Miss Marple met vakantie

Miss Marple met vakantie Miss Marple is ver weg van haar Engelse dorpje met vakantie in West Indi De mensen in het hotel lijken allemaal erg aardig en ze heeft het best naar haar zin Maar dan sterft er plotseling iemand Mis

  • Title: Miss Marple met vakantie
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Miss Marple is, ver weg van haar Engelse dorpje, met vakantie in West Indi De mensen in het hotel lijken allemaal erg aardig en ze heeft het best naar haar zin Maar dan sterft er plotseling iemand Miss Marple krijgt argwaan en besluit de hotelgasten op een onopvallende manier te gaan uithoren, want ze is ervan overtuigd dat n van hen niet zo aardig is als hij lijkt.Miss Marple is, ver weg van haar Engelse dorpje, met vakantie in West Indi De mensen in het hotel lijken allemaal erg aardig en ze heeft het best naar haar zin Maar dan sterft er plotseling iemand Miss Marple krijgt argwaan en besluit de hotelgasten op een onopvallende manier te gaan uithoren, want ze is ervan overtuigd dat n van hen niet zo aardig is als hij lijkt Iemand heeft iets te verbergen, en een moord meer of minder komt er daarbij niet op aan.

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    1. Since I was a kid reading Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, I have read mysteries in between other books as a palette cleanser. Rather than go into a reading slump, I read a fast paced crime or detective story to clear my head. There is no detective writer I enjoy more than the Queen of Crime herself, Dame Agatha Christie. I joined the group reading the detectives when I found out that they would be reading one Miss Marple case a month for a year. Although I had been a fan of Hercule Poirot first, [...]

    2. One's time period can be such a bother, don't you think? Or, in some cases, very inspiring. I, for instance, never thought I'd see the time when a Cheeto could become president. I mean, president of the Frito-Lay Corporation, sure. But an elected position? A victory for processed foods! Out with the vegetable gardens, in with the snack machines! Wait, not that kind of orange finger food? Oh. Oh, well nevermind. Back to what I was saying about inspiration. I mean, hey--I'm in my forties. I actual [...]

    3. '' دائماً ما يجد القتلةُ صعوبةً في ترِك الأشياء تبدو بسيطة ''لا أخفي عليكم كيف تُهت في هذه الرواية وكنتُ بعيداً كل البعد عن معرفة القاتل،، من الصعوبة جداً أن تخمن مجرد تخمين من هو القاتل وكل السبل التي سلكتها أجاثا كانت مضللة ومغلقة ويصعب إيجاد ثغرة في إكتشاف القاتل،، لكني أسم [...]

    4. Jane Marple , is very grateful to her loving nephew Raymond West, a popular novelist, and rich man, who paid for his aunt's vacation (she recently recovered from an illness ) . The tropics , on an island in the Caribbean Sea, doesn't sound like a place Miss Marple, would feel comfortable in, she is from rainy, cold, with just a little bit of snow, the quiet St. Mary Mead , England. An out of the way village , where nothing ever happens, that is what everyone believes Warm weather , a beautiful [...]

    5. الانسة ماربل تقضي اجازة في احد الجزر الهندية مع سائحين اخرين احدهما رجل يتحدث مع الانسة ماربل عن قصصه ومغامراته واحدى هذه القصص عن قاتل وتحدث عن كيفية ارتكابه جريمته وانه يحمل صورة القاتل ولكنه يتراجع عن إظهار الصورة وبعد ٢٤ ساعة يوجد ميتا.ثم تموت خادمة الفندق لانها تعرف شيئ [...]

    6. This mystery sees Miss Marple relocated from her usual setting, of villages and vicarages, and deposited on a Caribbean holiday by nephew Raymond. The preceding winter had seen Miss Marple suffering from pneumonia and, with sunshine advised to aid her recovery, she is treated to a stay at the Golden Palm Hotel in St Honore, Trinidad. The hotel has been taking over by a young couple, Molly and Tim Kendal, who are keen to keep returning guests happy and ‘make a go’ of it. Among the guests are [...]

    7. والدرس المستفاد مما حدث ما قاله سيدنا عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه " ما ندمتُ على السكوت مَرّة ، لكنني ندمت على الكلام مرارا " اللقاء الأول مع أجاثا كريستي و عالم الرواية البوليسية قرأتها في يوم واحدبل في ساعات معدودة وهذا لا يحدث معي إلا نادراً مهما بلغ استمتاعي بالعمل ولكن الو [...]

    8. “She had one weapon and one weapon only, and that was conversation.”It fell rather flat in comparison to other Christie's works, but 1) you can't really blame Miss Marple for not being Hercule Poirot and 2) you can't really blame anyone for not being Hercule Poirot. They try, they do, but it's not their fault if they fail. The same goes for the characters/suspects. I don't know, it's as if Miss Marple makes everything duller, and Poirot everything shinier. I can't help feeling this differenc [...]

    9. I read this one for the "overseas travel" square because it gets Miss Marple out of St. Mary's Mead on a long vacation to the sunny climes of the West Indies. As is often the case with Christie, the reader must, rather uncomfortably, wade through some casual racism/colonialism/sexism to enjoy the mystery.I don't think that this is one of Christie's best, though. Her mysteries often rely strongly on coincidence, but this one takes the use of coincidence to a whole new level of ridiculously unbeli [...]

