Coal Run

Coal Run With her eagerly awaited second novel Tawni O Dell takes readers back to the coal mining country of western Pennsylvania Set in a town ravaged and haunted by a mine explosion that took the lives of

  • Title: Coal Run
  • Author: Tawni O'Dell
  • ISBN: 9780451215123
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • With her eagerly awaited second novel, Tawni O Dell takes readers back to the coal mining country of western Pennsylvania Set in a town ravaged and haunted by a mine explosion that took the lives of 96 men, Coal Run explores the life of local deputy and erstwhile football legend, The Great Ivan Z as he prepares for a former teammate s imminent release from prison AsWith her eagerly awaited second novel, Tawni O Dell takes readers back to the coal mining country of western Pennsylvania Set in a town ravaged and haunted by a mine explosion that took the lives of 96 men, Coal Run explores the life of local deputy and erstwhile football legend, The Great Ivan Z as he prepares for a former teammate s imminent release from prison As the week unfolds and Ivan struggles to confront his demons, he reveals himself to be a man whose conscience is burdened by a long held and shocking secret.

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    One thought on “Coal Run”

    1. This is the book that broke my desire to be a part of the local book club scene. "Book club scene" sounds so hip, doesn't it? Well, the only thing hip about the book club I was involved in was the talk about broken hips the old ladies in the group kept on about. If I had to guess at the median age of the members, I'd say it was somewhere around 105 years old. But I digressDangerously close to a romance novel at times, Tawni O'Dell's Coal Run was still enjoyable enough for me not to hate myself f [...]

    2. Coal Run takes its readers to a small Pennsylvanian mining community ravaged from a disaster that took the lives of almost a hundred coal miners. O' Dell's book not only shows the tangled lives of some rural people, but it also shows just how hard an accident can hit a town and how the aftershock can drag down even the people you least suspect, even many years later.

    3. It wasn't as good as her first published novel but let's be fair what can possibly top that ?Nonetheless, this still is a good book by a great writer.On a side note: This woman is my hero, 0'Dell writes like a writer and can be an inspiration to all genders. Love her style and work. And her intelligence.A good enough follow up to Back Roads.

    4. An engaging and rewarding novel covering the lingering impact on a rural Pennsylvania community of a coal mining disaster and the pathways to recovery that people take. Ivan Z. lost his Ukrainian immigrant father in the mine explosion which killed nearly 100 others. His success as a football hero in school and college was cut short by an accident that damaged his leg, and now, after a 15 year interlude in Florida, he returns to the town of Coal Run where he takes a position as a deputy sheriff. [...]

    5. I didn't finish it. Her writing is really good, there are some excellent little gems of prose in what I read. ButIt lacked a lot of the luster of Backroads, and I didn't like the protagonist as much as in Sister Mine. I thought this guy was an ass, actually. I also am finding it hard to forgive the author's opinions about female bodies. In Backroads there were some nasty things said about aging women who didn't fight the process tooth and nail, but since it was a sixteen year-old boy saying it, [...]

    6. This was the second Tawni O'Dell novel I read, and I found it a bit tedious. Again, I shouldn't say read, as I actually listened to the audio book, and I found myself getting frustrated with the protagonist - he was a boor, and I couldn't understand why his "love interest" was interested in him at all. The story advanced at a snail's pace, the protagonist hinted at his past sins but it took forever to get to them, and then I'm not really sure he was redeemed at all by the story's end. If you cho [...]

    7. Ivan ! Ivan!This book is definitely not as good as her first one (Back Roads),but still she is capable of morphing boring stories into something funny and sad at the same time.I was not interested in the story as much as I was eager to discover Tawni's writing again! She is indeed a very good writer and she is able to develop numerous characters perfectly. I do not regret reading this book. In fact , it was as if Ivan was a person I've known very well.

    8. I love this book but it took me five months to finish because I'm a slow reader. It's a good old-fashioned small town American drama.

    9. Any discussion of Tawni O'Dell's novel Coal Run should begin with the novel's setting -- one that captures well the slow-motion tragedy that has enfolded many communities of America's Rust Belt. O'Dell's Coal Run, Pennsylvania, is an industrial ghost town that has been twice cursed. The first of Coal Run's tragedies occurred in 1967, when the J & P Coal Company Mine No. 9, the "Gertie" mine, blew up, killing 97 miners, including the father of the novel's protagonist, Ivan Zoschenko. The seco [...]

    10. After reading O'Dell's first novel (Back Roads) and finding it extremely good, I was somewhat disappointed at her second attempt. The story wasn't that bad however, lacked 'substance' and felt like saying 'What IS the point to this story?'From back cover:"With her eagerly awaited second novel, COAL RUN, O'Dell takes us back to the coal mining country of western Pennsylvania, the territory she renders with striking authenticity. In a town haunted by a deadly mine explosion three decades earlier, [...]

    11. Yawn With a book that had a massive mine explosion, a professional athletic career wrecked by injury, a Vietnam veteran, an abused woman whose abuser was released, and the list goes on. This book was justdullThe Good - Probably my favorite part of the story occurred in the beginning, centering around the mine explosion. It had a sense of place and time which was enjoyabled the characters hadn't had time to develop into selfish egotistical pigs.The Eh - Too much. Just too much. I felt like I was [...]

