Sub-Mariner: Revolution

Sub Mariner Revolution undefined

  • Title: Sub-Mariner: Revolution
  • Author: Matt Chernis Philip Briones Peter Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780785127475
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Unlimited [Science Book] ☆ Sub-Mariner: Revolution - by Matt Chernis Philip Briones Peter Johnson ✓
      297 Matt Chernis Philip Briones Peter Johnson
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Science Book] ☆ Sub-Mariner: Revolution - by Matt Chernis Philip Briones Peter Johnson ✓
      Posted by:Matt Chernis Philip Briones Peter Johnson
      Published :2019-01-14T04:15:24+00:00

    One thought on “Sub-Mariner: Revolution”

    1. * Read as single issues on Marvel Unlimited *This was surprisingly wonderful! I read part of this when I was reading the Civil War event but this was even more insight into what was going on with the Atlanteans at the time. I wasn't expecting Tony to have such a big role and I was pleasantly surprised. This follows Namor's actions after he took Nitro into custody. Tony is tasked with being the liaison between Namor and the US government. Namor is upset with Tony because he sided with Cap during [...]

    2. Really terrific artwork and storyline presented ok this collection. Namor is a highly admirable character and one who I found myself rooting for. His problem solving ability and regal attitude make him a superb character to read about. Fast paced, action packed collection with some awesome appearances by other marvel heroes.

    3. As I might have mentioned before, Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner is my favorite comic book character, so I was very excited to see this graphic novel on the library’s shelves. For those that aren’t familiar with him, in the fictional Marvel Universe, Namor is the proud ruler of a submerged Atlantis (think Yul Brynner’s Ramses from The Ten Commandments) But he’s also half-air breathing human and half-water breathing Atlantean, and thus an outsider to both cultures. He was created in 1939 by [...]

    4. Namor es un ser prepotente con una forma de ser que puede ser desagradable pero esto a su vez hace que este personaje sea mucho más interesante ya que a pesar de las muchas similitudes (en cuanto a algunos de sus poderes, su reino y su raza) con Aquaman, su forma de ser, que lo aleja mucho de ser el típico superhéroe, es lo que lo hace muy diferente al nadador de DC Comics, y no es más que uno lea Namor, Sub-Mariner: Revolución para darse cuenta, no sólo de lo poderoso, sino también de la [...]

    5. This was my first Namor-comic and I really liked it. It takes place shortly after Civil War and tells the story of Namor trying to prevent a war between Atlantis and the surface world, after a group of rogue Atlanteans killed 900 people. In order to find them, Namor seeks help from his former allies, but both Xavier and Susan Richards refuse to help him. So disappointed he decides that it is time for Atlantis to disappear again. It was a really good story, but I hated that no one was willing to [...]

    6. It's a pretty decent story, and Namor is a pretty fun character, but this is pretty workmanlike stuff. Entertaining, but only just. A low-ish three.

    7. For a Marvel throw away limited series, I thought this was really well done. In fact, I thought it was better than Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc.

    8. Saw the ending coming a mile away and while there was a plot to get from A to B it sure seemed padded along the way.Has the Submariner even been interesting aside from his ruthless Golden Age era?

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