Rebus indecifrabili

Rebus indecifrabili Non esiste nel mondo della crime fiction un detective dalla personalit affascinante e complessa come John Rebus un poliziotto irascibile testardo solitario dolorosamente umano Questo libro ce lo

  • Title: Rebus indecifrabili
  • Author: Ian Rankin Michele Fiume
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Non esiste, nel mondo della crime fiction, un detective dalla personalit affascinante e complessa come John Rebus, un poliziotto irascibile, testardo, solitario, dolorosamente umano Questo libro ce lo presenta in maniera completa, a partire dai suoi esordi come giovane detective alle prime armi, fino al suo drammatico pensionamento, che non ha chiuso certo le porte allaNon esiste, nel mondo della crime fiction, un detective dalla personalit affascinante e complessa come John Rebus, un poliziotto irascibile, testardo, solitario, dolorosamente umano Questo libro ce lo presenta in maniera completa, a partire dai suoi esordi come giovane detective alle prime armi, fino al suo drammatico pensionamento, che non ha chiuso certo le porte alla sua voglia di trovare la verit a ogni costo Uno dei pi brillanti detective di carta e al tempo stesso il ritratto di una citt , Edimburgo, complessa e perfettamente ricostruita, che trascende la semplice ambientazione thriller.

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    1. The thing about any Rebus story is that the plot is the least of it. The twists and turns are there alright, and pretty satisfying they are too, but that’s not what keeps bringing me back to visit the world of this Edinburgh detective. The big thing - the constant draw – is the descriptions of the people and of the place. The characters are a broad mix, from the posh and pompous to the snarky and mean and then the downright nasty. It’s the dialogue that brings them alive: broad use of the [...]

    2. Published in 2014, this book contains all of the short stories featuring Ian Rankin's John Rebus that were written up to that point. There are thirty-one stories in all; they are uniformly good, and are just the right length when you're looking for a good short story to read just before falling to sleep. Any fan of the Rebus series will certainly want to seek this out.

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    4. The Beat Goes On is a collection of short stories concerning John Rebus-right from his time as DS to DI, with another story concerning him whilst he was retired but still going at it like a good ole Detective.Ian Rankin is sublime, even in the shorter format of storytelling. Each story is just a snippet in to both the writing style of Rankin and also the Life and Times of Inspector Rebus, Gentleman. Each story is just a small, non-significant mystery that Rebus has to solve, some of which featur [...]

    5. Even though this is a great big fat doorstopper of a book -- in fact, probably exactly because this is a great big fat doorstopper of a book! -- my notes on it are going to be briefer than they might be.For me, one of the great joys of middle-period Rebus (less so early on and in the novels of the recent renaissance) is the complex, near-claustrophobic nature of both the character and the setting. When you sit down to the better of the Rebus books you know you're in for a novel that demands your [...]

    6. The first Rebus novel was published in 1987. 20 have been published to date and the best-sellers have been translated into 22 languages.I have read all of them and I think Ian Rankin is one of the best living crime writers. His creation, DI John Rebus, is a classic flawed hero. Driven to solve crimes, he has consistently frustrated a series of love interests, colleagues and long-suffering bosses against the backdrop of a brooding Edinburgh. I enjoyed the 29 short stories in this collection, but [...]

    7. The Grand Old Man in shorts.ew of book and audiobookLast year, after one of his friends died unexpectedly at a young age, Ian Rankin announced that he'd be taking a year or two off from novel writing to have a bit of a rest. I assume this collection of short stories has been issued to fill the void that many of us Rebus fans would have felt without a new book for the winter. And, since I haven't read any of these before, it filled that void very satisfactorily.There are 29 stories, ranging in le [...]

    8. I have read many of the stories under other collections. The stories range from the slight to the occasional more substantive story. As someone who adores the Rebus series, this collection is a delight in many ways. My favourites include the intrigue involved in a missing piece of art where Rebus is joined by a French detective and a dead woman found strangled in a hotel room. All the stories bear the hallmark of Rankin's customary prose style. Whilst I have a preference for the longer length no [...]

    9. THE BEAT GOES ON. (2015). Ian Rankin. *****.This is an excellent compendium of all of Rankin’s short stories featuring DI John Rebus. Each tale unveils a specific attribute of Rebus’s personality and approach to crime fighting. In many cases, he slides a little into the gray zone, but still manages to come out on top. The stories don’t seem to be presented in any particular order, but it doesn’t seem to matter. This is a first-class bedside book that you can dip into for night after nigh [...]

    10. I love John Rebus: curmudgeon, tease, ruler breaker and deep thinker. This collection of stories is a satisfying walk through his career. It's wonderful to read about past workmates (The Farmer Watson, Dr. Curt, Brian Holmes and Ms. Clarke), though there's only a passing mention of Big Ger- a personality as devious as Rebus himself. Great read.

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    12. I love the Rebus series by Ian Rankin but was not aware that he wrote Rebus short stories. This book contains 29 little stories ranging from 5 to 25 pages in length and are in chronological orderarting with a young Rebus who seldom followed the rules through to his retirement when he was still not following the rules. To thoroughly enjoy this book, one should first read a couple of the novels to get a feel for the character since short stories can't do much character development and Rebus is a f [...]

