Criminal Gold

Criminal Gold Midnight New York Harbor Cantor Gold dapper dyke about town smuggler of fine art waits in her boat under the Brooklyn Bridge for racketeer Gregory Ortine In the shadow of the bridge he ll t

  • Title: Criminal Gold
  • Author: Ann Aptaker
  • ISBN: 9781626392168
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midnight, New York Harbor, 1949 Cantor Gold, dapper dyke about town, smuggler of fine art, waits in her boat under the Brooklyn Bridge for racketeer Gregory Ortine In the shadow of the bridge, he ll toss Cantor a satchel of cash, and she ll toss him a pouch containing a priceless jewel But the plan, and the jewel, sink when a woman in a red sequined dress drops from theMidnight, New York Harbor, 1949 Cantor Gold, dapper dyke about town, smuggler of fine art, waits in her boat under the Brooklyn Bridge for racketeer Gregory Ortine In the shadow of the bridge, he ll toss Cantor a satchel of cash, and she ll toss him a pouch containing a priceless jewel But the plan, and the jewel, sink when a woman in a red sequined dress drops from the bridge and slams onto Cantor s boat She is Opal Shaw, Society Page darling and fianc e of murder for hire kingpin Sig Loreale Through a night of danger, desire, and double cross, Cantor must satisfy Loreale s vengeance, stay ahead of an angry Ortine, and untangle the knots of murder tightening around Opal s best friend and keeper of her dirty secrets, Celeste Copley, a seductress who excites Cantor s passion but snares her in a labyrinth of lies The lies explode in a collision of love, loyalty, lust and death.

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    One thought on “Criminal Gold”

    1. 3 1/2 Stars. I would consider this a noir crime/mystery book. While I remember reading a noir private eye type book, I've never read anything in lesfic, like this. I am always up for reading something different, so I was excited about this. While I did enjoy this, I was hoping for a little bit more.The story is about Cantor Gold, an art smuggler, in 1949 New York. When Cantor finds herself the witness to the death of a major gangsters fiance, her life is about to get much harder.This story is to [...]

    2. This is an interesting take on crime fiction. I've never tried noir before so this book is a welcome intro to this style. Think black and white 1950s gangster movies--that would be the closest visual approximation of this book.The blurb gives a pretty good description of Cantor Gold, the main character and narrator. She's quite an interesting character --morally ambiguous, tough but with a soft spot for ladies and underdogs, loyal to a fault, and quite the trouble magnet. She's managed to carve [...]

    3. I really liked Criminal Gold. Author Ann Aptaker perfectly captures the right late 40’s flavor with this historical crime-noir. It’s all there, the dapper dyke art smuggler, the beautiful gangster moll, the deadly mobster kingpin, his two-timing lieutenant, the tragically murdered fiancée, a crooked police force. It all plays out on the dark streets of New York City in a fast plot that doesn’t leave you any time to breathe.It’s murder and suspense done the right way. The tone is classy [...]

    4. I'm a little torn on the rating for this book but, ultimately, I really enjoyed the language and the plot. I never felt the chemistry between Cantor and Celeste and that hurt my enjoyment of the overall book. I just couldn't get past (view spoiler)[the way that Cantor acted with and thought about Celeste after only a few hours when it's pretty clearly stated that Celeste is a liar, a user, and straight (hide spoiler)]But the ending was pretty damn good! And I did really like the language and the [...]

    5. This story starts a month before my actual birth monthMarch 1949. That certainly put me even more in the mood for this astoundingly delightful *tangy variety of historical crime fiction* as stated in Ms. Aptaker's author bio. Additionally I found myself even more on track since I was not only linked by the date but the setting. New York City is my birth place! This book is much more than tangy, it is palpably edgy, filled with rich period characters, an amazingly intense scenario taking place in [...]

