Push Dick's Button

Push Dick s Button Everything many of us know about figure skating we learned from the man who s been called the Voice of Figure Skating Now Dick Button the Emmy Award winning skating commentator famous for his precis

  • Title: Push Dick's Button
  • Author: Dick Button
  • ISBN: 9781494223472
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everything many of us know about figure skating, we learned from the man who s been called the Voice of Figure Skating Now Dick Button, the Emmy Award winning skating commentator famous for his precise, passionate, opinionated rinkside analyses and for his historic career as a two time Olympic gold medalist, five time World Champion, and seven time U.S Champion plus bEverything many of us know about figure skating, we learned from the man who s been called the Voice of Figure Skating Now Dick Button, the Emmy Award winning skating commentator famous for his precise, passionate, opinionated rinkside analyses and for his historic career as a two time Olympic gold medalist, five time World Champion, and seven time U.S Champion plus being the inadvertent inventor of the flying camel, the first to successfully land a double Axel in competition, and the first ever to do a triple jump demystifies this art and sport beloved by millions.In Push Dick s Button, you ll learn about the difference between a Lutz and a Salchow performance highs and lows memorable entrances, exits, and falls including his own costume delights and disasters the new judging rules and nuggets of skating training and history, PLUS stories about Katarina Witt, Peggy Fleming, Johnny Weir, Brian Boitano, Dorothy Hamill, and , including today s champions, such as Evgeni Plushenko, Davis and White, and the latest sensations Droll, dishy, dramatic, and dead on, this book is like a one on one conversation with the man whose unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and love of figure skating have influenced generations.

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    One thought on “Push Dick's Button”

    1. I've been skating for as long as I can remember, and, while I lost my double axel sometime in the early 2000's (double axel, you are a demon mistress, but maybe I'll get you back one of these days), I never lost my love for the sport. Growing up in the skating world, during the height of skating's popularity in the U.S I was fortunate enough to see (and, occasionally, skate with) some incredibly talented skaters. I mean, have you ever watched Michelle Kwan perform an artistic program dressed lik [...]

    2. I hate giving this book a rating of three stars because Dick Button has so many interesting insights to share about figure skating. If you're looking for a biography, find an out of print copy of his previous book, "On Skates". Instead, this is more of a "conversation" where you imagine yourself sitting on his couch with his dogs while he discusses the state of skating today and what he has seen over the years. If you are looking for salacious stories, you won't find them here as the author trea [...]

    3. In this book, the esteemed Mr. Dick Button invites figure skating fans to sit on his couch (with the dogs), have a drink and some popcorn while discussing figure skating. He goes into detail about the history of the sport, the people he knew, how/why the judging system is the way it is and what needs to be done. I loved his commentary (most of the time) and I loved the Push Dick's Button segment featured on TV during the 2006 Olympics. I'm glad he finally got around to publishing this book. I le [...]

    4. Dick Button's self published book is a good example of someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about figure skating. It's also a good example, in my opinion, of someone who probably should have used a ghost writer or at least had someone write it "with" him. It's been described as "breezy." That's one way of putting it. I would have preferred a little less "breeze," but maybe that's just me. On the other hand, he did give a first rate analysis of the scoring system. Any reader who reads this [...]

    5. Dick Button starts this book telling the reader that he wants to think about it as a conversation. And that's just what you get: his voice, asides (and asides within asides) and all. This book requires no great amount of knowledge about the sport, but still provides plenty of insight and illumination to those of us who have been longtime fans. If you're still scratching your head about how Evan Lysaceck won the gold in Vancouver without a quad, or how Yuna Kim came in second in Sochi, the chapte [...]

    6. Dishy breezy fun book about "figure" skating, with a good dose of technical explanations for lay folk. Among other things, he eviscerates the current (new) scoring system, and the leadership of the ISU. Did you know that the ISU runs both figure and speed skating, and has been headed by a speed skater for 40 years?!? At the end of the book, Button suggests that the ISU be divided in two and that competitions be changed to have a technical program and an artistic one (instead of short and long). [...]

    7. A fun book- not a biography or an analysis, but more of an informal conversation with one of skating's elder statesmen. i enjoyed the stories of the early days of skating, and it's fun to contrast the differences between the Olympic games of the 1940s and 50s and of today. i don't always agree with his somewhat curmudgeonly opinions of modern skating, but it's a good book. a quick read and a must for skating fans.

