O Abrigo da Esperança

O Abrigo da Esperan a Jo Marie Rose perante a perda quase certa do marido no Afeganist o resolveu mudar a sua vida e comprar uma encantadora estalagem numa acolhedora cidade beira do Pac fico onde pudesse receber h spe

  • Title: O Abrigo da Esperança
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: 9789722351638
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jo Marie Rose, perante a perda quase certa do marido no Afeganist o, resolveu mudar a sua vida e comprar uma encantadora estalagem, numa acolhedora cidade beira do Pac fico, onde pudesse receber h spedes e proporcionar lhes um ambiente familiar e cheio de paz No in cio deste segundo livro, a primavera chegou, os rododendros carmesim e as az leas vermelhas floresceram noJo Marie Rose, perante a perda quase certa do marido no Afeganist o, resolveu mudar a sua vida e comprar uma encantadora estalagem, numa acolhedora cidade beira do Pac fico, onde pudesse receber h spedes e proporcionar lhes um ambiente familiar e cheio de paz No in cio deste segundo livro, a primavera chegou, os rododendros carmesim e as az leas vermelhas floresceram no jardim da estalagem e Jo Marie Rose espera ansiosamente a chegada de h spedes Reencontraremos pessoas que j conhecemos no volume anterior, e conheceremos outras que ali v o em busca de calor humano e talvez de uma segunda oportunidade de serem felizes Este o segundo volume da s rie iniciada pela autora com A Estalagem de Rose Habor.

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    1. Jo Marie Rose is the owner of the Inn at Rose Harbor. This novel follows her story as she comes to grips with her husband who was lost in Afghanistan as well as the stories of the inn's guests. Those guests include Annie and her grandparents, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. They also include Mary, who is battling cancer and her undying love for the "one that got away." As the manager of a public library, I see Debbie Macomber's books circulating in and out every day. People love them [...]

    2. First of all, I didn’t read THE INN AT ROSE HARBOR, instead I have come in on book two of Debbie Macomber’s latest series. Set in Cedar Cove, Washington at the beautifully described Inn recently taken over by Jo Marie Rose, an Afghanistan War widow who is working on coming to terms with the loss of her husband Paul. Jo Marie is making friends and planning her Open House around the latest group of reservations including; career minded Mary Smith now dealing with cancer; Annie Newton who is pl [...]

    3. Knjige poput ove pišu se kako bi čitateljicama pružile ugodu laganog čitanja koje vraća životni optimizam i vjeru u ljubav koja uvijek pobjeđuje. Meni je ipak u oba dijela ovog serijala nešto nedostajalo da to bude tako, Pansionom sam bila čak i više razročarana, dala sam mu jedva 3. Proljeće je možda za nijansu bolje, pa iako sa isto neubjedljivim likovima, previdivim zapletom, pa samim tim i raspletom, u duhu proljeća kojeg slavi ipak dajem 3,5.

    4. Another of Debbie's books that drew me in, and I didn't want to leave. It is almost like I live in Cedar Cove. Jo-Marie now has her Inn up and running, with a lot of help from grumpy Mark, Jack of all trades and major fixer. After a phone call she is now hanging on to a hope that her husband Paul, may still be alive??We meet Annie who is here to put on a wonderful 50th anniversary celebration for her Grandparents. Who brings themoh no. It's that horrible next door neighbor who pick on her terrib [...]

    5. I smiled and I cried when I read this latest book by Debbie Macomber. This story showed why I love her writing so much. She is able to weave such interesting and emotional stories together with such ease. Rose Harbor Inn is a special place that draws in people who are facing difficult challenges in their lives. We have Jo Marie who deep downs doesn’t think her husband is dead and dreads the calls from his commanding officer about the recovery efforts for his body. We have Mary who is fighting [...]

    6. I can't seem to find the words to tell you How Much I Love Debbie's Books"The Inn At Rose Harbor"and "Rose Harbor In Bloom" are such a Great Concept write a series of books based on the Guests that Check in at The Rose Harbor Inn is a Terrific Idead Can Make for an Awesome Series of Books.I was So Thrilled with the fact that Oliver Finally got Through to Annie, I'm So Happy that they are going to give their Relationship a tryI thought it was Adorable that they both had crushes on each other all [...]

    7. We must never give up hope, at times that is all there isFate brings three women together to celebrate life, love, and deal with a few life altering decisions.Jo Marie has rebuilt her life from the pain of losing her husband created. She never forgets or loses insight into what they had together, but he wanted her to move on and the Bed and Breakfast she started has shown her determination to rise to the best of what she is. Dealing with the lovable as well as the cranky neighbor Jo Marie will b [...]

    8. Justo hace un año que leí la primera parte de una serie de libros ambientados en un hostal de un pequeño pueblo costero y regentado por una mujer que acaba de perder a su marido.Aunque en cada libro se va desarrollando la historia personal de Jo Marie, las tramas secundarias son independientes y centran en los huéspedes que se hospedan en esos momentos, cada uno de ellos con algún asunto pendiente que solucionarán durante esos días.En esta ocasión, la primera de las historias trata sobre [...]

    9. This novel is mellow and heartfelt, with lots of palpable emotions. The intersecting lives of the characters give the story a sense of transience. Everything changes, yet we only see the effects of Rose Harbor. It is all so real. Macomber is such a natural with life & love. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she gives me hope. I love the different styles of writing that Macomber uses for each of the main characters’ points of view. It really brings out their personalities. The stasis Jo [...]

