The Redemption

The Redemption This is a standalone novel New York Times bestselling book The Resistance is also a standalone They share some of the same characters but can be read separately The Redemption He was everything she

  • Title: The Redemption
  • Author: S.L. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is a standalone novel New York Times bestselling book, The Resistance, is also a standalone They share some of the same characters, but can be read separately The Redemption He was everything she never wanted Yet, she couldn t stop thinking about him.Soulful, amber eyesA sex, drugs, and rock n roll reputationA body that beckoned for sinThree years ago Rochelle FlThis is a standalone novel New York Times bestselling book, The Resistance, is also a standalone They share some of the same characters, but can be read separately The Redemption He was everything she never wanted Yet, she couldn t stop thinking about him.Soulful, amber eyesA sex, drugs, and rock n roll reputationA body that beckoned for sinThree years ago Rochelle Floros was living her dream come true then lost it all On the worst day of her life, the last person she expected to be there for her was a rock star and tabloid favorite Now, she s trying to rebuild her life after the tragedy that destroyed her fairytale Slowly, she found herself captivated by a sexy, bad boy drummer she had known for years.Rochelle was caught between the grief that shrouded her heart and the charismatic man that made it race What she didn t know is if he was being sincere or toying with her heart The Redemption is about finding the pulse of your soul in the most unlikely places and giving love a chance to grow.Can what she wants really be what she needs With his rhythm and her passion, can they make music together Or will their harmony be lost forever

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    One thought on “The Redemption”

    1. 3 stars!Earlier this year, I read and loved The Resistance: it was hot, the banter was awesome and because I was lucky enough to read it at a time where premise spoilers hadn’t been posted yet I was delightfully surprised by the twists the author presented. While I wasn’t expecting a replica of the first book, I did expect to see some qualities that I loved there to be present here. The author’s writing style is great and I LOVED the hero Dex, but sadly everything else tanked for me. My ma [...]

    2. Fall in love with falling in love again. SL Scott does it again, writing a love story that makes you believe that everyone deserves a chance at redemption and at love. Emotional, heartfelt, and captivating.I want a Dex for myself!

    3. 4.5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆Oh I loved this story very much. The Redemption is a deep emotional read, the plot and characters were even more interesting than "The Resistance" and also pretty hot!Rochelle Floros is the "widow" of Cory, the guitarist of "The Resistance" rock band. Coming from a very rich Greek American family (she's like the niece of Onasis), she left home when she was 17 and wanted to live free and away from the luxury. Than she met Cory and then The Resistance was founded. They liv [...]

    4. 2 StarsThis book just did not work for me. I don't think I've ever been as frustrated or irritated by wishy washy, waffling back and forth, as I was with these two MC's. If my curse filled status updates are any indicator, I'd say extremely! I loved the Resistance, just goes to show an author can have a hit and miss!

    5. **ARC provided by author in exchange for a honest review****NOTE: This book is set in the same world as The Resistance (read my review here), however it can be read as a standalone. I would recommend reading The Resistance though. Because of Jack freaking Dalton** The Redemption is like any other S.L. Scott book I’ve read. And I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all. This was angst-y, emotional, gut-wrenching, and downright delicious. The writing was flawless, as usual. I have way too many high [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsThe heart holds not only the power over our souls but the key to it.Antonio Dexter Caggiano a.k.a Dex. Bad boy rock star drummer for The Resistance, is the epitome of all that is a "Rock Star." He's got the reputation- sex symbol, drug user, womanizer and hard core partier. Dex is an enigma, one that he uses to his advantage. He has lots of issues, most stemming from his childhood and family issues. But the major one is being in love with his dead best friend's, girl. He's been in love [...]

    7. A man with demons who’s part showman part manwhore.A woman whose future ended with her soulmate’s death.Two people hiding how they truly feel – one with alcohol, drugs, and women and the other with a smile on her face and a strong drive to act like everything is fine.Two people, according to all those around them, who shouldn’t be together because there’s too much history, too much of a divide between them.One doesn’t feel good enough for the other, being held accountable is not some [...]

