Damaged like Us

Damaged like Us Don t date your bodyguard It was the one rule he had to break Maximoff Hale is a force of nature A ship unwilling to be steered Headstrong resilient and wholly responsible the twenty two year old al

  • Title: Damaged like Us
  • Author: Krista Ritchie Becca Ritchie
  • ISBN: 9780997633627
  • Page: 102
  • Format: ebook
  • Don t date your bodyguard It was the one rule he had to break.Maximoff Hale is a force of nature A ship unwilling to be steered Headstrong, resilient, and wholly responsible the twenty two year old alpha billionaire can handle his unconventional life By noon, lunch can turn into a mob of screaming fans By two, his face is all over the internet Born into one of theDon t date your bodyguard.It was the one rule he had to break.Maximoff Hale is a force of nature A ship unwilling to be steered Headstrong, resilient, and wholly responsible the twenty two year old alpha billionaire can handle his unconventional life By noon, lunch can turn into a mob of screaming fans By two, his face is all over the internet Born into one of the most famous families in the country, his celebrity status began at birth He is certified American royalty When he s assigned a new 24 7 bodyguard, he comes face to face with the worst case scenario being attached to the tattooed, MMA trained, Yale graduate who s known for going rogue in the security team and who fills 1 3 of Maximoff s sexual fantasies Twenty seven year old Farrow Keene has one job protect Maximoff Hale Flirting, dating, and hot sex falls far, far out of the boundary of his bodyguard duties and into termination territory But when feelings surface, protecting the sexy as sin, stubborn celebrity becomes increasingly complicated Together, boundaries blur, and being exposed could mean catastrophic consequences for both.The Like Us series is a true series, one continuous timeline, that follows a family of wealthy celebrities and the people that protect them Damaged Like Us can be read and enjoyed without reading any of Krista Becca s other novels.

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    1. IT'S LIVE! Happy Reading, everyone!! Krista & I hope you enjoy all the OMFG moments, happy feelings, laugh-out-loud parts, and the heartfelt bonds! You don't need to read any of our previous novels in order to read Damaged Like Us -- it stands on its own as the start to a brand new series about American royalty & the bodyguards sworn to protect them.*** 2017 UPDATE ***The blurb and the release date are here! For all the extra info, check out the details on our blog post. P.S. the Like Us [...]

    2. 5 stars!!! Reading another book with my favorite fictional family in it feels like coming home. Loren and Lily Hale are probably my #1 favorite book couple ever. Damaged Like Us is their son, Maximoff Hale’s, book. This can be read as a stand-alone, but I think for those of us that are huge Addicted fans, it will be even more special! You all know me as Maximoff Hale. CEO of a nonprofit charity, one-time philosophy major, competitive swimmer, son of a sex addict mother and recovering alcoholic [...]

    3. "I want you.Only you." OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on the pink clouds right now. Uhh I’m hot, I’m wet and I definitely need a shower when I get back home. :D This book was super funny and sexy and I need more Moffy & Farrow!!!! I just can’t get enough of these two. Ahh they were so hot together and don’t even get me started with the sex scenes. Ahhh their chemistry were of the charts and this book literally wet my panties!!! LOL :PAnd while I wait next book, I need more [...]

    4. DNF @ 50%If I'm bored and frustrated halfway through, it's time to call it quits.I loathed the narrative style. I don't want to be talked at. It's like the date who won't stop talking about themselves, and you're like, Check, please. Don't TELL me; SHOW ME. Breaking the fourth wall is almost always a no-no in romantic fiction.If I need a freaking Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the secondary characters, there are too many. I tried to read this book as a standalone, and it was an epic fail. I [...]

    5. *brain error recognition**too happy to even properly form words**too emotional I feel like flying above the sky*HOW AM I EVEN GOING TO REVIEW THIS?!?!? *INHALES, EXHALES* okay, okay. Let me try to express my love for this. (WARNING: FAN-GIRLING AND GUSHING IS COMING YOUR WAY)Not to be dramatic, but like, this is the best book ever. Really. This may be my FAVORITE by Krista and Becca Ritchie. I don't think I've ever felt so alive after finishing a book. This was UN-PUT-DOWN-ABLE. I'm talking brin [...]

    6. 4 STARSI broke the unbreakable rule. Don’t fuck your client. Soession time*whispers*This is the first book I've read by these authors.*ducks head in shame*Yes, yes, I'm wearing the cone of shame as I write this, mkay? So quit looking at me with those judgy eyes already. I realize what I've been missing out on and currently kicking my own ass. Cut me some slack here. I have all of their books on my TBR but for some unknown to me reason just never got around to reading them. I can tell you that [...]

