The Mighty Thor (2015-) #1

The Mighty Thor When Dr Jane Foster lifts the mystic hammer Mjolnir she is transformed into the Goddess of Thunder The Mighty Thor Her enemies are many as Asgard descends further into chaos and war threatens to sp

  • Title: The Mighty Thor (2015-) #1
  • Author: Jason Aaron Russell Dauterman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Dr Jane Foster lifts the mystic hammer Mjolnir, she is transformed into the Goddess of Thunder, The Mighty Thor Her enemies are many, as Asgard descends further into chaos and war threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms Yet her greatest battle will be against a far personal foe the cancer that is killing her mortal form.

    The Mighty Thor, Volume Thunder in Her Veins May , The Mighty Thor, Volume Thunder in Her Veins The Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron Writer , Russell Dauterman Illustrations . Rating details , ratings reviews DR JANE FOSTER IS THE GODDESS OF THUNDER AND IT S KILLING HER. The Mighty Thor eBay The Mighty Thor Lot Of Book st App Beta Ray Bill Cover Homage Selling these four issues of the The Mighty Thor showcasing Beta Ray Bill for the first time. the mighty thor Books Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Mighty Thor Vol Marvel Database FANDOM powered by Wikia This page contains a list of all the comics included in Mighty Thor Vol published by Marvel Comics If you have found something that is not seen on this page, please add it to this list. Marvel HeroClix The Mighty Thor HeroClix The Marvel HeroClix The Mighty Thor Dice Token Pack contains custom dice featuring Thor icon and action tokens featuring the God of Thunder himself The Marvel HeroClix The Mighty Thor Dice Token Pack is a great way to enhance your HeroClix experience The Mighty Thor, Volume The Death of the Mighty Thor by The Mighty Thor The Death of The Mighty Thor pretty much spelt out what was going to happen, but the journey there was an excellent one The Mighty Thor a.k.a Dr Jane Foster is caught up in a no win situation with the almost indestructible Mangog unleashed on Asgardia and, of course, Jane s own personal battle with cancer. Thor Thor Odinson Characters Marvel Thor Odinson Thor The son of Odin uses his mighty abilities as the God of Thunder to protect his home Asgard and planet Earth alike Overview On Screen Profile On Screen Full Report In Comics Profile In Comics Full Report Mighty Thor TV Series Sep , When the lame doctor, Don Blake, found a old walking stick and accidently struck it, something extraordinary happened Don Blake changed into what turned out to be his true form, Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning and the stick became his mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

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      121 Jason Aaron Russell Dauterman
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    One thought on “The Mighty Thor (2015-) #1”

    1. Mighty Thor is focused on an unusually difficult topic for comics. Dr. Jane Foster has cancer.The Asgardians want to heal her, but she continually declines instead opting for human methods. That would likely be inconsequential if not for the fact that Mjornir has chosen her to wield the power of Thor. The problem is Mjornir's power removed the chemicals from chemotherapy from Jane's body. So the item that makes her the strongest nearly simultaneously makes her the weakest.I'm surprised cancer is [...]

    2. I am not going to lie. When I heard Thor was being turned into a woman, I rolled my eyes. It is like Ghostbusters having an all female crew, not a bad idea but execution would be everything. I am not agaisnt Marvel rebooting their old heroes and adding some diversity, hell the push for female characters is what got me into reading comics this year! But again, it is all about execution and giving us a viable story instead of pleasing the masses. So I am not lying when I say The Mighty Thor is wor [...]

    3. Fun reboot. Gorgeous artwork. Don't follow comics much these days but do pick up the odd sale item on comixology. I like the new female Thor. Of course she'd be Jane Foster! The cancer storyline is a very cool twist. Freyja is wonderfully regal. Loki amusing as always. Malekith? No. His portrayal feels more like a simple rif on Loki's personality than the dark, malevolent personality he should be. Odin behaving like a toddler? Please. Fine I think for the all-Father to be mercurial and occasiona [...]