    8. The Resistance (the first in the series) was a runaway hit for S.L Scott in 2014, and one of my favourite reads on the year. So when she released a stand-alone follow-up, I was desperate to get my grubby fingers on it! The Redemption tells the story of Rochelle Floros, a widow whose husband—Cory—was the lead guitarist in the rock group he Resistance. But with Cory gone, and two little boys to look after, Rochelle is adrift. She’s afraid to open her heart, to love again, but at the same tim [...]

    9. I loved The Resistance and couldn’t wait to read The Redemption! This book can absolutely be read as a standalone; it follows the story of Rochelle and Dex, the drummer for the band The Resistance. This is a very emotional story – Rochelle has lost her soulmate Cory and she is still grieving for him and dealing with raising her two sons alone.Dex is troubled and can’t figure out how to get his life back on track. He is battling addictions and being in the public eye as well as his difficul [...]

    10. This is everything a book should be!I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I hid my face in The Redemption! The feels are so there - for both Ro and for Dex. I loved that the author didn't write the predictable "follow-up" to The Resistance. She really tells us an original story that is true to these characters, something fresh and unpredictable. I love this one! Read it!

    11. We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:The Redemption by S.L. ScottIf you are interested, you can visit our website:The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:Rate: 4 starsReview:The Redemption might catch your attention because of The Resistance. Rock stars are one of my weakness and I tend to read all books with them in it, but The Redemption explores more than the relationship betwee [...]

    12. This book may have taken me over two weeks to read (so unlike me) but I loved it all the same. I didn't want to put it down, but unfortunately life got in the way, and I had no choice. Most importantly, The Redemption was a great read and one I would definitely recommend.Rochelle and Dex are an unlikely couple, but a couple that work and work really well. Rochelle is a grieving widower who finds comfort in Dex, the reckless musician that everybody else has given up on. Including himself."There's [...]

    13. 5 Heartfelt stars!OMG this book!The Redemption was such a deep and emotional read, loved it!Rochelle and Dex both have been deeply affected by the loss of the much loved Cory.Three years on they are still feeling the loss and struggling to come to terms that Cory isn't with them anymore =(It was heartbreaking seeing Rochelle and Dex fight the strong attraction they felt for each other as memories of Cory would leave them feeling guilty and unsure if they could get past these emotions.This story [...]

    14. Received an ARC for an honest review Deep, soulful and a rocking love story.I loved The Redemption from the moment I started. Dex's character pulled my emotions. He is hot yet very passionate and there's really something about him that readers would fall for. He is deep and his dark times showed his soul.I liked the plot but I was as annoyed as the characters felt with their push and pull on each other. Every chapter, I just wanted them to finally be together. So my annoyance is not a bad thing, [...]

    15. Just okA good story, but a little repetitive and long in my opinion. Ups and downs make a good book but this had a bit too many. Gave the first 2 books 4 stars - guess I liked them better. If there is another book in this series not sure if I will read it yet. Love books about rockers though!

    16. SL Scott's second installment in The Resistance rock star romance series, The Redemption follows Rochelle Floros and Dex Caggiano as they explore their growing attraction after the death of Resistance band member, Cory Dean. Rochelle, the fiancee and mother of Cory's  two children, and Dex, recovering addict bandmate and Cory's best friend, may have known each other for years, but their self-imposed guilt and inability to accept what they each actually deserve have them keeping the other at arm [...]

    17. RATING: 3.75Having readbothTHE RESISTANCE and THE REDEMPTION, I personally think that this book is the better of the two. But not by too much. Also, I know that S. L. Scott says that you can read either book as a standalone, I think that you should read THE RESISTANCE first because it gave me a small bit of character basis for the lead protagonist, Dex. Plus there are things that happen in the first book that carryover, in terms of after effects, into the second book.Let me start of by saying th [...]

    18. I fell in love with S.L. Scott’s Inside Out series so I knew that I had to try The Resistance. After reading The Resistance I was so excited to see that Rochelle gets her own book. She went through so much heartache in the previous book. I wanted her to get a second chance at a happy ending. Then I found out who her knight in not so shining armor was going to be and I was sold.Rochelle has been through a horrible tragedy. While giving birth to her newborn Cory was in a plane accident. There we [...]

