It's All Absolutely Fine: Life Is Complicated So I've Drawn It Instead

It s All Absolutely Fine Life Is Complicated So I ve Drawn It Instead It s her wry silly sense of humor that keeps the book from getting too heavy and Elliot displays a sharp wit that goes well with the way her honesty strips her bare The A V ClubExplore the highs and

  • Title: It's All Absolutely Fine: Life Is Complicated So I've Drawn It Instead
  • Author: Ruby Elliot
  • ISBN: 9781449480424
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s her wry, silly sense of humor that keeps the book from getting too heavy, and Elliot displays a sharp wit that goes well with the way her honesty strips her bare The A.V ClubExplore the highs and lows of modern life through the sharp, dark wit of Ruby Elliot creator of the massively popular Tumblr account, Rubyetc, which has over 210k followers and growing Ruby s It s her wry, silly sense of humor that keeps the book from getting too heavy, and Elliot displays a sharp wit that goes well with the way her honesty strips her bare The A.V ClubExplore the highs and lows of modern life through the sharp, dark wit of Ruby Elliot creator of the massively popular Tumblr account, Rubyetc, which has over 210k followers and growing Ruby s simple drawings of not so simple issues capture the humor and melancholy of everyday life Her comics appeal to both new adults who are beginning to explore these subjects and to battle tested veterans of the daily struggles of life with mental illness.It s All Absolutely Fine is an honest and unapologetic account of day to day life as a groaning, crying, laughing sentient potato being for whom things are often absolutely not fine Through simple, humorous drawings and a few short narratives, the book encompasses everything from mood disorders, anxiety, and issues with body image through to existential conversations with dogs and some unusually articulate birds.Building on Rubyetc s huge online presence, It s All Absolutely Fine includes mostly new material, both written and illustrated, and is inspirational, empowering, and entertaining Hope and tenacity abound in this book that is as heartening as it is hilarious Voted onto the 2018 GREAT GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR TEENS list by the American Library Association s YALSA Young Adult Library Services Association

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      253 Ruby Elliot
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    1. I received an ARC of "It's All Absolutely Fine" via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.This graphic novel is funny and painfully sad at the same time. The cartoonist Ruby Elliot illustrated the frustration and pain of an intovert and bipolar who also suffers from bullima, all in an easy-to-grasp and a funny way. Although I enjoyed reading her comic and loved it but I felt sorry for the pain and frustration she goes through. And I admire her courage that she has chosen a constructive way t [...]

    2. Ruby Elliot (known as "Rubyect" on Tumblr, which I would know nothing about, being well past the respectable age for Tumblr) manages to take drawings that resemble the doodles of a drunk kindergartner, combine it with the topic of mental illness, and produce a something humorous and charming. Her graphic memoir is an honest look at depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, but the underlying theme of many of her cartoons are often universal. I don't have any diagnosed mental illness, but I coul [...]

    3. I've been following Ruby on Instagram for a little while. I love her hilarious yet totally relatable illustrations about mental health and the struggle of everyday life. As soon as I saw It's All Absolutely Fine, I knew I had to have it. For many of us, it's not absolutely fine and so yeah, it can be really comforting when someone else says "this is bullshit" about something others would not blink an eye at. Ruby's illustrations depict what it's like to suffer from all kinds of mental health iss [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book! I'm just so thankful that this book exists, thank you Ruby Elliot! The drawings were so funny and so relatable! I think I've come across a few bits of Ruby's art on Tumblr but I never really knew who she was until I read this. She gives such an accurate representation of what's it like to live with a mental illness, bad self-esteem, bad body image issues, a bad relationship with food (she had bulimia, I do not but still could relate to what she said) and she also ex [...]

    5. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI might be the first person that applied for this book who had never heard of the author before. I inhabit a very small corner of the internet these days, and haven't had time to creep on Twitter or lurk on Tumblr. Funny story: initially, I thought that this was Allie Brosh's newest book, and just about fell over myself trying to get a copy. It wasn't, though, which is why you should read the titles of books (and actually look at the cover) before [...]

    6. ARC provided by NetgalleyDNF @ ~50%I can't do this anymore. I tried taking it slowly, reading only a couple of pages at the time but honestly this is just not working for me.I think this is a serious case of "it's not you, it's me", because I feel like it's my own mental state that prevented me to enjoy this.I essentially had two moods while reading this:-"I don't care about this";-"I relate to this too much but I don't feel like it's helping me".I feel slightly bad about the first point and I t [...]

    7. I’ve read many accounts of mental illness over the years and, if I’m honest, I have never been entirely sure exactly what it is that I’m looking for. Taken at its most basic, I suppose that you could describe this impulse as that basic need that we all seem to have of trying to find representations of ourselves in the art that I love. Sometimes, no matter how strong we are in our convictions, we need to be able to find some sort of hint that the slightly damaged thoughts that we have exist [...]

    8. Ruby Elliot (or Ruby Etc as she's more commonly known) is a legend on tumblr. She makes the most interesting humorous mental-health related comics, I've been following her for years because they hit close to home.This book is exactly that, her typical style or mental-health related comics, interlaced with her typical wittiness and relatability. She also has written a few passages that talk about her mental-health, and again they're witty and relatable. But best of all, the art is amazing.It took [...]