    6. Noir. Her story.Criminal Gold. Wow. A peek in to New York 1949, as told by Cantor Gold, a delicious and dangerous woman. Cantor is minding her own business, on her boat waiting to exchange a brooch for a ton of cash. then Opal Shaw crashes the party. Literally. Cantor is tasked with finding Opal's killer. weaving her way through the criminal underworld, falling for a femme fatale, finding out that you can't trust anyone with your heart or your secrets. A compelling read, giving a glimpse of what [...]

    7. Murder, suspense, gangsters and forbidden love. I love this era set in the late 40’s everything seemed classy. Ann Aptaker does an outstand job in describing the setting, the characters, even the lingo of the time ear. Cantor, the main character finds herself in the middle of a murder. To even put more twist and turns into the story. She finds herself fatally attracted to a very beautiful woman. This book has everything one would expect from the 1940’s murder, gangsters, forbidden love and a [...]

    8. Again I am terrible at reviews so please don't decided on this book based on what I say. I liked this book. I thought the character Cantor Gold was pretty interesting and I wish there was more spent on her, her daily life, her childhood, her missing love ect. I felt the idea of the problem Cantor found herself in was good but was lacking in the sense that there wasn't much the reader couldn't figure out. The ending is abrupt and there will most likely be a sequel which I will definitely read bec [...]

    9. Excellent portrayal of the time period-- 1949 and life in the world of crime with a fascinating-- follow-her-own-code lead female character. It's fast paced with lots of action, betrayals, twists and I never knew what was going to happen next. And the language is very evocative of the time period. Very colorful and descriptive. Definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves noir/mystery.

    10. This was a little out of my comfort zone, so if you already know you like this genre probably just ignore this entire review. I think I imagine that I like noir, but in practice I just can't take it seriously. I felt like I kept getting pulled out of the story because it felt so manufactured and stage-y, and as such I also never really got invested in the characters. But again, that is a criticism of noir fiction as a whole I think, not this book in particular- the prose was really well crafted, [...]

    11. I liked this book. A different read than the usual lesfic books I have come across. I also loved that the main character is a butch woman! There is crime, a hot lady lead, and action to be found here. One star was deducted due to love interest issues I had - leading on one lady, hoping to hookup with another ( a lying murderer, btw) and still being hooked on another. Overall good book.

    12. FiveStarsA truly riveting novel. So atmospheric and so well described you could almost see and even smell the scenes as they emerge before your eyes. Very dark and brooding in places you were certainly taken back to the horrors and lawlessness of the post war 1940's. The graphic opening pages made you fully sympathise and concur with the actions of "Gold" and what she stands for and tries to achieve. This certainly differs from other novels in the way you want Gold to succeed, what ever the cost [...]

    13. This was a lovely lesbian noir novel. Our heroine wasn't a detective but a dealer in expensive stolen antiquities who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and was forced into finding the killer of a mobsters girlfriend. The book was very tightly paced with one scene leading quickly into another. What made this extra great was how much background everyone had. Nearly all the characters had known each other for years, and you felt like you'd been dropped in the middle of what was a very r [...]

    14. Excellent read!!!The book starts slowly allowing the mind of the reader to slip into the period. The author then begins weaving a web of crime and intrigue as the heroine finds herself in one impossible situation after another in her attempts to save the day and the lives of two beautiful women. The slang and setting are the spices and seasonings the author uses to make this story so delectable. I want sure I would like this book when I started reading but I now I can't wait to read more from th [...]

    15. Criminal Gold is a delectable crime drama that grabs the reader and draws them into every twist and turn of the story from the opening line.Ann writing paints such vivid pictures her readers can easily visualize the scene before them much like serial radio of yesteryear.This would be an astounding audible book.I absolutely LOVED this authors debut novel.

    16. This is the first in a series about the dapper dyke art smuggler Cantor Gold by Ann Aptaker. The author's art background bolsters rather than intrudes on the ambiance of this hard-boiled mystery set in post-war New York City. Highly recommended.

    17. This was an excellent read. The local and historical flavour was incredibly well presented and the protagonist was someone who immediately got under my skin. I highly recommend it.

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