Stranded All Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last romantic cruise to the Philippines Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship he washes ashore a jungle island w

  • Title: Stranded
  • Author: Don Prichard Stephanie Prichard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last, romantic cruise to the Philippines Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship, he washes ashore a jungle island, where he discovers three other survivors Heartbroken that he failed to save his wife, he is determined not to fail these helpless castaways Federal prosecutor Eve Eriksson rAll Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last, romantic cruise to the Philippines Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship, he washes ashore a jungle island, where he discovers three other survivors Heartbroken that he failed to save his wife, he is determined not to fail these helpless castaways Federal prosecutor Eve Eriksson rescues a young girl and her elderly great aunt from the same ship They badly need Jake s survival skills, but why is he so maddeningly careful She needs to hurry home to nail a significant career trial And, please, before Jake learns her secret that she s responsible for his wife s death.

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    One thought on “Stranded”

    1. The tough rind of his exasperation sloughed to his feet. He'd forgotten about her pain in his determination to conquer distance. Barely able to walk, sore feet, sun beating on her sunburn - she had to be in agony. Really, she'd been a trooper. He should admire her resilience, ignore her mulishnessOK #6 in Carmen-Downloads-20-Free-Ebooks-Onto-Her-Kindle-Day. More widely known as March 3rd, 2015.I really liked this book. Five people board a cruise ship: Elderly Betty and her 11-year-old granddaugh [...]

    2. UnbelievableThe only saving grace of this book was that it had no vulgarity. The story was literally unbelievable. The heroine was so ridiculous that no stretch of the imagination could make her seem real. The plot was so contrived that I almost stopped reading several times. It is like reading a high school writing assignment.

    3. As a lover of Swiss Family Robinson type stories, I loved the adventurous spirit of this book. I love how the characters came together to become a family of survivors (in more ways than one.) I am looking forward to the sequel so that I can see how their happy little family survives life together in their old worlds.

    4. Well written. Couldn't put the book down. I was a bit disappointed with the ending – too many unanswered questions. I understand there is a sequel coming out, so will look forward to reading that.

    5. i absolutely loved this book. I won't give anything away but it was great. Different from the books I usually read. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    6. StrandedAbsolutely could not put this book down! So refreshing to read a CLEAN novel!! Kept my heart in my throat! CLEAN CAN WIN!!

    7. Title: StrandedAuthor: Don & Stephanie PrichardPages: 408Year: 2014Publisher: Stephanie PrichardMy rating 5+ out of 5 stars.Both the novel and the authors are new to me, and I haven’t read any of the over 1,000 reviews posted on an online bookstore site. I am glad that I didn’t have anything in my mind before I opened the book. If I could have kept my eyes from getting tired, this is one book I would have read from beginning to end in one sitting! What an exceptional story that is filled [...]

    8. A page turner. This was delightfully different. Thoroughly enjoyable throughout. Four quite different characters are thrown together traumatically when there is an accident at seaor was it an accident?

    9. This book was sooo good! I could not put it down and pretty much read thru an entire night, it was that good. The author grips your attention and you are completely taken with the story and the happenings of each character. I also appreciated how the POV was seamless between characters, I love books like that. it's nice to know what another character is thinking or how he/she feels as hardships are endured, them tragedies survived, and joys experienced. Each chapter was very detailed, the backgr [...]

    10. Set in the early 1980s, this book defies easy categories…because it’s so strong in many of them Adventure (of course), romance, suspense, mystery, inspirational. I was eager to read this since I so enjoy stories of survival. This one ‘brings it’ and get ready for shades of Robinson Crusoe! The castaways are endearing, flawed, and inspiring. I don’t want to give any of the fun of the plot away, but rest assured, this one brings adrenaline into play.I also enjoyed the numerous allusions [...]

    11. A Thrilling Debut!!!Debut authors Don & Stephanie Prichard take the readers on a thrilling ride in their adventure debut. Tension fills the pages, sometimes letting up just enough for the reader to take a breath before the authors drag their characters into more danger. You can't turn the pages fast enough!The characters are three dimensional and authentic. The island setting is so well drawn, appealing to all the senses, that it feels alive and the reader experiences it right along with the [...]

    12. I was sucked into this story from beginning to end. Even though I wanted to kill a few of the characters a couple of times I grew to love their progress and development as characters in a story woven in love. That journey thru a year on the island was fascinating. The story moved fast and kept me wanting to read more even when my eyes were so tired they crossed! Nothing like the Gilligan's island experience. Loved it!

