It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon

It s Tough to Lose Your Balloon Lost balloons Melted ice cream Babysitters Life as a kid can be pretty daunting But don t let these troubles get you down With the right attitude a hurdle can become a hammock and an obstacle can bec

  • Title: It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon
  • Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  • ISBN: 9780385754811
  • Page: 477
  • Format: ebook
  • Lost balloons Melted ice cream Babysitters Life as a kid can be pretty daunting But don t let these troubles get you down With the right attitude, a hurdle can become a hammock and an obstacle can become an opportunity Veteran picture book creator Jarrett J Krosoczka teaches kids to look on the bright side of things With lively illustrations and spot on humor, ILost balloons Melted ice cream Babysitters Life as a kid can be pretty daunting But don t let these troubles get you down With the right attitude, a hurdle can become a hammock and an obstacle can become an opportunity Veteran picture book creator Jarrett J Krosoczka teaches kids to look on the bright side of things With lively illustrations and spot on humor, It s Tough to Lose Your Balloon champions resilience and helps children navigate childhood indignities while making them laugh at the same time.

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    One thought on “It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon”

    1. There is always a bright side to the bad things that happen.The spreads about the bad things happening are mostly white with just a splash of color, the words on the verso and the illustration on the recto contrasts with the positive side of the bad thing with a full page color spread of happy. Unfortunately, this is just so corny and the final conclusion being "when there's rain, look for the rainbow" is just too cliched to really have a true impact. I generally like Krosoczka's work, but this [...]

    2. A good story for looking at the bright side of things that at first seem upsetting to kids. I would've liked a longer book with a few more. Nice use of color in the book.

    3. Sometimes, as adults, we lose sight of the really upsetting aspects of being a kidis book provides kids with a bit of a silver lining when things go wrong.

    4. Pretty illustrations, and I like the 'look on the bright side' message. But the delivery is simplistic and limiting. The 'bright side' to some of the problems might not pan out for some kids. Fix a toy with Grandpa? What if grandpa is dead? A drunk? Doesn't fix toys? I guess it could raise conversations about ways to make bad situations good, but the book prefers to give answers instead of ask questions.

    5. I like that this book takes seriously the things that upset kids, but many adults think are silly. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, of course it won't matter in 10 years if you lose your balloon, but when it happens to you, it can really make your day crummy. I enjoyed Krosoczka's gentle nudging to look for a bright side of things, and this book was optimistic without being saccharine. Krosoczka's illustrations in this particular title are very Lunch-Lady-esque, which works well for this t [...]

    6. The cover of this book caught my eye at the book store because losing a balloon was one of my greatest fears as a child. The pressure of holding onto the string of a helium balloon, with the possibility of it being lost forever, was the stuff of nightmares for me. Seriously, i used to have nightmares about this, and when i would see a balloon floating in the sky, it would make my stomach turn. I bought my own copy of this one because it is a beautiful way of explaining to children (and adults) t [...]

    7. A nice portrayal of unhappy circumstances and how to see the bright side of things. Krosoczka is one of my favorite picture book authors.

    8. This book names various causes of distress for small children and how to look at the Brightside of each.

    9. there's always a silver lining :)great picture book to encourage kiddies to look on the bright side.

    10. Krosoczka, Jarrett J. It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon. PICTURE BOOK. Alfred A. Knopf (Random House), 2015. Content: G.It's no fun when you drop your sandwich on the beach, break one of your toys, or hurt your knee. BUT the seagulls will love the sandwich, fixing toys with Grandpa is a lot of fun, and scrapes often mean fun bandages. Through these and four other examples, the author shows that many disappointments also have a positive side if you look for it.While it may seem a bit flippant when [...]

    11. A simple picture book about looking on the bright side when disaster strikes. Fun illustrations and a nice book to use in the early childhood classroom where any of these situations can cast a shadow on a child's day.

    12. This picture book can be used as a tool to explain the silver lining to some woes of a young child’s life. For example, “It’s never fun when you break a toy…. but you’ll have fun fixing it with grandpa!”Miss Emily

    13. Cute book that shows the good side to every bad thing that happens. When it rains, look for the rainbow.

    14. The creator of the Lunch Lady graphic novels returns with a picture book that takes bad events and turns them around. The book begins with a child losing a balloon but then says that Grandma will see it as she flies home on the plane. Your sandwich falling into the sand may make you sad, but it will make seagulls happy. Wet shoes are horrible, but being barefoot is great! One after another unfortunate events are turned around into something to even look forward to. This optimistic picture book w [...]