    7. _________________ FAMOUS _________________I remember when the twins mentioned creating this series and how excited I was to know I would be able to continue reading about my favorite famous families. The Hales, Meadows, and Cobalts, from the Addicted series, are now parents with their children are growing up in the limelight. Some of the kids are now young adults and the world wants a piece of them. _________________MOFFY_________________Moffy is Lily & Lo's 22-year-old son. He lives with hi [...]

    8. 4 stars! “Dear World, stop fucking with me. Sincerely, an agitated human.”Maximoff Hale is the son of reality television star royalty. His entire life, he has known nothing but the spotlight, the constant nagging of the paparazzi, and has always had a body guard. But when his guard retires, Moffy is faced with having to spend his days with a new guard. He’s even more shocked when that new bodyguard ends up being his childhood crush, Farrow Keene. Farrow is five years older than Moffy, and [...]

    9. OMGGG!!!!! New series from Krista & Becca Ritchie!!Spin-off of the amazing Addicted series!!! The Like Us series is about a group of twenty-somethings raised in the public eye, with no control over their labels or how people perceive them. With a strong focus on family, romance, love, and college -- you'll witness three people tied by blood navigate life. Only difference between them and you: they're doing it all underneath the brightest, hottest -- sometimes unbearable -- spotlight.*** I hi [...]

    10. I am a huge fan of these authors. Like screaming fangirling huge !!So imagine how I felt when I found out that my favorite authors didn't only write a spin-off of one of my favorite series.but they also made it an MM one !!!That's right !! This is Moffy's (Maximoff) story and we get us some man on man action <3Now first things first The authors say that this story can be read as a stand-alone and I agreert off. If you haven't read the "Addicted" and "Calloway" series, you can still read this [...]

    11. DNF 60% in.Kind of sad to drop this one but I just don't think that those people (like me) who haven't read any of the Calloway Sisters series will enjoy it as much as those people who have.There are just too many in-depth descriptions of secondary characters that I have little interest in since I haven't actually read any of their stories. I imagine if you've read Calloway Sisters you'd probably be just fine with this. Personally, I felt a bit lost and most of all, bored.I cared primarily about [...]

    12. 3.75 StarsSurprisingly I enjoyed this book! I said surprisingly because it hadn't a real/strong plot! It’s more about Maximoff’s siblings and his cousins, their relationships, their problems, and insecurities. But nothing special about Maximoff and Farrow’s relationship! I mean everything between them was simple! They just did their daily routines and enjoyed being with each other. and for the lack of the actual plot, it seems slow! But what can I say?! I was in the mood and enjoyed it! bo [...]

    13. |3.5 stars|Diving into the book I didn't know what to expect. I knew I missed the core six with all my heart but I was also aware this was not about them so separating that from what I really wanted was difficult at first and I found myself wondering when were Lily, Lo and the rest.And while I enjoyed this book a lot, I didn't do it for the main couple. All the characters -The Hales, Meadows, Cobalts and the bodyguards were so damn interesting, I couldn't help but needing more of them and less o [...]

    14. “We're like lightning and thunder, inherently different but alike enough to share the same sky.”Absolute Perfection! I’m so in love with this book. I know I normally say that when I absolutely love a book I just read but it’s the honest truth! All the love! I’m not sure how I’ll be able to wait until October for Book 2. Now forgive me in advance if I go on tangents or have a few rants on this review. This one is truly special to me.It’s not a secret I’m a huge fan of the Addicted [...]

    15. "We're like lightning and thunder, inherently different but alike enough to share the same skyIf there is one thing that Krista and Becca Ritchie were unconditionally made for - It's to write stories that will complete and fill your heart.This book made me fall in love even more with the Hales, Cobalts and Meadows and after finishing the Addicted Series, I didn't even know that was possible. ______________The RomanceFirst things first, Maximoff Hale and Farrow Keene are a ship that I am whole-he [...]

    16. 1.5/5(There are spoilers, but only Addicted spoilers are hidden)Alright let's gooo. 1. The Hale PropagandaReally, I've always had a feeling that despite K&B saying otherwise, the Hales (Lily & Lo) were clearly their favourite. And that's okay, I understand they were the original characters so they probably are more attached to them. But what's not okay is other characters suffering just for their benefit. Throughout Addicted the others (Connor & Rose, Daisy & Ryke) always, ALWAYS [...]

    17. Okay I have 1 question for all of you. WHY IS NOBODY MENTIONING THE INCEST USED AS A PLOT POINT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH Y'ALL?I can't even begin to explain how disgusting this type of thinking is. Especially in a romance that's supposed to add "diversity" (because white cis gays written by white allocishet women are ~super~ revolutionary) to K&B's books. They've both given really weak excuses as to why they do the things they do and I'm honestly done with white mediocrity. Incest should never be [...]