    10. Another excellent Miss Marple book, and although I have seen the Joan Hickson TV adaptation, I cannot remember ever having read the book. I really enjoyed it and liked the introduction of Mr Rafiel, who I know we will see later.I'm really enjoying this whole challenge and we still have a good few to go.

    11. “It's all very well to talk like that,” said Mr. Rafiel. “We, you say? What do you think I can do about it? I can't even walk without help. How can you and I set about preventing a murder? You're about a hundred and I'm a broken-up old crock.” Humour is probably not something people associate with Agatha Christie but she did have plenty of it, and used it usually when portraying silly and arrogant people. A Caribbean Mystery sees our lovely Ms Marple in the West Indies, where nothing see [...]

    12. Again, a fantastic literary sleight of hand where the clues are paraded before one's eyes - yet that one crucial piece of misdirection fools one till the end.

    13. I was sick this week, so it was a good job I was given a pack of Miss Marples for Christmas. They made for the perfect sick books. None of them were amazing, they were late Miss Marple, but they all had a mystery my addled fog brain couldn’t get and I continue to love Miss Marple as a symbol of women who are overlooked and underrated on the basis of appearance, age and stereotypes. I do have to mention that this particular one has some racist remarks made by a few characters about the black re [...]

    14. Love Agatha! Miss Marple, yay! Since she's not at home, she has to work harder to be taken seriously. This time, for once, I thought I had the murderer figured out. Nope, wrong again.Reread Just got one question; how did she get rich nephews who buy her Caribbean vacations? (Jealous me)😎

    15. A Sassari abbiamo una parola forte e molto espressiva che riassume la capacità di un individuo di influenzare negativamente le sorti delle persone e delle cose che stanno lui attorno, e questa parola è 'pindaccio'. Ora, se dovessi accompagnare a Miss Marple un aggettivo, questo sarebbe 'pindaccia'.E' leit motiv del 'le muoiono tutti attorno', insomma, attraverso i gialli, ce l'ha insegnato anche Arthur Conan Doyle, ci è stato insegnato che, la prima qualità di un buon detective, è quella di [...]

    16. I rather suspect that Agatha Christie – aged in her mid-seventies – took a holiday at the Colony Club, Barbados – and from the anonymity of her deckchair secretly wrote the plot for A Caribbean Mystery (1964), through the watchful eyes of her alter ego, Miss Marple.It’s not the strongest of her novels – and perhaps lacks the depth and texture of her classics, which are set in more familiar surroundings and society. But nonetheless – it tricks you with all her customary guile. I must [...]

    17. My first encounter with Agatha Christie and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a quick easy read and the mystery kept me guessing until the final reveal. Will pick up another of her books soon, perfect size and length to fit in my handbag anywhere :)

    18. Book 9 in the Miss Marple Challenge. Old Major Palgrave liked to regale others with stories of his past―his time in Kenya, India, experience with a tiger, and one which he knew of through an acquaintance, of a murderer. His listeners unfortunately didn’t find his tales quite so interesting as he did himself and one listener in particular, a fellow guest at a hotel in the Caribbean was lost in her own thoughts while hearing what the Major said only in fits and snatches. And when he was about [...]

    19. رواية ممتعة لأجاثاوطبعا بالتأكيد لم أحل اللغز ^_^ عادي يعني اتعودت خلاص ^_^ شئ طبيعي أن القاتل يكون أبعد شخص عن خيالك وطبيعي جدا أن يكون هو الشخص الذي تتعاطف معه ، وتقلق عليه ، وتحزن من أجلهوطبيعي أن يكون أمام عينيك طوال الوقت ولا تراهوأن يكون الحل بين أصابعك ولا تنتبه لهوأن تقر [...]

    20. loving Agathas sweet, bloody crimes a lot! if you think you know who did it - there will be someone you did not even consider being the killer. She fools me every time!

    21. And another Agatha Christie done for my quest to read (& reread) all of her books. I saw the Mystery! production within the last year or two. This one was a little "fish out of water" for Miss M, sent on a Caribbean vacation by her nephew. It took her a bit to get her feet under her, she had so many strangers to sort out among her fellow guests and the owners and staff of the hotel. No supporting cast from her beloved St. Mary's Mead, no one who knows she has a razor sharp mind when it comes [...]

    22. ¿Qué puede pasar en unas vacaciones en el Caribe? Pues si está Miss Marple allí, nada buenoCon los libros de Agatha Christie siempre me pasa lo mismo: me encanta leerlos pero al final suelo sentirme como una niña que se cree todo lo que le cuentan ya que la autora consigue jugar conmigo y desviar mis sospechas hacía donde ella quiere, alejándome de lo realmente está sucediendo. Y aún así sigue siendo mi escritora favorita por ser capaz de hacer unos giros argumentales enormes que me de [...]

    23. A miss Marple mystery in the Caribbean.A short book with an interesting story that did not impress me very much,however i generally enjoyed it,only it felt a bit rushed.Maybe it's the translation.I read it in greek and it felt like some parts of the book were shortened,not sure about that last one but i got this feeling while reading.Three stars from me!

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