Het Listerdale-mysterie

Het Listerdale mysterie Deze bundel bevat negen klassieke detectiveverhalen die stuk voor stuk een overtuigend bewijs vormen van de veelzijdigheid en vindingrijkheid van Agatha Christie De onderwerpen de intrige en de sfeer

  • Title: Het Listerdale-mysterie
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Deze bundel bevat negen klassieke detectiveverhalen die stuk voor stuk een overtuigend bewijs vormen van de veelzijdigheid en vindingrijkheid van Agatha Christie De onderwerpen, de intrige en de sfeer zijn bij deze verhalen volstrekt verschillend, maar n ding hebben ze gemeen ze houden de lezer tot de laatste regel toe in spanning, want bij elk verhaal is de ontknopingDeze bundel bevat negen klassieke detectiveverhalen die stuk voor stuk een overtuigend bewijs vormen van de veelzijdigheid en vindingrijkheid van Agatha Christie De onderwerpen, de intrige en de sfeer zijn bij deze verhalen volstrekt verschillend, maar n ding hebben ze gemeen ze houden de lezer tot de laatste regel toe in spanning, want bij elk verhaal is de ontknoping totaal onverwacht.

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    1. A fine collection of Christie shorts, not featuring any of her famous sleuths. I absolutely loved this collection.The best story in the collection according to me is Philomel Cottage - a real gem of suspense. I always wonder why Hitchcock did not see it. The way Alix Martin's world slowly unravels as discovers an unpalatable truth and the subsequent race to save herself had me biting my nails when I first read it.The next best for me is The Golden Ball - how a young man grabs "the golden ball of [...]

    2. This book is the collection of 12 short stories. I liked some of the stories. They had a good deal of mystery. Some were very funny and some were predictable. Overall I liked this book. I love mystery novels of Agatha Christie. She is one of the best mystery writers in the 1900's. I enjoy reading her books because most of the time its really hard to predict the ending. Below is the list of short stories in the book and my rating for each story:1. The Listerdale Mystery- 2/52. Philomel Cottage- 3 [...]

    3. This is a great collection of short mysteries. It is filled with misunderstandings, secrets, intrigue and even some espionage. It seems to focus on extraordinary things happened to ordinary people, which I really loved. I think the Listerdale mystery was my favorite story in this bunch and had the best and quite surprising ending. I also loved the story with the "Marquess". Even though Miss Marple and Poirot were absent, these were great stories by AC. She has a wonderful talent for short story [...]

    4. Valoración: Bueno 😊Emociones: Satisfacción, nostalgia.Recomendado: Si te gustan los cuentos cortos, si ya has leído (y amado) a Agatha Christie.¿Volverías a leer a esta autora?: Es mi autora favorita y forma parte de mi re lectura, en orden cronológico, de sus obras.2018's Around the year in 52 books: #51, Short story collectionEsta es una colección de cuentos que no son de asesinato, son mas de temas cotidianos que involucran algún tipo de misterio. Esta es una colección que a mi en [...]

    5. I do like that the stories were unpredictable - you don't know what kind of crime or mystery will be committed (unlike most of Christie's novels about murder), and you don't know whose perspective you're getting - the criminal, the sleuth, the hero - without Poirot or Miss Marple to set the stage. It's like a collection of short puzzles - not all super strong, but all fun.

    6. تعجبني اغاثا في كتاباتها حقا اتسائل من اين لها هذه القدرة في الكتابة لغويا وعقليا من جميع النواحي تباغتك بأفكارها بشتى الطرق احببتها جدا :)

    7. This is more of a collection of random Agatha Christie short mystery/suspense stories. They were entertaining enough, but I found that most of them tended to revolve around the same few plot lines. For example, "The Girl In The Train" and "Mr Eastwood's Adventure" revolved around a genteel young man who is cast out by a rich older relation and gets into a scrape of sorts, and finds himself making his fortune through the exact same 'unexpected' way (won't spoil it for people). Then "The Rajah's E [...]

    8. Collection of short stories from reasonably early in Christie's career. Variable in quality. Illustrative of the mores of the time. Of necessity, given length, the characters are not as well drawn as is usual for Christie, nor are the plots as intricate - and several of the plots are quite samey.Fun, though. Amusing to find a story about James Bond in there.

    9. These stories are quintessential Christie - pithy, witty, wry, and gay. They take you back to the England of the 20s and 30seven though I was never in England during the 20s and 30s. ;) Listening to these short stories back to back, however, alert you to some recurring tropes and plot devices that take a bit of the shine off. The performance by the voice artist is top notch, but the "mistaken identity" shtick and "criminal switcheroo" reveal isn't quite as clever after the third or fourth iterat [...]

