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My Way Aptly named My Way this book will take you simply and easily through each step that I took in order to get my book Wrong Place Wrong Time to the spot in True Crime on s USA chart If you re a newbi

  • Title: My Way
  • Author: David P. Perlmutter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aptly named My Way , this book will take you simply and easily through each step that I took in order to get my book Wrong Place Wrong Time to the 1 spot in True Crime on s USA chart.If you re a newbie, or if what you ve been doing just isn t working, I m hoping this book will help you to get the recognition you deserve.It s written in a very easy to read styleAptly named My Way , this book will take you simply and easily through each step that I took in order to get my book Wrong Place Wrong Time to the 1 spot in True Crime on s USA chart.If you re a newbie, or if what you ve been doing just isn t working, I m hoping this book will help you to get the recognition you deserve.It s written in a very easy to read style with no technical words, no assumptions and no need to research anything I discuss in order to understand it Everything is explained fully, and written in its most basic form I don t tell you what to do, I show you how I did it I also provide examples of what I continue to do, as well as links to wonderful people who will help you in your journey.If you re not a social media guruif you re someone who perhaps knows that you should be using Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms, but aren t entirely sure how you should be using them or what you should be saying, then this book is for you However, if you already know what you re doing and are just looking for the secret to having a bestselling book, you ll be disappointed There is no secret My Way is quite simply a story It s the journey I took from the unknown to the acknowledged from being in the abyss of the charts to making my way to the top.Selection of the many 5 reviews received for MY WAY across His advice worked for me My Way is like a handful of jewels, scattered out in front of you If my second book s steady trickle of sales goes on building, he might have helped me to kick start my sales Thanks to David s advice I got almost 2000 free downloads since then, almost 100 sales in the days following I m now working my way through the book and applying ideas to the promotion of my own novel My Way is the first book I ve read that provides really usable tips advice on how to get your book noticed Not an author but the marketing tips in this book will help me push my company forward in social media No hesitation in giving this 5 stars Thanks David for publishing MY WAY I intend to put the advice into practice Picked it up read it through in one sitting My Way has some great tips for any indie author Followed David on twitter for a while seen how successful his work has been, so when My Way came out, it was a no brainer Internet is a vast place there s a hell of a lot of books, so DON T GO PUBLISHING WITHOUT IT, GOOD PEOPLE Having read Dave s first book enjoyed his conversational style I decided to give it a try I m glad I did I read My Way in an hour now the world is my oyster Highly recommended Must have for all new authors Priceless information, succinct neat, without any waffle Lots of tips generous encouraging someone you would want to have a cup of tea with after finishing the book Just spent a happy afternoon following David s advice and, frankly, it is enlightening Packed with lots of facts about creating the best self promotion platform for the indie author For somebody who is just starting on the self publishing experience this book would be an excellent.

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    1. This book is short - I think I read it in an hour. I really liked it. It's excellent for the newly self published who doesn't know where to start - it instructs in the basics without talking in book marketing terms (ie 'building your online presence' - I often think that people who have never used the internet much must think, yes, but how???). It's good because it's personal, chatty, and I think Dave's personality really comes across, which leads me to its main strength, I think. I know that so [...]

    2. Useful Insights This short book outlines the steps the author used to create and successfully promote his book 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time'. Topics include formatting, cover design, pricing, social media tools, and dealing with criticism among others.The author acknowledges that 90% of his publicity effort is with Twitter, and the section on Twitter is the book's strong point. I picked up a few useful insights, easily justifying the price of the book. This part of the book was excellent.The section [...]

    3. Review of My WayBy Dave P. Perlmutter.Let me start this review by saying that I'm an Internet veteran who cut his teeth on Windows 3.11, cursed his way through Windows 95, skipped 98 and jumped from XP to the Linux (Ubuntu) system without stopping for breath. I can take a webpage into a text editor and fix the HTML, I know my way around the Internet and can hack my own browser to make it behave sensibly. With DTP experience I can create my own ebook. However when it comes to social media I fully [...]

