Falling for Fortune

Falling for Fortune Christopher who As far as Christopher Fortune Jones is concerned when he left Horseback Hollow he left his past behind No one needs to know that he grew up on a ranch or that he never had any money

  • Title: Falling for Fortune
  • Author: Nancy Robards Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780373658121
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Christopher who As far as Christopher Fortune Jones is concerned, when he left Horseback Hollow, he left his past behind No one needs to know that he grew up on a ranch, or that he never had any money, or that his father considers him a disappointment Here in Red Rock he can simply be Christopher Fortune Rich, powerful, successful Christopher Fortune.Kinsley Aaron has sChristopher who As far as Christopher Fortune Jones is concerned, when he left Horseback Hollow, he left his past behind No one needs to know that he grew up on a ranch, or that he never had any money, or that his father considers him a disappointment Here in Red Rock he can simply be Christopher Fortune Rich, powerful, successful Christopher Fortune.Kinsley Aaron has secrets of her own The biggest one is that she has a crush on her sexy new boss She thinks maybe he likes her, too But he never talks about himself, and he never lets her get too close Is she a fool dreaming of tomorrow with a man who seemingly has no past Just what is Christopher Fortune hiding

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    One thought on “Falling for Fortune”

    1. Good story of a man who finally figures out who he is. Christopher had always felt out of step with the rest of his family while he was growing up. Ranching was never something that he wanted to do and he was constantly at odds with his father over it. When the family connection to the Fortunes came out, he saw it as his chance to escape. He left home, dropped the Jones from his name, and went to work for the Fortune Foundation.I have to say that throughout the series Christopher has been my lea [...]

    2. - My Description -Christopher Fortune Jones leaves Horseback Hollow behind and moves to Red Rock. He then becomes Christopher Fortune. He wants to make his way in life without his past. Christopher came from a poor family. Dropping Jones from his name gives him a new beginning, a fresh start. In Red Rock, He's hired to work in a family organization. His paychecks are HUGE. He can be the rich and successful man he's always wanted to be. He meets co-worker Kinsley Aaron. Kinsley's very mysterious. [...]

    3. This story shows how pre-conceived ideas about a person can shadow how someone thinks about them without getting to know them. When someone makes an effort to actually get to know a person it can be the beginning “of a beautiful friendship”; to steal a phrase. The two main characters in this story, Christopher Fortune Jones and Kinsley Aaron, both made snap judgments about each other; as people are usually wont to do. When they finally took the time to find out about each other on a friendl [...]

    4. Although the author is obviously talented, the characters in this book just never appealed to me. In part, I think it's because of my preferences as a reader. I like to read about strong women in business who don't take a backseat to the hero they fall in love with. The hero in this book reminded me too much of men in business who do much less than the women who are their support staff or equals, yet they get the kudos that really should have gone to the woman.Granted, it's very much a reality, [...]

    5. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverThis is not the first book I’ve read about the Fortune family and I’ve enjoyed each one. They’re focused on connections and helping people who have never had them form new ones with a huge clan.Falling for Fortune, though, starts out disconnected in every way. Christopher Fortune, formerly Chris Jones, has huge father issues and has taken his recent introduction into the Fortune family as a way to escape them. He’s moved, changed his name, is no [...]

    6. Contemporary, RomanceTexasChristopher Fortune Jones has left Horseback Hollow and the past behind him as far as he is concerned. The way he sees it people don’t need to know that he grew up on a ranch with no money or that his father sees him as a disappointment. Now that he is in Red Rock he wants people to see him as successful, rich, powerful Christopher Fortune. Kinsley Aaron has secrets and one of them is that she has a crush on her new boss. She thinks the feeling might be returned. The [...]

    7. There wasn't a lot of backstory on the characters and what little we were given was repeated on numerous occasions throughout the book. Yes, I understand that the Hero didn't want to be a rancher so he ran away to be with his newfound rich relatives. Yes, I understand that the heroine's childhood was horrible so she keeps herself at arm's length from everyone around her. I got it the first, second and tenth time I read it. This is the second Fortune Family book I've read and I have to say that i [...]

    8. Falling for Fortune by Nancy Robards ThompsonThis book in the series starts out with Christopher and we learn he has gotten his name changed and is leaving out his paternal name. He has taken a job with the Fortune family company and one of his associates is Kinsley Aaron.She thinks he is a playboy with his fancy car and money and beautiful woman at every turn. They are thrown together to work on a project, which I loved about this book. Found the romance to be typical and expected-no surprises. [...]

