Na, das war es wert!

Na das war es wert Buch in der Serie Der Wert der Liebe F r Josh Brooks ist es ein Sommer in dem Tr ume wahr werden Zuerst bekommt er sein Traumpferd von einem konkurrierenden Trainer Dann kommt der Armeekumpel seine

  • Title: Na, das war es wert!
  • Author: Lisa M. Owens Martina Gille
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Buch 1 in der Serie Der Wert der Liebe F r Josh Brooks ist es ein Sommer, in dem Tr ume wahr werden Zuerst bekommt er sein Traumpferd von einem konkurrierenden Trainer Dann kommt der Armeekumpel seines Bruders, Dane Keller, auf die Ranch, um dort zu arbeiten, und Josh begegnet auch noch dem Mann seiner Tr ume Dane ist hei , t chtig und frisch raus aus Nichts fragen Buch 1 in der Serie Der Wert der Liebe F r Josh Brooks ist es ein Sommer, in dem Tr ume wahr werden Zuerst bekommt er sein Traumpferd von einem konkurrierenden Trainer Dann kommt der Armeekumpel seines Bruders, Dane Keller, auf die Ranch, um dort zu arbeiten, und Josh begegnet auch noch dem Mann seiner Tr ume Dane ist hei , t chtig und frisch raus aus Nichts fragen Nichts sagen Alles w re perfekt abgesehen davon, dass niemand wei , dass Josh und Dane homosexuell sind Alles was Dane will, ist ein ruhiges Leben in einem weniger beengenden stillen K mmerlein und einen Job auf einer Ranch, mit dem er seinen Lebensunterhalt verdienen kann Aber als sich herausstellt, dass der kleine Bruder seines besten Freundes, der die Briefe schrieb, die ihnen in Afghanistan geholfen hatten, den Mut nicht zu verlieren, an genau den richtigen Stellen erwachsen geworden war, kann Dane nicht anders, als trotz seiner Angst vor Bindungen mehr zu wollen W hrend Dane und Josh damit besch ftigt sind allerdings erfolglos die H nde voneinander zu lassen, liegt jemand anderes auf der Lauer und wartet seine Zeit ab Dann schl gt er zu zuerst gegen Josh und dann gegen das geliebte Pferd Als all ihre Geheimnisse und ngste blo gelegt werden, ist Dane entschlossen, Josh zu sch tzen, selbst wenn das bedeutet, ihn zur ckzulassen.

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    One thought on “Na, das war es wert!”

    1. I really wanted to like this book, but no, just no. I get why Josh doesn't like to be mad at people, but at some point you just have enough. I wanted to like Dane. He's a Ranger, a hero, and also a major asshole. Sorry PTSD doesn't cut it. I have PTSD myself, that doesn't give me a free card to be a jerk without people calling me on it. But every time he was an ass it was waved away with the whole "he served his country, he has PTSD". No. The sex. If I recall correctly, two of the times they hav [...]

    2. DNF I don't like the characters and there's on page sex between the M.C. and another character. That just tips the scales for me. It might get better, but, for now, I'm outA: So I started to feel badly and decided I'd listen some mored got to hear a rape scene.After Josh sleeps with his friend they go out to dinner where Dane sees them. The following day Dane corners Josh in the barn and forces him to have sex without any prep or more conversation than, "Less than 24 hours after fucking me you'r [...]


    4. OMG, I HATED THIS BOOK. Let me say that the writing was very good. And I can understand how a lot of people would like this book. HOWEVER, the love interest was a COMPLETE DICK. I kept thinking, maybe it will get better. Maybe he'll redeem himself. And I kept reading -- HOPING -- that at some point he'd get his head out of his ass. But nope, it was so far up there, he folded in on himself. This book sucked donkey balls.

    5. 4.5 starsThis is an extraordinary book. Simple but it won’t be for everyone because it deals with some discouraging (some would say) elements. In fact, it won’t be for a lot of people. It deals with the after affects of going into the war and spending a few tours there, coming home damaged emotionally and physically.This story starts out with Josh Brooks training his newly acquired horse, Hurricane. Then Dane Keller, his brother, Jesse’s Ranger buddy, walks onto his family’s ranch lookin [...]

