The Stillness of the Sky

The Stillness of the Sky Once upon a time my life was certain it was insignificant and it was cruel But I refused to let it define me no matter how great the cost Once upon a time I made a wish The world I knew grew wider

  • Title: The Stillness of the Sky
  • Author: Starla Huchton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once upon a time, my life was certain it was insignificant, and it was cruel But I refused to let it define me, no matter how great the cost.Once upon a time, I made a wish The world I knew grew wider than the sky and higher than the stars, and I listened to the voice within me, reaching out for freedom.Once upon a time, my wish became my fate, and my destiny the hardesOnce upon a time, my life was certain it was insignificant, and it was cruel But I refused to let it define me, no matter how great the cost.Once upon a time, I made a wish The world I knew grew wider than the sky and higher than the stars, and I listened to the voice within me, reaching out for freedom.Once upon a time, my wish became my fate, and my destiny the hardest lesson to learn kindness may be the most difficult path, but it can save entire kingdoms.

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    1. "I suppose the greatest journeys always bring us a little pain at least."Well, she did it again. Starla Huchton took me on an adventure of a lifetime and I'm not ready to come back down from the clouds just yet. She took a well-known story and twisted it into something that hasn't been done before. Jacqueline, or Jack, hasn't been dealt an easy life. Her mother left, leaving her to live with a drunk, abusive father. She's wondered ever since then why her mother, the one person in the world who l [...]

    2. Очень странный роман. Обескураживающий и завораживающий. Наверное, он ближе к старым-добрым сказкам, чем к современным ЛР в антураже, и все же самобытен и оригинален. Это история Джека и бобового стебля. Точнее Жаклин и бесконечной доброты. Именно доброта движет героиней с [...]

    3. I received a copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl. The Stillness of the Sky is a gender flipped take on "Jack and the Beanstalk" with originality. I ADORE Starla's Evolution series and her other gender flipped fairy tale, Shadows on Snow. I not only wish I had thought about this, too, but also wish for her to gender flip everything! XDIn this rendition, Jack is short for Jacqueline. Jack's mother is tired of dealing with her father so she tries to convince Jack to [...]

    4. “There will always be opportunities to be better people, but it’s up to us to take those chances.” (Page 286).What can we do to ensure that the world be a better place in 100 years? Starla Huchton, Miss America contestants and Jack from the Stillness in the Sky all think the answer is peace. Jack’s answer comes with magical consequences that bind her to fulfill this wish by using her newfound abilities as a powerful and talented bard. She was nothing more than a farmer’s daughter when [...]

    5. So much love and kindness. A GREAT inspiration for all to be better in the kindness way to all. I think I enjoyed this one more than the first, and the first was amazing. The talent in Starla's writing has become something to reckoned with. My word! Starla is a Bard for sure. The Bard story here has a true Bard feel to it. All the words are poetic and so SO many amazing phrases and statements that people could relate to their lives. This story has the feel of many fairytales do, the underlining [...]

    6. There is something wonderful about discovering a new author - someone that makes you completely fall in love with reading all over again and transports you into the story. The way that Starla Huchton flips the gender in her retelling of fairy tales is masterful. She captures the emotions of her characters nicely and her imagery is well developed. To take a story that everyone knows and retell it in a way that makes you curious again is not an easy task. I recommend reading Shadows on Snow first [...]

    7. I came away with similar feeling with this book as I did the other in that I could recognize the fairy tale but the story was engaging and not childlike at all. I didn't pickup immediately on the connection of the characters between this book and the other twisted fairy tale. But once I realize it so many other things clicked. Awesome read. I feel like my love of fantasy novels is renewing after reading these two novels

    8. The story is such an adventure to begin with. Jack (Jacqueline), is on a search for her roots. She wants to know who she is and where she comes from. When her father kicks her out of the house to go sell their last remaining livestock to fuel his drunken desire, she only tries to oblige to his request. Since walking distance is so far away, she decides to sleep for a while with the cows tied up. Once she reopens her eyes, she discovers that her cows are gone, three seeds have been placed beside [...]

    9. Oh my goodness this was such a treasure, I honestly don't even know where to begin! I love fairy tale retellings and the creative twist the author added to the story was just phenomenal! And as much as I enjoy fairy tale retellings, many sadly come up short for me because they start off with so much potential but then deteriorate into a slightly more interesting regurgitation of the original story with romance taking over the majority of the plot, but not this book!! The author has managed to tu [...]

    10. I love faerie tales, always have. New and old alike. However, I am very particular about retellings of classics. Sometimes, they don't change enough to make it worth the time to read it if you have read the original. Other times, so much is wildly different that it isn't even retelling anymore, but a whole new thing. Starla Hucthon's two flipped fairytales are the perfect mix for me! You can find the references and throwbacks to the original tales, whilst still enjoying something new. I loved it [...]

    11. Once again, Starla Huchton has taken one of my least favorite fairy tales of all time, gender-bends it, and turns it into one of the best Young-Adult novels of all time. In this Jack and the Beanstalk remix, Jacqueline (a.k.a Jack) a kindhearted girl who could not hurt a fly leaves home and her abusive father, well, after she looses the cows she was supposed to sell and found strange beans in their stead. On her trip she keeps sharing her kindness with others as she travels with no real plans, u [...]

