Jurnalul unui om dezamăgit

Jurnalul unui om dezam git O citea de pilda Jeni Acterian consemnand in propriul jurnal asemanarea ei cu Barbellion In ciuda celebritatii sale Jurnalul unui om dezamagit a ramas mult timp netradus in romaneste Exceptionala

  • Title: Jurnalul unui om dezamăgit
  • Author: W.N.P. Barbellion Anca Bărbulescu Mircea Vasilescu
  • ISBN: 9789735039745
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • O citea, de pilda, Jeni Acterian, consemnand in propriul jurnal asemanarea ei cu Barbellion In ciuda celebritatii sale, Jurnalul unui om dezamagit a ramas mult timp netradus in romaneste Exceptionala versiune data de Anca Barbulescu unui text dificil si prefata lui Mircea Vasilescu incearca sa repare aceasta nedreptate Povestea Jurnalului merita stiuta inainte de leO citea, de pilda, Jeni Acterian, consemnand in propriul jurnal asemanarea ei cu Barbellion In ciuda celebritatii sale, Jurnalul unui om dezamagit a ramas mult timp netradus in romaneste Exceptionala versiune data de Anca Barbulescu unui text dificil si prefata lui Mircea Vasilescu incearca sa repare aceasta nedreptate Povestea Jurnalului merita stiuta inainte de lectura W N P Barbellion este pseudonimul lui Bruce Frederick Cummings, un tanar englez pasionat de stiintele naturale, care in 1915, respins la exemenul medical pentru recrutare, afla ca sufera de scleroza in placi, boala cu deznodamant fatal Visul de a face o cariera stiintifica i se spulbera si tanarul se concentreaza asupra jurnalului pe care l tinea de la 13 ani acesta devine singura lui arma impotriva destructiei fizice, martorul lucid al ultimilor sai ani Isi pregateste jurnalul pentru publicare, incheindu l in octombrie 1917 si anuntand ca a murit la sfarsitul lui decembrie 1917 The Journal of a Disappointed Man apare in martie 1919, cand el este inca in viata Barbellion are parte, asadar, de aproape doi ani de existenta postuma suprema sfidare adusa mortii si de mai multe luni moare in octombrie 1919 de glorie literara antuma Jurnalul unui om dezamagit a avut numeroase editii in engleza si a fost tradus in suedeza, franceza, italiana, olandeza si spaniola Are si reeditari de data recenta, caci destinul lui Barbellion continua sa fascineze si astazi.

    • Free Read [Poetry Book] ê Jurnalul unui om dezamăgit - by W.N.P. Barbellion Anca Bărbulescu Mircea Vasilescu á
      470 W.N.P. Barbellion Anca Bărbulescu Mircea Vasilescu
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Poetry Book] ê Jurnalul unui om dezamăgit - by W.N.P. Barbellion Anca Bărbulescu Mircea Vasilescu á
      Posted by:W.N.P. Barbellion Anca Bărbulescu Mircea Vasilescu
      Published :2018-07-07T16:35:37+00:00

    One thought on “Jurnalul unui om dezamăgit”

    1. I decided to read ‘Journal of a Disappointed Man’ having come across an old Penguin copy on a market stall. (I have a very low resistance to rows of old Penguin paperbacks.) It is an extraordinary book, unlike any non-fiction I’ve read before. I was reminded a bit of Rilke’s novel The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, but this has the rawness of reality. The book is a diary, kept over years by a sickly young man who wishes to become a zoologist. His endeavours are frequently frustrated [...]

    2. What a beautiful book, a beautiful book. It's so honest and deep. Sad and tragic yet touching and life changing. I felt like a different person once I put it down. As I closed the book, I thought I lost a friend, a very very close-friend. Barbellion is my new hero:You can read it for free here or here

    3. Couldn't recommend this enough, probably the most underrated of modern literary classics. How can you beat this: "To me the honour is sufficient of belonging to the universe — such a great universe, and so grand a scheme of things. Not even Death can rob me of that honour. For nothing can alter the fact that I have lived; I have been I, if for ever so short a time. And when I am dead, the matter which composes my body is indestructible—and eternal, so that come what may to my 'Soul,' my dust [...]

