The Champion of Barésh

The Champion of Bar sh NOTE Alternate cover edition for ASIN B B LBYM previously titled The Champion of BareshEVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS THE CHAMPION OF BAR SH RITA winner and New York Times USA Today bestselling author Susan

  • Title: The Champion of Barésh
  • Author: Susan Grant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NOTE Alternate cover edition for ASIN B01B5LBYM0, previously titled The Champion of BareshEVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS THE CHAMPION OF BAR SH RITA winner and New York Times USA Today bestselling author Susan Grant sweeps readers away to exciting new worlds in another romance and action packed story Dreaming big on a dead end world Jemm Aves toils for a mining companNOTE Alternate cover edition for ASIN B01B5LBYM0, previously titled The Champion of BareshEVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS THE CHAMPION OF BAR SH RITA winner and New York Times USA Today bestselling author Susan Grant sweeps readers away to exciting new worlds in another romance and action packed story Dreaming big on a dead end world Jemm Aves toils for a mining company by day, but at night she is a successful bajha player, disguised as a male to compete in the violent underworld of the colony s fight clubs Every win puts her one small step closer to her goal saving enough to escape Bar sh with her family When a royal recruits her to be a star player for his team, her ruse proves to be her most perilous game yet when it puts both their lives and her heart at risk.Prince Charming he was not Prince Klark is eager to reverse his reputation as the black sheep of the Vedla clan If his bajha team can win the galactic title it would go a long way toward restoring the family honor that his misdeeds tarnished On Bar sh, he tracks down an amateur who has risen to the top of the seedy world of street bajha, offering the commoner a chance of a lifetime a way off that reeking space rock for good But his new player comes with a scandalous secret that turns his plans and his beliefs upside down He sets out to win a very different prize his champion s reluctant heart.RITA finalist Galaxy Award Winner

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      305 Susan Grant
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    One thought on “The Champion of Barésh”

    1. I haven't read a book by Susan Grant for quite some time and have fond memories of her Star series. I seem to recall a certain well meaning Prince causing all manner of madness and mayhem and what do you know Prince Klark Vedla not only finally gets his own book but it just happens to be the first in a whole new series. Yes Klark has always known his brother Che is heir to the throne which makes him the spare! Not really what any honourable male wants to consider himself but Klark unfortunately [...]

    2. Wonderful SF romance!The will the heroine, Jemm, has is incredible! She's ready to do everything to take care of her family and to take them away from the grim place they're living in. And when the occasion presents itself, she's ready to take it. So, diguised as man, she enters the dangerous world of bajha. Bajha is a honored martial discipline everywhere else, but on Baresh it's wild and governed by underground lords who will do anything to secure the best players for themselves, even maim and [...]

    3. I found out about this book from one of my GR friends who recommended it to me. I just finishedwhich is a fantasy book & was still in the mood for more of this type of genre. So I requested this book on Netgalley & surprisingly got approved. The girl-disguised-as-a-boy theme is actually nothing new. BUT, since this book involves a Prince, this makes it much more interesting. So, Jemm is a girl who works in the mines in order to provide for her family. Her father is dead & she's left [...]

    4. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThis book is fabulous. Automatic new favourite.I fell in love with Jemm, the main characters, from the first few pages of the book. She’s strong, she’s worried about her family and she wants a better life for them. She wants to follow her dreams, but the same sport that is putting food on their table is the one their mother claims killed her father. Oh, and girls aren’t allowed to play bahja, a kind of sensory-deprived fencing/martial art/yoga. Oo [...]

    5. Originally published at Reading RealityBecause I kept conflating this story with the excellent The Empress Game by Rhonda Mason, I was kind of expecting that the stakes in The Champion of Baresh would be slightly bigger than they are. And then they actually are, but not quite in the way I thought. And that’s always a good thing. I also kept wondering if this story linked at all to Grant’s Star series. It turns out that it does, but it is not necessary to have read, or to remember in my case, [...]

