Scorched Read the final book in the NYT Bestselling series SurrenderSCORCHED BOOK FOURThe Surrender series has kept readers engaged since the first book hit the shelves In this final installment to the series

  • Title: Scorched
  • Author: Melody Anne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: ebook
  • Read the final book in the NYT Bestselling series SurrenderSCORCHED BOOK FOURThe Surrender series has kept readers engaged since the first book hit the shelves In this final installment to the series, you will finish the journey that Rafe and Ari started, as well as read the stories of Shane and Lia, and Rachel and Ian.Love and desire run rampant throughout this seriesRead the final book in the NYT Bestselling series SurrenderSCORCHED BOOK FOURThe Surrender series has kept readers engaged since the first book hit the shelves In this final installment to the series, you will finish the journey that Rafe and Ari started, as well as read the stories of Shane and Lia, and Rachel and Ian.Love and desire run rampant throughout this series, but romance is about than that It s about the small battles that lead to the greatest victories.Is Ari and Rafe s love powerful enough to withstand challenges beyond their control Will Lia and Shane learn to compromise instead of careening between extremes of passion and loathing Can Rachel give up her dream of living an ordinary life and learn to love King Adriane Read the conclusions of these three strong women s stories, and learn what choices they make Is love enough to conquer when the odds are stacked against them

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    One thought on “Scorched”

    1. It's with regret that I'm about to leave such a negative and low star review for this fourth book in The Surrender Series. Let me start start by saying that I could stop recommending the first 2 books to my like minded friends, they were a great read and a good twist on the billionaire meets beautiful girl storyline. But I'm sorry to say this was not up to the first 2 books. The storyline seemed dragged out for no apparent reason, I quickly tired of the "will they won't they" aspect of Ian & [...]

    2. Not a fan of this book. I quite liked the first two and was okay with the third, but this one just didn't do anything for me. Sure the sense of completion is there, but the path there is so dull. I was also just so over the top sweetsy-sweet. I am all for sensitive, emotive men but this lot handed in their man cards along with their balls. They started off Alphas but somewhere along the way they became something less then Betas. It was just so sad. The ladies didn't fare much better in this last [...]

    3. Are you kidding me! How is this book averaging 4 stars? Geez what a waste of time! I enjoyed the first two books, hated the third but figured I should finish the series Boy do I regret it! What a waste of my time! Half way through I lost complete interest in the book. Thank god it was the final installment!

    4. This is a hard review to write, when you find a series you enjoy so much it becomes hard to find fault and honestly I don't want too! Lol.We watch these characters grow and mature what they thought they once wanted is now something more meaningful. We move from lust to love and it's been a wonderful journey!This story picks up at the postponed wedding of Rafe and Ari who have just learnt of Rachel's pregnancy and kidnapping, Rafe is ready to go after Ian guns blazing but Ari suggests giving it s [...]

    5. Im sorry but enough already with the men. To be honest these books all fell kinda flat and VERY repetitive. Unfortunately for me I'm one of those people who when they start the series I really have to finish it it's kind of a compulsion and it took me 2 weeks to read one book when typically I can finish a book in about one to two days. I was just never really excited to get back to one of the books

    6. DNF! This is like a long porn story This was the worst book I've read. The series started off fine and went down hill each book and then landed in a mud pit. Geez I'm getting nothing from this book and it's the first one I haven't finished.It's like everyone lives in a fantasy world OMG this is bad! (I just can't get over how dumb the storyline became.)

    7. I'll be honest with you, I was bored most of the time. I don't believe the necessary things were expounded upon enough and the ending was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. I have no problem with sweet endings, but not unrealistic, rushed and way off course ones. I like build up and momentum. Also, if your gonna add a couple fight/gun scenes, then commit and knock it out the park. When did annoying Lia get such good aim and range anyway?I believe Rafe and Ari's story should have ended at 'Submit', [...]

    8. Scorced by Melody Anne"NOTHING TRULY WORTH HAVING COMES TO US EASILY."Adriane (Ian) & RachelWell, what can I say. I'm sorry to see it end, but wow what a ride! Once again Ms. Anne takes one story and turns it into multiple stories and does a great job at it! This story is ascetically about Adriane and Rachel, but there is also so much more going on with Rafe and Ari, Shane and Lia, and of course all the anguish and torment that goes with all of them. Adriane was, well, pissing me right the h [...]

    9. I want to say that I love this author and her books piqued my interest in the genre of contemporary romance. However, this particular book, not necessarily my favorite. Based on the title, I was truly expecting a little more steam considering we've meet all these couples in the previous books.Rafe and Ari: I was VERY happy how they worked out their differences and I am even more happier that they truly got their HEA. Considering how their relationship started and how far they came, it was a nice [...]

    10. Melody Anne delivers a scorchingly hot ending to a sinfully sexy series. I stayed up until 2:00 am to finish this book. I could not put it down.Rachel Palazzo has been kidnapped by King Adriano of Corythia on Rafe and Avi's wedding day. Of course Rafe wants to storm the palace and rescue his sister right away but Avi talks him into waiting a week before running after Rachel. Maybe Rachel and Adriane and rekindle old flames and give a relationship a shot. Or notAdriane demands that Rachel marry h [...]

