A Gift to Remember

A Gift to Remember Discover the magic of Melissa Hill this Christmas Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore on Manhattan s Upper West Side A dreamer who secretly wishes for true love similar to that in her beloved nove

  • Title: A Gift to Remember
  • Author: Melissa Hill
  • ISBN: 9781250058621
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Discover the magic of Melissa Hill this Christmas Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore on Manhattan s Upper West Side A dreamer who secretly wishes for true love similar to that in her beloved novels, Darcy refuses to settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the perfect man.One day, when cycling to work, Darcy accidentally crashes into a sharply dreDiscover the magic of Melissa Hill this Christmas Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore on Manhattan s Upper West Side A dreamer who secretly wishes for true love similar to that in her beloved novels, Darcy refuses to settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the perfect man.One day, when cycling to work, Darcy accidentally crashes into a sharply dressed man walking his dog He is knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital, but his dog gets left behind Wracked with guilt over the accident, Darcy resolves to care for the dog and reunite him with his owner But the dog is not the only thing that s been left behind and when she finds a small beautifully wrapped package suspiciously shaped like a book she becomes curious She decides to try and figure out all she can about this man, and make the delivery herself Darcy gradually becomes drawn into his life one that she soon discovers is filled with books, travel, adventure and all the wonderful things she s ever dreamt about It doesn t take long before Darcy builds up a picture of this man s lovely life, and feeling an immediate kinship towards him, tries to make things right.It might be a challenge but doesn t she owe it to him to try But does fantasy match reality And what happens when he finally wakes up Praise for Melissa Hill A gulp in one go page turner Evening Standard Beautifully escapistwith a hint of mystery Marie Claire

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    1. Lijepa priča o dvoje simpatičnih osoba čiji se životi isprepliću na jednan neobičan način u predblagdansko vrijeme :) posebno mi se dopalo to što glavna junakinja radi u knjižari, što svako poglavlje počinje nekim citatom o knjigama i čitanju i što se kroz čitav roman provlače upravo knjige i spominju neka, svima poznata, djela svjetske književnosti :) kao i u Nešto iz Tiffanija, i u ovoj je knjizi rasplet prilično neočekivan :)

    2. A Gift to Remember is a holiday-themed chick lit novel written by author Melissa Hill. This standalone story kept me in the Christmas spirit while offering some humor, mystery, and light romance. I enjoyed meeting a number of characters, and there is a twist that surprised me quite a bit. I loved how descriptive the setting of NYC was- this is a favorite vacation spot of mine and these references instantly transported me there. I also very much enjoyed that each chapter is broken up by a quote a [...]

    3. "Anyone who says that money can't buy happiness has clearly never been inside a bookstore."This book was one of the most delightful and wonderful books I have ever read! I picked it up expecting another sappy holiday romance, but I got so so so much more than I bargained for! It was part romance, part mystery, part love letter to New York City, and part exhuberent praising of all books. Seriously. If you are a person who loved books (which of course you are, you're here on !) than you will appre [...]

    4. This book was impressively bad. Everything was over explained (she said about 50 billion things related to how much she liked books), so many grammar mistakes, and it was set in New York and written from a New Yorker's perspective but the author seemed to be British because of certain ways of spelling and phrases. Not that people can't write about a culture not their own, but in this case it caused disconnect. To top it off, I thought it had a very corny storyline! Perhaps chic lit is just not m [...]

    5. There are sometimes when you read a book and are introduced to a character when you really really wish that you were that person. Darcy Archer is Melissa Hill's wonderfully created heroine and I want her life! Darcy works in Chaucers; an independent bookstore in Manhattan, New York. Darcy loves books, she loves them with a passion and spends most of her life surrounded by them, or immersed in them."Darcy was indeed too fond of books - a condition known as 'bibliolatry'. She always had at least o [...]

    6. This is definitely one of my fav books of the year. The main character works in a book store in Manhattan and the story revolves around love, mystery and how the fictional lives you read about compare to the real world around you. It's all about finding your own perfect story.This story is funny, dramatic, heart-warming and heartbreakingeverything you are looking for with a Christmas vibe, perfect for chilly winter nights. Everything from the characters to the cover to the quotes at the beginnin [...]

    7. I want to try another of Hill's books as she seems to have lots of satisfied readers, but I found this book mediocre at best. Here is the basic plot: lonely bookish woman (Darcy) runs down an attractive man while on her bicycle. He is whisked to the hospital and she is left at the scene with his dog, whom everyone has forgotten. He has amnesia, so she runs around the city of NY piecing together clues about his life and falling in love with him without spending time with him. It just didn't seem [...]

    8. My Review:This is a sweet holiday story very reminiscent of the movie, While You Were Sleeping. In the story, it's Christmastime in NYC. Darcy is a bibliophile who works in a little Indie bookstore and is pretty happy with her life and her bike. She rides to work every day on it. But then she runs into Aidan and his dog and her world is turned upside down. Suddenly she's in charge of the care of a very well-trained, but large Husky dog. She's trying to piece together Aidan's life and why no one [...]

    9. The slow start wasn't promising but later the pace got much better. The story was kind of repetitive (kind of like author's other novel, Something from Tiffany's) but then again (just like SfT) it ended with an interesting twist. I can put its flaws aside because overall this book was charming and festive and fun!

    10. This is why I tend to avoid all these romance books! In the beginning I was fine with Darcy and her adventures, even though the whole setup was very quaint and over-explanatory. Then we got to Aiden's POV and I swear, all my goodwill disappeared. I get that the author is trying to portray him as the good guy, but he constantly says how he's just a humble Irish guy who works hard, how he loves animals, how he's not like everyone else, did I mention how humble and down to earth he says he is, also [...]

