The Synchronicity War Part 4

The Synchronicity War Part The unprovoked war with the Sogas has reached a climax Over a hundred Sogas ships appear to be headed for Earth and Space Force is in no condition to stop them As if that wasn t bad enough the nightm

  • Title: The Synchronicity War Part 4
  • Author: Dietmar Wehr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The unprovoked war with the Sogas has reached a climax Over a hundred Sogas ships appear to be headed for Earth and Space Force is in no condition to stop them As if that wasn t bad enough, the nightmarish Insectoids will be arriving in Earth orbit within months to finish off the survivors of the impending Sogas attack Admiral Victor Shiloh, Commander Amanda Kelly and VThe unprovoked war with the Sogas has reached a climax Over a hundred Sogas ships appear to be headed for Earth and Space Force is in no condition to stop them As if that wasn t bad enough, the nightmarish Insectoids will be arriving in Earth orbit within months to finish off the survivors of the impending Sogas attack Admiral Victor Shiloh, Commander Amanda Kelly and Valkyrie will have to make some heartbreaking decisions if Humanity is to have any chance at all of avoiding extinction in this final chapter of the Synchronicity War saga.The paperback version is now available on createspace.Fans of this series will also like The Retro War, a stand alone novella set in the same Synchronicity War Universe.

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    One thought on “The Synchronicity War Part 4”

    1. Worth it to read the series? Yes. It's like reading a diary or blog but the story is really enjoyable. Read all 4; they're short.

    2. I very much enjoyed the series, however over the course of the books I felt a lot of the battles and tactical decisions came too easy. The phrase "Yes, of course!" and derivatives hereof are thrown about a lot, but it also felt like the book shifted its focus from the space battles towards the humans and the AI's which I very much liked so I it wasn't that big of an issue to me.I loved the interaction between Shiloh and the AI's and I'd love to learn more about the AI's and how they live and thi [...]

    3. ATTN: I somehow bought this series as one single book and read it all the way through in one reading, so I am just going to copy and paste this review for each of the four separate parts making up the whole of the book I read.It was pretty funny to read the reviews of this first part of the four part saga of Wehr's The Synchronicity War. Everybody's bitching and moaning and giving one star reviews for how much it sucked, how the plot is so terrible, the writing so shoddy, the characters so indef [...]

    4. Books 1 and 2 were engaging and worthwhile. Books 3 and 4 messed with time travel so humans won. Deus ex machina at its worst. When the series changed focus from Shiloh to the details of the war, this series lost its way. I finished the series, but was disappointed with the final two books. Overall, the series should have ended with book 2 and an arc that hinted at the insecticides rather than leaving the initial Canine-type aliens as vaguely destroyed.

    5. The final book in the series, and a very good one!!!!! The initial plans to alter history works, but fails again, so another plan is put in place to save humanity! You have to read it to find out how that fares. Overall the author does a good job with character development, plot flow, and all the things that make for a good read. If you like Sci-fi even a little, I would recommend this series.

    6. Hmmmmmm I think I enjoyed reading his discussions at the end of each book as much as the book itself. But I still am a little perplexed by his resorting to the idea as unproven as time travel. Oh well, still it's a series worth buying.

    7. The Synchronicity War Part 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 are a space opera - please note that this is same review for all four books.They are in the tradition of David Weber, Elizabeth Moon and E E "Doc" Smith. However they do not hold a candle to these authors.I must have liked them enough to read all four titles in the series. I was on holiday and had pre-loaded these on my kindle and had limit WiFi to be able to download any other titles (I do have about 200 unread books on my Kindle - these are freebi [...]

    8. Wash, Rinse, & Repeat This could be a very fine story if it were an original story. Unfortunately, this is exactly the same story as Part 3, with the names of the enemy changed, the names of the weapons changed, and some AI changes but no plot change.Jumping back in time is still the answer to everything. And except for a small nod to not having the same character co-exist at the same time, the paradox of time travel is never addressed. What this means is that in our cause and effect relatio [...]

    9. Having binge-read all four books, I feel I need to review them as a single unit. I gave most books 4 stars, but will give the last one 3 stars to balance that out.Basically, the plot is interesting, but the writing style gets very annoying very fast. Too many explanatives, too little character development. Reading this feels like reading a report more than reading a work of fiction. The author too is way too in love with his ideas, and likes to congratulate himself. This is even though there are [...]

    10. This is the final book in the 4 book series called The Synchronicity War. Some interesting concepts, and some rather gross images if you want to explore them in your imagination. This is about an invasion of our galaxy by large ant creatures that results in the extermination of humans three different times. They are brought back each time through the use of time travel.The four books are easy reading, and are interesting enough that I would recommend them to any one liking Science Fiction milita [...]

    11. Usually a roller-coaster starts off with the big hills and mellows as it reaches the end. This Five-Star series is a roller-coaster in reverse. The sweeps and dives just get bigger and bigger and better and better.The characters gain great detail and depth as we watch them die over and over again (hey, it's a time war). The physics and the multiple time-lines could get a bit confusing and if Wehr relied upon them to carry his story it would have fallen very flat. He avoids this trap by focusing [...]

