One More Wish

One More Wish As Christy blows out the candles on her birthday cake she closes her eyes and makes a wish Could this be the year that she and Todd finally have a baby They know that everything will change once t

  • Title: One More Wish
  • Author: Robin Jones Gunn
  • ISBN: 9780982877272
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Christy blows out the 26 candles on her birthday cake, she closes her eyes and makes a wish.Could this be the year that she and Todd finally have a baby They know that everything will change once they have a child Are they ready for all the adjustments a new little one would bring Christy isn t sure.But as her closest friends announce they are expecting, Christy s heaAs Christy blows out the 26 candles on her birthday cake, she closes her eyes and makes a wish.Could this be the year that she and Todd finally have a baby They know that everything will change once they have a child Are they ready for all the adjustments a new little one would bring Christy isn t sure.But as her closest friends announce they are expecting, Christy s heart carries an ache for a child of her own.On their way home from Sierra s wedding, Todd opens up the discussion of adoption and soon a simple invitation turns into a life changing season Christy s patience and understanding are stretched beyond her limits, and she finds herself holding not just one baby in her arms, but two.Everything Christy and Todd thought about family and hospitality shifts as the two of them dare to make one wish and believe that God s timing is flawless.

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    One thought on “One More Wish”

    1. I just want more of this series! So much beautiful-ness! CHRISTY & TODD: THE MARRIED YEARS is definitely my favorite series by Robin Jones Gunn! Marriage, faith, trials, adventure, bliss, struggle, fear It's such an incredible journey that Christy and Todd go on in the first few years of their marriage. It was so wonderful to see them mature, fall deeper in love, grow stronger and firmer in their faith in Jesus Christ. There's such a realness to these books. I think married couples today ca [...]

    2. I do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Robin Jones Gunn,Wow. Honestly, I wasn't that sure about what to expect when I got this book. I had it in my house for almost a month, since I wanted to reread the whole series. Well, that idea failed. I picked the book up yesterday because I didn't want to wait any longer.This is probably my favorite of the Married Years series so far. I liked it because it wasn't as depressing as Forever With You, but also be [...]

    3. As Christy makes her 26th birthday wish and blows out the candles, what will she wish for? Will she and Todd finally have a baby this year? With all of her close friends announcing pregnancies, Christy isn't sure. When she and Todd have a heart to heart talk returning from Sierra's wedding, Christy learns that her husband would be open to adoption. As the months pass by, both Christy and Todd learn so very important lessons about each other, their relationships with God, and of course what is re [...]

    4. I've loved the Christy Miller series for most of my life, so I'm so excited RJG is continuing the series. It's like catching up with old friends. I loved how all the old characters were in this book. Tracy and Doug are a huge part of the story, and Sierra and Katie make appearances. So, I loved that. At times, the story dragged, but since I love the characters so much, it was okay.In the last book, Christy and Todd were pretty immature in a couple ways, but it seems they grew up a lot in this bo [...]

    5. I've grown up with the Christy Miller and her friends' books and it was so nice to "catch up" with them inThe Married Yearstrilogy. This book especially was filled with pretty much all the characters; Sierra, Alissa, Rick, Katie, Tracy, Doug, and more are all an important part of the story. I hope that Robin Jones Gunn keeps on writing about them because I just love these characters! This trilogy focused on Christy and Todd's first few years of marriage, where they struggled with finances, job h [...]

    6. I just love diving into Christy's world. Once again, I felt like I could relate to every single thing Christy was dealing with emotionally, spiritually and in practical life issues. Gunn has done a fantastic job of "growing up" with Christy and I love following the journey of the characters.

    7. Forever With You, Home of Our Hearts, and One More Wish by Robin Jones Gunn constitute a trilogy continuing the story of some of this prolific inspirational romance author's best-loved characters. Christy and Todd are a young married couple just out of college. Over the course of these three books, they face challenges with jobs, finances, and housing. They learn to communicate and compromise, and start planning for the future, including the possibility of children. They also reconnect with many [...]

    8. I just want to preface this by saying that this book was lovely. Really, truly, it was-- just like all the other books of the Christy Miller series (should it be called a saga now since it spans tons of books and characters?). Robin Jones Gunn always crafts these characters who feel so true-to-life; I've always admired Christy (even though Katie and Sierra are more my favorite characters) and her journey in trusting the Lord through everything-- even the waiting, for love and marriage and now fo [...]

    9. This was an enjoyable, read-it-in-an-afternoon kind of book. Having read many other books by Robin Jones Gunn, with these characters, I knew I was going to love delving back into the story. I think this might be my favourite from the Married Years series, because of the way Gunn captures Christy's emotions and responses to events in a real and identifiable way. I am so glad we see her struggles and the growth that comes from these - in her relationship with God as well as others around her.A mus [...]

    10. Finally, Robin Jones Gunn concludes her Married Years series with One More Wish. With what seems majority of Christy and Todd's friends having children, Christy feels the urge to produce her and Todd a child. While the story centers around the many relationships Christy and Todd have, the story stills focuses on the grim reality of married life, especially when a friend moves in with her two-year-old son and is expecting more children. I love this story and these people, so I can't wait to see m [...]

    11. Sometimes I think that Robin Jones Gunn is like the author/voiceover narrator from Stranger Than Fiction for my life-- or maybe it's really all God's timing that I receive these books during similar corresponding life stages. Either way, it is so good to be reminded of these truths of identity and faith and trust, both for a fictional character and my own very real life.

