The Master of Hestviken

The Master of Hestviken Soaringly romantic and psychologically nuanced Undest s novel is also a meticulous re creation of a world split between pagan codes of retribution and the rigors of Christian piety a world where law

  • Title: The Master of Hestviken
  • Author: Sigrid Undset
  • ISBN: 9780452253834
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soaringly romantic and psychologically nuanced, Undest s novel is also a meticulous re creation of a world split between pagan codes of retribution and the rigors of Christian piety a world where law is a fragile new invention and manslaughter is so common that it s punishable by fine.

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    1. Sigrid Undset, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1928, seems to have been largely forgotten in America. And that is truly a shame. While she experienced success in her native Norway with her early modern novels, it his her pair of Medieval epics, "Kristin Lavransdatter" and "Master of Hestviken" (the latter was published as "Olav Audunsson" in Norway; its English translation was given the the title seen above. More marketable to American readers that way, I suppose was the logic) that [...]

    2. It is very hard to do justice to the magnificence of The Master of Hestviken. And there is no question that Sigrid Undset totally deserved the Nobel Prize that she was awarded in 1928. The M of H is a tetralogy in about 1000 pages. Believe it or not, I first read it way over 55 years ago when this bookish teen found the one-volume Knopf edition on the library shelves. And it lasts! The grip was a real grip - a golden hook, and not just an old rusty one destined to disappoint. Indeed, the M of H [...]

    3. This book is actually a series of four: The Axe, The Snakepit, In the Wilderness, and The Son Avenger. It's the tale of the life of Olav Audunsson, a member of the landed gentry in late 13th century Norway. It's very long and filled with plenty of beautifully written detail about medieval life in Norway. The main concerns of the book seem to be the ways in which a man's sins can shape his life, and about the balance of good and bad in a person's character. The story also explores to a lesser deg [...]

    4. This is an amazing book. I read it 20 years ago and still the emotions attached to it are haunting. SUCH a picture of a faraway world. One bit I liked:When he had finished his prayers, he seated himself in a corner to hear the singing to the end. He thought of what Asbjorn had told him one day of the art of reckoning - how the nature of God was revealed in figures, through the law and order that reigned in them.Arithmetica , he thought it had such a fine sound and all that the priest had expound [...]

    5. four novels in one binding - the first one is really cool, has lots of violence/action parts, talks about honor, interesting look at nordic traditions, cool plot developments. with all the talking about honor, family names, one's house, etc, it reminds one of all of those klingon episodes on star trek next generation. in contrast, books 2 and 3 are brutally slow and depressing, and while things start to pick up at the end of book 3 and beginning of book 4, the final act feels a bit anticlimactic [...]

    6. This is a novel in 4 parts, and I have only read part 1 "The Axe" so far (separate review). I am so reluctant to put this down, because it is excellent. But I have to finish The Brothers Karamazov before a book club meeting, and it was a little insane to try to read this one at the same time. But I will definitely come back and finish the other three parts. It is classic Undset-- beautifully written, gripping, challenging. An epic with deep insight into human nature. So far, I do not like this a [...]

    7. Consists of 4 novels - The Axe, The Snake Pit, In the Wilderness and The Son Avenger. The first book is action packed from start to finish - a bloodthirsty tale of seduction, revenge and thwarted love - themes carried on throughout. The novels trace the life of the hero Olav and his family. Very strong narrative and characterisation, with immense detail on working a huge family estate in 13th Century Norway. Conflict between his religious faith and a deed committed early in his life haunts him f [...]

    8. Ok so I didn't actually finish it I kind of skipped ahead to the end, near the end of the third book. The ending is much more hopeful than Kristin Lavransdatter and for that I am thankful. 3 stars because the parts that are good are amazingly excellent but it was just too dense to read for fun at this point for me. I'd recommend it to anyone doing their masters or PhD in Lit, Religion or Norse history.

    9. Sigrid is an AMAZING epic tale weaver--this series is like the "Kristin Lavransdatter" series--so incredibly freaking GOOD. I NEVER get tired of her writing!! I spend my free time on a quest for books like these. Elusive.

    10. Undset knows how to get across the fact that choices we make in our youth affect our days. Another Norwegian medieval tale.

    11. This volume includes The Ax, The Snake Pit, In the Wilderness, and The Son Avenger. Although a bit dark, I enjoyed these tales tremendously and find Sigrid Undset to be a master story teller.

    12. Somehow I got distracted while reading this fabulous book. I will return to it. Undset creates an entire world deep characters.

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