    12. I enjoyed "Back Roads" very much and was excited to see another Tawni O'Dell novel on my library shelf. "Coal Run" is as atmospheric as the last. I could visualize the entire small, run-down Pennsylvania town. I know all the heart-of-gold, just trying to make the best of a hard life people. Coal Run was devastated by a mining accident that left most of the men in town in a casket or buried under ground. The way in which the widows and children move on with their lives is a secondary theme in the [...]

    13. I'm a coal miner's daughter from a small Western PA coal town (Barnesboro, PA) and feel like my hometown was among the parts that make up the composite fictional towns in this story. Since it is so rare that anyone writes about the kind of place where I grew up and the kind of people I knew, of course, I am going to love this book. I think I would have enjoyed this novel even if I were from Alabama, but I am too biased to be sure. My big complaint is that she grossly overstated the importance of [...]

    14. Wow. This novel has it all, mystery and intrigue and the overwhelming desire to punch someone in the face and hug them to make them feel better all at the same time. Small towns have long histories and even long memories, you can leave but you are never gone and sometimes it is just best to come back and clean up your own mess and realize that everyone would have supported you no matter what.

    15. The anthracite coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania tip their hat to the bituminous mines of the west -- or west of Philadelphia meets east of Pittsburgh. Tawni is funny, plotty, descriptive, and draws you into her world. We seem to cover a lot of the same territory in our writing, which makes me a big fan.

    16. I enjoyed this book in spite of the main character, Ivan Z. He seemed like a dumb high school jock in perpetual arrested development. Author Tawni O'Dell did give his character a tremendous arc of learning, to bring readers from beginning to end with great satisfaction for this character.

    17. Chose this book because it's based in a PA coal town and has references to State College/PSU (my hometown). I should've known nothing good could've come from an author named Tawni. This is unredeemable dreck.

    18. I loved this book! I love the way Tawni O'Dell writes It's so hard to put one of her books down once you pick it up. I love her quirky characters, they seem so real to me. Thank you Marcie Grau for reminding me of her books. Now I will have to find some more!

    19. What a wonderful web of characters. With a male protagonist, it's hard to believe the author is female. One of those books you expect to be a movie, so imagine the actors/actresses as you read. Can't wait to read another O'Dell. Fortunately there are three others.

    20. I really enjoyed this book. Good story about coming to terms with mistakes made in life. I also really liked the main character, Ivan, even though he had made some pretty bad decisions in his younger life. Don't know why, but liked him.

    21. Another great one by Tawni O'Dell. Her stories are very familiar yet distinct and original. I recommend them all. They all have a bit of drama and a bit of humor.

    22. La vida en un pueblecito minero antes y después de que la mina se desmorone sepultando a la mitad de los habitantes del pueblo. Con un trasfondo social duro, el de la sociedad en un sitio tan alejado del mundanal ruido como Coal Run tras perder la industria que le sirve de sustento, se nos cuenta la vida de Ivan, hijo de un inmigrante ucraniano que muere en la mina, y de cómo trata de salir de el ambiente no tanto opresivo como deprimente del pueblo y hacerse a sí mismo como jugador de fútbo [...]

    23. Well-written and set in Western PA (with historical elements from Central Pennsylvania). Coal, ethnic culture, and location hits a triple. A good dose of redemption throughout several characters who enter the story as not worthy, yet gifted at the end with undeserved love. Grace. I'm rarely a serial reader, but I'll check out "Back Roads" by Tawni O'Dell.

    24. I really liked this novel. It wasn't as shocking or page-turning as Back Roads, but, on the upside, I was happy with the ending. From the last page, I'm sensing a sequel in the future! I can only hope would be very exciting to read!

    25. J'ai mis du temps à me mettre dans le bouquin, en plus au début je me perdais dans les personnages. Et l'intrigue à mis du temps à venir pour au final une fin qui m'a déçu

    26. Tawni O'Dell's debut novel, "Back Roads", is possibly one of the greatest books I have ever read. No matter how often I return to the pages, I always find myself lost in them, drawn into a world that, despite having no real comprehension of it, I become completely involved with and caught up in.Unfortunately, despite this novel being championed by no lesser name than Oprah Winfrey, the author seemingly vanished afterwards and nothing happened. Admittedly she wasn't as well received in the UK, po [...]

    27. On holiday I found a copy of this book at the resort. It was not something I'd normally pick up and even thought I'd likely not get into it. I was mistaken as it was well written and, for the most part, held my attention. I found the ending a bit too pat - would have liked him to not get the girl but most like a happy ending. Interesting to read a novel with a male main character - written by a woman. Im because there was no photo of the author on my copy, thought Tawni might be a pseudonym for [...]

    28. After reading others' reviews, I apparently need to read Back Roads, O'Dell's first book because many think Coal Run, her second, does not equal the overall effect of her first.One of my favorite moments in the book comes when Ivan's 6 year old nephew, Everett Craig, buys a dinner at an auction with the local football hero, "the great Ivan Z" so they, his uncle and he, can spend more time together. Eb talks of his absentee father: "My dad wears a tie now, he tells me, staring at the chocolate st [...]

    29. In a coal town in PA, a mine disaster kills many people and haunts the town for years to come. This is the story of the survivors anyhow they handled their lives after the fateful cave in. It's not a happy story but the characters are vivid and the circumstances are realistic.

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