    12. This review appears on my blog: youngaspiringwritersanonymous.I have been a fan of the Christy Miller series for about 6 years now. It's probably because in the original series there were several things that Christy went through that made her relatable. I have read through all three series that Robin Jones Gunn has written so far about Christy and Todd. I finally got a chance to read this latest installment (even though it has been out for over a year now) on my first flight home. I enjoyed read [...]

    13. As I have regretfully reached the conclusion of this book, I solemnly close the cover feeling as if my soul has received a long-neglected bath. I pre-ordered this (signed!) copy before it was published in 2015, but have waited for God to give me the go-ahead to read it. It was a hard wait, but I was patient because I knew it would be opened at just the right time, and it was. In fact, one of the book's main topics was on waiting (Isaiah 49:23b)! The best God-thing about it, though, is that the t [...]

    14. I have been a big fan of the Christy Miller series since I was in high school. Her friendships with the other God lovers and with Todd has always been something I loved. In the married books the only thing I find kind of annoying is how perfect Christy and Todd seem. Their relationship seems too good to be true and a little too idealistic for me at times. I still love them as much as ever, but that is on the annoying side. I was so so excited at the end when Tracy and Doug ended up in Glenbrooke [...]

    15. I think my favorite of this Christy and Todd series. Another reviewer said it too, they seemed a little immature in the earlier two books but not as much in this one. PLUS, so many appearances from other characters: Katie, Sierra, Tracy and Doug (and more but don't want to spoil it). Nice to catch up with many new people. I still have issues with how they seem to complain/worry about not having money but then their spending doesn't line up with being frugal. That annoys me. But overall, it was w [...]

    16. A beautiful end to a beautiful series. While rereading the main set of Christy Miller books, I discovered the married years and was ecstatic at the continuation of her story. I think it is poignant, especially being such a romance-focused series, to see the struggles (and joys) experienced even after -and sometimes because of - becoming married. This series profoundly influenced and uplifted me when I read it as a teenager, and has managed to do that and even more thus time in the midst of my tr [...]

    17. Once again, Robin Jones Gunn has crafted a beautiful book. The story of Christy and Todd in this book was one that I could relate to. It gave a realistic insight into what the characters were thinking. Those thoughts were ones that I think everyone has had from time to time. Sometimes it's not convenient to help others. Sometimes you want to have that time for yourself. I loved that the author showed Christy having perfectly normal reactions to situations and being a normal person. It's so easy [...]

    18. I have really enjoyed the Christy & Todd series since the beginning. In the previous few books, I felt as though Todd's character had become static. In this book, he begins to grow and change as a character. Christy and Todd both find employment that they are passionate about and begin to think about starting a family. Christy begins using her gift of hospitality by opening her home to teens on Friday nights and to Doug and Tracy and their son when Tracy's parents move away. I am not very ge [...]

    19. When this heavily anticipated book came in the mail today, I started reading immediately and finished it in one night. It was soooo great to be back with Christy and Todd! Thankful for this series that has changed my life. I have learned so much on how to wait on the Lord, and place every desire of my heart in His hands and trust in His f l a w l e s s timing. He is a faithful, loving Father. Love love this book and hope there is another!

    20. I really needed to read this book right now. I found the part where (view spoiler)[ Tracy and Doug moved to Oregon (hide spoiler)] perfectly fit a situation I am going through currently. I also liked the repetition of the aphorism "The teacher is always silent during the test" to be very comforting. Thank you, Robin Jones Gunn, for continuing to write quality inspirational fiction that touches my heart in all the right places.

    21. This was an amazing book! I loved catching up with my friends christy todd Doug Tracy and Katie and Eli and rest of my favorite forever friends. This book was a blessing. I loved the pearls of wisdom that were sprinkled throughout this book. The words of faith encouraged me and reminded me to keep wishing and praying and waiting for God's perfect timing. Love this series. I can't for the next book.

    22. I was so excited to find this book in my library this afternoon. Christy is turning 26 and ready for the next phase of her relationship with Toddhard to believe after all these years, we might actually see these two become parents! The development of Tracy's character seemed a bit out of place, but I was happy to see how that storyline resolved.

    23. These books always feel like old friends to me. I didn't enjoy this one as much because I felt like the plot stalled in some places, and I'm not so sure about the idea of "the teacher is always silent during the test" theology that both Christy and Traci ascribe to when they are having a hard time.

    24. Significantly better than the first two Christy and Todd married years. It's still sappy, but this time a little more real. If you haven't followed the whole series (or multiple series), I wouldn't read this one though. It's not a stand alone story.

    25. Yup, any additions to this series are still my happy place. This one doesn't disappoint, and I think it's my favorite of the newer series yet. Lots of throw backs to the original series plus a few pleasant surprises. Hoping this isn't the last one!

    26. As always, I loved the writing, the insights about God and the stories. It seems as if her stories about Christy are plucked right out of my life and struggles similar it's weird. Definitely will be pondering some things after reading this one. Great book!Last read August 2015

    27. I don't know what I will do when this series ends. I've been reading about Christy Miller since I was 14 years old. I have always looked forward to the next book. 26 years later and I still can't wait for the next book. Robin Jones Gunn never disappoints!

    28. Lots of happy tears cried during this book. The characters I have come to know and love, almost like they're my own friends, have been through so much; I love seeing how their lives change as the years go on.

    29. I always love catching up with Christy and Todd and all of their friends, and this time was no exception. Christy's story is timeless - I feel like I've grown up with her, like I've known her all my life. She grows as I have grown, and I experience life with her. What a wonderful series.

    30. Love love loveLove the complete Christy and Todd series Really hope there is another one in the works! I've grown up ready these books and feel as though the characters are forever friends!

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