Nudge New York advertising executive and lifelong atheist Sarah Sheppard is highly successful in line for a partnership and feeling on top of the world When she s visited by a mysterious client who offers

  • Title: Nudge
  • Author: Sandra Moran
  • ISBN: 9781939562548
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York advertising executive and lifelong atheist Sarah Sheppard is highly successful, in line for a partnership, and feeling on top of the world When she s visited by a mysterious client who offers her a job to write and market a comprehensive addition to the world s religious texts, she thinks it s an elaborate joke and turns him down But God works in mysterious waysNew York advertising executive and lifelong atheist Sarah Sheppard is highly successful, in line for a partnership, and feeling on top of the world When she s visited by a mysterious client who offers her a job to write and market a comprehensive addition to the world s religious texts, she thinks it s an elaborate joke and turns him down But God works in mysterious ways and she quickly finds she has no choice but to take the assignment Isolated at a remote estate in upstate New York, Sarah joins a group of scholars and theologians to compile The Addendum, but soon discovers that nothing and no one are what they appear to be As questions than answers mount up, Sarah has to decide whether to deny her natural skepticism or embrace that illusive idea of faith before she s nudged onto a path of no return.

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    One thought on “Nudge”

    1. This book really is amazing. The quality of the research alone is outstanding. I've always been interested in different religions and this book explored the context and reasoning behind the development of a number of ideologies. Nudge deserves a wider audience and I hope a mainstream publisher will pick it up.

    2. This is not a lesfic romance. The premise is intriguing. The execution is good except for too many detailed discussions about religions and religious figures. I am biased here because I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters about Joan of Arc and Rebecca Nurse but not the other historical figures. :) My rating is based on the fact that I was expecting a lesfic romance, not a dry historical treatise in between elements of intrigue. Other readers may like it better.3.5 stars.

    3. Sarah Sheppard is a highly successful marketing executive on the brink of achieving her goal of Partner at a high profile New York agency. An unexpected appointment with a strange middle-eastern looking gentleman throws her world into a tailspin when he asks her to leave her job, on the brink of her promotion, to work for his `employer'. The task - to edit an `Addendum' to the religious texts of the world and then lead the marketing team to spread the word.The combination of being an atheist and [...]

    4. Title: NudgeAuthor: Sandra MoranSome books make you think. Some books you have to put down for a few days before you can review them just for that reason. Nudge was one of those. Sandra Moran is a GCLS winner for her amazing book Letters Never Sent. The woman can write. I fell in love with that story and when Nudge came available for review I was thrilled. This book is a different kind of tale completely but still one that resonates in my mind.Nudge is the story of the least likely religious per [...]

    5. I thought this was an interesting premise. I found the historical references both incredibly interesting but at times a little too much. This was the reason for the 4 stars. I think I would have liked a little more interpersonal focus and character development and a tad bit less of the history portion. But absolutely a GREAT read! I found it quite thought provoking. Definitely not a romance!

    6. This was a fantastic book and I know it is one I will read again in the future - I think it could be like the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis; each time you read it you take away a little something more!By the time I reached page 5 I had laughed, scoffed and felt amazement at what this story was going to shape up to be - and that continued all the way through to the final words on the last page. This book totally had me on my toes and guessing with the turn of every page! I read the book in two [...]

    7. Suppose you're an atheist with a successful career in advertising and a mysterious new client makes you the proverbial "offer you can't refuse." Not long after that you find yourself on the speakerphone with--well, let's call the supreme being Infinity. That is the beginning of Sarah Sheppard's story in Nudge. But wait--there's more. Much more. And you will know some of it before Sarah does. But I'm not going to spoil it for you. I loved this book. I thought it was smart and funny, and that Sand [...]

    8. Author Sandra Moran really did her homework for this story and gave a "NUDGE" to conventional thinking/beliefs of mainstream religion in a captivating storyline.The plot was thought-provoking, the prose well-crafted. The characters are thoroughly developed and believable. The many layers found in this book is truly an unexpected pleasure and worth the investment of time and money. I will definitely be returning to this book to re-read it.As with any good book, the only problem now is finding the [...]

    9. As a former history teacher, I loved this book. I totally agreed with the sentiment that anyone would jump at the chance for an all-expenses-paid trip to study history with no other obligations! This book also contained a good dose of philosophy and the opportunity to think through new ways of considering old questions.

    10. Great historical references. I actually learned a lot, never realized how little I knew about some of the eras. Was hoping for some romance, but enjoyed the book even without a love story. Or more specifically an intimate love story, cause there is a love story of sorts. You'll have to read this book to see what I mean.

    11. This review is long overdue.  I read Nudge (Bedazzled Ink) by Sandra Moran right after it was released.  I sat down then to write a review, but I couldn't.  Too much was stirring in my mind.  So, I started to read it again.  I read it gradually the second time.  It kept me company while I was going through acupuncture therapy for my back.  The doctor and the assistants would ask me what I was reading and I was very happy to tell them all about it. I've recommended it to anyone who will li [...]

    12. Nudge is book that leaves you speechless.The amount of research and facts given considering its fiction is fabulous.The story starts when an Advertising Executive was visited by a God's (Infinity) representative to ask this Atheist Advertising woman to quit her job because she is needed for a special task. Infinity wants to write an Addendum to all Sacred Books to put it up to date with the modern realities using all the technology available. For that purpose she will meet with Infinity to hear [...]

    13. NUDGE, Sandra Moran's second published novel, is an insightful, intelligent, and respectful foray into the all encompassing world that is Religion. The fictional journey of character Sarah Sheppard takes the reader through real world historical, theological and archeological writings, all the while weaving a story so phenomenal, so masterful that when the last page is read, the reader is left breathless and wondering "could this be true?"Whether you are atheist, agnostic or a practitioner of any [...]

    14. Sandra Moran hit this one out of the park. She must've done an amazing amount of research on world religions and religious leaders from the past. It could've been a dry treatise on rethinking our own religious views and widening how we think about God. But this is Moran. It's funny and thoughtful and insightful at the same time. For instance, in the beginning, God sends his aide to the main character and offers her a job. She turns it down, thinking the guy is a nutcase. She finds out later that [...]

    15. I started reading this book without any expectations beyond what I understood from the synopsis, and it surpassed anything I could have imagined from Moran. This is a content heavy book which has a very interesting take on the religions of the world and how they could have come to be. This book resonates very much with my outlook towards religion and is entirely quite believable, had it not been fictional but marketed by a real life Sarah Sheppard.Definitely a 5-star read.

    16. I stumbled upon this book recently. It was so unbelievably interesting to read. I love the way that past history was disclosed and viewed through a different lens. It left me thinking – sometimes wondering, angry, or interested, but most importantly it left me thinking after I had finished it which is why I gave it 5 stars.

    17. Couldn't put it downLoved the characters and suspense throughout. I couldn't put the book down! Ms. Moran created a beautifully played mystery that even sparked me wanting to learn more about Joan of Ark. Well written.

    18. Sandra Moran must be some kind of genius!! "Nudge" had me sitting with my mouth open so many times I lost count. Anyone with any interest in world religions and the development of culture should read this And it's not any "heavy" reading, just the opposite!Can't wait to read "Addendum"!!

    19. Ambitious and intriguing idea, but works better as a suspense novel than a theological treatise.

    20. This is a wonderful read. Sandra does an excellent job of hooking you immediately and then reeling you in. I highly recommend.

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