Missy Goes to West Point

Missy Goes to West Point Alternate Cover Edition of ASIN B HXG K The US Government s Paranormal Branch has learned Missy s secret and followed most of her activities They have her FBI friend join their team telling him tha

  • Title: Missy Goes to West Point
  • Author: P.G. Allison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover Edition of ASIN B00HXG95K0The US Government s Paranormal Branch has learned Missy s secret and followed most of her activities They have her FBI friend join their team, telling him that other supernaturals also exist but Missy is the only female werecat They want Missy to go on to West Point and tell him that being a vigilante is not what we want for thiAlternate Cover Edition of ASIN B00HXG95K0The US Government s Paranormal Branch has learned Missy s secret and followed most of her activities They have her FBI friend join their team, telling him that other supernaturals also exist but Missy is the only female werecat They want Missy to go on to West Point and tell him that being a vigilante is not what we want for this girl But, what had started out as her simply trying to help protect another teenage girl eventually led to her being targeted by both the East Boston and New York criminal organizations With some help from her FBI friend, she copes with crime bosses while finishing high school and starting out at West Point She also gets some help from her new friends at West Point but makes some enemies there as well Even with all this help and her enhanced senses, Missy sure has her work cut out for her

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      359 P.G. Allison
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    One thought on “Missy Goes to West Point”

    1. 3.5 stars, rounded up.Werecat young woman finishes out her high school years and enters West Point. Along the way she punishes several bad guys and rescues some people in peril. If you ever wanted revenge on typical minor fiction characters who fondle breasts and otherwise abuse women in fiction (such as the heroine Missy) this is your novel.Missy continues to ferret out & develop her paranormal abilities, and discovers that they add something special to the horizontal (and otherwise) tango, [...]

    2. I really do enjoy reading about the heroine in this book and every time I pick up a book about her I hope the saga never ends. The books are so expertly written that we are brought along on a journey with the main character the reader is hooked on every little detail. In short I love this series of books and would like to personally thank the author for contacting me about them.The main character is Missy, she is a werecat shifter that has had issues her whole life; in this book we join missy no [...]

    3. What a disappointment, I knew from the first book there would be quite a bit of teenage lust/romance but I didn’t realise this was basically a teenage sex romp. I was hoping for a ‘kickass’ heroine in an action thriller. To make matters worse it turns out that the Paranormal branch of the FBI are just voyeurs. They do nothing but make sanctimonious comments about not hurting murders, drug dealers and gangsters and would do nothing even when they know about a paranormal they are supposed to [...]

    4. This is a great follow-up to the first book. Missy continues to learn how to use her abilities. After meeting one of her new roommates at West Point Missy finds that she is not only a werecat but she has other paranormal abilities as well. Missy's uses her abilities to help people and, in doing so, she get's herself involved with the mob. There was some very interesting twists in this story. The author knows how to write a great story. The detail, imagery and descriptions are fantastic. There ar [...]

    5. Cute and funnyGet caught up in Missy world full of adventures as she grows up. A mere werecat but unique being the only female. A secret branch watching and working with her as she figures out life

    6. A lot of potential for this series.If you enjoyed the first book in this series you might want to start reading this second book somewhere in the middle as the whole first half is a complete review of every incident that occurred in the first book followed by pages and pages of very explicit sexual content before really continuing on with the plot for this second book. I still hope to read book three but hope that it's a complete new storyline and not a review of books one and two. If so, it cou [...]

    7. Spends too much time explaining things instead of showing the heroine doing them. Very "Mary Sue", in that the heroine is super-athletic, super-smart, super-dedicated, good, kind, resistant to almost everything, heals very quickly, etc. All of that was true of the first book too, but now the author is trying to also add "super-erotic", but doing it poorly. The result is long, drawn-out, third-party sex scenes, that just seem dull. It's simply too far over the top.

    8. More of the same unstoppable Missy the werecat. the best part is moving on to West Point which takes place in the latter half of the book. She discovers more supernaturals and that she is also part witch! The sex is over the top and frankly over done but beyond that it's a fun easy read. I knock it down on stars because the author's style is frankly very simplistic and needs to grow in style. All in all it's an ok read.

    9. Great storyI loved this story as much as the first book. The only parts I didn't care for were the explicit sex parts. The rest of the story with Missy being her own person and so powerful in so many ways. She was so helpful to her roommates, and others. I particularly liked how she could hold her own against persons trying to capture her. She is indeed very special.

    10. Great story line but all the pornosex crap is vulger!Allison is a good writer but all the vulgar sex is sickening and why writers can not tell a good story without so much vulgarity is just a way to sell more books ! As far as I see it, it takes away from the story line and just lowers the quality of the writing!!

    11. This author has a strong enough story to stand alone without the graphic "how to have sex) primer for beginners' sex. I admire his heroine that is beautiful at a ripped 150 pounds. The fidelity of the couples is another admirable trait along with Missy's compulsion to do what is right and still keep her sense of humor.

    12. AwesomeThe adventures of Missy becomes better and better. As a avid reader I enjoy a good series that capture's ones interest, Missy the wearcat dose this so well. The right mixture of supernatural and real world adventure and mystery to keep ones interest peaked.