    10. This is a collection of short stories. I like Philomel Cottage and Accident the crime had some interesting though not very complicated twists. Jane in search of a job is rather funny and has elements to be read faster. One curious thing; people advertise to buy teeth ?

    11. Kumpulan kisah "misteri" yang kental romance-nya (^^)Juga banyak yang kocak-kocak, yang bikin keinget sama cara bercerita P. G. Wodehouse (yang kalo ga salah, temennya Ms. Christie ^ ^)

    12. This is an entertaining collection of short stories - none of which feature Christie's famous detectives. They are just as well written and intriguing as the novels. I particularly liked the title story which has an unexpected ending and is charming rather than frightening. Philomel Cottage, however, will send shivers down your spine.In this book Christie shows what a versatile writer she was. There is humour and believable psychological motivations. The characters come to life on the page even [...]

    13. Aaaaah yeees my first Spanish book, I'm so proud :D And what makes me the happiest is that I highly enjoyed this book! I've always wanted to read an Agatha Christie book, and this was the perfect choice! Every story was enticing and there were some parts where I actually gasped! Agatha's way of writing is beautiful and it makes you feel like you're inside the mystery! I've never read anything like it, I enjoyed it sooo much. This book is basically a compilation of 10 short stories, all written b [...]

    14. I came to the end of this collection with a sense of profound disappointment with the stories in this collection. By and large, they had no real excitement in them and, in some especially unenjoyable examples, including 'The Listerdale Mystery' itself, the solution to the mystery was either eminently guessable or utterly underwhelming. In a few cases, I am happy to say that Christie's usual art and flair shone through: 'Philomel Cottage' inspired a sense of terror in me comparable to 'And Then T [...]

    15. This was not one mystery. It was a collection of eleven short stories. In fact, there really weren't any mysteries in the collection. Instead each story was a cute little piece with a twist ending. I have to admit that I enjoyed every single one of them. They weren't deep, they weren't tricky, but they were all fun and entertaining. There were stolen jewels and poisonings and romance and mistaken identities. There were all the things that make Agatha Christie fun sprinkled throughout the collect [...]

    16. This is a collection of 12 short stories, each with its own charm and a twist. "The Listerdale Mystery" is the first of the short stories. I have read other GR reviews where people felt disappointed with the collection but they are enjoyable and you can read one quickly and move on. One criticism has been that each follows a formulaic plot, however this is definitely not the case for all the stories. My favourites were "Jane in search of a job" and "Swan Song", both very clever stories. I'm sure [...]

    17. I know my rating of this book suffered because of two things. One, I had previously read all but three of these stories and two, as a collection so many of the stories were similar as to ruin their appeal. Still, it is the master of the mystery genre writing them and most of them were really good. I was very partial to several of the stories, including Accident and Mr. Eastwood’s Adventure.

    18. Maybe I am actually starting to develop a fondness for short story collections. Or maybe Agatha Christie is just that good. Either way, I found The Listerdale Mystery highly entertaining, with twelve really amusing short stories, none of which were disappointing. All twelve were well written, with different grades of mystery. Most stories had a nice touch of humor or irony as well.

    19. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've read Agatha Christie, and I was not disappointed. This book of short stories is old-fashioned in the best sense of the word: classic, simple, almost entirely devoid of overt violence and sexuality, yet thrilling all the same. Some of the stories are more compelling than others, and the amount of danger and intrigue ranges greatly. All are worth a read, if only for the perfect pacing that Christie employs.

    20. Really good! All 12 stories were very interesting, but my favorite ones were certainly Philomel Cottage, Accident (such an awesome twist) and the Swan Song (which actually reduced me to tears in the end). I shall certainly reread it and I advice it to anyone who likes short and, in some cases, silly stories. Quite romantic as well, in some cases! A must read.

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    22. It's a decent sampling of Christie's short stuff. It's the right kind of thing to pick up when you feel like you want to read something, and be entertained, but not make a huge time commitment. The first story "The Listerdale Mystery" is my favorite out of the bunch because it's a little bit mystery and a charming wee romance.

    23. 1. The Listerdale Mystery - easy peasy lemon squeezy, it was only logical. 2. Philomel Cottage - OH MY GOD, Agatha Christie, have mercy upon my soul! Reading this at 3am - not a good idea.-to be continued-

    24. Nice collection of mystery short stories, some with romantic elements, mostly with predictable endings. My favorites: Philomel Cottage, Jane in Search of a Job and the last one, Swan Song.

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