed island, do it Can she compute against the best horses in the worldd win

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    One thought on “Misty's Twilight”

    1. As much as I have always adored the first three books of Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague series (Misty of Chincoteague, Sea Star and Stormy, Misty's Foal), this fourth installment, which was written in the 1990s, and thus many decades later, really has none of the magic of the first three novels and actually leaves me mostly rather majorly annoyed. And first and foremost, the reason for my annoyance (at least for and to me) is the unfortunate fact and truth that the author's, that Margu [...]

    2. I remember this book being about Misty. Spoiler alert: it isn't. It's about a family that hopes to keep the Misty of Chincoteague legacy alive, but instead they just try to recreate the fame of Twilight's ancestor by forcing the horse to compete in tons of absurd contests, hoping she'll be famous and have a legacy.I didn't care for the characters or the horse; they all seemed shallow and uninteresting. I also wished the book had kept with the Chincoteague trend and setting, and maybe kept us wit [...]

    3. First of all, I didn't like this one's lack of the Beebe's and the lack of explantion as to what happened to them. We heard Grandpa Beebe had died but what about Paul and Maureen why weren't they running the ranch?Secondly, I feel that there was never time to really get to know any of the new characters in this book and I kept getting them all confused.Thirdly, Twilight was not as endearing as her ancestors.Fourthly, the whole story seemed disjointed.Fifthly, what was up with that ending? I'm so [...]

    4. It's sad: I remember really liking this (well over a decade ago, by now). But this is stiltedly written and has next to no plot, and what there is of the plot revolves around forcing a horse to find a way to perform, so that the horse can live up to her famous grandmother. It's not enough of an impetus. And there's some really frustrating dialogue. "Do you want to work clearing kids' skin forever, Mom?" Horses! So much more important than teenagers and doctoring! That's just one example; the ent [...]

    5. What did I despise most about this book? The lack of the Beebe family? The constant references to the earlier books in the series? The flat characters or the absurd plot? I'll just be over here pretending this volume doesn't exist and loving the original three.

    6. My daughter enjoyed this true horse story in the Misty of Chincoteague series. Misty's Twilight is the grandaughter of Misty, born after the daughter of Misty named "Sunshine" is bred to a thoroughbred son of "Bold Ruler". Twi, as she is known, goes on to become a champion dressage horse.

    7. I have read other Marguerite Henry books and really liked them. They were not boring and were easy to follow. But Misty's Twilight is hard to follow and boring. The characters don't make any sense and I don't understand the beginning. It's hard to tell who the kids are and only said three names, but there are more characters than that. I don't know which horse is the red one. Trust me: don't read it!

    8. I read this book shortly after reading the original three Misty books, which I also read as a child. I loved those three then, and I love them now - those books have so much to offer, with excellent stories and character development.Unfortunately, Twilight was very disjointed and unfocused, without a clear story or goal, or even main character. Part of the problem is that this story covers almost two decades of time, which is a lot of ground to go over in a children's book. In Twilight, Sandy Pr [...]

    9. THREE-IN-ONE PINTO TALENTThis charming story takes place long after Misty's death, but the spirit of this famous Chincoteague pony lives on--inspiring another generation of horse-loving children and adults. Down in Florida on Stolen Hours Farm Dr. Sandy cherishes a dream: to travel to the coast of Virginia to purchase some Chincoteage ponies of her own. Captivated by the MISTY book and nationally-beloved story about the little filly of Pony Ranch, she drags her unenthusiastic kids along--returni [...]

    10. This is one of Henry's worst books. It begins promisingly and then soon dives into a mess. There are continuity errors (for example: what happened to the other 5 ponies bought with Misty's Twilight's dam?) The owner seems clueless as to what to do with her long-suffering and talented half-thoroughbred, half-Chincoteague pony.The ending is confusing, convoluted and head-scratching. Misty's Twilight is to represent wild creatures (How?) even though she'd never spent one day as a wild equine. From [...]

    11. I've always loved Marguerite Henry's wonderful world of Chincoteague ponies, but this one seemed to lack the vibrance the others held. It still had a fairly interesting plot, but I really missed the old ponies, characters, and setting. It didn't have the same magical feel Henry had incorporated in her other books.

    12. I loved it so much! I read it as a library book And wanted to copy the whole book on my copier machine so Id have it forever!