    10. I am listening to this series on audiobook to fall asleep. It's fluff and doesn't require much thought. It doesn't have a lot of intrigue or action so I'm not tempted to stay awake to find out what happens next. It's perfect for my purposes. It does bug me that the name of the bed and breakfast changes back and forth. The owner buys a sign that says "Inn at Rose Harbor" but answers her phone "Rose Harbor Inn"The writing is just meh. The author loves to describe all the minutae of her character's [...]

    11. I just enjoy Debbie Macomber! I sit down with one of her books and I'm immediately transported into the lives of her characters. In this case to the town of Cedar Cove. Rose Harbor in Bloom is the continuing story of Jo Marie and the Inn at Rose Harbor. I really enjoy Jo Marie's story. Her own past is painful, yet the inn is bringing her healing as well as bringing healing to the guests who stay there. I love the small town feel of Cedar Cove and how everyone is willing to help others. Overall, [...]

    12. After losing her husband in Afghanistan, Jo Marie sold up everything and moved to Cedar Cove in Washington and bought an inn. She decided that she needed a change and so far, everything is working out well. She’s enjoying the day to day running of the inn and meeting people and getting to know them. She bakes cookies, muffins and other treats and invites them for cups of tea and a chat. She’s slowly becoming a part of the Cedar Cove community – she’s made some friends and has adopted a d [...]

    13. When I want to relax I love reading Debbie Macomber books they are so well written and soothing beautiful stories. Jo Marie Rose, a recent widow is running a Bed and Breakfast so there are many guests arriving with many stories to tell. What a heartwarming series.

    14. 4.5 starsInkvotaryHoly hell that was wow wow wow.Drama, full of emotions, happy ends and devastating news. And one big idiot of a man. Can't wait to read the next book.

    15. Rose Harbor in Bloom written by Debbie Macomber is a Ballantine publication was released in August of 2013.Set in Cedar Cove, Jo Marie has settled in to running the Inn at Rose Harbor. It's been a year since Jo Marie lost her husband ,Paul, when his helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. Although, he was presumed dead, his body was never found and Jo Marie held out hope that somehow, some way, Paul is still alive.In the meantime, Jo Marie has a house full of guest, a 50th wedding celebration and an [...]

    16. The characters in this book by Debbie Macomber are so life-like. I knew each and every one of them from my own life, but by a different name. I loved the small town voices and the way that they interacted. Stubborn characters could almost be seen melting, like ice on a sunny day as the Inn and town weave their magic. There are twists and turns which take the reader on a journey of discovery, and a process of thought provoking scenes throughout. The dialogue tugs at the heart strings. Will they, [...]

    17. This is the second in a new series by Debbie Macomber (Book 1: The Inn at Rose Harbor). A tale of love, dreams, missed opportunities and second chances, Debbie’s fans will likely not be disappointed. The Inn at Rose Harbor is a B&B in Cedar Cove, located in the Pacific Northwest. This Inn is the hub of the story, a place of healing for the cast of characters. I generally enjoyed the book, although it was predictable and at times unrealistic. One frustration was with Annie’s character. As [...]

    18. I have read this on the KindleThis is the 2nd book in the Rose Harbor which is set in a B&B in Cedar Cove, Jo Marie who lost her soldier husband has open a B&B Inn in this one there is Annie who is planning her grandparent's Golden Anniversary (50th) & then there is Mary who has cancerThis tells of their story along the continuing story of Jo MarieIt a lovely easy read when you want a romance without being over the top i have not as yet seen the Cedar Cove TV Series as it not on here [...]

    19. “It’s a wound, but unlike a physical cut, there is no medication that will take the pain away, nor is there a prescribed time in which it will heal. You know if you broke a bone in about six weeks it will mend itself. It isn’t that way dealing with a death.” -Debbie Macomber

    20. Estes livros contam sempre histórias de superação pessoal. Do enfrentar maus momentos mas ter esperança num futuro. Muito bom.

    21. Two-haiku review:Widow runs an innHer story plus two othersGuests find happy endsSecond of seriesSimilar to previousBest read in order

    22. The second in a series, this book offers the reader an in depth look at the lives of two additional guests to the Rose Harbor Inn. The owner of the Inn also is updated in this book, giving us a much deeper relationship with her. When I read this book, I was also asking myself if a reader could get much out of this book without having read the first Rose Harbor book. I was pleased with the way that the former book's details were intertwined with the current book, although not in any way interferi [...]

    23. This was a very enjoyable story with very vibrant, realistic characters who visit an Inn the same week. Each persons story is gradually revealed, and all of them are interesting. Romance, faith, tragic loss, dealing with setbacks, and becoming stronger through adversity are all present, and I plan to read the rest of the series.

    24. Jo Marie is managing her B&B in the town of Cedar Cove for few months now. As she prepares for the "Open House", also continues to welcome her guests.This time the B&B was really full, but the focus is given on two of the guests: Annie and Mary.Annie is in town to finish preparations for her grandparents's 50th Anniversary . As they got married in the city, she thought it would be romantic to do the ceremony and party at the same place.It turns out that all this preparation had an additi [...]

    25. Super heart warming. I really enjoyed the stories of the people who stayed at the inn. I am also enjoying getting to know the regular characters in this series.

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