Gabe Hell Squad soldier Gabe Jackson has lost everything that mattered including his twin brother Now he just wants to kill the invading aliens anyway he knows how and he knows a lot of ways Previously pa

  • Title: Gabe
  • Author: Anna Hackett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hell Squad soldier Gabe Jackson has lost everything that mattered, including his twin brother Now he just wants to kill the invading aliens anyway he knows how and he knows a lot of ways Previously part of a secret Army super soldier project, he s faster, stronger, deadlier but on the inside, he s a mass of rage, and pain, and grief all waiting for a chance to drag him uHell Squad soldier Gabe Jackson has lost everything that mattered, including his twin brother Now he just wants to kill the invading aliens anyway he knows how and he knows a lot of ways Previously part of a secret Army super soldier project, he s faster, stronger, deadlier but on the inside, he s a mass of rage, and pain, and grief all waiting for a chance to drag him under Until he finds her Dr Emerson Green had her life planned thrive in the high stress environment of the ER, build her career, have a great life Then the raptor alien invasion happened Now she s the head of the medical team for the secret base sheltering human survivors outside of Sydney She s also in charge of patching up the soldiers who get too close to raptor claws She d never planned for this and she d never planned for sexy, brooding Gabe Jackson As Emerson uncovers clues to the aliens secret plans for the human race, she and Gabe collide in a storm of volatile passion But the brooding soldier is as stubborn as he is silent, and Emerson knows she must convince him to reach out to her because Gabe is a ticking time bomb about to go off Note to readers This sci fi romance contains a lot of action think invading aliens, explosions and gunfights , tough warriors the sexy, battle hardened soldiers of Hell Squad and a steamy romance lots of sexy times between a warrior woman and a sexy soldier So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you Includes preview of Book 3 of the Hell Squad, Gabe.

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    One thought on “Gabe”

    1. Gabe. Felt so sorry for him when (view spoiler)[he lost his brother (hide spoiler)] in a previous installment. He's a loner, a biologically enhanced soldier and the only place he felt he ever belonged was on Hell Squad, killing the enemy. He's full of rage over what happened to (view spoiler)[his twin (hide spoiler)] and what happened to Emerson when she was held captive. His uncontrolled actions are beginning to affect the team. He's dangerous to everyone around him. And that includes Emerson, [...]

    2. I'm really getting into this series and more than happy that the author is starting to provide more information about the Gazzida (can't help it. everytime I read Gazzida I think Godzilla) and what their end game is. I really enjoyed this installment for a few reasons. First is that it featured Gabe. Second that it featured Gabe and Emerson. Third, that the author is keeping the characters from past installments in the picture but not overshadowing the featured couple in the existing installment [...]

    3. 2.5 starsIt was ok, but not great. Way too much pushing away from Gabe. I failed to feel any real connection between them. You could tell he cared, but he denied it forever and essentially used her. I was most disappointed that she allowed it. Emerson was strong and smart. But she let him treat her like crap.

    4. Every since Gabe lost his twin brother Zeke, he's been emotionally withdrawing from his team and simply focused on revenge. He doesn't know how to handle his attraction to Dr. Emerson Green.So good. romance, very steamy, lots of action with a touch of bad ass alpha male thrown in for kicks.

    5. 3/5 starsThis may or may not be the third Hell Squad book I've read in the past two days, I'm devouring these like nothing else, neglecting every job I have to do irl. These books are so weirdly addicting, the best kind of guilty pleasure reads that you can't help but fly through. This book follows Gabe Jackson, the US solider who had been enhanced by the government before the alien invasion changed the world, and he's used to people shying away from his frightening exterior and personality.But [...]

    6. Poor Gabe. POOR GABE. Losing his twin did a number on him and he's gone into survival mode where he's determined to take out as many aliens as he can in as short a time as possible. Which is not a great combo, really. Because a vengeful Gabe is reckless and his recklessness puts the team in danger.And then there's Emerson. He needs her, but he doesn't want to need her. Or maybe he just thinks she deserves better than a genetically modified soldier with a chip on his shoulder.Not that Emerson is [...]

