Alex Cross - A Caça

Alex Cross A Ca a Sinopse O detetive Alex Cross chamado ao local do pior crime a que alguma vez assistiu Uma fam lia inteira foi assassinada de forma brutal e impiedosa e uma das v timas era uma antiga paix o sua O me

  • Title: Alex Cross - A Caça
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9789898626219
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sinopse O detetive Alex Cross chamado ao local do pior crime a que alguma vez assistiu Uma fam lia inteira foi assassinada de forma brutal e impiedosa, e uma das v timas era uma antiga paix o sua.O mesmo tipo de crimes sucede se, mantendo um padr o semelhante a morte de fam lias inteiras, cujos corpos s o depois objeto de uma crueldade violenta Alex Cross e a sua namoSinopse O detetive Alex Cross chamado ao local do pior crime a que alguma vez assistiu Uma fam lia inteira foi assassinada de forma brutal e impiedosa, e uma das v timas era uma antiga paix o sua.O mesmo tipo de crimes sucede se, mantendo um padr o semelhante a morte de fam lias inteiras, cujos corpos s o depois objeto de uma crueldade violenta Alex Cross e a sua namorada atual, Brianna Stone, mergulham neste caso e enredam se na teia do mort fero submundo de Washington DC Aquilo que descobrem t o chocante que mal conseguem compreend lo os assassinos pertencem a um gangue altamente organizado, encabe ado por um diab lico senhor da guerra conhecido como Tigre Quando o rasto deste tem vel assassino desemboca em frica, Alex sabe que tem de segui lo Desprotegido e s , Alex torturado e perseguido pelo gangue do Tigre.Conseguir Alex ca ar o seu inimigo, ou ser ele pr prio a ca a

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    One thought on “Alex Cross - A Caça”

    1. Hello again, Alex Cross. I saw this book in a charity shop yesterday and the hardback edition cost me a measly 33 pence. I was left unsure on the Patterson/ Cross dynamic after Kill Alex Cross but the fact I read this thoroughly in 24 hours in front of the other 400 books I have to read must say something for how much I have enjoyed how these novels are created and presented.Recently, in the story - the superstar Alex Cross has been working as a psychologist more so than as an intense deductive [...]

    2. I decided while I was reading the latest book in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson that reading Mr. Patterson's work is similar to eating at McDonald's. You know with both that there won't be any grand expectations in the experience you will gain with both, yet somehow there is an unseen force that compels one in either reading another Patterson novel or eating something from Mickey D's. After you finish reading Patterson's book (and eating at Mickey D's), you know the memory of the exper [...]

    3. I've always liked the Alex Cross books, but this one was a dud. Alex takes it upon himself to follow a murderer he's after to Africa. While in Africa, he gets beaten up, jailed & threatened countless times. It seemed to me that the plot was a way for Patterson to let us all know about the horrible violence & living conditions in Africa. I thought Alex acted so out of character. I think I just finished reading it for old times sake.

    4. A quote from the book best describes "Cross Country." "It was baffling, it was incomprehensible. Just wrong on so many levels." The only reason I can think of that MIGHT have inspired James Patterson to write this awful book is that he might recently have become aware of the plight of millions of people in various African countries and thought he could use his popular character, Alex Cross, to shed light on a truly appalling situation.However, that said, it was a terrible book with a totally unb [...]

    5. As readers, we have to be willing to suspend our disbelieve once in a while for the enjoyment of a book. Cross Country, the 14th Alex Cross novel, asks readers to go well beyond normal suspension and travels very far into unrealistic territory.Alex Cross, devoted family man who often feels guilty for abandoning his children for a day or two, travels to Africa on a case. He ventures into known danger, leaving his family, friends, girlfriend, police job and psychiatric patients behind to chase aft [...]

    6. I think it's really weird that a lot of the criminals Alex faces have animal names. Patterson has delivered us wolf, weasel, and now the tiger. Well, this tiger isn't lounging around in a jungle or sitting pretty in a zoo. Nope, this guy is murdering lots and lots of people. He also murdered Ellie, who was Alex's friend and first real love. Obviously, Alex tracks him down so he can catch him while delivering justice to Ellie and all of the other victims.Cross Country takes Alex to Africa - which [...]

