1636: The Ottoman Onslaught

The Ottoman Onslaught Book in the multiple New York Times best selling Ring of Fire series The uptimers and their allies take on the Ottoman Empire at its height of power The modern West Virginia town of Grantville has

  • Title: 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught
  • Author: Eric Flint
  • ISBN: 9781476781846
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book 21 in the multiple New York Times best selling Ring of Fire series The uptimers and their allies take on the Ottoman Empire at its height of power.The modern West Virginia town of Grantville has been displaced in time to continental Europe in 1632 Now four years have passed The long feared attack on Austria by the Ottoman Empire has begun Armed with new weapons iBook 21 in the multiple New York Times best selling Ring of Fire series The uptimers and their allies take on the Ottoman Empire at its height of power.The modern West Virginia town of Grantville has been displaced in time to continental Europe in 1632 Now four years have passed The long feared attack on Austria by the Ottoman Empire has begun Armed with new weapons inspired by the time displaced Americans of Grantville, the Turks are determined to do what they were unable to do in the universe the Americans came from capture Vienna The Ottomans have the advantage of being able to study the failings and errors of their own campaigns in a future they can now avoid They are led by the young, dynamic, and ruthless Murad IV, the most capable emperor the Ottomans have produced in a century They are equipped with weapons that would have seemed fantastical to the Turks of that other universe airships, breech loading rifles, rockets even primitive tanks And this time they won t have to face massive reinforcements from Austria s allies In fact, the only force Emperor Gustav Adolf can think of sending to Austria is the United States of Europe Third Division under the command of Mike Stearns It s an army currently engaged in a desperate struggle for Bavaria The emperors of the USE and Austria share the same problem They have one too many enemies, one too few allies, and only one general to cover the gaps Fortunately, that general is Mike Stearns, also known as the Prince of Germany About 1635 A Parcel of Rogues The 20th volume in this popular, fast paced alternative history series follows close on the heels of the events in The Baltic War, picking up with the protagonists in London, including sharpshooter Julie Sims This time the 20th century transplants are determined to prevent the rise of Oliver Cromwell and even have the support of King Charles Library JournalAbout 1634 The Galileo Affair A rich, complex alternate history with great characters and vivid action A great read and an excellent book David Drake Gripping depicted with power Publishers WeeklyAbout Eric Flint s Ring of Fire series This alternate history series is a landmark Booklist Eric Flint s 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians Booklist reads like a technothriller set in the age of the Medicis Publishers Weekly

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    One thought on “1636: The Ottoman Onslaught”

    1. I've always had one specific problem with this series - at least after the first two or three books - there are about a billion characters (give or take a million), and, while not all of them are in each book, enough of them are there presenting their own point of view that it gets super . . . . annoying to have one particular storyline start to get interesting, only to jump to twelve different POV's before getting back to that other one that was beginning to get interesting. Of course, by that [...]

    2. I consider The Ring of Fire series by Eric Flint to be one of my guilty-pleasures. I find the whole premise, a bunch of plucky Americans changing the whole of 16th century life's ills from Antisemitism to Russian serfdom with the power of sheer determination, to be silly. I also think it's about as far from my usual preferences for dark morally ambiguous fantasy as you can. Yet, goshdarnit, I can't put them down and pick up all of the main books as well as numerous side books. There's just somet [...]

    3. The Ottoman Onslaught marks a welcome return to the main thread of the story of time-space displaced Americans, picking up where 1636: The Saxon Uprising left off 6 years ago. We've certainly had plenty of side novels and short stories to tide us over in the interim but it's good to be back to the main story where big world-shaking events are free to happen without undermining the established canon, and Flint certainly isn't afraid to make waves as once again the map of Europe shifts under the s [...]

    4. Quite good, there were rather a few threads taking place in a few isolated areas, but Flint tied them together quite satisfactorily.

    5. The ongoing Ring of Fire saga continues with the Ottoman invasion of Vienna, almost 50 years early. Uptimer history books show that the Ottomans were defeated when they invaded in 1683, so no one is worried. But Sultan Murad has a huge army and several new technologies that no one saw coming. And there are also wars and unrest going on in Poland, Saxony, Bavaria, and Bohemia.By now there are a lot of continuing characters to carry various parts of the story. Flint handles them ably, both his ori [...]

    6. Solid readKeeping it simple. The book is a nice continuation of the various big strands in the ring verse. While the romance was a little forced. The fact that the antagonist in the piece is not dumb and not a stereotype, a plus in my book.

    7. Looks like the start of a new mini-arc, after reading some of the early ones for background, you can read this. Has a somewhat cliffhanger ending.

    8. New characters added but great use of well known favourites. The influence of Grantville has now had a major effect on the Holy Roman Empire.

    9. Eric Flint published 1632 in the year 2000. So I have been totally enjoying this alternate history series for the past 17 years!There are many, many characters in this sprawling alternate history series. Some few of them are core canon characters, specifically the original gang featured in the first book. I had particularly enjoyed Mike & Rebecca's story in the first book. Many years seemed to go by and only occasionally would we see Mike or Rebecca in one of these books. I had almost given [...]