    7. Originally published at Reading RealityThere be Borg here.Not exactly, but close enough. In this third entry in Hackett’s awesome post-apocalyptic SFR Hell Squad series, the invading Gizzida reveal that at least part of their purpose in conquering Earth was to “assimilate” the human race by transforming them into the reptilian Gizzida, and Hell Squad has found the transformation tanks to prove it.Anyone who doesn’t hear echoes of Star Trek when the transformation system is named “Genes [...]

    8. Another excellent read! I was really looking forward to read Gabe's story, and as much as I liked it, I didn't love it as much as the others. And I was Team Gabe right from the beginning! Those strong, silent types? SWOON! I guess I wasn't as into this one. Still good though, love the action -romance! Will I recommend: Yes!

    9. The third book of the series, Gabe continues more or less where the other two left off. Gabe is alone, after his brother's death and he is taking more risks than usual. He is the best fighter from the Hell Squad because he has enhanced physical abilities. He feels attracted to dr Emerson but because he never had a loving model in his life and doesn't want to give in his attraction and feelings.Dr Emerson is attracted to Gabe and every time he comes to her room she wishes for more.Eventually when [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. Really great plot and different. Besides the smut and great characters, there's a lot of action going on too.

    11. In the 3rd book of the Hell Squad series, the main characters are squad member Gabe and the base doctor Emerson. They are both reeling from past events, Gabe lost his twin brother and Emerson was a prisoner of the raptors for a short while. Their relationship builds as the work to discover what it is the aliens are doing with the captured humans. Once they discover that humans are being converted to raptors they now have to figure out what they can do to stop it.

    12. Oh my! I am so obsessed with this author. She’s amazing. The storylines just keep getting more exciting. It’s like a never ending line of excitement. She’s so incredibly descriptive that you can picture the characters and aliens in perfect detail. Emerson is my favorite lady to date. And I LOVE GABE! I have been so on edge for his story and it did not disappoint. I hated to lose Zeke but I love Reed and I’m going to jump head first in his story.

    13. The story of quiet Gabe and Doctor Emerson. Another good story in the series. Not as good as the last one though for the following reasons. The two had already gotten together before the book starts. I love the slow build and the first clinch so I felt that I missed that. I felt the doc was a bit stiff. There wasn’t any banter or fun flirtation. The doc wasn’t as kickass as some other characters. But it had all the right elements and I will keep on reading.

    14. Just didn't feel this one I love this series, but I had a hard time feeling this one. The relationship felt forced. Gabe disobeyed orders so much, it was becoming an issue for me. We trained soldiers do not do that repeatedly. I liked the last get together with all of them and look forward to more stories, but I was hoping for more from these two. It just fell short.

    15. La relación entre los protagonistas así como sus vidas personales son tan complicadas que su historia necesitaba una novela completa, de esta manera todo es tan precipitado que resulta forzado y totalmente increíble, aunque decirlo junto a que me sigue gustando la lucha de este grupo contra la invasión alienígena es curiosoo poco.

    16. Awesome!These are very quick reads but that doesn't take from the story at all thank god! If you love fast paced, action packed, adventure filled books with sexy alpha males and the strong independent women they fall in love with then you'll love this series.

    17. Great bookOnce again beautifully written. Love the action scenes she puts in her books. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    18. BrilliantI'm absolutely loving this series, Gabe was my perfect man, damaged but demanding, perfect alpha male. The doctor was perfect for him. Looking forward to reeds story now.

    19. This story picked up two weeks after the events of book two. Of all the characters who have appeared in this series so far, Gabe was the most mysterious—the quiet one, unexplainable abilities, intimidating and with an obvious soft spot for Doc Emerson. Since the death of his twin Zeke in the first book, he’d been taking more and more risks to the point of being a risk to his team. My heart went out to Gabe ever since he'd lost Zeke and ended up spiraling. His pain and anger were understandab [...]

