The Handbook of Epictetus

The Handbook of Epictetus Handbook of Epictetus also known as Enchiridion written by legendary Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus is a manual of Stoic ethical advice Compiled by Arrian who was a student of Epictetus this great

  • Title: The Handbook of Epictetus
  • Author: Epictetus
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Handbook of Epictetus also known as Enchiridion written by legendary Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus is a manual of Stoic ethical advice Compiled by Arrian, who was a student of Epictetus this great classic will surely attract a whole new generation of readers For many, the Handbook of Epictetus is required reading for various courses and curriculums.

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    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ↠ The Handbook of Epictetus - by Epictetus à
      399 Epictetus
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    1. کتابچه ای کوتاه مشتمل بر اندرزهای اپیکتتوس، فیلسوف رواقی معروف.تازگی ها به رواقی ها علاقه مند شدم، به خاطر موضوعات مورد علاقه شون، که خیلی شبیه موضوعات مورد علاقه ی شوپنهاوره: این که چطور می تونیم زندگی بدون رنج، و با آرامش خاطری داشته باشیم. هر چند بعضی از روش هاشون عجیب و غری [...]

    2. سأخبركم سرًا؛ أنا أكره كل ما هو مثاليّ وكل ما يسعى إلى أن يكون كذلك، كل ما هو كامل وكل ما يسعى إلى أن يكون كذلك.كل فلسفة/أيدلوجية/مذهب/ديانة تسعى إلى هدف واحد وهو جعل العالم أفضل ولو قليلاً مما هو عليه الآن، هذه الفلسفات تحترمها، تأخذها على محمل الجد، تقرأ كل منها وتنقدها وتفاض [...]

    3. A little something to read on Thanksgiving. Maybe after this, I'll leaf through Seneca, then watch Charlie Brown or something.One of the big three stoics, with the authors being Marcus Aurelius and Seneca. Epictetus recieved no formal schooling, and was a slave for most of his life. No self-pity. Instead, independence, fearlessness, and acceptance of death and suffering. Self-rule and self-improvement. Forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding. Almost resembles some forms of Buddhism. In many w [...]

    4. Stoicism according to Epictetus, is: Don't demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on welld: If you ever happen to turn your attention to externals, so as to wish to please anyone, be assured that you have ruined your scheme of life.My favorite quote, maybe because it's so personally relevant and so incisive, is, and bear with Epictetus, this one is a bit long-winded:In every affair consider what precedes and follows, and then undertake [...]

    5. تکیه ی این رساله چنانکه از نخستین بند آن نیز مشخص است، تأکید بر محدودیت توانایی بشری است - به بیان دیگر امور از دو دسته خارج نیستند یا در دستان مایند یا خارج از توان ما؛ آنچه حقیقتا در سلطه ی ما قرار دارد امور درونی - یعنی نیات و آرزوها و - است و نه امور بیرونی - تن و مال و . آدمی با [...]

    6. Στο Εγχειρίδιον ο Επίκτητος δίνει ρητές συμβουλές για το πώς πρέπει να ζούμε. Κάποια πράγματα τα εξουσιάζουμε και άλλα όχι και πρέπει να μάθουμε την διαφορά. Της εξουσίας μας είναι η γνώμη μας, η διάθεσή μας, η επιθυμία να απολαύσουμε, η προσπάθεια να αποφύγουμε, όσα είναι δι [...]

    7. I maintain the oldest writings are the absolute best. A fantastic collection of 52 maxims (#29 seems to be missing), as timeless as they are wise. Some quotes: -----------#1. Some things are in our control and others are not. Work, therefore, to be able to say to every harsh appearance, “You are but an appearance, and not absolutely the thing you appear to be.”#5. Do not be proud of any excellence that is not yours. If a horse thinks “I am handsome”, that is acceptable. But if you the ow [...]

    8. ‎‫‏‬‬لا أحبّ أن أبدأ المراجعة بذِكر سلبيات الكِتاب،لذلك سوف أبدأ بالإيجابيات، وفي رأس هذه الإيجابيات: ترجمة (أو تعريب) الدكتور عادل مصطفى الموفقة جداً للكتاب. فقد أحسست من اللغة الرفيعة المُستخدمة أنني أقرأ لأحد الروائيين العرب العظماء من أمثال طه حسين ونجيب محفوظ!ترجمة [...]

    9. Favorable commentary on Epictetus lodges this collection of sayings within a wider, deeper Stoic philosophy. In a nutshell, the cosmos operates by natural law that is beyond our control. Things in the cosmos are transitory and permanent attachment is not possible. The task for the Stoic philosopher, such as Epictetus, is to focus only on those actions that are within one's power to control and to act without attachment. This is the law of the cosmos that we know through our rationality, which be [...]

    10. This short and simple work of stoic philosophy is as valid as when it was first penned two thousand years ago. Epictetus started life as a Greek slave, but wound up in Rome. His Enchiridion distinguishes sharply between those things we can control and those we cannot:Some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are opinion, pursuit, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever are our own actions. Things not in our control are body, property, reputation, command, and, in on [...]

    11. چه معجزه ای بزرگتر از این که کسی از دوهزار و اندی سال پیش با من حرف بزند و نشنیده به سوال هایم جواب بدهد. آرامش رواقی همه آن چیزی است که دلخوری بین من و فلسفه، علی الخصوص فیلسوف تخس و دوست داشتنی، شوپنهاور، را به کل مرتفع کرد!