    12. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewIf you haven't read anything by Starla Huchton, you are really missing out on a great author. Whether superhero romance or a fairy tale retelling, her stories pull me in like few can. The Stillness of the Sky is no exception-- in fact I think this may be my favorite of her novels.In this flipped fairy tale, Jack was a sixteen-year-old girl, and a wonderful role-model for anyone. She led a hard, traumatic life, yet had nothing b [...]

    13. Disclaimer: I received an ecopy of this book to read and review honestly for the purposes of this book tour. No other compensation was offered nor would have been accepted. Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the waysNo, really. Starla Huchton has hit another one out of the ballpark. From the Evolution series to Shadows on Snow, I am a Huchton fan, totally confirmed. I have to read The Endure Series, of which I know that I at least have Maven waiting for me on the Kindle. And honestly, I don't [...]

    14. *** 5/5 Stars! ***This is my second book to review by this author. I LOVE her writing style and stories. They are fairy tale sweet but lifelike in their realism and presentation. In this novel, she mixes up traditional fairy tales and delivers them on a lovely platter of lyrical fantasy.Jack, Jacqueline, is our main hero. This chick is sweet, vulnerable, and kind. She also has an uber power hidden within herself that is unleashed once she sets out on an adventure to escape her abusive home life. [...]

    15. “Gaping, I wondered, not for the first time, exactly how hard I’d hit my head to account for the unparalleled vision before me.”The Stillness of the Sky has a wonderful style to it that just clicked for me much like the previous book in the Flipped Fairy Tales series Shadows on Snow. It’s got a depth of description that can’t help but paint the fantastic image of the world created here, while at the same time leaving enough to the imagination to set it flying.The story was only the bar [...]

    16. *I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.I first read The Evolution Series by Starla Huchton and from that moment on I promised myself to be an Internet stalker I mean super-fan- of ALL of her work!I was honored to read The Stillness of the Sky, which is her second flipped fairy tale, and I will continue to stalkuh read her work. All funniness aside, this is a true work of art. The Stillness of the Sky is about a girl named Jack, and she has endured loads of trauma in he [...]

    17. "Never discount the impact of the smallest kindness" for "Kindness given is kindness returned"This book started off at a crawl but picked up its pace steadily and was a fun read in the end. It is all about the power of kindness and an unimaginable "change brought about because of a single act of kindness and a wish", albeit an incredible wish by an abused, naive, and stubbornly kind girl. The writing style was lyrical, had a fairytale like tone, a soothing resonance and all around beauty. The wo [...]

    18. Quick thoughts: Another great twisting and blending of established stories by Huchton. Loses just a touch of momentum towards the end but still provides a suitable finale. Jack is a fantastic protagonist and Huchton's imagination and deft touch give her gender swapped fairy tales significant depth and appeal.

    19. When I finally got into this book it was really good. I struggled with the first several chapters.This is a very original idea taking a welk know tale and putting a completely new spin. I loved the character of Jack, such a wonderful strong and kind character. The story shows us all the importance of kindness in the world.Thank you x

    20. What a wonderful book! The writing drew me in from the beginning and the story was so much fun! I loved this re-telling of Jack and the Beanstalk and every so much more. I will be reading more of this author's books

    21. This is the second of Huchton's flipped fairy tales I've read, and at least the eighth book of hers I've read. I've yet to be disappointed with anything of hers I've read, which is saying a lot for her. That said, this is not my favorite of her works. Was this book bad? Not at all. Did it not live up to her other works? Again, the answer is no. This one, oddly enough, just didn't quite resonate with me like some of her other works did. I enjoyed it very much, but it seemed to wander a little too [...]

    22. A solid 4.5 stars. I rounded up because I just really enjoyed this story. It's one of the few fairy tale re-tellings that somehow keeps the feeling of a fairy tale - the whimsy and magic and moralistic tone - while still being grounded in the reality of abuse and war and corruption and pride. It, at times, walked a very fine line between very dark and very light that sometimes felt just a tad too bi-polar, but mostly just added to the ethereal fairy tale-ness. I adored the gender-flipped Jack (J [...]

    23. It was amazing I loved this book and I am very picky when it comes to books From the very first page I was pulled into the world of fairy tales and I always thought fairy tales were for parents to tell their young children but I was wrong they can be adventurous and full of life lessons that very one should know and the author is very talented I do wish it would tell us more about how jacket k got back to will and what ro's children looked like but other then that it was the 2nd best book I read [...]

    24. This was so difficult to enjoy. The main character was not believeable, and just had a hard time liking and connecting to her. Loved the cover art and really wanted to enjoy this book, but didn't cut it for me! She was kind, that's for sure, but the rest of it was hard for me to get into. Maybe will pick up again another time.

    25. 2.5dnf 67%one the the things at annoyed me is how she goes on about how she's the only one being kind and trying. i get that it's a book, but it's such a fairy tale. she's immediately the best singer/songwriter/producer the world has ever seen, and every time she shows kindness, it's repaid tenfold. i guess i might have liked this book when i was younger.

    26. I don't like the MC nearly as much as I liked Rae in Shadows on Snow. She's almost too kind? It's a little bit irritating how moral she is, which sounds ridiculous. Also the love interest was boring and kind of. . . pushy? And the first half of the book was reeeeally slow. Really more like 2.5/5.

    27. It took a loonnnnnnnnnnng time for this one to get going. Once it did (at about the 1/2 way mark) it was really good. I'd say a 2 for the beginning and a 4 for the rest so I averaged it out to a 3.

    28. DNF @ 49%.The heroine is just too kind for her own good. And the hero is a bit of a domineering asshat. The characters are just not to my taste

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