Smolder Russ knew true love existed he d seen it first hand he simply didn t believe it existed for him And then she walked into his life Russ didn t know what had hit him all he knew was that she made him bu

  • Title: Smolder
  • Author: Lacey Weatherford
  • ISBN: 9781310768064
  • Page: 206
  • Format: ebook
  • Russ knew true love existed he d seen it first hand he simply didn t believe it existed for him And then she walked into his life Russ didn t know what had hit him all he knew was that she made him burn.

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    One thought on “Smolder”

    1. I loved the crush series and was really looking forward to Russ's story and I liked some of it but over all it just didn't work as well for me as the others. The parts I really enjoyed were the bits with Dylan and Cami in them. The banter between the 3 of them was funny and enjoyable. I was hooked at the beginning wanting to see how his love story panned out but once something huge comes to light that's where I struggled to enjoy it. I wasn't hating the twist of the story more so how things were [...]

    2. 4 Smitten Stars!Review by Lisa KaneA new book in The Crush series? This is a no brainer 1-click for me! At the end of the last book, Cami and Dylan Wilcox and Russ Weston had just moved to Charleston. They bought a big historic house by the water. Cami and Dylan have the first two floors and Russ is renovating the third floor for himself. Both Russ and Dylan are firefighters and Cami is expecting a baby. They moved to start a new life after suffering the loss of their baby, their dog and their h [...]

    3. WOW - Lacey Weatherford just keeps going and going - and this book is no exception!!!I will advise that since this is the 4th book in the Crush series that you really must must must read the first 3 before you read this one!!! It will make this book make so much more sense to you!!!The main character for this book is Russ Weston. Russ is a very close friend to Hunter and Cami and the last thing that he ever wanted was to be called a hero. That all changes when he is at the Fire Department BBQ at [...]

    4. I gave it 5 stars because I loved the Crush series by Lacey but truth be told I was expecting the book to have a little bit more action given the direction of the other books in the series. A did like it a lot and because I loved Russ I couldn't wait for this book to come out.If you are a Crush fan the book is totally worth reading because it also follows the story of Cami and Dylan after they move into their new home.Enjoy!

    5. I hate to say it, but this book did not work for me. I loved the Crush series with Dylan and Cami, and was looking forward to reading Russ' story, but I just could not get into it. I liked the first half of the book, Russ meeting Evie, becoming friends, and finally falling for her. Then the second half of the book happened with the twist and the events after left a bad taste in my mouth. Although I understood Evie's reasons and Russ wanting to move on when he couldn't be with who he wanted, I ju [...]

    6. Review can also be found on my blog: melissa-reads-books.bI love the first three books in this series so much. It’s crazy how much I love Cami and Dylan/Hunter. But I always had a special place in my heart for Russ. I was always curious to find out more about him, so of course I was SUPER happy to find out about this book!Russ is everything I though he was. And even more. I though it wasn’t possible to love him more. Boy, I was so wrong. He’s such an amazing friend, he’s funny, freaking [...]

    7. Omg love Russ soooo much!!!! When he saved Evie, I just wanted to hug him!! I love him so much!! I loved the relationship between Evie and Russ, I loved the way he didn't care about age or that she was his therapist. I thought it was so funny when Cami was cooking dinner for Evie and Russ and Dylan and she went into labour and Russ said "I can't deliver this baby" and Cami asks why not and he says "because Dylan will chop my parts off if I see you,,wn there"When kory came back after being "dead" [...]

    8. The proverbial third wheel Russ, finally gets his HEA, but it's not without dramaWeve come a long way from reading Crush, to Smitten, Love and then Smolder- I'm sad to see it go, but I was a little bit disappointed how many unanswered questions were left hanging, Kory and Misty anyone? While I liked Russ' smart ass comebacks, I particularly didn't like his duplicity and how fast he moved on, I find the scenes with the OW cringey at best. I get that they're (view spoiler)[ broke up (hide spoiler) [...]

