Flash Bang

Flash Bang Rowan Callahan is a career climbing slut At least according to the vicious and false rumor that is destroying her professional life But a little thing like her career as an attorney ceases to matter w

  • Title: Flash Bang
  • Author: Meghan March
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rowan Callahan is a career climbing slut At least according to the vicious and false rumor that is destroying her professional life But a little thing like her career as an attorney ceases to matter when a plane crashes in downtown Chicago and the entire city goes dark Her unconventional upbringing makes her suspect the worst she s just witnessed the kick off to the apRowan Callahan is a career climbing slut At least according to the vicious and false rumor that is destroying her professional life But a little thing like her career as an attorney ceases to matter when a plane crashes in downtown Chicago and the entire city goes dark Her unconventional upbringing makes her suspect the worst she s just witnessed the kick off to the apocalypse Armed with a backpack of supplies, she leaves Chicago, intent on resetting her skewed priorities and seeking shelter at the family farm with her father and sister She s injured and running for her life when she stumbles directly in the crosshairs of two men who just might be her salvation and her greatest temptation Graham Buchanan and Zachariah Sawyer are best friends and brothers in arms who have been indulging in m nages since before their Force Recon team served in Iraq and Afghanistan They ve hung up their uniforms to build a new life for themselves and their team at Castle Creek Whitetail Ranch a rustic deer hunting preserve that covertly doubles as a doomsday prepper s paradise They thought they were prepared for anything until Rowan comes crashing into their lives Graham and Zach are convinced she s the one woman who can handle them both, but she has no intention of deviating from her carefully laid plans for longer than it takes her to recover from her injuries So they propose a deal they ll provide her an armed escort home, and in exchange, she s theirs until they part ways It was the perfect plan except once they ve had her, they can t let her go .

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      467 Meghan March
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    1. I'm not a big fan of dystopian novels but I am a big fan of M/F/M romance books so this one is definitely right up my alley.The apocalypse is comingor better said it's already here. The world (or maybe just the USA) has lost all power and energy resources so no more light, water, telephones, cars.cally the world has moved back a few hundred years and without no rules there is only chaos. Rowan doesn't wait to see what happens. "Armed" with a survival backpack given to her by her father she start [...]

    2. ★☆I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆★It started with a plane. And then the world went to sh*#.No zombies. No deadly viruses unleashed. What could be the cause that led to Rowan "Ro" Callaham’s seamless world falling apart in an instant?Now with an apocalypse taking over the United States, Rowan must gather her strength to make it out of the city to find her family before trouble comes looking for her or die.Armed with a first aid kid and basic living neces [...]

    3. 4 Star Read: First off I have to thank my girl for gifting this series to me. I happen to enjoy reading apocalyptic stories. What is even better is that Flash Bang<\b> isn't you average apocalypse story.FB begins with an apocalyptic event, but that is not the focus. It more of trials and tribulations tale of a young woman, who has just been hit with a Shit storm at work, now must travel by foot to get home to her family.Upon her travels, she witnesses a woman being brutally attacked by woo [...]

    4. This book was great. I enjoyed the story (although it could have used a zombie) and I loved the characters. Ro was kickass and determined and the men were pure alpha ex marines. It has a sort of cliff-hanger, so I really hope there is a next one as there are lots of characters that could get their own stories!

    5. Although gut wrenching in parts I enjoyed every moment of it especially the sexy times and I can't wait to read the next book.

    6. For Rowan Callahan when all the electronics suddenly get wiped out it seems like the last ten years, including the cluster fuck of the last couple of weeks, get wiped away as well and she slips back to being the country girl with the ex-marine father who has prepared her for exactly how to survive. But she comes across more than she can handle on the way back to her home ranch and her family and the two men who seem to want to protect her, also want her in their bed and with them forever.I have [...]

    7. The Good: I needed to change things up, and what better way than a post-apocalyptic menage, right? Yes, totally. I’ve read Ms. March’s work before, but since it was NOT in this vein (more contemporary tattoo artist romance), I wasn’t sure what direction she would choose, whether it would be sex as the focus with little background or survivalist tale with a bit of sex thrown in for kicks. I think the story is a decent blend of both and I enjoyed the attention to detail as far as the camp Gr [...]

    8. PurchasedCliffhanger: (view spoiler)[ Not exactly. Lead in for the next book, but not a cliffhanger.(hide spoiler)]HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Rape: (view spoiler)[ No, but some hints of a secondary character having been brutally gang-raped. No descriptions, just side mentions(hide spoiler)]Violence: (view spoiler)[ Yes, some fight scenes(hide spoiler)]POV: 3rd person alternatingSensuality level (1 being kissing only and 5 being Penthouse Lett [...]

    9. I have read three of Meghan's books back to back and each one has left me wanting more.I think I might be fallin in love. Big fat Fan Girl Love.

    10. Out of all of March’s books, this has been my least favorite.  Which, was surprising considering how much I usually enjoy this genre.   It had all the usual aspects, catastrophic event, exciting characters, danger, and romance.  I just never really got fully invested with the characters.  I didn’t love Rowan, Graham or Zach.  The story still managed to have a few suspenseful moments along with a couple of hot scenes.  But for a book that centered around a ménage, I was expecting a bi [...]