    8. Dick, I would give you five stars but there are a few grammatical errors that prevent me from doing so. However, you are a treasure, and one of my heroes. This book was indeed like sitting on the couch and gossiping with you, which is on my bucket list, sirrah.Never change. Please.

    9. A disclaimer: I hate Dick Button. There's always been something about his commentary that grated on me and inspired much yelling at the television. When I had a chance to ice skate, one of the first things I did was mimic footage I'd seen of him, arms down, fingers twisted up.So, to put it mildly, I haven't really gone looking for Dick Button's commentary in recent years. And yet I found myself wanting to read something substantial about skating, and lo, I stumbled upon this self-published book. [...]

    10. I was recently in Lake Placid for a ski weekend, and the local bookstore had signed copies of this book. It fit right in with the atmosphere of this town dominated by winters sports and Olympics sites, so I picked it up. I disagree with another reviewer that this book would not be enjoyable to a general reader. I am not a skater, but I grew up watching many of the skaters Button writes about, and listening to Dick Button's commentary. I vividly remembered most the routines that he talked about-- [...]

    11. Dick Button is incorrigible. And I learned most of what I know about figure skating from him! In this volume, Dick comments on figure skating of the past and present. As an avid figure skating fan, I loved every word. He comments on some of the silliness of the sport and a lot of the seriousness. The last few chapters were a ringing diatribe against the president of the International Skating Union, Ottavio Cinquanta, known familiarly to skating fans as "Speedy" and his comments could not be more [...]

    12. I was drawn to this book as a figure skating aficionado but was somewhat disappointed. I think I was hoping to hear more in depth information about some of my favorite skaters but certainly didn't rate it lower because of my expectations. He's entitled to write his book about whatever he wants. I just found it poorly written (too many "asides") and badly edited (on page 84 he refers to a person named "Gale" and in the next paragraph spells it "Gayle" and then refers to her again as "Gale." The w [...]

    13. I have been a real fan of figure skating for the past 20 years or so, and so I have enjoyed this book about the essentials of skating, about the many changes in the scoring system after the 2002 Olympics judging scandal, and just some random thoughts from Dick Button, the two-time Olympic mens' gold medalist in figure skating and who was also a TV commentator for the sport for many years. It's a must-read for skating fans; probably of little interest to anyone else. As a bonus, since I usually b [...]

    14. The title is perfect for this book, which is part autobiography, part ice skating history, and significant criticism of what ice skating has become. Button never shied from criticism as a commentator, and he examines every button of his that gets pushed. As a critic worthy of respect should do, he not only laments (sometimes skewers) but he also makes valid suggestions for improvement. His sit-with-me-and-let's-chat style gets old quickly, and if he does write a follow-up volume, as he alludes t [...]

    15. Button establishes expectations early on, by making us a mind-picture of a visit at his home, where he will hold forth on figure-skating topics. And he delivers exactly what he promises: it's discursive, amiably snobbish in places, definitely opinionated, and very much in tune with the world-view and figure-skating-view that Button has espoused over the years.Nothing earth-shattering here, but great fun, especially since Button is unleashed from the conventions imposed by TV producers.

    16. Quick,fun read. Dick always has interesting things to say. A little redundant at times, and I could have done without all the goofy asides about eating popcorn on the couch with his dogs. I get that the book was meant to be a breezy conversation, but I didn't need reminded of this so often. In the end, if you are a fan of skating, and grew up with Dick's incomparable commenting style, you will love this book.

    17. Much more of an overview and guide to understanding quality figure skating than a biography or a set of personal stories from our favourite skating commentator. That said, it does not fail to deliver quality information, personal insight, and delightful skating anecdotes for any skating fan.Overall a worthwhile read!

    18. As a figure skating viewing fanatic, this was an enjoyable read, but the format (you're on the coach with me, eating popcorn and drinking beer, etc.), frankly got annoying and old pretty quickly. His insight on the sport, though, is always first rate.

    19. Learned a lot about skating and Button's opinions are food for thought, but I could have done without all the snarky asides.

    20. If you've been missing his commentary at the Olympics (and skating in general) - well, here it is!

    21. Just like dick! Really felt he was in my sofa chatting. Don't expect biography, expect to hear his voice and thoughts loud, clear, thoughtful and full of insight

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