Voyage The second book of poems by Erin Hanson thepoeticunderground containing many favourites from January November

  • Title: Voyage
  • Author: Erin Hanson
  • ISBN: 9781326060800
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second book of poems by Erin Hanson thepoeticunderground containing many favourites from January November 2014.

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      186 Erin Hanson
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      Posted by:Erin Hanson
      Published :2019-01-23T01:05:35+00:00

    One thought on “Voyage”

    1. 5 STARSThere is freedom waiting for you,On the breezes of the sky,And you ask "What if I fall?"Oh but my darling,What if you fly?Wow. Just wow. I used to think Emily Dickinson was my favorite poet because I was never really into poetry, and I thought she was "pretty good" - but I was so wrong to think Dickinson was the best out there. Erin Hanson is my favorite poet, hands down. The way I connect with her poems is unlike anything I've experienced. She actually got me to love poetry. Well, at lea [...]

    2. I've read Reverie before buying this one and I feel that her writing skills are getting better each time.What I really like about Erin Hanson is that she can put deep thoughts and feelings into a melodic poetry, into a poem you'd understand. For someone like me to appreciate a poem, I need to understand it, love the harmony of the words and rhymes, and able to feel emotions in it - whether it may be gratitude, sadness, awe, And Erin Hanson is an artist who paints her thoughts and emotions into a [...]

    3. I love almost all the poems but to be honest, all the rhyming and rhythm of these poems are blending in with each other because there is no variation in the pattern of poetry. Reading one of the three books that she has is sufficient or I think if read once in a while in between other books, perhaps then you'll get a better sense of the content. I love the message after almost all of the poems but the pattern gets redundant and repetitive when reading consecutively.

    4. Once again, motivational Facebook statuses meet very basic rhyming. Sing-songy meter alternates with clunky, poorly-handled syllable count. I think people should be good at writing before they self-publish books, but not everyone agrees with me. I am also reminded of two definitions.1. TripeSomething, especially speech or writing, that is false or worthless; rubbish.2. TreacleSomething (as a tone of voice) heavily sweet and cloying.

    5. I enjoyed the first volume, which I felt showed so much potential, but my hopes were dashed with this one. There are a few good nuggets here, but unfortunately this second volume is also replete with self-righteous, self-absorbed, melodramatic drivel better suited to an angsty teenager's diary than a published work of poetry. I'll be pleased to go back and re-read the gems in this volume, but they are unfortunately in the minority.

    6. I find Erin's poetry very touching. She's been to places I have been to and I found many of her poems relevant. Some even have similar themes to poems I have written, which was amazing, like, someone else felt exactly the same way I did. It's reassuring. Actually, one of her poems saved me. Really. Thank you, Erin.

    7. A few spelling errors/missing words that require attention, but Erin is still my favourite poet <3

    8. I love Erin Hanson's work! Her poetry flows smoothly and beautifully, making me feel every bit of passion she's marked in ink.

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