Silent Guilt

Silent Guilt There are alternate cover editions for this ISBN here and here Together they re explosive apart they re a wreckWhen Shannon Taylor entered his world Nicholas Lockhart found everything he always wan

  • Title: Silent Guilt
  • Author: N.E. Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780991244430
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are alternate cover editions for this ISBN13 here and here.Together they re explosive apart they re a wreckWhen Shannon Taylor entered his world, Nicholas Lockhart found everything he always wanted, but knew he would never deserve Still, she wanted him, and that he couldn t deny Selfishness prevailed She was the calm to his storm, but they always say that blood iThere are alternate cover editions for this ISBN13 here and here.Together they re explosive apart they re a wreckWhen Shannon Taylor entered his world, Nicholas Lockhart found everything he always wanted, but knew he would never deserve Still, she wanted him, and that he couldn t deny Selfishness prevailed She was the calm to his storm, but they always say that blood is thicker than water, and sometimes that stands in the way of the one a person loves.Every relationship starts on solid ground, but the real test of endurance is when the skeletons are released from their burial grounds, proving that the world is not as big as we think of it to be, and connecting two single souls that were never before allowed to meet Nicholas Lockhart seems to always let his anger get the best of him, causing destruction in the wake of things he feels passionate about Now left with the aftermath of his wrath, he is realizing that he possibly made the biggest mistake of his life, one that isn t so easily reversible Guilt is the one thing that can destroy a soul, especially if left to kindle There is only one way to smother it at the source repentance Will he go after what means the most to him or let them go Nothing stays silent for long, not even guilt.

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    • ☆ Silent Guilt || Ð PDF Read by ↠ N.E. Henderson
      164 N.E. Henderson
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    1. **ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**Title:Silent Guilt Series:Silent #2 Author:N.E. Henderson Release Date: June 3, 2014Rating:2.5 starsCliffhanger:No HEA:(view spoiler)[Yes(hide spoiler)]*This is a spoiler free review*Silent Guilt is the conclusion to Nick and Sharon’s story-book 2 in the Silent Series and the resolution to one seriously intense cliffhanger. I’ve seen some cliffys in my time, but this one may just be the worst (or best, depending on how you look at [...]

    2. Once again, N.E. Henderson has rocked my world. I love this book. The conclusion of Shannon and Nick did not disappoint. Book one ended with a jaw dropping cliffhanger that left us spinning with questions. Well, this book picks up right where book 1 left off and gets straight to the point. I loved Nick. He was seriously a sexy Alpha Male. He has all his love to give and yet he can't help but to be an Ass at times. He knows it and works hard to prove himself worthy of Shannon even with all the gu [...]

    3. I sooooo loved Silent No More and was itching for book two with the way that it ended. I'm so glad this starts off literally right where the first one ended. I was shocked it was in Nicks POV and would've liked it dual but the story was still great. What I didn't like though which caused a star drop was Nicks constant running. Seriously his mind gave me whip lashed he was more all over the place then a female. I thought the ending needed more too and seriously what was up with that tattoo chick [...]

    4. 3 starsI do remember how the first book ended, the guy left her even when she said that she was pregnantat's it, that's the only thing that I do remember!!Little by little, I was able to pick up a few forgotten scenes from the first book, I mean, hell, I even forgot that the main guys from book 1 & 2 are/were male escorts! There's really not much happening and the novel is pretty short

    5. This was a wonderful conclusion to Silent No More, so many secrets came to light and a rollercoaster of a read. Looking forward to reading more from N.E. Henderson!

    6. This is the conclusion of Nick and Shannon's story, but not there end of them in the series. They will make appearances throughout the series!

    7. ** JOSIE'S 5 STAR REVEIW ***If you have not read the first book Silent No More, please do not read this review, it will have spoilers. It is best to read the first book in this series.*I absolutely loved the first book in this series and was not so anxiously waiting for this one to come out. If you read book 1 you know we were left with a hell of a Cliffhanger. Silent Guilt is the conclusion to Nick and Shannon’s story but this time it is told through Nick’s POV. Ok we all know that Nick is [...]

