Constance: Bride of Florida

Constance Bride of Florida Constance has always done everything by the book Follow the rules be good and hide Can this letter to a man she doesn t know break her out of the shadows Drake has dreamed of going to sea but Fathe

  • Title: Constance: Bride of Florida
  • Author: Patricia PacJac Carroll
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Constance has always done everything by the book Follow the rules, be good, and hide Can this letter to a man she doesn t know break her out of the shadows Drake has dreamed of going to sea, but Father s ultimatum has him sending for a mail order bride He ll take care of her, but she needs to know, he ll leave for the sea after they re married,

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    1. Mail Order BrideCan a shy mouse-like girl find her courage? After answering an ad for a mail order bride, she found herself on a sail boat to Florida where her husband to be resided. She found him to be an unsettled sort with sea salt in his veins. She heard a "voice" telling her to marry him. She knew there to be challenges but she said yes.

    2. Good readThis is my first book by this author and will not be my last. Her characters are well developed and 3 dimensional This book is one of 50 that are interconnected, yet stand alone connected because they'll start in Lawrence Massachusetts and with 50 girls that suddenly find themselves out of work due to a fire. 1 bride for each of the 50 states released in order of that states statehood Constance finds herself with no time left and only a groom in Florida to choose from. Her prospective g [...]

    3. Just a beautiful transformation!When God has a plan, man cannot change it! Both of these characters had hopes and dreams too small for God! He gave them more than they could ever dream of! A forever kind of love!! Patricia always writes a remarkable tale! This one may be my favorite!

    4. Great storyI enjoyed this story of adventure, romance, and suspense. The author has done a great job of telling her story of the adventure of a woman's quest for life and the settling of her heart.

    5. Constance: Bride of Florida (American Mail-Order Bride #27)By: Patricia PacJac Carroll4/5 starsConstance came to the United States from England with her parents as a young girl. But with the death of her parents she began working and worked at the factory until it burned down. Like all the other girls, she had limited choices, so she became a mail-order bride. But she has always been painfully shy, just trying to blend in and never stand out.Drake longs to be on the sea. He wishes that he’d be [...]

    6. A Delightful RomanceConstance, always shy and timid, accepts a mail order bride offer. She gains more confidence about herself on the sea voyage to Florida to meet her intended husband, E. Ferris. But, there are three E. Ferris men, two already escorting ladies and the third who shows no recognition of her name when introduced. Constance has nowhere in her past to return to, and I'd resolved to make her future in Florida close to the sea, but will one of the Ferris me be part it? Well-written an [...]

    7. An unusual and touching historical romance with fully-realized and complex characters, Patricia PacJac Carroll's CONSTANCE: BRIDE OF FLORIDA begins slowly but quickly draws the reader into the lives of Constance and Drake. Although they do not meet until nearly halfway through the book, which perhaps is a bit too long, the separation does allow the reader to get to know both characters and experience some of their growth as individuals before they must contend with each other and with the realiz [...]

    8. I was so ready to stop reading the books in this series after a couple of disappointments, but I decided to give it another chance and I'm so glad I did. This book was excellent and reeled me back into the series. Constance is searching for courage to be herself and a family of her own: Drake wants to find his own place to belong and looks to the sea. Ironically, the sea does give then both what they are looking for by bringing them together.

    9. Constance blooms when she sets out for a new life as a mail-order bride. She has hidden in the shadows but now longs to find inner strength and beauty. When her ship shows up early, she is given a window into her future husband's life and isn't completely sure of him, though she has become sure of herself. Her newly rediscovered faith in God and in herself will have to get her through if her groom can not.

    10. 3.5I enjoyed this book but didn't connect with the character's relationship, which is what I strive to do with stories of this genre. The author did a great job with building the characters individually and their stories were well thought out. It took them a great deal of time to actually meet which I found uncommon in this series thus far. Overall it was very enjoyable!

    11. This series was my first experience with multiple authors working together to write a series on a large scale. I enjoyed every book in the series and found several new authors that I hadn't read before.

    12. Lovely StoryI enjoyed this story. Constance was able to find her strength and learned to truly live. Friedlander that what you wish for isn't always what you need. I also liked how the author included depending on God for answers.

    13. Pretty good. Not typical. I'm glad Constance grew a backbone. I thought Drake seemed very immature throughout the book, even though he was struggling with his identity, he seemed childish/selfish in his reactions.

    14. Great readI live in Florida on the gulf side and as I was reading I pictured a little Fisher cove not far where I live name cedar key , wonderful book

    15. The sea is a tough mistressConstance and Drake find that the only true love is what you find in each other. Their love catches fire and brings them great joy. Such a sweet story.

    16. Love this book. Amazing how Constance was able to find her courage on a sailing trip & then her heart on land. Was hoping the two would combine & the end didn't disappoint.

    17. Being from Florida I don't know what expected but this wasn't my favorite. It was just okay. The story line was kind of lame and came too quickly to the happy ever after ending.

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