    12. Escribir una guerra con viajes en el tiempo debe ser uno de los desafíos más grandes de un escritor. Que ocurren con las líneas temporales? Las paradojas? Las decisiones que se toman van primero o después de un mensaje recibido del futuro que cambiaría tu futuro??The Synchronicity wars logra, de manera coherente y entretenida, el narrar una historia, no una ni dos, sino 3 veces (errr 4 veces?) sin aburrir y explicando claramente los hechos.Es una gran space opera. Deben leerse como 4 capít [...]

    13. Interstellar War meets sliders.Interstellar War meets sliders.In the Synchronicity War Mr. Wehr does a great job in keeping his time line straight. He goes to some length to explain why certain characters get visions at certain times. He also does an exceptional job with his artificial intelligence characters. For me they were the high point of the series. At the same time their is enough space combat to keep the military science fiction crowd happy as well. I would highly recommend The Synchron [...]

    14. Last book of the series, I would recommend reading book 3 & 4 back to back, there are so many plot twists, time jumps and changes that reading book3&4 over the course of a week made my understanding of the story arc easier. I thought Bobby Ewing in Dallas had multiple lives, the characters here seem to be reborn at every edition.I enjoyed the story, but it gets confusing as to what is happening with time ships and the various enemies. I felt that the Synchronicity War series had run its [...]

    15. I bought the book for 4,68 on and after reading previous three books I knew it is not the cat in the bag thing. Nice story introduction at the beginning so the heads of readers have sufficient memories from previous three books to continue reading. My strong belief of what kind of books I like to read was again justified. Space exploration with tons of tactical battles, marines in battle armors, rescue missions along with internal fights and chalenges and love:) nice. Enjoy it.

    16. I managed to go through all time lines and I have survived. It was touch and go there a few times. I can't think of any other book that put me through this much suspense. I used to think of the notion of having a computer program or AI for a friend was like thinking a plastic blow up doll could suffice for decent sex. I now can conceive otherwise. Since most humans fail the Turing Test imagining a truly intelligent and even soul full AI is something to look forward to.

    17. If you like military space opera you will like these.Very good series. Ripped through all four books, definitely military Sci-fi. Thoroughly enjoyed every one. New ideas, clever ideas, new approaches. Definitely original. Wehr has his own way of writing, good for him. I find his style easy to read and expressive. I would not be embarrassed to find my twelve year old reading his books, yet they easily hold my interest. A good read.

    18. The EndThe EndThis entire series has been a great read. I think the use of actual data in the form of time and distances add a great deal to the credibility of the piece. The character development of all involved particularly the sentient AI's, make these most enjoyable. The plot is twisted enough to be interesting without being so complicated as to being a distraction. A very good read indeed.

    19. A fitting end to a superb series. Even though this series deals with some very high level theory, it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Some of the theory seemed to be a bit like writing this series in pencil, erasing sections and rewriting said section. The events from the previous version are still etched into the paper and therefore occurred, however, the new version takes over. Confusing, I know, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    20. Big "meh" on the conclusion to this mediocre quadrilogy. As I predicted, the time travel cliche continues as a plot crutch. This book turned into that Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow where the humans try something, get destroyed, go back in time, and try it again. And the ending was very anti-climactic and predicable. The only thing that I really enjoyed about this series was the creation, development, and social commentary on AI's and the impact on sentient non-organic beings on society.

    21. First class sci-fi of the highest quality!This series is science fiction with an emphasis on science blended masterfully with fiction. The end result is a rocking and shocking space opera of epic proportions that will leave you spellbound by it's numerous permutations of time,space and more unknowns than you'll be able to keep track of! Light years ahead of any sci-fi thriller I have read in a very long while!!!!

    22. I found Dietmar Wehr's "The Synchonicity War (Part 3)" to be rather weak in comparison to the first two parts and was worried Part 4 would be a let down. I was delightfully surprised however to find that Part 4 was perhaps the best book of the series, followed closely by Part 1, and provided a very satisfying conclusion to the story.

    23. The series as a whole is a bit rocky, but it grew on me as it progressed. Heavy on technical details, the story emphasizes strategy, tactics and even logistics and a bit of politics over characterization. However, as the war evolves, the characters evolve too. It was especially interesting with the AI characters and relationships becoming such a major part of things toward the end.

    24. Emotionally rivetedI have to say, I found my emotions fluctuating like crazy. I do have to say it felt more like I was there this time. I hate to have had to come to the end but how long could this go on. Forever I would assume. One would have to keep returning and correct all the mistakes made. Great work done here. Can't wait too read Retro.

    25. Very Cool SeriesYou gotta love a good space opera. Good characters. Great stories. Fun plot. Has all the good features of a entertaining read and now it's actually edited with no stupid errors which destroys the read in books of this genre. Thanks

    26. Wow!I really loved this series! In fact this is the among the first series I've actually bought the rest of after getting the first one free. It's like a roller coaster I didn't want to end. It gives a new twist to space war stories.

    27. Good reada person has to keep a lot previous storylines in mind all the time. Lots of fun to contemplate the new scenarios that appear on almost every page .The space battles are done in what would be real time to the parties fighting . Very cool!! Highly recommend.

    28. one straight readI hate to say it but I ignored all my responsibilities, ignored phone calls and texts. I read this book all the way through. Yeah!! It was that good. Raves & fireworks.

    29. Great SeriesGreat SeriesWhat a great series. I'll admit keeping up with the different time lines got a little confusing at times but the author brought you back up to speed very quickly. Very interested in the next series.

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