    4. Jason Aaron does an amazing job on Thor. The character has been appearing in comics, usually at least twice a month, since the 60's, so it really takes something to come up with a new approach.Aaron proves himself an amazing writer over and over again.

    5. I love the way Jane Foster's condition contrasts with Thor's. It's sad and beautiful, adding an unexpected yet brilliant aspect to her character. The art is lovely, as usual.

    6. Despite being the champion of political correctness the new Thor continues to impress. Fresh stories and exceptional artwork abound in the series reboot.

    7. Now that we know who Thor is, this takes a darker turn. This isn't her teasing any longer, this is her embracing her temporary mantle. All I see is a sad conclusion to this, and I hate that feeling.

    8. Holy god I've got to get my hands on the rest of this run. Lady Thor, beautiful character designs (I love these versions of Loki and Malekith so much??) and a great story to be told. Bless up, Aaron and Dauterman. Bless up.

    9. The art in this one was particularly good, as were parts of the plot. I love the dichotomy of Thor/Jane and the two storylines running through. Loki was great.

    10. YAAAAASSSSS. Give me MOAR.I was so excited to receive Thor! And LOVE that it's now "The Mighty Thor" because it's true and sad all at the same time.Possible spoilers. Read at your own risk.I enjoy that we get more of Jane's sickness. The initial issues (1-8) didn't dive too deep into it. We just know that she's super sick. It's sad, in a sense, to see that when she's Thor, it's literally killing her due to the way the power of Mjolnir works in her body. Like she said, she could stay Thor forever [...]

    11. Thor is gone and Doctor Jane Foster now wields Mjolnir as Thor. However, with Odin gone mad in his fortress, Thor is now a wanted criminal. Despite that, Thor knows she must act as the Dark Elves slaughter the Light while the Council stays silent. On top of that, Jane is battling cancer and losing. I love the angle of having Jane become Thor and the contrast of a powerful god within a dying woman's body makes for excellent storytelling. The art is lush and detailed and this edition comes with a [...]

    12. This story is amazing! I love that we now know who Thor is and therefor can get her perspective. The mystery girl trope was getting a bit old (perhaps I just watched too much Doctor Who). But this is awesome. I like the slice of life parts as much as the epic stuff - as is often the case with Marvel superhero comicssue 2: great story and it's good to see Loki back. Darn he is drawn sexy (though not sexualized). read December 28th

    13. Check out my full video review for issues 1&2 at youtu/fUcO42b4MXU I love Jane as Thor. Her battle with cancer and how changing into Thor affects her is really interesting. She has such a different view of what being Thor means than Odinson. I can't wait to see how Jane does as Thor.

    14. The artwork is amazing and maybe best when it comes to Loki -- who effortlessly pops out of every panel he's in. The story is equally compelling, although still in the early stages of the current arc.

    15. Fantastic concept and Jane Foster is such an interesting character here, faced with an impossible dilemma. Great start to a very promising series, I'm curious to see what happens with the Dark Elves (why couldn't the film villains be as interesting and devious as their comic counterparts?!).

    16. I OBSESSED with Dr. Jane Foster as Thor. It's a great story that features not only her being a badass warrior, but also a human dealing with a very real problem.And that ending! I can't wait to read more.

    17. Odin needs to GO! How dare he do that to Freyja! While I am still a bit disappointed that Jane is Thor I must say I find the whole cancer aspect fascinating. I'm very interested in where all of this is leading!

    18. Currently the only comic run that makes me want to buy each issue as it is released even though I already have the trade pre-ordered. <3

    19. More like 3.5; It was entertaining, intriguing, but like most series starters, it had to have a lot of information to set up for the next issue. But overall, great issue to start a series!

    20. Every time I try to read superhero comics I care way more about the mundane human stuff than the superhero stuff. Like yeah, yeah, war of the realms, let's get back to how Jane's handling chemo.

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