    11. Check out more reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!Here's the deal. I am not a big supporter of erotica. To be honest, the first of the genre that I read was 50 Shades. And that was only because there was so much buzz around it that I felt left out not having read it and when you're a reviewer, you just can't have that. So I read that book and well, I haven't read many since. Maybe three. But when I saw the description for Flash Bang, I was intrigued for the first time in years in an erotica book. I [...]

    12. Flash Bang is the perfect title for what happens to Rowan Callahan when a complete power grid failure sends the United States into a post-apocalyptic situation. Good thing for Rowan, her father is a doomsday prepper, so she knows exactly what needs to be done in order to survive and head back to her family home. But on her way, that’s when her life takes a new direction, and she finds herself wanting a relationship that she would have never considered before - one that would be considered tabo [...]

    13. I received an eARC of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Erotic Menage in Dystopian World? HELL YES! This is what attracted me to this book on NetGalley - because let's face it, Dystopia is considered to be mainly YA sub - genre, rather than an adult genre! Also, my guilty pleasure is Erotic Menage, so sue me! (Please don't, I need money to buy books!)The story is about Rowan and Graham and Zachariah and the kick start to apocalypse and the wonders it can do for your relatio [...]

    14. Allll-most three stars. The author's voice was the saving grace here. I really really wanted to like this one. It started out so well! Well-prepared people face the apocalypse? And are seemingly reasonable? With the promise of hot sex? YES PLEASE. But then the plot descended into conflict by stupidity with a dose of you've got to be kidding me and here we are at a two star rating. (view spoiler)[First Ro tries to break out of the compound (where she's safe, clean, warm, and fed and in no way an [...]

    15. 4 Strong starsI didn't know what to expect when Meghan gave me the details, I was a little wary, as I will admit, I am not this type of genre person, ( the doomsday / apocalypse etc) menage, yes, hell, the more the merrier in books ;-) But I will always give anything a go really and I am so glad I did as firstly Meghan can write, evidently she is educated, knows her stuff and before I knew it I had a vision of the entire cast of characters, the compound the guys lived in, the forest and surround [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThe story starts with a plane crash in downtown Chicago causing the entire city to go black. Rowan Callahan sees a potential apocalypse starting and she knows she needs to find her family. Trying to stay off the grid, and raised by a father that taught her to be prepared, she loads up with supplies and heads out on foot to find them. After getting injured and running from some scary and creepy inbred freaks she runs into Graham and Zack. G and Z are best buds and brothers in arms. They [...]

    17. 4.5 Stars!Unlike anything I have ever read, this series is a game changer for me. I am so down for a ménage romance so I had no hesitation about signing up to review but little did I know that this book was like no other romance novel out there. The plot is original. The steam is crazy hot. And this author brings it all when she created a world full of sin, steam, suspense, and darkness. I really enjoyed this book. It was sexy, suspenseful, passionate, intense, edgy, and full of twists and turn [...]

    18. I have to admit I have a massive weakness for dystopian/end of world scenarios. In this, it opens with some type electromagnetic pulse killing off all electronics. Rowan, a lawyer, grew up with a doomsday scenario father, so she is prepared with a backpack of supplies. She sees what is going to happen immediately due to her father's continued warnings, and sets out on foot to make her way home to her father and sister, and the fortifications they already had in place at home. On her way though, [...]

    19. 3.5 StarsFlash Bang had such positional as a dystopian romance. Did it reach it? Probably not, but it was a good fun little read. I quite enjoyed the setting, the characters, the banter & the hot as hell dirty talk but there was just a few things I felt could have been explained better therefore enhancing my enjoyment overall. I hoped for more detail, more plot, more of this world that March so cleverly created. Also, I understand that Graham and Zac both have issues from their childhood but [...]

    20. “Flash Bang” by author Meghan March is an amazing read. I usually do not like books that deal with survival that may lead to the destruction of life as we know it, however I am very glad that I did. If I had to deal with a life altering situation, such as not electric and water, then I want to be in this book. I really got into the story and wicked happy that the 3 main characters (yes I said 3) were so intense. The sexual heat between them was wicked hot, but also the connection that they e [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book from Rock Star Lit PR in exchange for an honest review.Can you say hot? Okay, so I'm a fan of Meghan March. I read all of her Beneath series, but I have to say they weren't as hot as this book. I should have read this book the moment it came out. I can't believe I waited over a year before I picked this book up. It's a good thing, though, because I can read it back to back with its sequel. Still, I wish I've read this book back then.Anyway, I don't go for the dysto [...]

    22. Rowan "Ro" Callahan was already having a bad day when she sees a plane crash it is quickly becoming the worst day ever. Being the author creates this strong female lead, she of course is prepared. and it goes from bad to worse. So the ever prepared Ro gets her food rations to prepare for meeting her family. Her goal is to use her preparations to meet and potentially save her family. What she does is begin running for her life. Now the other characters Graham and Zach, who are something else! The [...]

    23. From the fact I started and finished this book in the same day, I think that gives you a pretty strong indication that I enjoyed t Flash Bang which I did, a lot. Menage is my favorite erotica subgenre and FlashBang was a well executed threesome tale. Ro did get on my nerves a bit, in fact the first chapter is her POV, and my attention wavered. I understood her choices by the end, but they were irritating during the flow of the story. On the other hand, Graham who seemed to get more airtime than [...]

    24. Awesome start for a first book. It pulls you in and you won't let go.Read it in one sitting couldn't putt it down.I hope that there will be moreAmazing job Meghan March!

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