    11. Really 4.5 stars. A wonderful read for all who love and believe in the magic of books. Darcy manages a bookstore and for her books have always provided an escape and avenue to other time periods and worlds. But the reality of her life is missing the romance and adventure of the books she reads. When she knocks over Mr. Harris riding her bike to work, her life is forever changed. Mr. Harris can not remember his life or the people in it. Who is Mr. Harris? Darcy is determined to make ammends for p [...]

    12. I liked all the references and the book quotes. I like the characters in the book, and the story line. I liked the mysteries involved , so it wasn't just a typical chick-lit. The female main character Darcy was very likeable at first, but halfway through the book, I felt exasperated with her excessive humility (to the point of self-demeaning. I felt annoyed reading her thoughts process and the self-blamed. At the end of the day, it is still a chick-lit, with a typical dorky-unattractive main cha [...]

    13. Loved it. Reminded me a lot of the film while you were sleeping. Brill rom-com with great characters I would love to see it made into a film. will definitely be reading more by this author.

    14. Melissa Hill is an author whose books I ALWAYS look forward to reading. She’s such a clever author, she’s the Queen of the Plot Twist (copyright me) and to know she was releasing two books in 2013 was utterly amazing! Two chances to read a new Melissa Hill book in one year? Fantastic. I wish she could keep it up and join the other legions of two-books-a-year authors. I’m greedy like that, y’see so when my competition win copy of A Gift To Remember arrived, I nearly died of happiness seei [...]

    15. Thanks to Simon and Schuster UK for approving a review copy via Netgalley.Book lover, Darcy Archer, has the ideal job in a small independent bookstore in Manhattan. For a single girl, in her thirties, who adores classic literature and surrounds herself with books at home and work, she is quite content. Her dreams are set in the world of Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters. She has a tiny apartment, regularly meets us with her aunt, who raised her after her parents death, and enjoys her daily bike [...]

    16. A Gift to Remember is a perfect Christmas read. As a book-lover, I really appreciated the book-mad main character and the air of mystery and intrigue kept me turning pages rapidly.My Recap of A Gift to Remember :Darcy while cycling to work in New York crashes into a pedestrian who loses his memory from the knock. She works hard to solve the mystery of who Mr Harris really is and in trying to work out his life, she may just come to a few realisations about her own too.First Line of A Gift to Reme [...]

    17. Review first posted on my blog: spoonfulofhappyendingsspoDarcy Archer has her dream job working as the manager of a small bookstore in Manhattan, since there is nothing in the world she loves more than books. She might not be as lucky in love as some of her favourite literary heroines, but Darcy continues to believe in happy endings and keeps her fingers crossed for her own. One day when she is cycling through New York in a hurry because she has overslept for work, she crashes into a man who is [...]

    18. I’ve been a fan of Melissa Hill’s books for a while now so I was really looking forward to A Gift To Remember. The cover is absolutely stunning, I think it might be one of my favourite book covers this year.A Gift To Remember is about Darcy, who works in a little bookstore in Manhattan, and she lives through the books she reads, dreaming of being swept of her feet by a handsome charming man. One day on her way to work, Darcy crashes into a man walking his dog, and as the man is knocked out a [...]

    19. First sentence: "Anyone who says that money can't buy happiness has clearly never been inside a bookstore." Seriously, could a book start any better than such a statement?! I don't think so.Darcy, the protagonist of this story, is an absolute book geek working at a bookstore, so this book is full of literary references. I absolutely loved this. You can feel her passion for books while she is daydreaming about her favourite books. During such a daydream she runs over a man on her bike. That man i [...]

    20. A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill is sweet like chocolate! Darcy is a hopeless romantic, who works in a bookstore. She adores books, especially classic romance where she dreams of her perfect hero. A Gift to Remember has a nice chick lit tone. The joy is watching Darcy connect the dots regarding Aiden. When she finds out who he really is, she's in for some shocks. These shocks are nice little twists that when they call come together will make the reader cheer for Darcy.The epilogue is one of th [...]

    21. A Gift to Remember: A Novel is the first book by Melissa Hill that I have read, and I really enjoyed it. Darcy Archer works at The bookstore Chaucer, which is perfect for her since she is like many of us on : she loves books! Aidan Harris is the man she hits with her bicycle one night and this is where the story begins.It really is a sweet novel with a fun mystery. It also mentioned several eateries in NYC that we're going to have to try.

    22. A cute and sweet read. Although it started a little slow, I immediately bonded with Darcy, a real bookworm and daydreamer like me. The unexpected twist at the end was the highlight of the book and I couldn't put it down until I finished. I was happy for the epilogue, as I felt it was needed.Although not as good as my personal favorite from this author (Something from Tiffany's), it was a nice Christmassy read that real bookworms will appreciate.

    23. Loved this book. Ok the ending was slightly predictable but the getting there was anything but. Lovely heart warming story.

    24. I really want to give it one star but that might be unfair. I am sure there is a hallmark Christmas movie already in production.

    25. I finally picked this book up and honestly it didn't disappoint. There were a lot of bookish references since the main character is a bookworm herself. Although, she's mainly focusing on classics but its still great nonetheless. Let me just say that I want her life. She is literally living my dream life. She's a bookworm, would rather work in a bookstore than some other job that can only provide you with salary but none of your interest whatsoever. She also majored in Fine Arts Writing which sou [...]

    26. 3.5⭐️ read. Cheesy, festive, booky read. A little predictable but exactly what you need at Christmas.

    27. I like characters and storyline. Tension is at its peak to the very end. A Gift To Remember is really a gift to remember.

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