Broken Shadows

Broken Shadows Broken hearts and dark shadows will love ever find its way back to them Fifteen years ago Heidi Aasar fled the country hoping to make sense of the chaos that surrounded her A burned ex operative s

  • Title: Broken Shadows
  • Author: Tarek Refaat
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Broken hearts and dark shadows, will love ever find its way back to them Fifteen years ago, Heidi Aasar fled the country, hoping to make sense of the chaos that surrounded her A burned ex operative, she refuses to continue hiding in the shadows She now has the chance to right the wrongs of her dark past Determined to find a way to redeem herself, she must first fix theBroken hearts and dark shadows, will love ever find its way back to them Fifteen years ago, Heidi Aasar fled the country, hoping to make sense of the chaos that surrounded her A burned ex operative, she refuses to continue hiding in the shadows She now has the chance to right the wrongs of her dark past Determined to find a way to redeem herself, she must first fix the loose threads she left behind so long ago.A successful business owner, Nadim Mohamed Sharaf has done his best to move on after his heart was broken fifteen years ago In his mind, he has everything he could ever want or need at his fingertips Until the moment Heidi makes a sudden reappearance in his life It s then everything around him changes.A chain reaction of events soon turns Nadim and Heidi s lives upside down Forced to confront the turmoil brewing between them, they must put aside their differences if they are to survive another day The choices they ll have to make will define the outcome of the lives they lead.Will they be able to overcome their painful and chaotic past Or will the pain and heartache consume them in the long run

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    One thought on “Broken Shadows”

    1. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3What would a man do when the woman he loves is nowhere to be found?  That is the question that bugged me when I first started reading Broken Shadows by Tarek Refaat.Nadim and Heidi are deeply in love. They have all the future to look forward to. But when Heidi suddenly leaves without notice that changes everything. However, the more perplexing thing to me was Nadim’s reaction! All what Nadim thought of was him being betrayed. He was drowned in bitterness and self-pity [...]

    2. I'm really very grateful to #Ketabablelnoom for sending me one of the copies that were part of the giveaway, 'cause I really enjoyed the book, in some passages I almost forgot that the scenes are supposed to occur in Egypt, it had a hollywoodian touch in it, it will certainly make a great movie.The simplicity of its language and the well composed plot with the writer's way in shifting from scene to scene to create suspens. It was really enjoyable.

    3. Broken Shadows by Tarek Refaat is a fast paced novel that will have you reading the book in one sitting! The characters are believable and realistic. The plot has lots of twists and turns and it moves fast! The book has action, adventure, suspense, romance, and more. A fast exciting read. Loved it. I was given this book for a honest review and it in no way effected my rating or review content.

    4. For the most part, I did enjoy the plot and the way it developed. However, the introduction seemed belabored and heavy handed. Nadim repeatedly told us, rather than demonstrate to us, that he was conflicted by Heidi's return & distracted by her presence.Actually, I felt that Nadim's character was stilted and awkward. I think the author did a much better job of unveiling Heidi's character as the story developed. I found Nour and Ashraf to be excellent foils. I wasn't quite sure where Nour's e [...]

    5. I got this from the author through a few months back but have only gotten to read this recently. This is a fast-paced story and I was done in one sitting. A guy left heartbroken and without any explanation. The girl came back and end up right on the guy's office for a job interview. Spell A-W-K-W-A-R-D. A romance in the middle of an Egyptian intrigue and espionage. Will these two live happily-ever-after?What's unique about this story is the setting. This is set in Egypt. A land of great history [...]

    6. قبل أي حاجة بشكر الكاتب على إهدائه الكتاب ليا عشان اقراه ممتنة جدا ^_^الرواية كانت مسلية واتفاجأت بيها خصوصا بسبب التحول اللي حصل في الأحداث بعد الصفحة ال20 تقريبا كان عندي انطباع عنها من وصف الجودريدز أو ال descriptionأنها رومانسية بحته ومش عارفة الحقيقة اذا كان ده مضلل ولا مقصود ل [...]

    7. Tarek Refaat is a versatile author. I have read all three of his books--Ruptured, Ribbons and Heels and now Broken Shadows. The plot and storyline of each one is very different. Ruptured dealt with the pain of a woman who had been violated and how she struggled to overcome the stigma of what had happened, as well as how her fellow Egyptian woman treated her. Ribbons and Heels dealt with men and women who were seeking to find trust and love in relationships in his home country. While the customs [...]

    8. Okay It is worth mentioning that I finished this book in almost one settingLet's start with the details:- The Pace: the book is truly fast paced and hence there is no chance that you would feel bored while reading it.That being said- I think one of the things that the author could work on is building more background and backstories for the character which will make them seem more like a real people instead of characters in a book and hence making the reader care abut them- Also, some of the deta [...]

    9. A page turner, and with its easy language you simply won't be able to put the book down easily once u start reading it.Being a spy novel, we will expect the usual action scenes that might be repetitive, however that wasn't the case in broken shadows; Refaat succeeded in blending those expected scenes in a way that made me only see how they made perfect sense.Unlike usual spy novels, there's an interesting emotional depth given to the characters which would make readers who are not big fans of th [...]

    10. Will be a lot better after another phase of editingThe plot centers around two old lovers, Nadim and Heidi. For reasons unknown to Nadim, fifteen years ago, Heide abruptly called off their relationship and disappeared. Shed reappears applying for a marketing job at Nadim’s firm. Deja-vu or coincidence.? You be he judge. What editing issues? Name tags are over the top. Every sentence chronicles who’s talking. When it’s only two people, let the scene play out and stop hammering the reader wi [...]

    11. Title: A love lost and found amid Egyptian intrigueBroken Shadows begins with the abandonment of one man by his lover, then confronted with her reappearance many years later. For years he has kept his heartbreak hidden. Then suddenly, his lost love reappears and applies for a job at his company. This meeting begins a fast-paced race to not only find out why she disappeared, but how she got him into trouble with enemies of the Egyptian government.A tale of love from a man’s point-of-view. Why d [...]

    12. I read with great pleasure the spy/crime thriller Broken Shadows by Tarek Refaat. It was a quick read, mainly because once you start you will have difficulty in putting it down again. One of the captivating aspects of the story is that it takes a non traditional approach; rather than the classic damsel in distress, Heidi (the heroine) is the one that causes distress for others. The pace is quick and the story progression flows naturally and you will find yourself grabbing the edge of your seat m [...]

    13. First off all THANKS to Tarek to send me his book to a honest review I started the book and read it in one night. The history is extremely catching and I can't stop reading it. Its short but with a good argument. Definitly I recommended this book to the ones who like storys of spies.Its a history that have rommance, action, drama and adventure. The only problem that I have was that I don't connect with the main character, but I was able to enjoy the same story.I recommended this book!

    14. LOVE LOVE LOVE Broken Shadows!!! This is a very engaging story. I was engrossed in the world Tarek created from the very first page and struggled to put the book down for even one second. In my opinion this is a one of a kind book and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to get lost within the pages. Broken Shadows and Tarek are now on my favorites list. I highly recommend purchasing and reading Broken Shadows immediately!

    15. Interesting story of a civilian falled in love with a secret agent. she came back applying for job in his company after fifteen years of leaving him without letting a trace behind. After she'd been recruited, his life turned up into the miss. At the end, she finished what she began (getting Her vengeance) and then reunited with her lover.Good luck more Mr Tariq, and thank you very much for the gift, I do really appreciate it.

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