    6. If a book can bring out strong emotions, whatever they be then that indicates a great writer and Lisa M Owens brought out a lot of emotion in me with her roller coaster novel. This story starts out as a deceptively easy read then slowly starts to hook you in until wham! All hell let's loose and you're so emotionally wrapped up in the story that its practically impossible to put down. I'm used to getting emotionally involved in my books but its not often that they evoke anger - not at Josh, Dane [...]

    7. ~WASN'T WORTH THE READ!~ IMOI was so looking forward to reading this book. Was looking forward to the intensity and just by the blurb it all sounded very compelling; but sadly, it just fell flat for me. So yes, I am very disappointed Worth the Coming Home.The books start with Josh Brooks who recently just purchased a prize horse from a bad trainer. Josh knows he can do better; all he has to do is prove it. While working on the horse and chatting with his brother, a stranger appears. Seems it’s [...]

    8. 2.5 stars rounded up!So after my first review I realised I wanted to do better. It was originally 4 stars rounded up, but it didn't feel right. So I re-read most of this and took some notes. Looking back I was wrong to be as kind as I was. It was an okay read, we all have different tastes. But for me this book was not what I wanted or was expecting.The blurb describes part of the story fairly well. Josh never met Dane, but he knew of him from his brother. It's a simple enough thing and kind of c [...]

    9. This sounds too angsty for me but I want to read it! There are cowboys in it I'll wait for reviews before reading, is for the best.

    10. That's it. I'm done. I made it up to 48% but this is not working for me. Nope. I'm getting more and more aggravated with every page I'm reading. It started very, very good and I already thought - wow, the next 5*read. Then Josh and Dane had their first rough sex and then nothing. No chemistry, no hint what each of them saw in the other. No talking about stuff, just 'don't talk, be quiet or I won't' And then the storyline with the other horse trainer and the fabricated competition. Another part t [...]

    11. No. No, rape isn't sexy, and Dane does rape Josh. Apparently, according to this book, rape is okay because Josh really wanted it, so the 'no' can be ignored. And since Dane has PTSD, he's got free rein to be a complete dick the entire book. No, domestic violence isn't okay. Dane beats Josh after Josh has the nerve to wake him for breakfast. After punching Josh repeatedly in the stomach, Dane just 'breaks up' with him and walks out. Later there's a weak ass apology, and that's it. Josh never call [...]

    12. HmmI think overall I liked this. There were a few things I had issues with.First, the span of time the novel takes place in. I'm assuming it's the beginning of august/end of July when it starts/when Dane shows up. Then days almost weeks would go by without Dane and Josh talking to each other. But then it would say only a couple days passed. Then all of a sudden is was fall/winter? I was confused.Second, the scene in the barn. (Trigger Warning) It was practically rape with Josh saying no and stop [...]

    13. This story is one of those that prove that it often gets a lot worse before it gets better. Fear of bigots keeps cowboy Josh in he closet, and the ingrained habits of DADT ensure that ex-Army Ranger Dane doesn’t even think about opening the closet door. Both of them are deeply in love with the other, yet the external and internal obstacles they face are powerful reminders that love is often not enough. At least, not at first. What made this book so powerful for me was its message about the str [...]

    14. I'm in two minds about this book, tbh. There was a lot that concerned and, frankly, appalled me about it, and other things that I felt were dealt with fairly well.Pros:* I think PTSD was well portrayed. My heart ached for Dane at times.* I liked that reaction to Josh's outing was varied. Often everyone is either accepting or OTT homophobic so it was good to see that friend and family reactions seemed more realistic.* Two decent portrayals of women (although I had issues with Kate - see Cons list [...]

    15. Bei dem Buch stand ich ein paar Mal kurz davor es in die Ecke zu pfeffern, so furchtbar das auch klingt. Aber Josh ist eine Heulsuse vor dem Herrn und er trifft Entscheidungen bzw. lässt sich von anderen bei Dingen unterbuttern, wo ich mir beim Lesen dachte: Mein Gott, Kerl, hast du dein Rückgrat im Klo runtergespült?Dabei ist die Geschichte im Grunde echt gut und sie hat verdammt tolle Ansätze drin, wenn es um die Vergangenheit von Dane geht, der seit dem Krieg an PTBS leidet. Er hat z.B. i [...]

    16. How come every guy by the name of Dane is always the alpha male you fall in love with? So, Dane gets out of Afghanistan and goes to his best friend's ranch. No one knows he's gay. He meets his best friend's brother, Josh, who had written to his brother while he was serving with Dane. Those letters made him fall in love with the ranch. He and Josh were outed, things get tough and the tough get going. Coming out stories usually are a bit emotional and this one makes you fall in love with the two M [...]