    11. Oh man I feel sooooooo sad!!!!!!! Why does this series have to end? I could have had at least another 50 books on Rafe yum yum yumOk onto my review, the story starts where Seduced left off and I have to say that right from the beginning it's so fast paced and extremely exciting every page I read I wanted more, Rafe is still domineering although when Ari says jump he now says how high, I loved loved loved the banter between Rachel and Adriane it had me laughing so much.The book is so emotionally [...]

    12. This fourth and final book in the Surrender series is primarily about Rachel and her lover who was introduced in book three and with whom she had a week-long affair. It is about heat and sexy lovers and the fall-out of choices and learning how to bring balance into lives that are well rooted in love but which seem to bounce off the emotional walls of the participants in this story. It turns out that Rachel's lover is a king in his own right and a man who is determined to make her his bride, espe [...]

    13. This was a very interesting conclusion to the Surrender series. I'm still not sure about this book, but I wills say it was an enjoyable read. I was looking more a story on Ari and Rafe, but this was more so focused on Rachel and Prince Adriano.Let me start by saying that Ari and Rafe are the most amazing couple ever. They met in an unconvential way, but turned that romance into love and finally got married. I couldn't be happier for them. Lia and Shane are just as adorable. I love how they tried [...]

    14. OH WOWEEEEEEE What a beautiful amazing ending for an awesome Series I normally read Melody Anne's books within a day but with Scorched I took 2 days am I glad I did It was emotionally charged and so was I it was a nail biting suspense and lady bits quivering and so romantically hot Such fun seeing all three alpha males brought down to their knees by the three sweetest but very strong women was the icing on the cake for me Be prepaired to fall in love even more with Rafe I think every woman wou [...]

    15. Anticipating the 4th book in this series. I normally devoured this books within a day but with Scorched, it took a little more time. I was a little frustrated with the teh constant back and fourth with Adriane and Rachel. I just wanted to slap her at times - what. yeap. It was emotionally charged and panty melting hot but not until the last chapters. I did love seeing these this powerful alpha males brought down on their knees by this three sweet but strong women. Shane and Rafe melt me to the c [...]

    16. ****Audiobook****Great conclusion to the series! Vanilla romance is not my cup of tea. AT ALL! However,there are a few authors I can tolerate and Melody Anne is one of the few. The characters evolved beautifully in this story. The scenes are very dramatic with just the right hint of wickedness. Last but not least, we get to see the girls and of course their men in serious life or death action near the end of the story. Whew what a rush!!!! Five stars!!!

    17. No surpriseWell written but there wasn't any imagination used or needed. The plot was straight out of a 80's romance. Just more sex and forced coming together for all 3 couples.

    18. What a phenomenal way to end a series! I love how the story for each couple ended. I think this is a great series! Melody Anne has outdone herself. A must read!

    19. This was just kind of blah to me. King Adriane was very unlikable. It just didn't live up to my imaginings for what the finale should have been.

    20. “Yeah, as much drama as we’ve all gone through, I understand why you’d think so, but really, their story is unbelievable,” Ari insisted. “OK. You have me intrigued . I want to learn about our great-a-million-times-over-grandparents,” Rachel said with a giggle. “They didn’t live that long ago. Only about a hundred and fifty years.”“That may as well be a million years,” Lia said. “Kind of like how long this pregnancy is taking.”“I know the feeling,” Ari said, rolling [...]

    21. Enters a real life king.Will Ari and Rafe's happily ever after take place. So much family drama. Poor Rachel. Pregnant and unloved or maybe notWhat a terrible mess for the girls. Wedding not happening. Bridesmaid being kidnapped by a kingStubborn Lia who doesn't want to admit her love for Shane. Luckily for her Shane is learning and he's very persistentRachel lust didn't turn out very well now did it. Adriane you can no longer hide behind your crown. In the end you are merely a man. Interfering [...]

    22. I was determined to read through this final book but after reading books 1-3, I found this one to be drawn out and repetitive with Rachel’s story. I found myself skimming the middle and most parts with Rachel and Andriane going back and forth. I found that Lia’s story just ends abruptly after her HEA takes place and there’s no final words from Rafe or Arie characters that started the entire series. Would I recommend this series? Yes but I didn’t enjoy it like I did the Billionaire Bachel [...]

    23. Love, mystery, kidnapping all wrapped up in another wonderful Melody Anne story.I usually don't like cliff hangers in series books, but honestly they are so well written that you would shortchange yourself if you left out any of the four books. Three amazing complex love stories, intertwining, and perfect support characters.Melody Anne can bring to life characters that will hold your interest through to the end.

    24. AwesomeThis was a great book and a good finally to the series. Melody Ann is a great writer and one or my favorite authors.

    25. In loveI couldn't stop reading the series, they grab you from the start you will not be able to stop xx

    26. Couldn't put down.Loved the whole series of books. Loved all the characters. Rafe, Ari, Lia, Shane, Rachel and Ian all imprinted on my mind

    27. Great ending to the seriesThis series has a lot of passion, seduction, and very thought provoking .Strong women vs strong but submissive men. Love all of Melonde's books

    28. Love love loveMy favorite book of the series! 😍😍😍 Also the most predictable yet wonderfully fantastic ending ever! Love story dream ending. 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

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