    13. FabulousA cruise to remember - just what the doctor ordered. Somehow life has a way of changing abruptly. Join Jake, Eve, Betty and Crystal as they discover repeatedly how very true this is! Do bad things happen to good people? Is there a God, and if there is, why does He allow bad things to happen? Will these stranded souls discover all they can be? Read on, but perhaps not while you are sitting in the woods.

    14. Entertaining, adventurous and emotionalFirst time reading a storyline like this one. I must say it was delightful and a chore to put down. The book kept me involved and wanting to know what new trouble would find them. Troubles that found them were not sugar coated and quite in depth. Animal attacks, evil people, bad weather and injuries to name a few. Hope the next is as in depth and well written as this one.

    15. I really liked the story. I also enjoyed that it had a Christian flavor without being "preachy." I feel like it was a realistic and accurate depiction of the struggles that a believer faces when tragedy and uncertainties strike, woven seamlessly into a thrilling story of survival. Definitely recommend. My only complaint is over the rapid, tidy ending that I think was a little too "neat."

    16. Very interesting----I loved it.This is a Very Intense book but done so well. The actual story was so I interesting that I could hardly put it down but occasionally it was unbelievable and too detailed for me so I paged thru some places. I love the authors' writing styles and I felt so close to the characters. I look forward to reading another of their books.

    17. Thoroughly Enjoyable Really loved reading this book, and more so as the story progressed. Refreshingly unique from the chosen main characters to the WWII mystery. I appreciated the authors' Christian perspective without sugar coating the evil that plagues this world. Thanks for an exciting read.

    18. Great bookBook has everything, always something happening. Would recommend to any one who, Loves adventure with surprises. Strong characters and plenty twists.I liked the dual author's seems to have both perspectives. GOOD BOOK!!!

    19. I LOVED this book!! It kept you interested from beginning to the very end! The Prichard's were great at detailing, you felt like you too were right there stranded on that island. Really hope there is a sequel so we find out what becomes of the survivors, Danny and Captain Emilio.

    20. "Stranded" - Don PrichardGreat book. Kept your interest all the time. Love survival novels like this.

    21. Couldn't put it downI couldn't put it down. I was hooked from the 1st chapter. The story was well written and the characters were very believable. I hope authors write a sequel. I would love to find out what happens to them next.

    22. Loved itLoved this book, I hated to put it down. It hAd me on the edge of my seat. I knew they had to make it, but there were times I didn't think they would.

    23. Great read.What a wonderful book! An exciting adventure with a Christian theme. Great plot and character development. I just couldn't put it down.

    24. Good read.I liked this book, easy read, nice transitions. Would like more at ending, but who doesn't want a story to continue on?

    25. Ahhh. Satisfaction!This book has adventures, innocence, romance, lots of hold your breath moments and the very best ending!! A highly recommend book definitely.

    26. Good BookI enjoyed reading this book very much. It has lots of action and good characters. I think you will like it.

    27. I enjoyed this book - it starts off with a really great story and easy to get into. When I got to somewhere around chapter 15, I wasn't quite sure how much longer the story could go without getting too boring and repetitive but then it picks up and continues to be interesting. There isn't a whole lot that actually happens overall but if you enjoy the characters then the story is just enjoyable. It is a Christian book and definitely has a lot of Christian elements to it but they did not seem forc [...]

    28. For me, this wasn't a good book to start off with during a time I felt down. Unfortunately, I had to come back to it when I was in a different frame of mind. Fortunately, I did eventually get back to it, and once I started it, I couldn't put it down. I look forward to the next book. I'm intrigued by the title of the next book, I look forward to reading it. This is a new author to me, and I truly enjoy the discovery of new authors.

    29. Action and adventure packedA well written book that felt at times that it had gone to one tragedy too many. I especially liked the descriptions of their survival including search for food and fresh water. There were things I did wonder about such as their clothing, etc. But we were not always enlightened.I did find the Christian elements that were woven through the book to be well placed and well resolved. I am looking forward to the next book.

    30. Really, really good deserted island story. There's some headhopping or perhaps a formatting issue with my ebook where a new scene begins with the very next paragraph, but I quickly figured out what was going on and went with it. And I'm so glad I did! It's a fabulous story that just doesn't quit. Such a fun, gripping read.

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