Constantine, Volume 4: The Apocalypse Road

Constantine Volume The Apocalypse Road Trapped on a dying world John will have to pull off the most daring escape of his life if he s going to survive Don t miss the debut of new series artist Jeremy Haun Batwoman Collecting Constantine

  • Title: Constantine, Volume 4: The Apocalypse Road
  • Author: Ray Fawkes Edgar Salazar
  • ISBN: 9781401254704
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trapped on a dying world, John will have to pull off the most daring escape of his life if he s going to survive Don t miss the debut of new series artist Jeremy Haun Batwoman.Collecting Constantine 18 23

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      103 Ray Fawkes Edgar Salazar
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    One thought on “Constantine, Volume 4: The Apocalypse Road”

    1. Even though I didn't love the story, I think Fawkes did a decent job with what he had to work with in this story.Constantine isn't really a hero in the traditional sense of the word. I mean he's mostly a selfish dick, right?Warning: SpoilersOk, with that in mind, what would happen if he were suddenly to find himself on an alternate earth. Earth-2, to be exact. And right now, it's falling apart.So Constantine's first order of business is to get the hell off of this world, and back to his own. But [...]

    2. This was definitely pretty intense. At times it was hard to follow what was going on with the story. The artwork was good, but the layout was disorganized, which detracted from my rating considerably. Constantine is definitively anti-heroic in this volume. He makes an ugly, mean choice that makes him the de facto bad guy to parties concerned, even if he believes it's for the greater good. I asked myself a few times if I agreed with his decision and on one level, I can't see it working out better [...]

    3. I hated the beginning of this story. Out of the blue Constantine is in Earth-2 as it's being destroyed by Darkseid. That's fine but give us some context. Or even explain the deal on Earth-2. I shouldn't have to read the Earth-2 title to know what's doing on in Constantine. On Earth-2, John has made it as a rock star. His life is grand, his parents are still alive, etc. In his Vertigo run, Constantine was the lead singer of a punk band, Mucous Membrane in his teens before discovering magic. Const [...]

    4. Most of Ray Fawkes' Constantine falls flat, if I'm honest. The previous volume had some good issues and some poor ones, but was overall decent enough, but the series has been on the downturn since it started, and even then it wasn't a massive hit like DC hoped it'd be. I'm hoping that his Gotham After Midnight might be better, but I don't have high hopes at this point.This final volume of Constantine suffers from enormous decompression as a story that should take maybe three or four issues takes [...]

    5. If you're going to turn Constantine into a superhero, you might as well go full-bore, and that's exactly what Fawkes does here and the result is wonderful. Not only do we get Constantine tripping over to Earth-2, but we also get him fighting for the life of two worlds. But this isn't just superhero silliness. Fawkes looks more deeply into the concept of the two Earths than just about anyone has, letting Constantine examine an entire life unlived. Then we truly get to see the measure of what make [...]

    6. This. This I liked. John's more in his Hellblazer seeing here, though it still jars me that he's my age. What. And (view spoiler)[ when his dad of Earth 2 says "I lived through the gas riots of the 80s," it's like, NO, JOHN DID. GAH. (hide spoiler)] While the art in this series is vastly improved from Hellblazer, that's about it.

    7. A good end to the current Constantine run - plus we got a rather perfunctory confirmation of John's bisexuality (which always seems to be dependent on the whim of the current scribe). I just wish someone would have the guts to actually let him have a boyfriend for once.

    8. Constantine Volume 4: The Apocalypse Road is the fourth and unfortunately, final volume of the New 52 Era John Constantine (Hellblazer) comics and graphic novel series. Fortunately, Constantine has been introduced again in DC Rebirth - but the first graphic novel collection of the newest series won't be available until April. DC has, however, also collected the various Vertigo Constantine stories - so there is more to look for coming or available if you like the character and want to see differe [...]

    9. Reprints Constantine #18-23 (December 2014-May 2015). John Constantine finds Earth-2 also has a John Constantine and Earth-2 is under attack. Travelling to Earth-2, Constantine comes face-to-face with his own duplicate…who chose to live a life without magic and darkness. Darkseid will destroy Earth-2 and John must make the ultimate sacrifice if he hopes to save the family he lost on his Earth.Written by Ray Fawkes, Constantine Volume 4: The Apocalypse Road follows Constantine Volume 3: The Voi [...]

    10. Where the hell did this come from?!World: The art is fine, for the most part it does it's job and there are some nice panels here and there, it's solid (though the artist changes annoy). The world building is solid it only acts as the stage for the story to take place. We don't get a lot of detail on the status of Earth 2 only that it's the end of the world and that's about it.Story: Where the hell did Fawkes pull this story from? Till now, the series has been absolutely shit and I've been dread [...]

    11. Лучшая и самая драматичная часть во всей серии (хотя части, что входят в Forevet Evil тоже неплохи). Наверное нигде Константин не раскрывается так ярко, как в этой части.

    12. The final volume of the New 52 Constantine was pretty disappointing. Fawkes didn't really know how to end this aside from the same cliche of destroying the world.

    13. Here, in this final volume of the Constantine series, they've finally managed to tell a story that can favorably compare with the Vertigo run. Magic Costs is the theme of this volume, as John finds himself on Earth-2 as Darkseid is destroying it. The people he finds there, and the actions he takes to escape are some of the heaviest, darkest presentations I've seen in New 52, and feels very much in keeping with Constantine's spirit. He's scrabbling for everything, fighting overwhelming odds, and [...]

    14. WTF. Ernsthaft. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich einem Constantine Comic je so eine schlechte Bewertung geben könnte und ich geb zu, würde ich Constantine nicht so gut finden, hätte es von mir nicht mal die zwei Sterne gegeben. Die Zeichnungen und die Geschichte dahinter sind eigentlich auch recht gut, aber dann auch wieder überhaupt nicht. Ich muss zugeben, ich rege mich gerade viel zu sehr über fiktive Comicfiguren auf, aber ich hasse dieses Thema einfach. Klar, Constantine ist der Antihe [...]

    15. This is a solid story line that starts with John Constantine stranded and weakened on Earth 2. It is the story of his quest to escape this doomed world. The crossover with Justice League dark occurs before the story begins and after the story ends. This alone makes me want to give it extra stars just to reward DC for getting away from the hot mess of crossover they have been mired in. I liked this story. It is a hint of the self serving bastard that Constantine was in the Hellblazer series. I li [...]

    16. I have been giving Ray Fawkes praise for his work on Constantine. He has done a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the Vertigo Hellblazer book and making it work within the suffocating confines of the New 52.I am pretty sure this book marks the end of his run on the series. What a way to go. This trade features a few issues where Constantine, and his loved ones that he has saved from a parallel Earth are chased by Darkseid's gigantic hand. Do I need to say any more than that?

    17. Again, single issues, not trade. Ray Fawkes really grew into the Constantine series and this book was awesome whilst he was writing it. It ended pretty well and I loved the cover art on some of these issues. A nice, solid conclusion to an awesome Constantine series.

    18. Of this run, the final volume is my favorite -- Constantine remains true to himself to the end, (view spoiler)[killing his better half rather than sacrificing himself (hide spoiler)], and that's something I very much appreciate.

    19. A little better than the last volume, but mercifully the last volume of this turd run of Constantine.

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