    15. When I taught in New Orleans, one of my colleagues had a sign posted on his door: "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." I liked it because it encouraged creative thinking and problem solving but also because it fostered a positive response to something unpleasant. This picture book functions in the same way. Without a doubt, each of us will experience disappointment and heartache. While it is not a good idea to ignore the bad feelings we experience at times, it is also not very useful to [...]

    16. Two publications from 2015 speak directly to children. The first, The Wonderful Things You Will Be (Random House, August 25, 2015) written and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin is the joyful voice of a parent wondering about their child. It's Tough To Lose Your Balloon (Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House Children's Books, September 8, 2015), the second title, written and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka asks readers to look for the silver lining in possible situations. If you are [...]

    17. 4.5/5 (round up)This colorfully illustrated book teaches children to look on the bright side, even when something sad or frustrating happens. Each page describes something going wrong, like losing a balloon or breaking a toy, and the opposite page shows how it could actually be a good thing, if you look hard enough. This is a fantastic book for children preschool-age and older. It not only provides good examples of how to stay optimistic, but also teaches children various ways to explain how the [...]

    18. It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon is about looking on the bright side, even when things go wrong. This isn't a new concept, but Krosoczka does a good job making it feel fresh with his illustrations and different characters and situations. When Krosoczka is depicting the negative side of the event, the page is black and white line drawings, with only the character in color. But as the positive side is shown, the entire two-page spread is shown in bright colors. A nice visual pairing for the story. [...]

    19. This book is great for anyone to read! Such a good reminder to not let circumstances get you down and to always look for the positive in situations. This book provides different situations that might not be the best, but then a way for it to not be so bad. The author also uses good words to describe how the characters are feeling after each event happens. Activity: As a class, we will talk about if any of the things in the book have ever happened to the students and how they felt during that tim [...]

    20. A fun and simplistic book about perspectives for young children - and perhaps a much needed reminder for the rest of us. Krosoczka shares the upsides to some of life's little calamities through words & art. When faced with a negative, such as losing your balloon, the character is in color along with the balloon while the rest of the drawing is in black and white. Cleverly mirroring the way many of us feel at such moments through art, he shares the drama of the small. On the next page spread, [...]

    21. In 1972, I lost my red balloon. My grandparents had taken me to get a new pair of shoes and I was rewarded with a perfectly shaped ball of helium attached to a string. My grandpa insisted that I tie it around my wrist, but I told him I wanted to hold it instead. It slipped out of my fingers when I got out of the car and I watched it whisk away into the bright blue sky. He looked at me with scorn as I cried. Yes, it is tough to lose your balloon! So tough, that you still remember it some 43 years [...]

    22. I know it's good to remind kids that there can be silver linings to sucky experiences. On the other hand, It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon also comes off as annoyingly peppy. It could even be inappropriate reading depending on the situation-- kids, like all people, need time to grieve or be angry before they move on to those silver linings. The thing I least liked about this book (and the "About the Author" section) was that the situations in the book didn't feel honest. It came off as a book to [...]

    23. “It’s never fun when you break a toy… But you’ll have fun fixing it with your grandpa” is one of many pieces of advice Jarrett J. Krosoczka gives readers in his new picture book, It’s Tough to Lose Your Balloon. Sometimes things happen that bring you down, but Krosoczka reminds readers that there’s always another, positive experience right around the corner! This short read aloud manages to share a big message that will last for a long time.

    24. This is a book about always trying to look on the bright side. When something goes wrong, try to find something good about it. One of the statements is something like, "It's sad when you drop your sandwich in the sand, but it sure will make a seagull happy." I liked it. It's something I'd share with young kids during storytime. I could even see having them write some of their own "on the bright side" statements.

    25. Sometimes being a kid, can be tough. But teaching children to look at the bright side of a bad situation can help them learn resilience and optimism. Jarrett Krosoczka uses examples like a lost balloon which can float up to an airplane and make grandma smile when she see it, and a sandwich dropped on the beach can make a flock of seagulls very happy. julianaleewriter/books-ali

    26. I really like the idea of this book- all about mindsets. You could focus on the negative (getting a scrape) or you can embrace the positive (really cool Bandaid)! Not sure I love all the examples for school (for example, if you have wet shoes at school, you can't just go barefoot) But great idea, and it would be great to have students come up with their own, or have a running list in the classroom as situations arise.

    27. Unpleasant scenarios are given a positive treatment (i.e. It's sad to drop your sandwich in the sandbut it'll make some seagulls very happy).The scenarios are well chosen and the positive spins are realistically wonderful as opposed to cheesy. I really liked the author's note that detailed how this project came about.Good read aloud. PreK-2.

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