    9. Ох уж ж и бредовая книга, ну просто слов нет. Главное, первые три ничего, а тут… Не буду спойлерить, но Санта-Барбара отдыхает. На одном моменте я правда вслух заорала: «What the ». И с каждой главой кричать хотелось все сильнее и громче. Финал – это просто эпик-фейл. Вот таким полн [...]

    10. Great readif you have not read the previous books in the series stop and read them now. Russ has been through so much and just wanting his little piece of happiness is all he wants. when he finally gets his happiness a big wrench is thrown in the mix by a man named Kory who is back from the dead after a six year absence. read this if you want to know if Russ gets all he deserves

    11. The first part of the book was just so sweet and the banter between the H/H !! The second part not so much. The Misty thing was really upsetting.

    12. 2015 tbr challengeOriginally published on my blog. Sadly, Smolder was definitely the weakest of the series. Even my infinite love for Russ couldn't make me give the book more than three stars. And you've no idea how sad I am for this.Unlike the first three books in the series, Smolder doesn't continue the tale of Cami and Dylan, which I consider fortunate because how much crap can you put one couple through, really?! Ahem. Anyways, this one tell's Russ's story - Cami and Dylan's loyal b [...]

    13. I absolutely love Russ. He was the perfect friend for both Cami and Dylan and I'm glad that a book was made all for him. It was great being able to also know what happened to Cami and Dylan as well after everything that happened in the last book. I really enjoyed the story and the new characters and everything that played out was done so well. Sad the series is over!

    14. The first book is free! Crush on Crush on Nook Book 2 Smitten (Crush Book 2) on Smitten on NookBook 3 LOVE (Crush series Book 3) on LOVE on NookBook 4 Smolder on amazon/Smolder-Crush-BSmolder on Nook

    15. A fantastic ending to a bloody fantastic series!I loved this book. It was not like the other books in this series, and to be honest, I was really glad of that. 'Love' was such a dark book, then the the rest of the series that it was a welcome change to read a book, were there was no mystery, or stalker or anything. This is about Russ, and how he is coping from what happened to him in 'Love'Russ is suffering from PTSD. He is having nightmares about being tied to a char and seeing one of his best [...]

    16. So in the first 3 books of this series you get POV’s from Cami and Dylan’s life and problems, which were very enjoyable. I loved their relationship. And their best friend was Russ, the funny, loyal third wheel of the trio. I loved Russ from the beginning, and I was so excited to get a story about him….And I was sorely disappointed. Her first three books in this series worked so well. I don’t know what happened with this one. You could tell little or no research was done about a lot of th [...]

    17. I've always liked Russ and was happy to see a book of his own was written. The last book in the series wasn't my favorite, so wasn't sure where the author was going to go with this one. I have to admit, a part of me expected the twist, but kind of hoped that it would not develop. Honestly, I was definitely rooting for Russ to meet his match and just wasn't sure if Evie was it. I liked her well enough, but there were times when she just irked me a little. I didn't like to see him hurt and thought [...]

    18. I'm not too sure what exactly to say about his book. I'm actually giving this book 2.5 stars. I can't say I entirely liked the book because most of the time while reading this I was getting really annoyed. especially with Evie. She frustrated the hell out of me. I mean, a woman who can't make up her mind always annoys me.I also thought Evie's reaction to the **SPOILER ALERT**(view spoiler)[rt where Kory makes his unexpected appearance could have been a tad bit better. I thought, she wasn't surpr [...]

    19. I love Russ! So I didn't think it was possible but I love Russ more than Dylan! As a character he always jumped off the page and finally getting to see inside his head was brilliant. He is just a cute and quirky as I thought he would be. Instantly he has more depth than any of the previous characters. His struggles with the nightmares and the residual feelings about the events in the last book felt very consistent and made him well rounded. Evie was also a great character. A minor gripe, As a ps [...]