    4. 'If I go to a sculpture gallery, . . . I will be a sculptor. If I go to the opera, then I am going to take up music seriously. Or if I get a new beast . . . nothing else can interest me on earth, I think. But something does, and with a wrench I turn away presently to fresh pastures. Life is a series of wrenches, I tremble for the fixity of my purposes; and as you know so well, I am an ambitious man, and my purposes are very dear to me. You see what a trembling, colour-changing, invertebrate, jel [...]

    5. Hey, if H.G. Wells liked it enough to write a preface, it's got to be up my alley. So far, it's adorable but I'm just in the teen years. I feel one of those moments coming on, where I feel total communion with an author. I greatly anticipate this.

    6. I like the confessional poetry and writings. I have an interest in the exploration of an author's psyche and a penchant to delve into his intimate emotions and existential thoughts. It's probably an intellectual voyeurism (I just made up this expression).I was touched by Barbellion's diary that also reveals his maturity, though he died at the age of 30, 4 years older than Lermontov but much younger than RimbaudHis diary expatiates on many aspects of the metaphysical interrogations and the psycho [...]

    7. "Sînt atît de adîncit în mine – în dispozitiile mele, în idei, în ticuri - , atît de absorbit de mine, încît nu pot să mă detaşez de date, să pun în ordine şi să clasific multitudinea de fapte şi astfel să conchid ce fel de om sînt. Mi-ar plăcea să ştiu – fie şi din pură curiozitate. Deci ce Dumnezeu sînt? Fireşte, în primul rînd un neghiob – dar restul diagnosticului?"

    8. One of the best books I have read this year and in fact one of the best books I have ever read. I believe that all readers who are interested in the human condition should read it. From the point of view of what it means to be a living person, it contains the spectrum of everything. Really amazing and I think it could be more than amazing: it could be an epiphany. It's one of the most quotable books I have ever read (as quotable as Cocteau; high praise indeed!) and also one of the most poignant. [...]

    9. Profoundly moving diary of a self-trained zoologist who died at age 30 in 1919 (the year this was published). The early sections contain observations and commentary on flora and fauna, the middle sections become more personal and literary as they chronicle his failing health, courtship and marriage, and the final section develops into a philosophical view of life and death. Frank and beautiful.

    10. „N-am decât douăzeci și opt de ani, dar în anii aceștia puțini am comprimat o viață destul de lungă: am iubit și m-am căsătorit și am o familie; am plâns și m-am bucurat, am luptat și am învins, iar când va veni ceasul voi fi mulțumit să mor.”

    11. a haunting journal tracing the diarist's transformation from an aspiring zoologist to a patient dealing with the gradual effects of multiple sclerosis. He reminded me of the character 'Victor Frankenstein' in "Penny Dreadful": single-mindedly ambitious in making his mark in science and discovery, sensitively intelligent, and rather self-absorbed. He is full of youthful energy and grandiloquent pronunciations about love, death, and the meaning of life, but flits from one thoughtless romantic enta [...]

    12. There is a reason this is ''grossly'' overlooked. The full name of the character is something like nero pontius pilate barbellion which I think is enough to tell you what you should expect from this book. Much of the content is pretentious, without enough unique or profound detail, you get the sense the author is pandering to critics. There are mentions of Schopenhauer, Wilde and Swedenborg which do little to impress me. The Author uses superficial allusions to them, not even offering great expo [...]

    13. Wow. The man was a humorist if nothing else. While this journal did chronicle his battle with MS, it was a ultimately a love story.I was especially interested in the inadequacy of his treatment - arson and strychnine? It makes we wonder about MS treatment today, and if it is not as misguided and barbaric as poison. Ah, but we are doomed or blessed to live in the present. Come what may.