    4. This was an extremely useful, fact-packed book, and it helped me a great deal. The good thing about it is it’s very concise, clear and straightforward, gathering a great deal of excellent practical advice together. I already knew some of it, but certainly not all. Think of it as a distillation of all the information you’re ever likely to find on thousands of blog posts and suggestion sites, with the best ideas left in and the hype and excitable nonsense taken out. David doesn’t tell you ev [...]

    5. To be perfectly honest, I have downloaded improvement books before and quite frankly could not get past the first few pages without yawning or falling asleep. ‘My Way’ by David Perlmutter was different. It was interesting from the first page to the last. I found this book very informative, especially if you are a new author looking to get started in the business of selling your books to perspective readers and getting book reviews to help those sales. David goes into detail explaining what m [...]

    6. As many self-published authors will tell you, writing your book is the easy part! Now comes the time when you have to find answers to the awkward question: “How will I get people to buy, read and review my work?” Well. David P. Perlmutter found out the hard way. He needed to publicise his book ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, and of course, like many independent authors, he made mistakes and went down blind alleys; but he kept plugging away, and eventually made his book highly successful. So h [...]

    7. It was with some trepidation that I approached My Way by David P Perlmutter as, often times this type of ‘how to’ book can leave you feeling more confused and inept than ever. Not so, however, with this one. Perlmutter metaphorically takes you by the hand and leads you through the various sections (twitter, blogging, facebook etc) designed to help you market your book. The premise of the book is that Perlmutter himself is the author of a bestselling book and he is sharing the marketing tools [...]

    8. I downloaded MY WAY by David P. Perlmutter during a free giveaway, knowing that Mr. Perlmutter is always high in the rankings/lists on amazon. I wanted to see what advice he had to offer to reach such lofty standards. I was very pleasantly surprised.I had read and reviewed Dave's first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, and enjoyed his easy-going writing--he continues this back porch, sipping iced tea, conversation method of writing in My Way.Simply put: The premise of this book is to explain how to [...]

    9. I purchased this book and waited in anticipation for it to arrive. I even called whenever I left the house to ask my daughter if it'd come yet. And then it came! Excitement! I couldn't wait to open it and read its contents. I give David effort for writing this, but I'm an honest person and I want to let others know, who are truly interested in marketing/promoting their Indie published books, buy this book on Kindle when it's $.99. Am I trashing this book? Not at all. The information inside this [...]

    10. Everyone knows that indie authors don't get a lot of publicity and if they do, they have to do it all on their own because they don't have an agent or a publicist. If they did, they wouldn't be indie authors. However, just because someone is an indie author, doesn't mean that they will automatically not get the success that they hope to get. They just have to work a little harder in order to get the success by promoting their work. And just how do they do that? Well, David Perlmutter's book "My [...]

    11. This book is perfect for those just starting out and want to know how to get started on the road to success. Its just as perfect for those of us who feel like we have already been there and done that, but still haven't reached the kind of sales we'd like. Everyone, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran needs to take a check every now and then and be honest with yourself as to what works and what doesn't.Warning - David Perlmutter gives us the steps and tips we need to be successful, but [...]

    12. This is the second book I've read by David P Perlmutter, and I love his style. Although "My Way" is totally different to "Wrong Place Wrong Time", Dave is skilled at grabbing the attention of his readers. His writing is energetic, straight and to the point. When authors ask me how to promote books, I'm constantly referring them to "My Way". It's remarkable how Dave just jumped right in to promoting himself and how his books just propelled. This is a short read that is full of wonderful points an [...]

    13. This book was recommended to me by another author so I took a look and decided to buy it.The book is intended for self-publishing authors and contains excellent advice in these areas: Formatting Book Cover Author pages Pricing Marketing Blogging Facebook TwitterI've read a few of these types of books and have found great information in all of them. This book has great personnel experiences for you draw from as well as some great resources of tools and web sites to further your prospective book s [...]