    13. Ian Rankin is one of my favorite authors. I love the Rebus books (and the dvds). The Beat Goes On has all of the Rebus short stories in it. It has some that I hadn't read before. As with any short story book, I liked some of the stories more than others but I enjoyed them all. I highly recommend this book!

    14. I am a huge Rebus fan which is why this collection of short stories gets five stars. I normally am not a short story reader but this collection is truly a gift for fans of the series. For those of you that have read several in the series or have read all of them, this book is highly recommended.

    15. Ultimate collection of Rebus short stories from back to 1992 to 2014. If you love Rebus and Ian Rankin, you'll love this. 5 stars.

    16. What a delightful collection of Rebus stories! This volume collects all of Ian Rankin's short stories featuring cranky but brilliant Inspector Rebus, and nearly all of them are gems. There are several written for Christmas that involve perps dressed as Santa. They range from a case involving a young Rebus to one in which he's recently retired. They all include his trademark dark humor and love of drinking, smoking and loud music. The best one, I think, is the one called "Atonement" that begins w [...]

    17. The earlier stories seem more forced, and there is a general sense that the short story is not where Rebus is most comfortable or effective. Still, I have loved Rankin’s work from the first encounter, and I am prepared to overlook the elements that I consider weaknesses.

    18. After several weeks of watching Twin Peaks that never makes sense, it was lovely to peruse this collection. Rebus is outspoken and operates under his own rather strict moral code. I greatly enjoyed the first story, about a young John joining the force. It was also fun seeing him at a play, a stage theater, and staring at art while dealing with pickpockets, con men, and assorted Edinburgh gang members.

    19. Really great collection of varied short stories covering long career of Rebus. I had some favorites, of course. From Hermitage: "'How soon can you get to the Hermitage?' Rebus sat up in bed. 'Talk to me.' 'They've found a body. Well, that's putting it a bit strongly. Let's say they've found a trunk.''Dear God in heaven,' Rebus whispered, staring at the thing. 'Who found it?' Holmes didn't look too good himself. 'One of the tree people,' he said. 'Wandered over here looking for a place to do his [...]

    20. John Rebus is the prototype “breaks the rules, but gets the job done” police detective that has become a trope in todays crime fiction. That the character is still able to remain fresh is a tribute to Ian Rankin, who tried to retire Rebus like Conan Doyle tried to kill of Sherlock Holmes, but the reading public was having none of it. His next two novels didn’t do so well so out of retirement Rebus came. This book is a collection of the short fiction starring our favorite Scottish detective [...]

    21. Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge: A murder mystery.Obviously, this book fulfills "a murder mystery" multiple times over, because it's a book of short stories about Detective John Rebus. They're not ALL murder mysteries, but there are multiple in here.Rebus in short form is a little easier to deal with than a full novel of one of crime literature's most frustrating yet likable characters. The stories are quick and generally well-crafted and the book would have been finished a lot earlier if I hadn [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this book of Rebus short stories, maybe even more than some of the full-length books. I think it's because the short-story format prevents the author from the philosophical navel-gazing that can sometimes clog up some of the other Rebus books. In the case of short stories, he has to keep it short and snappy, and that's where his entertaining plots and side-characters shine. It was cool to see Rebus on some of his less-protracted, more ordinaty cases, and some of them were really [...]

    23. #5 A collection of Rebus short storiesa fabulous read from start to finish. Rankin's descriptions of Rebus and Edinburgh, warts and all, are clever, darkly funny and, at times, surprisingly moving. Time well spent.

    24. The Beat Goes On. REBUS complete Short stories plus notes on creation. iBook. 21/09/2015. 5/5. Decades I've read all this author publishes and enjoy everything. Rebus however, remains my favourite. These short stories I lingered over and enjoyed.

    25. I care neither for the characters, the inspector, nor the writing. It's all too tame and boring for my tastes.

    26. This was my first introduction to DI John Rebus, via an audiobook I grabbed from the library. The short stories cover points throughout his entire career; some are fairly tame & simple while others have dark-ish twists. Nothing incredibly heavy here. The narration for the audiobook is quite good has become my default voice for Rebus; without the Scottish accents a part of his color would be missing. And my pronunciation of the Edinburgh world would be atrocious!This really was a complete int [...]

    27. Like most collection of short stories, this collection has some gems and a few which leave no remarkable difference as you move on to the next. DI Rebus surely leaves an impression. I'd, however, refuse to agree that Rebus is the Sherlock of Edinburgh. Both are captivating in their own ways. To top it, Rankin and Doyle write very differently about the protagonist, the crimes, and the cities themselves.

    28. I read this book or a long period of time. Giving myself the gift of a short story between other books I was reading. I really loved seeing the young Rebus again. The stories were great and I was sad to realize tonight that I was starting the final short. Now I will just have to wait until the novel.

    29. This my opinion only, but this is the best anthology of short stories by a single author that I have ever ready.Ian Rankin is a masterful writer and his creation, John Rebus, is so full of character that you have to love him and all his idiocies.Please keep the stories coming, both short and full length.

    30. The Rebus character itself is uninteresting. This is the biggest fault of the book. Most of the short novels fails to live up the expectations you get while reading first two pages. A few of the novels are good and keep you gripped throughout its run. Overall a good book to kill time if you don't expect something extraordinary.

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