    10. 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught by Eric FlintPerhaps jaded is my first reaction to this book. It has the feel of it's predecessors but not the excitement. I really enjoyed the first books in this series but I have missed to many of the intervening books and consequentially I've lost touch with them. If memory serves me, the premise was introduced in 1632 (book title not year) when a chunk of West Virginia was dropped in East Germany in 1632 (hence the title).I will guess that my blasé reaction to t [...]

    11. Still madly in love with this series. Lots of great characters and interesting politics. (This is one of the main line novels).

    12. The Ottoman's Are Coming, The Ottoman's Are Coming! The rulers of Austria/Hungary know this, but since in the Grantville Universe timeline the invasion of the Ottomans were not successful, they are confident that the invasion will play out the same way in their here-and-now. But the Sultan Murad also reads the strange up time books with emphasis on the technical books he could get his hands on, and those silly Grantville people are very free with what should be their military secrets. His schola [...]

    13. This is a series that has fizzled, for me. I liked the promise of the original volume, an alternative history (silly though of course it is) without the absolute black and white viewpoint and delight in torture and costume that has turned Sterling's work into an unreadable fetish. But Flint seems to have tried to turn it into a vast oeuvre chronicling the effect on the whole world of his group of Americans, to do which he's drafted in other authors to help. Without exception, none of the side no [...]

    14. It's nice to see Eric Flint devote a little time to this project again. It is great that he has given so many authors the opportunity to contribute to this series but a touch from the masters hand was over due.There have been several story lines building across the past few books; the war in Poland, Wallenstein in Bohemia, the troubles in Bavaria and confused relations with Austria. This book adds the backdrop of an impending invasion from the Ottomans and does a grand job of tying it all togeth [...]

    15. Another excellent addition to the series.In this novel affairs in Europe come to a head as the Ottoman Empire, capably lead and using ideas from uptime books and advisors, attack Austria yet again with an eye towards conquest. I was having doubts when the Ottoman invasion stayed off stage for such a long portion of the novel. The battles and events of the first third of the novel are in the fashion of tying up loose ends f the earlier novels before diving headlong into the new subject matter, bu [...]

    16. We are back to the uptime characters of Stearns and company for much of this book, and I am still in awe of the way Flint takes his reader back and forth and up and down, interweaving story lines in such a way that everything makes sense.This tale ends with a bit of a cliffhanger regarding some of our younger characters, and since the upcoming titles seem to emphasize other locations, the fates of those young adults won't be determined anytime soon.As usual, the Ring of Fire series continues to [...]

    17. Enjoyable, interesting and funThe 1633 series has beguiled me from the start. I've read all the books and most of the associated material. Unlike some of the others, this is a slightly blokey book, with lots of action, and some battles. The evil Holk meets a suitably nasty end, while Thorsten Engler, one of favourite characters, performs heroically again. It even has some romantic comedy. This book will appeal to a wide range of readers, having enough action to satisfy grognards and sufficient r [...]

    18. Back to the Grantville universe. It's military SF with a twist. Modern sensibilities tempered by the 1600's. It's an ensemble with a bunch of intertwining ploy lines. The main story line is the Ottoman Empires move on Austria-Hungary and the siege of Vienna. It's a cliffhanger. Gotta wiat for thenext one.

    19. The continuing story of Grantille and its citizens in the world of the 1600s. In this episode we are caught up in a war in Poland and an Ottoman invasion of Vienna. If you are familiar with the series, you will meet many old friends and some new ones as they strive to confront various threats. As always an enjoyable read. This is one of favorite series.

    20. The 3rd Division strikes againAs usual Flint expand his franchise in Europe in the 30 year's war era. The Ottoman Empire attacks Austria w/ adaptions of uptime weapons. General Mike Stearns and the 3rd Division lead the defense. Excellent plotting and characterization.

    21. Great continuation of the series. Keeps you entertained for most of the book. However, quite a few battle scenes (which in all honesty are my least favorite aspect of the series, and ones I skip over.) So, can't give it a perfect score because of that. So take my rating with a grain of salt.

    22. I race through the series and now I'm waiting for the few remaining to go to audio.I can't say why I am hooked, but I'm pretty sure it involves the characters.Try a few and see what you think. Again, this series is for history buffs and fans of the What If? books.

    23. Delicious. The build-up to the Ottoman's has been perfect.I’m glad the Prince is back. And most of his original crew. Rebecca and Jeff. Gretchen and Denise.Big doings in the USE and big doings in Central Europe

    24. Worthy addition to mainline seriesFlint has found pages for all my favorite characters. Many with a mere mention but lots with significant parts to play. Great plot line as the focus shifts from the West to the southeast. I like the way this series is going.

    25. It was okIt had more action than some if the entries but not as much as the early books. This entry includes most of the main characters and moves the overall story forward

    26. Classic Ring of Fire: big battles, little battles, politics, intrigue and 20th/17th Century technology.

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