    12. Epictetus is a less popular stoic than Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, and I didn’t read his works for a long time. This book was my first introduction to his wisdom, and while Seneca may be clearer in his writing, there are certain gems that Epictetus brings to the table that even Seneca and M.Aurelius aren’t able to produce. Seneca puts great emphasis on the shortness of life, tranquility, and being above suffering. Marcus Aurelius looks at the bigger picture, and the idea that we don’t have [...]

    13. "If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, "He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone."This philosophical text is a collection of 52 quotes or sayings or advice by Epictetus. It has been collected by one of his students and is presented as almost a proto-handbook style format. This handbook is a wealth of good information and I feel I was very impressed with it overall. Some of the [...]

    14. Cogí este libro en la biblioteca porque me llamo la atención su portada, y tengo que decir que fue una grata sorpresa. Consejos de vida de un filosofo nacido en el año 55, que no son muy diferentes a los que te daría un psicólogo del siglo XXI

    15. As much a classic work of philosophy, as it is a treatise on how to live (as a stoic), the Enchiridion is dope. Because this is essentially a list of rules that is the length of an extended essay, I'll be rereading it (probably multiple times) to digest it further. Sure, there are some principles I don't subscribe to, but there is a lot of good stuff in this to mull over. I think it's interesting that something that was written more than 1,880 years ago can still be applicable to life today, as [...]

    16. Nothing that most people don't know. Really. I'm not trying to appear brilliant. I gave 2 stars because the ideas are expressed in a lovely, straightforward prose. The problem I have with this work is that Epictetus, it seems to this non-classicist, does not give value to responsibility of obligation. For example, I sense that if someone was unhappy in a marriage, Epictetus would tell that someone to leave the marriage instead of working it out. I also sense he did not put value in emotions of p [...]

    17. I have read this probably 5 times. Looking forward to discussing it in heaven with him since he will surely be there.

    18. The opening line reads like a secular mantra: "Some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are opinion, pursuit, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever are our own actions. Things not in our control are body, property, reputation, command, and in one word, whatever are not our actions".Further along, what to do with this realization:"Work, therefore, to be able to say to every harsh appearance, "You are but an appearance, and not absolutely the thing you appear to be [...]

    19. “Don't just say you have read books. Show that through them you have learned to think better, to be a more discriminating and reflective person. Books are the training weights of the mind. They are very helpful, but it would be a bad mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having internalized their contents."

    20. There isn't much here that one could take issue with. Epictetus' pithy take on morals and ethics is not that far removed from that of the New Testament.

    21. Το Ἐγχειρίδιον είναι αυτό ακριβώς που υπόσχεται ο τίτλος του: κάτι πρό-χειρο, ευσύνοπτο, να μπορεί να το κρατά στο χέρι και να το χρησιμοποιεί όποιος "θέλει να ζήσει καλά", όπως λέει κι ο Σιμπλίκιος αιώνες μετά. Μια σειρά από 53 μικρά κεφάλαια, σε αποφθεγματικό ύφος, που κινητο [...]

    22. Pentru studentul care-a urmat spusele lui Epictet: la ce bun c-ai ajuns la liniştea respectivă şi, cu tact şi laşitate, te-ai ferit de toate pericolele vieţii, dacă pentru asta ai ucis orice pasiune, orice sonoritate interioară, distrugând tot ce era viu în tine, refugiindu-te, acum (chiar din tinereţea asasinată de înţelepciunea-ţi precoce), în lejera postură de cadavru cumpătat? Cartea e un scut împotriva vieţii! Un ghid eficace care te apară de stres şi de orice tulburar [...]

    23. Considera todo lo óptimo como una ley inviolable. Y si se te presenta un momento de dolor o de placer, de gloria o de desgracia, recuerda que el combate es ahora. Ahora es cuando comienza la Olimpíada, y no puede ser postergada. Si te dejas vencer una vez y te entregas, tu progreso se habrá perdido; procediendo de la forma contraria, lo mantendrás. Así es como Sócrates se volvió perfecto, aprovechándolo todo para ser mejor y no escuchando otro consejo que el de la razón. Si bien todaví [...]

    24. من اجمل قراءات 2016 الفلسفة الرواقية مثاليةٌ بعض الشيء لكن تعاليمها الاخلاقية تعين الانسان كثيرا في حياته العملية اليومية اذا ما ترسخت في لاوعيه.الكتاب جد مفيد، و ترجمته من الروعة بمكان شكرا عادل مصطفى فانت كنز ثمين في عالم المعرفة.

    25. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.Though giving a good description of stoicism, there are some nuggets of advice that are pretty difficult to follow. This includes the comparison of a family to a pot. There are some good maxims that society nowadays would be worth living by, including #5, #8 and #30, among others, but for the most part, it would be pretty difficult to follow all of Epictetus's advice.

    26. Heavy but beautiful. I still prefer Meditations by Marcus Aurelius as far as Stoics philosophical mind fucks go but I will definitely be re-listening to this one. Also, it cracks me up how funny these grumpy sounding philosophers from a bazillion years ago can be. I mean it’s kinda dumb to assume they wouldn’t be funny, seeing as how insightful they are but it was still a delight.

    27. Happiness, the effect of virtue, is the mark which God has set up for us to aim at. Our missing it is no work of His; nor so properly anything real, as a mere negative and failure of our own.

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