    20. Oh, Gabe, I love you, but how you frustrate me! Let me count the ways:1) You may be a broody alpha male but sometimes your silent if sexy ways get annoying. Talk to Emerson, dammit!2) Just because you are enhanced, this makes you neither indestructible nor monstrous. Deal with it and stop taking everything on with your bare hands!3) I know you loved and lost your brother and that is sad… but it also proves you are capable of love, idiot.4) Never, never piss off the doctor. Well, not if you wan [...]

    21. SERIES: Hell Squad #3So I’m a huge fan of romance, I read it almost exclusively, but I also love science fiction (mostly TV and movies). I have to confess that I might be enjoying the science fiction alien plot even more than I’m enjoying the romances in this series. But no worries, the romance is great I’m just so interested in everything we learn about the aliens. I love that this series takes place almost a year after the invasion; this means that the characters have already settled int [...]

    22. First off, I really like this series. I first came across Marcus (Book 1 in the series), and became a fan of this author from there.So, Gabe is a very brooding hero. His twin brother was killed by one of the aliens while they were out on a mission. Since then, he's been having SUCH a hard time keeping himself moving in the right direction. He's become so focused on eliminating as many of the aliens as possible to avenge his brother, that he's really started pushing away everything else he's had [...]

    23. It's finally revealed that the Gizzida have come to Earth to “assimilate” the human race by transforming them into the reptilian Gizzida. Hell Squad found the transformation tanks and the ravaged bodies.Gabe, warrior extraordinaire and mighty hottie lost his twin Zeke and is struggling with the loss. They both appear to have been experimented on as children as there are some "enhanced" senses in play. But he totally lost it when Dr Emerson Green got herlsef captured. It would seem this man m [...]

    24. This series of Sci Fi romance is phenomenal! I Love Hell Squad.This is Gabe’s story. He lost his brother Zeke in Marcus’s story. He always was quiet. Now even more so now that Zeke is gone. Gabe isn’t quite human. He was a volunteer for some military experiments. So he has increased strength, eyesight, hearing, everything. He was taking too many chances since Zeke died. Dr. Emerson Green tried to get him to talk. She took care of him when he came back bloody and wounded from patrols. They [...]

    25. I'd enjoyed the first two books in Hackett's "Hell Squad" series, and was interested in Gabe's story, the third book.Hell Squad member Gabe Jackson is a lone wolf -- he lost his twin brother to a raptor attack, and his enhanced fighting abilities don't help him deal with the resulting dark sorrow and deep loneliness. He only feels alive during his nighttime visits to Dr. Emerson Green (and he always calls her Emersonr Emmie, or Emma). He's attracted to the smart, caring, and gorgeous doctor, but [...]

    26. Gabe: Hell Squad, Book Three, by Anna Hackett, 211 pages. Set in a post alien apocalyptic Sydney, Australia, the books in this series can standalone, with their own HEA, but would be better read in sequence. They are addictive and I can't wait to read the next book, Reed. The very scary Gabe Jackson has been in a tailspin since dinosaur like alien raptors killed his twin brother on a mission three months earlier. He is obsessed with killing as many of the aliens as he can, without regard to his [...]

    27. I loved this book! I have forgotten how much I love science fiction but this series has reminded me just what a great genre Sci Fi is and when combined with Romance, look out. I grew up reading all kinds of Sci Fi / Fantasy and somewhere along the way forgot my roots. As an adult I discovered that I loved to read Romance / Erotica but am happy to report that this series combines the best of both worlds. Gabe is an alpha heroes who believes he can never be good enough for the heroine. Emerson is [...]

    28. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review, and the series just keeps on getting better and better! In book three, we learn Gabe Jackson's story since his twin died in battle, how he lost everything that matter and since he joined Hell Squad he took on more foolish risks to kill every alien as he sought revenge for his twin. Gabe had his DNA tampered with when he was part of a secret Army super-soldier project. He was stronger, faster, and deadlier than any human man and on a fast sl [...]

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