    14. Nici nu-i de mirare că Cioran a fost fascinat de jurnalul ăsta, ținând cont că ,oartea și reacția omului în fața unei morți iminente sunt temele principale.Trecând peste momentele în care Barbellion chiar pare a se lamenta patetic, în stilul dulceag, pentru a atrage atenție, este o carte care trebuie citită în mod obligatoriu.

    15. I first read this book about 20 years ago. I found it a moving and powerful testament to human resilience and life. Rereading it now that I am older and recently faced to possibility of my own death, I found that I was absorbing this book as well as reading it.A quick summary. The author of this diary lived in the early years of the 20th century. From childhood his passion was zoology. He was so brilliant that he taught himself enough about this science to get a job at the British Museum. All th [...]

    16. I had never heard of this book when I picked it up in my favourite bookshop (though generally I want to read everything there, preferably in its charming cafe). The title is a bold one, but it didn't prepare me for an angry, self-centred, brutally honest diary of a clever, arrogant young man who feels he is disadvantaged by his class and his lack of formal higher education, though one can't help feeling that his very disagreeableness must at times have counted against him. What strikes home is t [...]

    17. Acabé marcado por este libro. No quería que se terminara, así que fui lento y apreciando cada reflexión de Barbellion. Hay páginas que duelen y en términos generales uno se va embargado por la tristeza. Te parte el corazón ver cómo una mente brillante y un espíritu conmovedor se desvanecen. Pero "El diario de un hombre decepcionado" no es un simple tratado de la muerte y la enfermedad. Es mucho más que eso. Está lleno de vida. Y eso es lo admirable del autor. Que pese a las limitacion [...]

    18. Off and on for the last month, I have lived inside the mind of an ambitious young entomologist at the British Museum as his body succumbed to multiple sclerosis against the backdrop of World War I. I knew his faults and understood his dreams, and then our communion shattered with the words: "Finis. Barbellion died on December 31."(As I now know, the writer, whose real name was Bruce Frederick Cummings, lived a little longer and was able to write more essays. I am relieved to know I haven't yet c [...]

    19. This is a very moving account of a man's gradual descent into ill health, eventually leading to death. Barbellion is at times incredibly honest, and you certainly get to see him 'warts and all', which I liked. If we are brutally honest, I believe that we all, like Barbellion, are a real mix of 'good and bad' when it comes to our thoughts, attitudes, desires etc. As I read the journal I felt like I was meeting the real man, not just the public persona.As someone who suffers from multiple sclerosi [...]

    20. Пока что лучшая книга в этом году.Мало кто владеет языком так хорошо, как автор этого дневника (не знаю, называть его Барбеллионом или настоящим именем), мало кому удается сказать так много почти ни о чем (о себе любимом и о смерти). Несколько абзацев мне до такой степени напо [...]

    21. This book is very interesting in parts, as it gives a fascinating insight into life in Edwardian England. However, the young man's plight - that he is suffering from a progessive illness that causes his life to become increasingly restricted - makes it regrettably repetitive. He is naturally depressed about his condition, but his self-absorption is less interesting (to me, at least) than the external details of his life.

    22. This has the feel of an Edwardian blog, with the author striving to make something of himself, but frustrated by fate.There are delightful period details, and descriptions of ways of life that, at the time, would have been simple, clear and commonplace, but nowadays are long-gone and unexpected, such as calling for shaving water, to shave in the sitting-room of a boarding house, as the gas-light was better there.

    23. Well, somehow I thought I'd reviewed this at length, and now it isn't there.I haven't the heart to do it all again, which is a shame, as it was an interesting book, with much to be said about it. I can't think my review contained anything offensive or controversial, so I'm at a loss to know what happened. I can't have imagined reviewing itn I?

    24. (A small quote from this great read features in this recent post of mine, High Up in the Trees: gracialouise.typepad/high_ )

    25. Первая половина книга великолепна: остроумно, забавно, интересно и живо написано. Но вторая топчется на месте, вполне отражая, конечно, увядающее состояние автора, но читать это становится невыносимо.

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