    19. The Redemption. 4.5 Stars I first came across S.L.Scotts work when I first read The Resistance. I absolutely loved that book and S.L Scotts writing style. Since then I've read a few more of her books as I really enjoyed how she makes you feel part of the book, and really the brings the characters to life. She makes it feel like your living your life with the characters. So when i saw The redemption, I was defiantly going to be reading it as I no I'll be getting a good story, and the cover was so [...]

    20. There were many things that I liked about The Redemption and many things that I could have done without. It’s time like these that make being a book blogger hard because, while I could never be an author and I have the utmost respect for them, sometimes books give you a little awe but not a full blown awe like you want.I liked Rochelle and Dex’s characters and I liked the fact that Dex has always loved Rochelle even when she was married to Cory but stayed away because he was Dex’s best fri [...]

    21. The Redemption by S.L. Scott is a book that can be read as a stand-alone but is best read after The Resistance as they share the same characters and it takes place after events that occur in The Resistance. Plus you should just really read The Resistance if you haven't yet!So this story focuses on Rochelle who is just barely getting past a tragic loss in her life and Dex, the bad-boy drummer with The Resistance. What we never before realized is that Dex has always been in love with Rochelle, but [...]

    22. Losing someone in your life due to a plane crash is the worst thing ever. And I say this because it just sucks hard when you can’t look at your beloved one last time, or feel their skin under your fingertips.Rochelle Floros is drowning in the pain of losing the one thing she valued in her life to one of such accidents. And now it looks like everything has fallen apart with not one thing in her life that seems to be going her way. But the thing I admired about this girl? She keeps a strong faç [...]

    23. I sort of had mixed feelings for this book. On the one hand I loved that Dex was finally getting a chance with the one woman he has always loved and that Rochelle was finally able to move past her grief and find happiness again. But on the other hand, Dex's constant waffling back and forth made the story drag and just when I thought they'd finally get together for good, he'd pull back again and walk away. It was frustrating as a reader because I just felt a disconnect with them in those moments. [...]

    24. Title: The Redemption Author: S.L. Scott Series: Yes Release Date: November 3, 2014Rating: 4.00 – 4.25 Cliffhanger: NoSpoiler-free reviewMy head was spinning from this angst filled, rock and roll romance merry-go-round. I got so caught up in this "unputdownable" spin cycle and I couldn't put this book down. The Redemption is a standalone novel based on characters from The Resistance. Both books share many of the same characters and background. I didn’t read The Resistance and I did not feel [...]

    25. AddictionObsessionSquare oneThis was my first S.L. Scott read, and despite the recommendation of others I read it first, as a standalone. Not because I don't want to go back and read the first book, but because it was a time issue. I was selfish, I did it for me because I wanted to read it so bad I wasn't willing to pass on it because I couldn't read both books before the release date. Not knowing what was in the first book, I am comfortable saying that I don't feel like I missed anything. I fel [...]

    26. 3 stars The Redemption is the next book by SL Scott. While not a series, it continues on with the same characters as The Resistance.Rochelle and Dex get their own book. If you read the first book, you know Rochelle has had a rough few months. She was pregnant with her second child, when her husband was killed in a plane crash. Now she is raining her two sons alone. She is heartbroken, and at a loss.Who wouldn't be? Dex, is the Drummer in the band The Resistance, He is part of the band that Roche [...]

    27. It may seem that I give five stars away to a lot of books. Here's the thing.I love reading. It has to have good characters, good grammar, nice flow of development, and I'm good. A few twists, some delightful romance, sexy scenes, a challenge or two, and I'm good. This had it all. Very enjoyable read

    28. I loved this but it was a little slow for me, at the same time you needed the details and to see the steps it takes for grieving before moving onto someone new. Dex and Ro take you through this process.

    29. 4.5 stars for this great bookDex is the drummer of the resistance Rochelle is the widow of a band memberGrief, loneliness, love, lost, denial, angst A brilliant story!!! I loved this book and series

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