    17. Honestly, I don´t see what Josh sees in Dane. There is a dynamic there I just don´t get. I understand that some people like rough sex, but how you can love someone who is treating you badly, I don´t understand. Sure, Dane suffers from PTSD, but it doesn´t feel like the reason he is acting like an asshole. Because of that I had a hard time enjoying this book.

    18. I didn't feel the connection between Josh and Dane. The rough sex without any other sort of emotional connection must have thrown me off. Oh, and has the author never heard of ballistics? I call bullshit.

    19. Maybe 2.5 stars. I didn't love it. Unbelievable characters and silly situations. I didn't buy the chemistry between the main characters. Meh.

    20. Worth the Coming Home was totally worth the reading. I wasn't sure at first. The dynamics between Dane and Josh bothered me. But as the book progressed things fell into place and I became a fan of these two men and held my breath as their story continued to unfold. I went from being frustrated and angry with Dane's behaviour to praying for a happily ever after for him. In the end I cried, this book is a reminder of the challenges faced by real people in the LGBT community and how much we all nee [...]

    21. Something about this book didn't really work for me. I can't pinpoint what it was though. We have Dane who is just out of the military with PTSD (we only really see it twice) and Josh who is Dane's best friend's brother. Dane is staying at Josh's family's ranch and they start this weird relationship. I didn't really see it as a relationship so much as a kind of brutal booty call. It's supposed to be angsty but the only angst I felt was regarding Josh's horse. And the bully of the story was never [...]

    22. As with a lot of other ratings for this book, I had a hard time deciding WHAT to rate it. There were elements I enjoyed, places where I liked the MC's and places where I didn't, especially Dane. The ending leaves you feeling nice but I don't feel like I connected with Dane as much as I would have liked. I will read more from this author, but I do hope she would consider writing 3rd person POV for both MC's instead of 1st person POV for only one.

    23. 3.5Dane absolutely pissed me off in this story, but I love Josh so much. I could see how they temper each other, it just took me some time to get past Dane. I enjoyed seeing the way Josh dealt with all the situations that arose and how his personality kept focus on love and kindness. I did enjoy this story :D

    24. What an asshole Dane was. The only part I liked was the ending where he became more human. He was a jerk the rest of the time which is a shame because this book really had promise. If it wasn't for him being such a jerk, it would have been a good book. The sex scenes were just too forceful and one sided. And what happened to Dane's PTSD? It doesn't just go away and it was not addressed.

    25. This was a tricky book to rate for me, because there were parts I loved beyond belief, mixed in with parts that I simply hated. This inconsistency left me wanting to love it but completely unsure. Josh has worked on his family's ranch his entire life. He has always been good with horses and has turned that into being the best horse handler in his county. His work life is happy, but his love life is a secret; he is gay but in closet, terrified of what family and friends would do if he came out.Da [...]

    26. Personaggi crudi, fragili, imperfetti e una storia complessa a tratti spiazzante nella sua violenza. Ma è una storia anche molto, molto umana e alla fine conquista proprio grazie alla sua autenticità. Una storia poco romanzata, molto sofferta e di certo non tra le più romantiche, ma sono contenta di aver superato il primo ed enorme scoglio e aver proseguito nella lettura.

    27. trelibrisoprailcielo/2016Siamo nel Montana, nel ranch in cui Josh, il nostro protagonista, addestra i cavalli. Vive qui con Jesse, suo fratello, da quando sono rimasti orfani e sono stati accolti dagli zii che li amano come se fossero figli loro.Josh sa di essere gay e l’ha sempre saputo, ma lo tiene ben nascosto agli occhi di tutti e solo Sarah, la sua migliore amica, è a conoscenza del suo segreto. La sua vita scorre tranquilla, tra i suoi amati cavalli e un fratello che lo tratta come se f [...]

    28. Tams e-book review May of 2013…Josh Brooks is the dedicated horse whisperer on the Ranch he’s called home for over half his life. He and his brother, Jesse, live with their aunt and uncle having lost their parents when they were children. He hides his sexuality from everyone except his best friend for fear of their reaction.Dane is Jesse’s best friend, the guys met while in the military serving in Afghanistan. Having separated himself from “don’t ask, don’t tell” all Dane wants is [...]

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