    13. This is the fourth and final book in the Misty series. I enjoyed reading this one a lot because the author put more thought in it to make it different; it was different than the others because it takes place several years later then the other books in the series.The story is about a mom and her two kids that want to go see the famous horses they have heard so much about in the papers, books and movies. They arrive at a ranch that is owned by Paul, who was one of the owners of the famous horse Mi [...]

    14. I loved the Misty books when I was a child. This one lost me when they took the much too young foal away from it's mother. The claim was it was too young to swim back and they wouldn't let the woman buy the mare. She was supossed to be some expert horsewoman but she just HAD to have this foal without regard IMHO of it's health and safety. Didn't finish, extremely disappointed.

    15. Good book. Different voice and feel from the first three books. Wish it would have explained more about the Paul and Maureen and about what happened with Twilight. A little disappointing when compared to the first three but overall still good.

    16. The adventure of Twi was really inspirational for me, the story of a pinto who rose against discrimination, and i feel that this book was a worthy Misty story. I was disappointed that Stormy didn't come into play, but I understand that for the book to make sense, Stormy had to be excluded.

    17. I know all the stories are semi-biographical, but this one felt the most so. It wasn't particularly interesting and felt more like a middle-school biography than anything else.

    18. This one was a bummer after reading the other Misty stories. It just didn’t have the same magic. My daughter loved it but she’ll listen to a horse story any day.

    19. A childhood favorite re-visited.Is the story as good as I remember? – YesWhat ages would I recommend it too? – All ages. Children will enjoy the single storyline; while adults enjoy an easy afternoon read (especially while waiting on a bus, show, doctor, or other appointments).Length? – Reasonable for an afternoon.Characters? – Memorable, several characters, though a bit confusing in the beginning.Setting? – Real world, Recent times (1970′s and 1980′s).Written approximately? – 19 [...]

    20. Not your typical Marguerite Henry fare. It feels like she is trying too hard to appeal to a more modern reader. The horse owner is your typical English show horse owner, leaves the horse with a trainer and looks in every now and then. Unfortunately, the trainer wasn't quite trustworthy. A conscientious owner would be at the barn at least every other week, if not to ride than at least to check in. So this kind of fell flat, it felt unrealistic, and it also felt like Ms Henry was uncomfortable wit [...]

    21. Sandy’s dream has always been to have a Chincoteague pony, ever since she read the Misty books as a child. So she packs up the car, complete with her two kids, and they’re off! But they don’t come home with one Chincoteague pony.They come home with four. Including one of Misty’s true descendants, a lovely mare who has a foal named Twilight.I enjoyed the story. Like Sandy, I read all three original Misty books when I was a child. This fourth episode was written many years later, which mea [...]

    22. I read this book to see if my students might want to read it. It was okay. Every conflict seemed to be resolved in two pages. The people sort of talked in speeches. She kept inserting characters who's lives had been changed by an earlier book of hers. It was all a bit underwhelming. I do think there's one student out there who might like it, so I put it on my shelf. I should probably give it to a teacher of a lower grade.

    23. In this book Dr. Sandy, a woman fascinated with the book Misty of Chinoteague and takes a trip to watch the annual Pony Penning, and buy several colts. Then Dr. Sandy and her children meet a young horse descended from Misty. They buy her and name her Twilight. Through a series of events, Dr. Sandy decides to train Misty, but as what-a cutter horse, a jumper, or in dressage? This is how Dr. Sandy and Misty become family. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

    24. This book was definitely easier to read than "Misty of Chincoteague" because it wasn't written n venacular! I am not a big horse person but I really dont' understand why Sandy shipped Twilight all over and spent so much time away from her. Also, I think I would rather have heard more about Twilight than about Sandy!! Still a decent book that my daughter enjoyed having me read to her.

    25. This book is about a mother named Sandy with a passion for horses, and her two normal kids Pam and Chris. Their pony Twilight is part Chincoteague, part Thoroughbred, and is a direct decendant os the famous "Misty of Chincouteague." Sandy, Pam and Chris go on a mission to find the perfevt carreer for the pony that they bred.

    26. This was not my favorite for the Misty series, but it was still excellent. I read it out loud to my eight-year old horse loving daughter. We have a horse, so we could relate to many of the stories. I enjoyed learning about cutting and dressage - two horse events that I did not know very much about before reading this book.

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