    9. fuck, this really hit me like a ton of bricks. I already knew Ruby's artwork so I wasn't surprised to like that. but those little notes on herself were way too relatable to me. although it made me realise that I'm probably not doing so well mentally, again, since I recognised myself in a lot in this book, it also gave me hope that I can indeed manage it.full review here: catshelf.wordpress/2016/1

    10. This was brill. Super funny and the illustrations were the best. Great book! I received a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    11. SynopsisIn this nonfiction, memoir-esque graphic novel Elliot does a marvelous job of depicting what it’s like to live with mental illness–specifically depression and anxiety. This memoir is touching, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, sometimes incredibly funny, and one of those books that seems to say everything that you can’t express. The best part, though, is the message buried in this book that overreaches through each comic, and that’s one that mental illness is hard, and it’s oka [...]

    12. I received this book through NetGalley. Because it was under the "comics and graphic novels" category, and because of the description, I thought this was going to be a humor book. Instead, it is about the author's mental illness. I felt like I left this book with a better understanding of what it feels like to live with mental illness. I was a little disappointed with the cartoons. I was hoping they would be more funny than they were. A few were good, the rest were kind of meh to me.I understand [...]

    13. Oh my God, I love Ruby.I have adored Ruby's illustrations for years, her wit and PAINFULLY funny observations make my eyes water with laughter I LOVE HERI wasn't expecting her discussion about her experiences with mental health to get as dark as it got, but I found it to be a really pleasant surprise. It was an insight into how truly terrifying and hopeless depression can be, without any sugar coating. Go Ruby.The balance between this and her brilliant/light-hearted illustrations made for a wond [...]

    14. I really love Ruby's illustrations and think they are entirely relatable, even if you don't struggle with depression/anxiety/other disorders, which I never really have (well maybe the anxiety bit). I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about what it's like having depression/anxiety/other disorders, or anyone who does have them and would like to see how someone else manages it, or anyone else who loves her stuff online. In each chapter there's a page or two of writing to accompany [...]

    15. Wow. This is worth more than 5 stars. This is worth approximately 9873467327367234372 stars. I can't even begin to tell you how well Ruby Elliot depicted what I'm going through. Definitely one of my favourite reads of the year.

    16. A series of cartoons / comments on mental health / bogy image issues / eating disorders.I found some of the cartoons laugh out funny and some of the comments on mental health rang very true.

    17. It failed to be funny. Maybe it wasn't ment to be? I dont know But in ether case, I didn't gain anything from reading it.

    18. A brilliantly witty and funny, but often sensitive, portrayal of mental illness and mental health. A must read!

    19. Finished reading: January 15th 2017“That's what you need sometimes, whether it's a dog or a cat or a jazzy lizard or something else entirely that provides you with some emotional respite when it's all too messy - a tiny yet significant port in an almighty storm.”*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***(view spoiler)[I confess I don't have a lot of experience reading graphic novels, but when [...]

    20. When I first picked up this book, I instantly thought of "Hyperbole and A Half." A very popular book that talks about the same subjects with the same cute, simplistic drawings. I wasn't hooked right away, but when the author began to talk of her own struggles with mental illness, to go alongside the drawings, I liked it a lot more. She was very open and honest. I could relate to a lot of what she said.Not one of a kind, but a good book with a heartfelt reason for making it.

    21. I've been eagerly following Ruby - her art, comics, diaries, blog posts - since she started on tumblr 4 or 5 years ago (???time!??)and I can honestly say her work has been a lifeline for me on many occasions. I got permission from her once to use her drawing for a super personal mental illness article I wrote, and still feel a rush of gratitude and warmth towards her for that. I'm a big weepy/hysterical laughing mess after whizzing thru this. Even as a keen follower the vast majority of the cont [...]

    22. I was unfamiliar with Ruby Elliot and the drawings which have made her Tumblr, rubyetc, so popular, but I suspected right off the bat from the description of her book, It's All Absolutely Fine: Life Is Complicated So I've Drawn It Instead, that I was dealing with something very unusual indeed. It was clear at the outset that Elliot knew how to make depression, mental illness, and eating disorders – all of which she has personally endured – humorous, but without an ounce of the snark and beli [...]

    23. *This book was sent to me through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review*You can also find more reviews at my blog Girl Hearts BookThis book changed me. It really did. I have never read a book that reflects so much of myself and my struggles as this book as. It seemed like I wroted it (if I knew how to write and draw of course).Ruby covers it all: Depression, Anxiety, Self-Sabotage, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders, Low Self-Esteem, Procrastination and Socializing.And let me tell you, I have strug [...]

    24. What can I say? There are a lot of on-line cartoons that are slice of life of the cartoonist. Not all appeal to all people. This one is that one for me. It sometimes makes me laugh, but other times I just shrug my shoulders.So, if you like Ruby, this is a whole book. I mean, it isn't like I didn't go through some of the every-woman things that she has had to deal with. Yeah, bra shopping is a pain. Yeah, so is body image.This is not to say I didn't find her funny. There were fun bits such as the [...]

    25. This was fabulous. As a person struggling with mental illness this was a very moving read. I could have quoted/highlighted 80% of this book as I saw and felt myself in it.The write ups were honest and to the point compared to many wordy mental health materials. I enjoyed this more then Hyperbole and a Half (It only received a 1/5 from me). This was well organized into sections, had autobiographical content to match illustrations, didn't try to pander or entertain anyone and didn't have so many f [...]

    26. It’s All Absolutely Fine is a graphic novel that focusses on mental health issues. Filled with line drawings and doodles to showcase how one feels when suffering from anxiety and depression, it’s a quick and easy read that anyone who has gone through these things can relate to. Now the author, Ruby Elliot a.k.a Rubyetc, is very popular on tumblr. I’m not one of her followers and I definitely didn’t even know who she was so this was my very first experience with her style of writing or ar [...]

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