For the Love of Cake

For the Love of Cake Maya Vaughn the hottest young pastry chef to emerge from the reality television machine enjoys spending time with men and women alike When she takes a turn as a judge on the very show that launched

  • Title: For the Love of Cake
  • Author: Erin Dutton
  • ISBN: 9781626392410
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maya Vaughn, the hottest young pastry chef to emerge from the reality television machine, enjoys spending time with men and women alike When she takes a turn as a judge on the very show that launched her career, she expects to find a nice change of scenery and a little diversion.A late bloomer at forty two years old, Shannon Hayes is finally on the precipice of achievingMaya Vaughn, the hottest young pastry chef to emerge from the reality television machine, enjoys spending time with men and women alike When she takes a turn as a judge on the very show that launched her career, she expects to find a nice change of scenery and a little diversion.A late bloomer at forty two years old, Shannon Hayes is finally on the precipice of achieving her dreams She has one shot to prove she can compete with chefs half her age with much experience Engaging in a fling with a judge fourteen years her junior would almost certainly kill that chance.

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    One thought on “For the Love of Cake”

    1. This is a romance between two women with more differences than similarities, set against the backdrop of a reality TV contest.The two ladies are literally worlds apart: a significant age gap, different lifestyles, New Yorker vs Nashville-an, brash vs. conservative, etc, etc. Add to that the constant glare of cameras, the unwanted attention of paparazzis, and the player reputation of one of the women, and these two have got very tall odds stacked against them having anything more than a casual fl [...]

    2. This is my first Erin Dutton novel. She has an easy fluid writing style I enjoyed reading. The blurb for this novel sounded interesting and intriguing. A bisexual chef and notorious player meets a forty-something single mom on a reality cooking show. Sparks fly in spite of their difference in age, personalities and backgrounds. Their relationship builds slowly as they deal with trust issues and the confining rules of the reality show. Can these two women set aside their differences and make some [...]

    3. Some of my favourite TV shows are My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef. So, when I came across this book which is a romance story that is set in a cake competition reality show can't ask for more!

    4. A somewhat okay read, the characters are fairly well written with distinct pasts and personalities, and the story flow is mostly fluid (apart from the odd foray into the lives of two characters from a previous book that I'm afraid I could have done without). The reason I'm not giving it more stars has to do with my own personal tastes I suppose, as the book is certainly not bad. I think I was expecting a slightly different book given the promising setting/situation, and the history of both main [...]

    5. Another great romance from Erin Dutton. It didn't make me hungry for cake, but wouldn't mind tasting a chef or two.

    6. I nearly died when I saw this book. I'm a big fan of this type of reality show and For the Love of Cake pressed all the right buttons:Younger woman/older woman Good supporting characters The hottest pastry chef ever Speaking of which, I have a major crush on Maya and I’m not even sorry. With those tattoos and platinum blonde hair, all she needs to do to win your heart is to raise a pierced brow. ;) Seriously, imo, she’s the perfect combination of Ruby Rose and Anne-Marie! *swoon*Ruby RoseAnn [...]

    7. 3.5 stars.Dutton has written a lot of lesbian romances, and this is evident in the characterisation and the interplay between the two main characters.Maya Vaughn is a hot, young pastry chef who started her career by winning a TV cooking competition. To spice up the flagging ratings, the producers bring her back as a judge and hope that her off-screen antics will make it into the press. One of the new competitors on the show is a forty-two year old soccer-mum type, Shannon Hayes, who works as a p [...]

    8. This is a solid romance novel with two very different main characters. Erin Dutton masters these type of stories.

    9. I liked this but didn't love it. Maybe this was due to me not being a fan of reality TV because of how fake it is, and I felt that the book spent way too much time on the show aspect. I think it would have been more interesting if the show had been the first half and then concentrated on how Maya and Shannon made things work after that. I also could not get past how unprofessional they both were. A mentor having a relationship with a contestant is a huge conflict of interest and I couldn't get b [...]