    7. I am a HUGE fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross series. I look forward to each of the new releases with great anticipation. However, I must say, I was completely disappointed by this addition. I wish I had read the reviews before reading this. It was a quick read with the usual Patterson short chapters But, the woven storyline was completely missing. Some stand out issues for me:(1) The murders were too gruesome and violent - completely out of character for Patterson's writing style. The detail [...]

    8. Not bad for a good start, as this is my first James Patterson novel, and it was really a good read too. But I don't think everything said in this could be practical, like said in most of the other reviews. Since these are the events of a fictional world, everything could be forgiven.And these characters are rather similar to that of the Michael Connelly's 'City of bones' (as both the detectives lost their spouses earlier and finds a new love during this case and no more spoilers). And after read [...]

    9. I love Alex Cross but this was not one of my favorites. The part of the book that takes place in Africa was hard to read because of the violence and atrocities happening over there. But that is not what detracted my opinion of the book. If anything, as painful as it is, I'm glad to learn what is going on in Africa. I can't quite articulate what bothered me about this book. The scatalogical murders of the families seemed a little 'glossed over.' I felt sort of immune to all the violence - there w [...]

    10. The books with Alex Cross are the best of James Patterson's work. Recently I've been disappointed in a lot of the collaborative efforts where Patterson authors books with a second author. I read that a lot of these are just "ghost" books - Patterson provides the outlines and the other authors write most of the novels, and it definitely shows. Stick with the books that don't have a second author's name on them if you want to read the best that Patterson has to offer.

    11. James Patterson knows how to tell a story. This is never more evident,than in this installment of his Alex Cross series.Chapters are kept short, one his Patterson's trademarks, and the pace is fast, at times break-neck. Alex is truly out of his comfort zone, as he takes his current murder investigation to Nigeria. On arrival, he finds he is the hunted instead of the hunter and it is all down hill from there. And there is a very human aspect to this story as Alex and a Nigerian journalist travel [...]

    12. 1 1/2 Stars. What. The. Hell.If ever there was a book that had too much going on, situations that were over the top, and not enough believablity--it would be this one. Cross and Patterson really showed their weaknesses in this read and the ending tried to compensate for it.Kyle Craig. Humph. He just does not give up.I hate that such an important subject was wasted in a sub-par read.Maybe I'll take a break before the next one~

    13. So, this may be blasphemous, but I thought this book was pretty lame. I have to admit, I don't normally read thrillers or mysteries and this is my first Patterson book, but honestly, I don't think it lives up to the hype. Granted, I read the book in two days, but not because the storyline was particularly compelling. It was more because the chapters are so short that I just had to keep going. Patterson does a good job of ending each chapter with a question or cliffhanger, but overall it wasn't w [...]

    14. OK, allow me to begin by confessing that I am a devout James Patterson fan and that the Alex Cross storyline is my favorite. That being said, I enjoyed this book a bit more then most of the other reviewers. In fact, it was one of my favorite Alex Cross books. I read it in one day the risk of losing my job security. LOL!"Cross Country" was all about exposure. This riveting story shows the reader a side - a more vulnerable side - of Alex Cross then one is accustomed. It also reminds the reader tha [...]

    15. I want another crime book - like Cormoran Strike Series / Sherlock - and it's not the one there is too much action, no big twist. just not the book for me. And i Alex Cross didn't live the hype.

    16. Wow. I hate it when Patterson gets preachy. He did it with the Maximum Ride books, and he's done it with the last Alex Cross book. I wouldn't have minded all of the mindless violence that Cross witnesses in Africa, except that all the things I like about Alex Cross were missing. There was no detective work. Everytime he would start being a detective, he was interupted by mindless violence. He didn't stop to form an opinion about the killings in Washington, he just rushed mindlessly into Africa. [...]