    20. 4/5 stars Why? I love Russ he is such a good friend anyone can wish upon. How he keeps everything bottled up so he won't worry his friends. I Love how Dylan and Cami are still pretty much in the book, and Omg The Kitchen scene with Cami and Russ! still so much humor in such a moment.I also Loved the scene between Dylan and Russ when they were burried under the building, You can really feel the brotherly love. The reason why I gave it a 4 star has nothing to do with russ but everything to do with [...]

    21. **Spoiler alert** I fell in love with the first three books in the Crush series and this book just didn't live up to those standards. First thing that annoyed me: if a soldier comes home from being held captive for six years he wouldn't just be released two weeks later like nothing had happened. Those soldier's are taken in by doctors and given many different types of test that make sure they are fit enough to withstand living in a normal life and that could take months or years to determine, no [...]

    22. I loved the first 1/2 of the book. love the funny banter with Dylan and Cami :) The beginning of Russ and Evie's story was great and then the twist comes in. Koby is alive. I understand Evie's confusion but it was all just too fast for me.d then Russ moves on with Misty and they now love each other - But I guess you can say he loved her but was not in love with her. could he be! I think the second half of the book should have been longer. There needed to be more with Evie and Russ getting back t [...]

    23. This is the final installment in the Crush series by Lacey Weatherford. I was so excited to hear that Russ was getting his own book. He is such a great character - brave, loyal, selfless, ruggedly handsome - that you can't help but root for him and wish him a happy ending. Poor guy is the epitome of "nice guys finish last," which is crazy, because if he was real, I would be all over him in a heartbeat!Just like the other books in the series, which center around Russ's friends Dylan and Cami, thi [...]

    24. Another 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. I fell in love with the characters of Cami and Dylan in Ms. Weatherford's original book in this series, "Crush." This book, featuring friend Russ, was certainly not up to that original book. The best parts were revisiting Cami and Dylan and see them finally finding the happiness they deserved (and there were a lot of those moments).Russ's story seemed a little tired and clichéd. Russ was a fireman along with Dylan and fell in love with a psychologist he rescue [...]

    25. I love this series. I love Cami and Dylan. And most ov all I love Russ. Ive been looking forward to his story ever since Ive finished the other books and well I still cant believe everything went very fast, and Id been reading just as fast that I already am on the last page and just had to sigh deeply.Idk if Im allowed to say this but Im rooting for Misty. Really. That twist was weird but strangely I like it. The ending was abrupt that I cant seem to put my head that it has happened. Apart from [...]

    26. 5 stars!!!! I loved it! In a normal circumstance, whatever happened between Russ and Evie was actually very fast. But just look at Russ' face! Even he knows there's a connection between them - it may just be physical at first, but she admitted herself that from the long years of celibacy the thing with Russ did something with her hormones. The timing was just perfect at the beginning! What if she chose Russ and entirely ditched Kory would the plot have gone better for the two? I don't think so. [...]

    27. I have been waiting for what feels like a very time for Russ's book and he did NOT disappoint. As always he brings his charm and humor. The book was hilarious and I could NOT put it down. It was so nice to see everyone happy and getting there, especially from book 3. It was nice to see Russ get his HEA.But then her ex she thought was dead came back and everything change. And then Russ moved on and Kory left about a kick in the balls lol. And she finds out she is pregnant with Russ's ba [...]

    28. I should give this book 2 stars because I really don't think that there's any real chemistry between Russ and Evie. They are so in love with one another but I just really can't see the love, all I see is just strong physical attraction between those two. Not to mention a lot of things a rushed, too much. However, I really really love Russ. He's just so funny and charming. Not to mention there's quite a lot of Dylan and Cami in there! So there, 3 stars. Although I gotta have to admit that in ever [...]

    29. Russ' book. Yay!!!Both of them, Russ and Evie have tragedies in their pasts. We already know Russ' ones because they happened in the previous books. In fact, something bad has happened to Russ in every book!!Poor guy He is so loyal, so cute, so funny It's difficult not to adore him.Evie's loyalty doesn't let her make the decision she wants. But sometimes, life chooses for you.It made me sad reading this final book cause I really liked this story and all its characters.

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