    6. I want to hike on the paths, too. I want to smell everything, to taste everything, to see the birds, and the trees. All of it. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined a place like this. I feel like I've been caged all my life and now I'm finally free.I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Holy craggin crat! This is the first book of Susan Grant that I have ever read. And I should say, I am so glad I read this book.I love this book. I love everything of [...]

    7. From the first page to the last there's much about this book that left me giddy with its virtually angst-free romance between apparent opposites and exhilarating action scenes set amidst class and gender distinctions. Some of the themes are familiar but Ms. Grant put a fresh spin on them which added to my overall enjoyment and I didn't want it to end.Jemm's grown up on a harsh world where her people are considered amongst the lowest class. A lack of food, medical care, and a family torn apart by [...]

    8. Susan Grant is an author that I read years ago when she first came out with her Star King, Star Prince, Star Princess books. I adored them and they still are on my 'Keepers' shelves. I recently read the new Star Princess book, and I will review that next, but first The Champion of Baresch. Susan Grant did a wonderful job of world-building for me. Baresch is a small planet that was once technologically advanced and superior in all respects. They might have been the ancients. Remnants of their tal [...]

    9. MF, female athlete, romance + sweet erotic. 4 stars.Star Champion is that very rarest of books, a romantic / erotic story about a professional female athlete. She starts as an unknown, playing a men's game in men's clothing. For this I would give 5 stars.Looked at another way, Star Champion is a tale as old as campfire storytellers. Young, poor, but special woman meets rich / royal / influential man under abnormal circumstances in a way that allows the MCs to see the real person under the stereo [...]

    10. I’ve been a fan of Susan Grant since I first picked up a copy of The Legend of Banzai Maguire on a newsstand in 2004. I have read all her books, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read her latest work in advance and review it. The Champion of Baresh is very much in keeping with the rest of Ms. Grant’s Vash Nadah series: strong women flying against tradition in a heavily male-dominated society. Some of the sexual double standards, which I found quite “icky” in previous books, a [...]

    11. Two people on opposite ends of the social spectrum, each searching for a place to belong. Each with something or someone to protect, to fight for. Brought together by a shared loved for bajha – a form of fighting that involves swordplay while restricting a player’s sense of sight, where a player must rely on intuition, focus, and intense control. Two people: Klark, owner and trainer of a professional bajha team, highly skilled in his own right, seeks to redeem his name, regain the acceptance [...]

    12. Simply amazeballs!The world-building is phenomenal. Reading The Champion of Baresh isn't like reading book it's like having a ring side seat as the story unfolds in front of you. Just amazing. If you've ever wondered what "world-building" is; The Champion of Baresh ought to be required reading.Author Susan Grant also did an excellent job of building tension in small ways throughout the book, to keep me turning the pages. I was biting my nails to think that something might mess us Jemm's chance t [...]

    13. Hero. Heroine. Who saves whom? The winner here would be them both. While the prince was working to find his way in a world that he was just a spare to the throne, he had to define himself and define what his life meant. Jemm was just your atypical girl that wanted better for her family. She just did not sit around waiting for things to get better. She made her own way and made it being something she was not but doing what she loved. Some would say she was playing with fire. She was really playin [...]

    14. It has been a long five-year wait for the start of a new series by Grant. It is a very good story with great characters. One, Prince Klark, is a carry over from her Star series and another, Jemm Ave, is brand new. I loved how Klark was trying to bring honor to his family after his actions in a previous book did the reverse. Jemm is perfect in the role of a very strong woman who is working hard to help her family. The world building is very good and back-story for Jemm is spot on. My only complai [...]

    15. This was a very engaging scifi romance, where all of the main characters were well developed. The story of a waif on a backwater planet who becomes a hero for everyone was enchanting, and while there isn't much new here, the author is adept at writing scifi and lite erotica.I will likely read the next book in this series.