    18. Re-read: 07.11.2017I did enjoyed this re-read, however, I remember why I only gave it 3 stars; it's boring. Meaning, there's little (action) happening. I do still like my boys Maximoff and Farrow, and I'm excited to start book two. I just hope I won't get disappointed, like I did with this one. When things get boring, I start skimming, which I did in this re-read. Not goodNew Rating - 3 stars.⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Some wolf scout loving*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱I actually liked this one. I'm kinda angry w [...]

    19. UPDATE: Audiobook available on Audible!!!***5+++ Stars!!!***OMG! OMG! OMG! THIS BOOK. WAS. INCREDIBLE!!! Krista & Becca Ritchie are my favorite authors of ALL TIME so I was SUPER excited for this book release! I read the entire thing in ONE day! No joke. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.It tells the story of a family of celebrities and how they deal with their fame. The main character, Maximoff, gets a new bodyguard who he's been crushing on since he was sixteen. Of course, the [...]

    20. 4.75 stars ALMOST PERFECT!!!WOW!!! I had no idea how much this book would speak to me. I was sceptic at first. I honestly didn't think that this series could be as awesome as the Calloway Sisters - and luckily I was soooo WRONG!!!Damaged Like Us is the beginning of an EPIC series. There is no better word to call this book and the upcoming novels - it's going to be epic!!!! At the beginning there were only three sisters and their boyfriends, now there are 13 cousins. That could mean 13 future b [...]

    21. The realease date for Lovers Like US is so close that I had to reread this once more before diving into the sequel. I'm so happy I did that because I forgot a lot of small details. I think it goes without saying that this book was just delightful and enchanting all over again! I think I loved it this second time around even more than the first. Farrow and Maximoff have burrowed themselves into my heart. I kind of want to reread this book again. Would that be overkill? ---GURLLLLLLLL! This is def [...]

    22. Get it here: * Barnes & NobleDamaged Like Us was my first read from these authors, but certainly won't be my last. This book had the perfect amount of steaminess and angst to keep me intrigued through every chapter. There wasn't a bunch of drama between Moffy and Farrow, but there was a lot going on in both of their lives that brought all of the angst to the story. I liked both of these characters and their chemistry together was brilliant. I kept waiting for them to just rip each others cl [...]

    23. Disclaimer: This is incredibly long my bad, and I didn't proofread so if something doesn't make sense, again my bad lol ;)I fangirled like CRAZY when I found out this spin-off series (which can be read separately from the Addicted/Calloway books) was happening!! This shouldn't be too surprising since I'm OBSESSED with these authors and everything they write!!!! But I was beyond excited for Moffy and Farrow's story!Truthfully, I wasn't sure what to expect from this. I assumed it was going to be e [...]

    24. DNF @39%It's been 3 years since I read the Calloway Sisters series and I absolutely loved it! So, it's with a heavy feeling in my heart that I am throwing the towel in here.Damaged Like Us tell us the story of Maximoff Hale, Lili's son.Sadly, the OTT celebrity lifestyle was boring me to death. Besides, romance wise, almost nothing has happened so far. Not to mention the almost Doc/bodyguard, a hard pill to swallow.I can't help asking myself: have I changed so much in the last three years or was [...]

    25. Krista and Becca make a perfect introduction to a new series with a great story.First I wanna clear some things for MM readers before I get deeper into the plot.-This book and book 2 are going to be focused on Maximoff and Farrow, but there's no cliffhanger in their story, stuff happens around them that they have to deal with but their romance is solid. -sex was done perfectly, it was the perfect amount of scenes, the scenes were definitely hot. These guys were super hot for each other but Krist [...]

    26. Ok kids, buckle up I have a lot to say. Let me start this review by saying this book was by far one of my most anticipated releases of this year, I have been waiting for this for a YEAR, stalking the pinterest boards, the whole nine yards. And finally having read it, this was nd of a mess.Let me begin with the positives:1) Most of the kids and the minimal family dynamics we got (BITCH WHY WASN'T THERE MORE.)2) Jane Cobalt remains one of my faves and deserves the world3) Charlie Cobalt is the lov [...]

    27. Damaged Like Us is the perfect first book in the new Like Us series. I had very high expectations and Krista and Becca met all of them with this book. With many new series, there often is a huge amount of information being thrown around in the first book (which can be confusing at times). However, I was really happy with the way the authors handled everything. There are many new characters, but they were introduced in a very smooth way. Right from the beginning I was looking forward to catching [...]

    28. 3.5 starsLet me start by saying that this was nothing like I thought it would be. I had like 10 different theories about what was going to happen and who certain characters were going to end up with and I only one came true. So much about this book surprised me (in the best way possible!). This was such a solid start to the Like Us series. Krista and Becca managed to make me fall in love with every single character. I really hope this series ends up being more than 3 books because we need books [...]

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