    14. This is a fast and easy read with no technological jargon. I was very intrigued to read how the author had marketed Wrong Place Wrong Time and have definitely picked up a few tips I'd not considered during my own marketing journey to date. As a result I will certainly be putting some changes and additions in place. Lovely to see the author giving shout-outs to many other authors and literary people he's met online along the way too. This is a very useful guide to self promotion and you can't go [...]

    15. I found this very useful with lots of advice on promoting your book. The section on the use of Twitter for an author was especially helpful to me as I had really not grasped the point of tweeting for professional purposes as a writer, only for making general links and connections. I read David's book in less than an hour and found it easy to follow (no unexplained technical jargon) then spend a happy afternoon on Twitter following his advice! I now know what hash tags are!

    16. Great adviceI was hesitant about buying this book and the follow up My Way Too, but I'm glad I did. I was doing some of the things Mr. Perlmutter mentions but was missing some of the more detailed ways of promotion. With a book coming out in Dec I'm hoping to implement some new strategies.

    17. InterestingI have read quite a few books on marketing and promoting one's book. With each book I have been able to take away some useful and helpful information regarding getting my books out to the masses. Once again, I have gained some helpful tips that I will utilize. Thank you David P. Permutter.

    18. This was a very straight forward guide to marketing; it gave simple tips and answers and it has definitely helped me to market my own book through social media such as Twitter more effectively. It avoids being 'wordy' and doesn't take that long to read, and so I would definitely recommend this book if you need a few digestible words of advice.Thank you David!

    19. This is a short book with many simple, yet effective, ways to market your book. No shortcuts or gimmicks, just concrete helpful advice on how to market your book without spending a lot of time or money. The author provides real-life examples to show how he marketed his book and what worked for him.

    20. Very informative Loved the easy to read information. It had wonderful ideas on everything I was doing only it managed to take the frustration out of it. So simple to follow and understand I will recommend this to every author I know thank you for this.

    21. Thank you, David, for sharing your journey. I found My Way fascinating and full of tips, which I shall definitely be following!

    22. A must-have for all new authors. Priceless information, succinct and neat, without any waffle. I read My Way in an hour and now the world is my oyster. Highly recommended.

    23. Really enjoyed the simple style and great tips for authors. David is funny and engaging and has fantastic advice that has worked for him.

    24. I read My Way by David P. Perlmutter in one sitting. It's a quick read, a really short book, but it's packed with valuable information for every writer with a book to market. Thomas Alva Edison, one of America's most prolific inventors once said that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. The same can be said about becoming a successful author. Like genius, writing and selling your book takes one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. the writi [...]

    25. These suggestions sure seem to be great tips and ideas)I liked most of these tips,suggestions here. They seem like it Could really make one's books take off from being lonely and help the author's income soar and get the author's books outthere for the world. Therefore, I wish to recommend this book for five stars for author's who needs to improve their sales. I had bought this book but still want to give this an honest review. Super work David! By Sunny

    26. MY WAY by David Perlmutter serves as a practical guidebook for anyone venturing into the world of self-publishing, as well as for those struggling to market their work after the publication process. As a self-published author, I was delighted to discover that these tips served more as a refresher, and I can personally speak to their effectiveness. Topics covered in the book are: Formatting, Book Cover, Author Pages, Pricing, Marketing, Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.What I enjoyed most about th [...]

    27. Fantastic. No fluff. I'm not one for allowing myself time to write long reviews for books. My opinion will not reflect yours or anyone else's. What I feel comfortable writing is that this is more or less a complete A to Z of the major jobs required to market your book. It's all covered in 44 pages and contains a few GOLDEN tips and tricks to get noticed, and one resource that will prove to be crazy valuable. Best money I have ever spent on this type of book. If the author is reading thisThank Yo [...]

    28. Like a slap on the back of the head I'm not doing enoughChapter after chapter I kept hearing that voice inside my head say, "See! He can do it. So can you. Get off your butt!" Dave tells it simply and has gotten me motivated.

    29. InterestingLots it helpful tips, no bull, and the whole book isn't just a ploy to get you to buy the authors book like so many other ones like this are. Just helpful straightforward advice here. Good read!

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