    9. I would have given 3 and half stars, but half's were not an option. I didn't quite like it enough for 4. This was one in a bundle of books I won in a giveaway I won from another author, and my first book by Me. Robards Thompson. It was good. Not great. I liked it, but didn't LOVE it! Although, I eventually warmed up to the Hero, Christopher Fortune Jones and Heroine, Kinsley Aaron, it took me time. Someone mentioned more back story for both, and I think that's true. That would've helped. I would [...]

    10. The book wasn't bad, although the character development and their back stories were a bit thin. The book is part of a series, so perhaps more of Christopher Fortune's back story is found in other books and would make it make more sense. The characters were generally likable, and I was mostly rooting for them. I would have liked them more and rooted for them more if I'd known more about them. Why did Christopher fight with his father and leave the ranch? It was obvious that they had different opi [...]

    11. Christopher Fortune left Horseback Hollow and his father's ranch to come to Red Rock and his mother's family for a job with the Fortunes as Vice President of Community Relations. Now he's rich, powerful, with nice suits and a fancy car. Kinsley Aaron works at the Fortune Foundation also as Outreach Coordinator. She thought that Christopher was a spoiled, rich playboy but sexy as all get out. When they are assigned to work together on an anti-bullying project, they are forced into close proximity [...]

    12. Falling for fortune is one of the books in the Welcome to Horseback Hollow series. I did not care for Christopher in the last book and not so much in this book. Once he found out his mother just found out she was related to the Fortune family, Christopher wanted out of his home town to go where there's money. He has an argument with his dad. He didn't think his dad understood him. Christopher didn't return home when two of his brothers got married. Christopher is all into himself. Doesn't care t [...]

    13. I found the book to start slowly, but overall it was good. Christopher initially comes across as only caring about money and prestige. Christopher really redeems that early impression as he works more closely with Kinsley on projects for the Foundation. He is charming and a good guy, but he lacks some social graces. Kinsley really cares about her work and wants to help others to make up for the fact that she couldn't help her mom. Kinsley can be very stubborn and judgmental. I like that Christop [...]

    14. Christopher Fortune Jones shunned his family and dropped the name Jones. because he and his father had a fight and he was determine to make a life for himself but entering Kinsley Aaron who resisted the Fortune charm. he was determine to not fall in love but with Kinsley she make him a better man and he reconciled with his family and got the girl in the end

    15. Christopher was hiding his past and so was Kinsley. Kinsley had the wrong impression of what Christopher was really like. They both had to learn to trust and reveal their secrets. I enjoyed it. There was a lot of good issues covered such as domestic abuse, and how money does not always fulfill a person's needs.

    16. I loved this book. The author writes so well that you feel like you are the character. I think the turn around in the character of Christopher Fortune happens a little too fast and not explained why as well as it could be, but it doesn't detract from the storyline.

    17. This was a reasonably good story, but I guess I haven't been as much in the mood for the successful hero hiding his poor background theme. The characters were written in a balanced way, and they ended up being likable enough.Would read others by Ms. Thompson in the future.

    18. This was an okay read. The heroine was kind of annoying and the hero was a bit more tolerable but both were pretty generic for the line. I wish the author didn't repeat what little background info was given and the constant inner dialogue. Otherwise a pretty light weight easy going read.

    19. Typical storyline. Would love some follow up on some of the extra details in the book, or perhaps a reference to other books if this is a series. Not bad overall. Quick beach read.

    20. Although there are emotional ups and downs which should get the reader invested in the characters, I only felt slightly connected. The story line moves, but not particularly realistic.

    21. A pretty weak, repetitive story, with a little too much descriptive sauciness for my taste. I liked the anti- bullying campaign, though, and it would have been nice to run with that more.

    22. Kingsley and Christopher have issues in their past that interfere with their future. Learn how they overcome their problems and help others at the same time!

    23. This was a very good book. A quick read and an enjoyable read. She's a good writer and I'd read her books again.

    24. This book takes on a serious subject: bullying. It was treated well and reminds us all that we do have a significant impact in other peoples lives.

    25. This was a 3.5 rating for me. While the story was nice, it didn't pull me in. I still love the series and will continue on.

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