    8. Silent Guilt is the second book from this author and I would highly recommend you read Silent No More first as it gives you the back ground for Nick and Shannon and more of her POV. I found this to be a rather quick read to be honest. It read smoothly and it was pretty clear what was going on. Nick was faced with the woman he loved being hurt once again and revenge on his mind. This created a situation that carried throughout the book in many different ways. I felt at times he was even amazed at [...]

    9. Silent Guilt picks up right where we are left at the end of Silent No More. Definitely a lot of high drama going on here, and you really are going to want to read Silent No More before reading this one. Shannon and Nick are very much in love, but they have found that their lives have a dark connection that threatens their already challenging relationship. Nick struggles with his own demons that tell him he is responsible for some of Shannon's pain and he feels that he will be and for her if he s [...]

    10. I love Nick best friend Jase. Poor guy is suffering. He wants to be married to Nick's sister but she keeps pushing him off. So this is a interesting story of Nick and Shannon. Love nick and all his flaws. Nick has just found out some disturbing things. Things that make him feel like he is worthless and how if 10 yrs ago he made a different decision nothing like what happened had. Guilt takes over. He does something rash and than walks away from Shannon. He doesn't want Shannon to know how bad he [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the first book in this series. Yeah, the characters (especially Nicholas) were over-the-top but it added a lot of drama to the story, which I found entertaining. This book I didn't much care for, even though I did manage to finish it. Where Nicholas was entertaining in book 1 he was just plain annoying in this one. His constant stomping around like a toddler, flying off the hook and not letting anyone explain anything made me keep thinking he needed to be on some serious meds. E [...]

    12. I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. I fell in love with crazy, jealous and over the top Nick in book one. He didn’t disappoint in this book either. Although, at times, I wished he would have listened to an explanation—he wouldn’t be the Nick we came to love if he would have let people explain themselves. Ms. Henderson wrote a great follow-up to Silent No More. I liked seeing Shannon work through her issues and stay strong even when Nick wasn’t always around to be there for her.S [...]

    13. Original post on readingadd/After I read the first book in this series and especially after that ending I wanted to know what was going to happen. Because even if I had a problem with the characters (if you read the review of the first book then you'll know what I mean) the story wasn't bad.I can't say that this novel was better or not but the characters were a little more nice, especially Nick, who is trying to fix the problems that are in his life and he's trying to deal with his past and tryi [...]

    14. Silent Guilt picks up where Silent No More ended. For those who take arms against cliff hangers, have no fear, Silent Guilt wraps Nick and Shannon’s story up. As sad as that made me, I loved taking the journey NE Henderson created. It was impossible not to feel the jumble of emotions which twisted the lives of both Nick and Shannon. They are both extremely passionate people who go after what they want and often act before thinking. Luckily, they have one another to balance their relationship! [...]

    15. This book picked up exactly from when the first one ended. I loved the first book but I've got to be honest and say that I'm hugely disappointed with this second one. My first complaint is that there were so many grammatical errors, way more than the first book which was so very annoying and unnecessary, whatever happened to editing? Secondly I didn't feel the strong sense of guilt that Nick felt, I thought it was way over the top. Thirdly I really felt the relationship between Nick and Shannon [...]

    16. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~Silent Guilt picks up right where Silent No More ends. Nick thought he could never have someone as amazing and wonderful as Shannon, he still feels guilty for things from his past that he has never dealt with. Not only is he dealing with his issues, he eventually finds out that others are hiding things as well and when he finds out, he flips! Nick wants that happily ever after with Shannon but will he ever get i [...]

    17. Secrets were revealed in Silent No More which left Nick absolutely shattered. He felt responsible and he carried the guilt on his shoulders. He felt all events were linked to something that occurred a decade before. In his mind, the only way to protect Shannon from his secrets and the destruction that follows him, is to just let her go. Nick needs to be in control. When control is taken from him, he loses his mind and does stupid things.This book picks up where Silent No More left off, with Shan [...]

    18. There were so many reveals at the end of the Silent No More that I couldn't wait to read this one to see what was going to happen next. I loved Sharon as she is spunky and doesn't hesitate to call Nick out on his mess. Although Nick is one sexy alpha man, he definitely has some serious issues. The one that made me want to shake him really hard was his tendency to react and not get the whole story first which caused much of their problems. Granted he really didn't have that male role model of ang [...]