    17. I normally love anything that James Patterson writes for his style, fast-pace-approach, and character development. This book just had me feeling "off" the whole way through it. The things I like about this author were there - it was a well-written book - but I don't like feeling anxious and depressed when I'm reading, and I felt like that a lot with this one (even when I wasn't reading, just thinking about it). For those of you who don't know, this book follows Detective Cross to Africa, where h [...]

    18. One of the better books in the series that I've read in awhile. Actually, I listened to it on audio, and Patterson really uses audio to his advantage here. There's gunfire, explosions, different readers interacting, and even music that signals when something sinister is about to occur.All in all, a fun book that I would recommend on audio for fans of the series.

    19. To give due credit to James Patterson, he has surely created a well knit web, that moves at a fast pace, engulfing one and all in its spidery mesh. Once begun, I could hardly put down the novel for even a second. I rushed through 397 pages, swallowing the ruthless amputations and brutal killings, desperately trying to solve the mysteryRead more at scribblesofsoul/cross-coun

    20. Terrific storyline, but not for the faint-hearted. A little less violence would have made it more believable.

    21. One always knows what to expect from an Alex Cross novel. A psychotic killer on the loose, brutal murders, a detective with a never-give-up attitude on the chase, and illustrations of the toughness in him to keep facing his demons and emerging out stronger. The question is, whether the typically fact-paced novels of James Patterson can continue to keep you hooked after you have read a bit too many? The answer is, yes! Cross Country is another typical Cross novel with a different location backdro [...]

    22. Having read some of the existing reviews on this book, it seems that as a reader of Patterson's previous books, you either hate this or love it. Many write it off as far-fetched and a way to get the rest of the world to see the suffering in Africa. I do believe that it's only fair to comment on the story's exaggeration if you have been to a major North African country like Nigeria, especially the highly populous and poverty-stricken city of Lagos, and to the camps at Darfur. Personally as a Sou [...]

    23. I haven't read James Patterson in a long time and after this book, I am wondering if I will pick him up again. Did I stay up too late reading this book and fly through it to find out what would happen next? Yes, but there were so many things wrong with this book, I don't know where to start. The story became far-fetched so often that I almost abandoned the book (how many times can Alex get beat up in this book? Who in their right mind would run around Africa for so long and leave their family be [...]

    24. I was a little mixed on this one. This was definitely not a typical Alex Cross story. This one takes Cross to Africa in search of the killers of an old college sweetheart (who had been working on an expose of the goings on in Nigeria) and her family. As usual, this was a page-turner with some extremely bad characters from Africa committing some extremely brutal murders in both the U.S. and Africa. While in Africa, Cross sees first hand some of the outrages being perpetrated on the African people [...]

    25. Alex Cross seemed to have seen and done it all. I cannot recall how many wives and girlfriends have been murdered in his quest to catch the many serial killers who have crossed (excuse the pun) his path. However, James Patterson always seems to have another ace in his endless keyboard. Join him as he tracks down the most terrifying gang of monsters yet. If you thought Blood Diamond was harrowing, do not read this. Alex Cross is after ’Tiger’, a killer who leads a band of children killing chi [...]

    26. This was not one of James Patterson's best efforts I think! It was a fast and exciting read but just a little bit too far over the top. I'm not sure any cop can legally fly himself to another country and expect to be able to pursue someone. And the constant beatings by all and sundry became tedious. The story was also predictable. As soon as his children were mentioned in chapter 5 it was obvious they were going to be kidnapped. I suppose I should have been surprised by who the kidnappers were b [...]

    27. This book was worthwhile in the sense that it continued the Alex Cross saga, but other than that, it wasn't very satisfying. More far-fetched than usual, and yet the books have started becoming monotonous. I'm ready to move on to other series.

    28. Cross Country was meh at best and frustrating at most. This is my first (and possibly last) Alex Cross book, and if he acts this dumb for most of the series, then I don’t understand why this series is so popular.I mean, this “detective” hops on a plane to go to Africa to chase a killerd does no research about Africa, where the well-known dangerous hot spots are, how to get around on a practical daily level, or how to deal with the locals; does nothing to disguise the fact that he’s a whi [...]

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