Vision Quest

Vision Quest When Arik Beltr n checks into a hotel on business he expects the tedium of unfamiliar beds and boring meetings He expects to meet a financial client and be home before the solitude of being a strange

  • Title: Vision Quest
  • Author: A.F. Henley Kelly Wyre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Arik Beltr n checks into a hotel on business, he expects the tedium of unfamiliar beds and boring meetings He expects to meet a financial client and be home before the solitude of being a stranger in a mundane land becomes too much to bear Instead Arik finds Blaze a mysterious man with an inner fire that lives up to the name Nothing in Arik s life, not his derangeWhen Arik Beltr n checks into a hotel on business, he expects the tedium of unfamiliar beds and boring meetings He expects to meet a financial client and be home before the solitude of being a stranger in a mundane land becomes too much to bear Instead Arik finds Blaze a mysterious man with an inner fire that lives up to the name Nothing in Arik s life, not his deranged father nor even his faint brushes with the magic only Arik can see in the woven web of life could have prepared Arik for the man in the hotel lobby who casually invites Arik to room 1109 for late night well, anything at all Blaze Zaituc, on the other hand, knows exactly who Arik is and what Arik needs Blaze He has crossed land and sea to find the man who has appeared in Blaze s Visions as the next target in the Quest that comprises Blaze s life Arik is someone for whom the Universe has plans, and Blaze must make sure Arik complies Or else Unaware of the lives and risks hanging in the balance, Arik untangles himself from the sheets in the silent hours of the morning He wonders if he will find the door to 1109 open and waiting He s not a risk taker, but this one time, just this once, maybe he ll take a chance And seal both his and Blaze s destinies forever Note that this book is a free read offered by Less Than Three Press We are working to price match this book to the 0.00 price offered at other retail locations All proceeds from this book before matches the price will be donated to The Point Foundation, an LGBT scholarship foundation that provides financial support to at risk gay and lesbian students.

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      175 A.F. Henley Kelly Wyre
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    One thought on “Vision Quest”

    1. I don't wanna give much away about this book, as the not-knowing is one of its perks. Starting the story, you don't really know what kind of book you're getting yourself into. Is it more love story or mystery, or both? Or could it be paranormal? Is it full of tension and horror?If you read this book, you're gonna get a lovely romance, some steamy and passionate sex, a lot of mystery, and 2 very likeable characters. There is no drama here, just a mysterious story, slowly revealing itself.The stor [...]

    2. * Contains explicit M/M content and some horrorExcerpt:"You did this," Arik narrowed his eyes and stepped closer. "You and your damn witch blood did something."It was an unreasonable argument; Arik knew it was. Blaze had been nowhere near him when the nudges had started. That thought didn't help shut down his mouth in the least."Or was it some fucking crap that you spit in my mouth when we kissed? Dropped in my coffee, maybe? What's your game, Blaze? What the fuck are you doing?"Blaze's jaw tigh [...]

    3. A story and characters both so thrilling and powerful that it is impossible to stop reading. The novel tells about a tragedy so unspeakable and love so strong that I was surprised that words could be found for them.The fate of Blaze and Arik is so deeply touching that it made me holding my breath so often. And their lovemaking is so hot (fiery, burning) that it will take all willpower not to just give in.The protagonists and their story make reading this m/m novel a new experience!

    4. I am not a horror fan. At all. The book was OK, though, heading for 4 stars, until the boys got to Lucas's house. And that's when everything got ruined :(

    5. Well this was quite a story. I'm giving it 4 stars because it's good quality writing in a novel length story that managed to be both creepy and romantic. The horror elements were pretty well done - there aren't a lot of MM out there that can be seriously creepy. One of the main characters is a Romanian gypsy and that made me a pretty harsh critic of the cultural references (being Romanian myself) but it wasn't as bad as a feared :D The Romanian used was actually pretty accurate (mostly), though [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI'm not even sure what to say about this.It starts pretty hotts a little confusing, gets hot again, then things become somewhat clearer, get hot again, things take on a dark horror-nightmare qualitywell, on an on it goes.I did like it. I'm extremely glad I read it. The characters weresweet together, I was rooting for them, my heart was hurting while I was waiting for the bottom to fall out, so I was definitely invested in them. It was an interesting and pretty original story (at least b [...]