    19. In this book ALL the mysteries are out of the bag!! (can't tell you, it will spoil it for you. BUT HOLLY COW, YOU ARE GONNA FREAK! MORE THAN ONCE, BECAUSE THERE ARE LIKE A LOT OF SECRETS, DRAMS, AND MYSTERIES TO BE TOLD!!!0 NICHOLAS LOCKHART had a visit from his father advising him of what a tramp Shanon is and he has proof! he gives him the papers to prove it to shannon and allow her to explain; however, he is so upset he can't bare to stay there and leaves for a hotel Shannon tries to tell Nic [...]

    20. Silent Guilt by NE Henderson picks up where Silent No More ends. Nick is walking out of Shannon's door and her life for good. Nick has been miserable without her, but knows she is better off without him. Nick is so stubborn that he didn't even give Shannon a chance to explain the truth. There is something Shannon told him as he was walking out the door that makes him want her more than anything. More than anything Shannon wants Nick back but he has to learn to let go. Just as things between the [...]

    21. This was the perfect conclusion to Nick and Shannon's story! And I have to say right away that I loved that it was in Nick's POV. Yeah I would've loving to see some bits from Shannon's POV but N E done the right thing letting Nick take over. In this book Nick and Shannon's relationship or lack of one is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. The ups and downs will leave you dizzy and gripped to you E-Reader. It takes these guys some time to reach where they get. And it is anything but easy with every [...]

    22. This books pick straight up from the jaw dropping cliffhanger of Book One where Shannon told Nicholas she was pregnant and he left.Silent Guilt is mostly told from Nicholas’ POV and at times I found myself strongly disliking his character, who I fell in love with in Book One. Some of his thoughts were degrading and distant to the one he was in love with and luckily I liked him from Book One so I did continue reading.This book was filled with drama, twists, turns and topsy turvy relationship is [...]

    23. Another AHMazing 5 star read from Miss Henderson ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ah I have literally just finished and wow, I'm feeling so many emotions at this moment.yay for Nick and Shannon absolutely love these two and I am so glad for the HEA! I found this to be a quick, raw emotional read, I had chuckle at some parts and crying at times and shocked too. When I first started reading I didn't realise that this was all in Nicks POV and at first I was disappointed but as soon as I started readin [...]

    24. This one picks up right where Silent No More leaves off. I really loved Silent No More, but this one blew me away!!! It was such an amazing conclusion to Shannon and Nick's story. I fell more and more in love with Nick. Jase and Nikki are pretty awesome in this one too. I think this book hit on every level. It was both sweet and sad at times. And the characters all felt so real. I could totally see hanging out with any of them. I really can't say enough great things about this book. I will not g [...]

    25. Just as wonderful! When I realized that this was going to be told through Nick, I wasn't so sure about it. Silly me for doubting. I actually liked it so much more! It was a rollercoaster for sure. I wanted to punch Nicholas in the gut for the things he did for poor pregnant Shannon. But couldn't help understanding why he kept doing it. And she of course proved she could hold her on. I so totally wish the story would have kept going after the baby was born. I mean we don't even know a name! I'm d [...]

    26. I received these books for an honest review. These books were ones that I wasn't sure how I would like them. From the minute I picked up the first one I FELL IN LOVE. This was the conclusion to Nick and Shanon's story. What I loved about this one was that it was told from Nick's point of view. I love being able to see both points of view. With this one you could just feel the love POURING out of the pages

    27. Loved IT!!! First I liked that the whole book was from Nick's POV. Book 2 did answer alot of questions that I had in the book 1 but also left me kind of hanging - like at the end - what is the tattoo he got on his wrist? Also what is Nikki's story and what was she hiding througout the book? I guess you will answer that in the next book. Overall I loved the story, I loved what happened to Theresa (the biatch!!) and deserved it. Both books were awesome.

    28. Enjoyed this book, glad l got all the answers l needed. Nick did drive me nuts. Always coming to the wrong conclusion about Shannon. I still loved him though. This book kept me captivated from start to finish. Enjoyed Nick's friendship with Jase & his relationship with his sister Nikki. This book is told by Nick. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Well done N.E, can't wait to read Jace & Nikki's book

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