    13. Great SeriesI love this series! It's got a bit of everything in it. Romance, action and supernatural story line. I read the first book free and even tho I don't normally buy the next book, I did buy the second one and will very likely buy more!!

    14. Great readI will write a review when I finish the sixth book.Love it so far . I can't stop to review because I have to get to the next book.

    15. WowWitch and a shifter!! Large amount of power! Missy is having the time of her life!! Can’t wait to start the next one!!

    16. FantasticExcellent read. It has a little of everything. Can't wait to read all of the other books about Missy I highly recommend

    17. This was a light, fun read, but that's about it. The story line is getting old. Missy solves problems too easily.

    18. Missy Goes To West Point by P G AllisonThis story is ten hours and forty six minutes of listening. I was in about chapter eight before West Point was mentioned. The story twisted around several encounters with mobsters Missy finding and discovering her mate and the ability that he has that makes her stronger. You also discover she is a high school senior yet has done many things that a thirty year old would do. Why because she is a shifter and also another paranormal. Although she does not disco [...]

    19. This quick paced enjoyable audiobook is defiantly an 18 plus read due to its explicit sexual content. Even though I had not read the first in the series, I had no problem following the storyline as the author did a good job of filling the reader in on any relevant aspects from the first book. Missy the Werecat has graduated from high school and started her military training. Her life is progressing well; she has gained more control over her powers and is even developing a few new ones, Mike and [...]

    20. I'm mostly done with the first sequel and I won't be reading more. The story is interesting, but it's just more of the same. Missy is powerful, selfless, and heroic. We get that.There are lengthy and explicit sex scenes in this volume. I don't want to hear every detail of someone else's sex life. If did, I would read pornography instead.The author did not even try to do any proofreading here. The same errors that plagued the first book are present, plus there are several new ones. Specs is writt [...]

    21. Much Love for Missy!I was very pleased when I got the chance to review the first book in this series, Missy the Werecat. It was a really pleasant surprise and very different than any other paranormal shifter tales I had come across. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this installment as well. Missy is back and carrying on her dream of going to West Point Academy and is just as smart and sassy, and fun and funny as in the previous book. I once again found myself fully engaged in [...]

    22. Very Disappointed. I really want to write a good review for this author because I think there is a good story in this series; however, for me, the story gets watered down with all the overly erotic sex scenes. There is a place for sex in the story i mean, Missy and friends are in that raging hormonal phase of life, but when it began to feel like every other page (yes, I'm exaggerating but that's what it began to feel like) it was once again exasperating. I want the story, and when you're writ [...]

    23. And Another WinnerMissy and her friends are such a riot! With Missy now at West Point, she has a much larger social circle. And Missy learns something about herself that is truly mind blowing but actually makes perfect sense once you think about it.I took a star off because of the sex scenes. There are a more here than in the first book. If you like soft porn, here you go. However, it is easily skipped, which is what I did. The mob is still involved, but Missy takes care of them, and this time t [...]

    24. Totally enjoyed this paranormal book!Such a fun book! I could hardly put it down. I have not read the first book but I'm looking forward to getting it as well so I can learn more background information on Missy and Mike.Wow! Being a werecat would be so awesome! This is my first book about a cat shifter but I really loved it. Missy is such a amazing Character! A great heroine. Mike is so understanding and sweet! Great romance and chemistry between them.Missy has some pretty great adventures. The [...]

    25. Big let down from the of book.While the basic story wait still OK, the writer showed no writing skills at all. She must have burned forty pages "reminding" readers of things from the last book. Tip if you mistakenly think you have to remind readers about the last book, add a 2 or 4 page summary of the last book. Then write the book with no flashbacks. The sex scenes had way too much info and were way too long. If I wanted porn I would have bought porn. Even tho I like the story I don't like the [...]

    26. Another Good ReadIn this sequel to the first book, Missy makes more friends, goes to West Point, learns something peculiar about herself, and has to deal with the mob.There were interesting twists in this story and the author did a good job developing the plot as well as her characters more from the first book.Overall, this was a quick and easy read or audio.Once again, Meghan Kelly did well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in [...]

    27. My 2nd time through the 6 book series. LOVE this character.If you like DAHNERS "Ell Donsaii", or CHANDLERS "April" Series, then 'Missy' will float your boat. Action, good friends, great story lines, acquaintances that matter and Integrity and honor that helps us grow.LOVE this series.

    28. VERY SATISFYING BOOK TWOThere is a usual let down with the second book of a series, but not this time. I personally think it was better than book one. There is no words to describe Missy. She's fabulous and you will fall in love with her, as Mike does. Again, I hope book three continues the streak of good books.

    29. I was given this Audiobook to read for an Honest and unbiased reviewAnother great book, I like how P. G. Allison keeps it simple but entertaining,The narration is getting better now each character is easily identifiable , Both Author and Narrator work well togeather i all you want in a book and more, well. on to the next book Missy's first mission, i can't wait

    30. SighI really liked the first book in this series but volume 2 disappoints. More erotica than a story for young adults. Book one I could give a 16 year old. Book 2, not age appropriate.Some how Missy's emotional growth got lost as did all of the regular characters. It is a shame as the first book was so good. At this pointvI am uncertain whether I will buy book 3

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