    10. I really enjoyed it, I've watched my share of cooking and baking competitions and it was interesting reading about it,

    11. I’m not sure I can say anything nice about this book. It was definitely not what I was expecting and so many times I wanted to put it down, but I still haven’t gotten comfortable with putting books down. You never know how they might finish! It could be a case of unreliable narrator and the biggest plot twist is coming up!Unfortunately that wasn’t the case here. What you saw was what you got: boring, generic. This book could have been a fluffy “melt in your mouth” treat. Instead it’s [...]

    12. Also posted on my blog here.Right off the bat, I should probably tell you that I am a huge fan of reality cooking competitions. I love Top Chef and Chopped and every cooking competition in between. So when I heard that there was a book about queer ladies set in a cooking competition, I was immediately sold. Erin Dutton’s For the Love of Cake filled a void in my life that hadn’t even been aware existed.Shannon, a forty-something and soon-to-be grandma, struggled much of her life. But she’s [...]

    13. For a book with cake in the title, I really wanted more of it in the story! In the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book, Dutton thanked a pastry chef for allowing her into the kitchen for research, but I can't imagine this book needed a ton of culinary research to pull off. Maybe I'm just spoiled by more literary kitchen-set books like Crescent or even indie romances like The Second Mango where food is described in loving detail, making all our mouths water, but For the Love of Cake just [...]

    14. So when I found this book I thought it was made for me. It was like the author took everything I liked (a cooking competition, romance, age difference, the works) and made it into a book. So naturally I devoured the book in four days time. It was worth it. The characters were believable, the romance spot on, and the competition exciting. What makes the book just short of five stars is I just wish I had more. The ending felt rushed and in the end the book focused more on the romance than the comp [...]

    15. Got an advance copy form netgalley for an honest review.This was a sweet story and I'm glad it included characters from A Place to Rest. Maya is such an interesting person, tattoos and all. To be a judge is hard but to be one on a reality TV show, I would guess is harder. She pulls it off splendidly besides the fact that she attracts feelings for on of the contestants. Shannon is so adorable and her reaction to seeing Maya up close and being around her is just awesome. She has been drooling over [...]

    16. Maya is a hot young bisexual pastry chef dripping with sexy appeal. Shannon is a divorced single mother who is finally working toward her dreams. Both are drawn to each other on the set of a reality TV show, Shannon as the competitor and Maya as her mentor. Good sexual tension.Sex scenes: yesHappy ending: yesFor the Love of Cake is a quick enjoyable read. The ending wraps up pretty quickly, and I wish something would have been drawn out a little more.(received a copy from the publisher)

    17. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author. This book has been provided by the author with no expectations and that in no way influences my review.

    18. This book was really sweet and really fun! Maya and Shannon were lovely characters and their romance was the perfect amount of push and pull. I liked that the author didn't get all bogged down in the details of the reality show. She gave us just enough of a look into the important challenges but not every single challenge was shown. There were some great little twists and lovely surprises that made this book not just another romance. And the cakel that cake!

    19. So I rated 2 stars because this book was only one that I "read"; there wasn't any emotional involvement for me. It didn't pull my heart strings so to speak, there was just enough angst to keep me reading, but not enough to make this a memorable book. It is one of those I read it things and don't ask me what happened as I no longer remember.

    20. Sweet story well written. From the title I almost passed up on it thinking it sounded more like something my wife would read, glad I read it. Will be looking for more of Erin Dutton's books for a fun light read.

    21. Lovely company for my commute. Likeable, relatable characters. Ending too sudden, and why Sawyer and Jori didn't get another scene towards the end I don't know since they got so much space throughout the book.

    22. Picked this off the Choice Reads shelves at our local library. The title grabbed me but the book was so, so.

    23. For the Love of Cake by Erin Dutton: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    24. I really liked this book. We spent an enjoyable Sunday together. It's a sweet romance with a lot of build-up and a happy ending. Just the way I like em :).

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