    7. A good paranormal story surrounded by a whole lot of hot sex. I would not call this a horror story. Blaze has been cursed to follow his visions and do what the person in his vision needs. Arik needs to forgive his father and learn how to use his power. I liked the way that both men were slowly exposed to the reader. There really weren't any secondary characters as the story was all about Arik and Blaze. The ending was strong yet came on rather abruptly. I would read more by this author.

    8. 3.5 starsWell this was quite different. It wasn't an easy read - Arik and Blaze's stories needed quite a bit of concentration. More than once I got them muddled up. I thought the premise of this story was fascinating and well told. The writing was very descriptive, at times dark and the sex intense, although the scene at the end of the book had me thinking of a certain Johnny Cash song - lol!

    9. #10wordreviewWhat a beaut! Rich imagery, gorgeous language, wholly unexpected gem.Slight expansion:Never read a book quite like this. A brilliantly original story that transcends the mm genre, delivered in an entirely unique voice - AFH and KW seem to bend the language to make it at once both their own and entirely Other. Astonishing that this is free.

    10. An unexpected surpriseI got this book as a recommendation from amazon. I was pleasantly surprised by the book and would highly recommend it to others.

    11. 2.5Oh boy, I hardly know where to start with this one. To start with, it's probably 75% sex. Yeah, you read that right. There is A LOT of sex (This is a 200+ page book.), which I don't actually have a huge problem with, but I like to know that's what I'm in for and was surprised to find it here. Some of that sex was smoking hot, some not so much and after a point it was just redundant.The plot is weak. There is one and it hangs together up until the last 15% or so, which I'll address in a moment [...]

    12. A brilliantly written tag-fiction between two very talented authors. Plenty of hot scenes. Feel free to keep going back for just those. I do. They take up half the book, I think.I've simply been reading the original version hosted over on Ms. Kelly Wyre's blog, but with a road trip that took close to three weeks and no internet connection, I downloaded this from to keep a copy on my iPad Kindle to read on the road. I love sinking into the worlds made by these two authors. Very good stress relie [...]

    13. Written better than most, this M/M horror novella (with a HEA, luckily) fails to convince entirely.First, there is too much sex and most of it is of the "over-the-top" variety: it is not tainted by the horror elements of the plot, big relief here, but it slows down the narrative and there simply too much of it. Horror is not exactly a genre where one can enjoy good erotica for the sake of it.Second, the denouement feels mostly unrelated with the hints which pepper the plot creating a divide betw [...]

    14. Vision QuestVision QuestVision Quest is a good read it is kind of difficult to follow in the beginning but once you figure out how to put it together it's great

    15. An okay book. Good sex, but that's about it. Some plot, but no real storyline other than the attraction for the most part.

    16. I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, I really liked it. Blaze and Arik were fascinating characters, I felt their emotions 100%, and the plot. Well that's hard to talk about without giving all sorts of stuff away, but it's pretty darn awesome. On the other hand something just felt missing, plot-wise. There was all this complex, magical stuff and visions (obviously) and fascinating pasts to delve into, and then it just kinda resolved itself. I was expecting more effort? I guess? [...]

    17. One of the first m/m books I read. I didn't expect the supernatural element (probably didn't read the blurb properly then - I was a a total novice dealing with amazon or anything else) but I really enjoyed it. I have read the book again since and still found it totally engaging second time round. A few questions could be asked about the whole bleeding issue and I did get lost a bit at one point what was happening in that bathroom at the end - but still - this is an interesting read, and definite [...]

    18. *sigh* I never actually thought this day would come. This is my very first DNF. I tried. I tried for like a month and I still only got 14% through it. I found the beginning confusing and it didn't give me enough information about what was going on to even TRY and capture my interest and make me want to read. It almost felt as though the author didnt want to put the time in to give a proper intro. It could also be that things would get better and make more sense later on but I just can't force my [...]

    19. I was surprisedI thought I wouldn't like it. I knew I was right when I couldn't understand what was going on at the beginning. Then I started to see what was going on and got into the book. Then I couldn't put it down. I was pleasantly surprised. You can't miss a thing or you might get a little lost, it could just be me. It was extremely hot. I'm gonna tell you that much.

    20. I really loved the idea but it was a bit weirdly explained. I had moments when I had no freaking idea what was going on and I had to go back a few pages and reread but in the end I got it and I loved it. The Romanian was great until the last Blaze chapter that was horrible yet it had the best and the strangest smut scene EVER. Great book if you have the time to really understand it.

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