    16. 4.5 stars - nobody's perfectA loose end from a series orphaned either by a publisher saying "we don't want " or by a publisher going under. Since I think the first three of the series were published by Dorcester, might be a little of both. RegardlessStar Princess kinda left a loose end in the form of the H's brother who escaped house arrest to save his brother and the sister of the hero from Star Prince. The author changed publishers somewhere around in here so the series was not completed. That [...]

    17. When I say I’m a Book Dragon, I mean that when I find a writer whose words inspire me or who creates something special, I will put aside every other book in my pile and read that writer’s whole oeuvre. That happened. I borrowed a book from my library’s online site…and went into a wormhole I hope I never get out of. My gateway book to Susan Grant’s worlds was The Star King (2013). I’ll review that in another post, but I have to mention it—I still love the characters in that novel mo [...]

    18. Grade C+. I must confess that I struggled a bit to finish this one. Wha'ts not to love about the familiar trope of a girl pretending to be a guy so she can do something forbidden? In this case we have Jemm Aves who lives on a less than pleasing mining planet. She supports the family on mining company wages but at night she dresses in her fathers old bajha player uniform and competes for extra cash. Bajha is kinda of a sword/fencing match played in total darkness. The unwritten rule is "no girls" [...]

    19. If you're into helpless females swept away by prince charming - this is not for you. But if you appreciate strong women who aren't afraid to dream big - and then work hard to reach those dreams - this book will be immensely satisfying.I love the strong female characters in Susan's books, and Jemm does not disappoint. She grabs onto her dream with a gritty determination, a willingness to do what it takes to be the best she can be, and a noble goal to pull her family out of poverty.One reason this [...]

    20. Jemm's family needs money to get away from their slum like home world of Baresh. She decides to disguise herself as a male to compete in street bajha, a game that only men are admitted to play. Her talent is such that it catches the eye of nearly disgraced prince Klark, who just so happens to manage a professional bajha team. When he discovers that Jemm is a woman he has to go against his beliefs to let her stay. But he does and ends up fighting for a way for her to play openly and to not give i [...]

    21. Opposites Attract Huge obstacles must be overcome before Jemm Aves can help her family escape extreme poverty on a mining planet on the outskirts of the galaxy. Prince Klarke needs to reclaim his reputation and enhance his family's honor. These two unlikely individuals gain their objectives together, but only after breaking tradition and stirring up the known galaxy. This was an exciting and heartwarming story.

    22. Wonderfully written scifi that introduces the struggles of females even far beyond our reach and the female empowerment to rise above it all. It's a perfect blend of action and romance. I really enjoyed reading the book, I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

    23. I like that she was tough and athletic and not ashamed of it. But the protagonists wereo perfect. Everything was easy, even if it was meant to seem hard. And they just, ended up happy. No prob.

    24. Another great read!I loved Jemm and her Vash Prince! Very well written and lots of interesting ideas about gender politics in sport. Wonderful love story!

    25. The Champion of Baresh by Susan GrantAn other world romance where females aren't allowed to play professional sports. They are to be protected. Ha. The heroine disguises herself and outplays them all. Of course, while falling in love, providing for her family and making the universe a better place. Hear her roar.A strong heroine, obviously. The hero has always been well meaning, but ups his game. An offshoot to the Star series by the author. I hadn't read it and had no problems reading this as a [...]

    26. A new book by Grant is always a treat.This book is nice blend of boy-meets-girl/spunky-underdog-sports story set in Grant's "Star King" space opera universe.Fun leave the real world behind read

    27. ***I received this book for free from Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.While I’ve heard of Susan Grant and her intergalactic romances before, I have never had the chance to read any of her work until just recently, with The Champion of Barésh, the first in her Star World Frontier series. And she lived up to the hype I’d heard and then some!Evidently, The Champion of Barésh is a continuing saga of the [...]

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