Moord is kinderspel

Moord is kinderspel Luke Fitzwilliam komt na jaren terug in Engeland en ontmoet in de trein een oude dame die wel een zuster zou kunnen zijn van miss Marple Ze vertelt hem dat ze op weg is naar Scotland Yard omdat ze een

  • Title: Moord is kinderspel
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Luke Fitzwilliam komt na jaren terug in Engeland en ontmoet in de trein een oude dame die wel een zuster zou kunnen zijn van miss Marple Ze vertelt hem dat ze op weg is naar Scotland Yard omdat ze een moordzaak op het spoor is in haar dorp, Wychwood De volgende dag leest Luke in de krant dat ze verongelukt is, en nog wat later ziet hij een overlijdensadvertentie van de mLuke Fitzwilliam komt na jaren terug in Engeland en ontmoet in de trein een oude dame die wel een zuster zou kunnen zijn van miss Marple Ze vertelt hem dat ze op weg is naar Scotland Yard omdat ze een moordzaak op het spoor is in haar dorp, Wychwood De volgende dag leest Luke in de krant dat ze verongelukt is, en nog wat later ziet hij een overlijdensadvertentie van de man die zij als toekomstig slachtoffer noemde

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      462 Agatha Christie
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    2. 2.5 starsThis is the first book I have read in the Superintendent Battle series and it does not have 'Smart Poirot' or 'An Intuitive Miss.Marple' but instead has 'The Blubbering Novice Mr. Luke Fitzwilliam'.The start of this book is really promising, an old lady traveling on a train meets a gentleman (Mr. Fitzwilliam) and tells a tall tale about a series of murder that takes place in her cozy little village. The gentleman not believing a word goes on his own merry way and later comes to know tha [...]

    3. Choose Your Own Adventure!You are aged but you are no fool. You are stronger than the foolish victims around you. They never listen. It will be the death of them, you say. But they dismiss you, they find you charming but inconsequential, they ignore that you have lived an entire life of emotion and experience and the world is no playground to you. It is a mine field, it is a pit, it is a coal mine and the people around you are canaries. Canaries die! Murder is easy if everyone thinks it is an ac [...]

    4. Hmmm not sure how I feel about this one! On one hand, I really loved the village setting, the old ladies and I even enjoyed the actual plot a lot. On the other hand, I really found the main pair quite irritating, their 'love' story unbelievable and since everything else hinges on that bit, the entire story rather runs down a little. The book starts off very interestingly with a chance meeting in a train between Luke Fitzgerald, retired policeman, and Lavinia Pinkerton, a fluffy village elderly [...]

    5. I love me some Christie. She is getting me through some bad times right now. I plan on reading the rest of her backlist and didn't realize until after the fact I grabbed up the Superintendent Battle series (this is number 4) and am reading out of order now. I will correct that later."Murder is Easy" confused me a bit since I recall this being a Miss Marple television episode. So when I started reading about Luke Fitzwilliam and there was no sign of Miss Marple anywhere I was not pleased. But the [...]

    6. 98% of the time I LOVE Aggie. Agatha Christie is my "go to" gal when I'm in a reading slump. Like a hot rich Brazilian man under the covers, you know you're not going to be disappointed. Well, usually. But there is the rare DUD in her collection. And if I can relate it to the above analogy of the sexy South American, this book is the equivalent of hopping in bed with this Brazilian hottie and discovering that OOPShe pooped the sheets!Sorry, but "Easy to Kill" by Agatha Christie was a surprise fr [...]

    7. By page 6, I thought to myself, "There it is, Dame Agatha is telling me exactly who did it. Clear as day." Then the intentionally dim-witted Luke Fitzwilliam, the detective, starts his investigation and 100 pages later, I'm thinking, "Rather, clear as mud, but purposely so." Christie uses Fitzwilliam to pull all kinds of red herrings into the story, yet at 200 pages, we smart readers have already solved it anyway and we're simply enjoying the bumbling Fitzwilliam, who hasn't a clue to the soluti [...]

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    10. This is another brilliantly plotted story by the author, and we as readers are misled for quite a long time. The convincing portrayal of a sensitive man, feeling some higher force is exacting retribution and revenge for him in excellently done, as the murders pile up. On my own part when I was a young man I actually knew someone like this, who seemed to rejoice in tragedies befalling others "He/she wronged me and is now being punishedat's the way it should be," this guy would say even then, maki [...]

    11. This is designated as a Superintendent Battle book, although he doesn't appear until 85%, and he doesn't solve the case at all. It's better to think of it as a stand along, with Luke Fitzwilliam as the main investigator.This is not the top of the Agatha Christie heap, but it is a solid mystery. I enjoyed the way that Luke kept referring to his dear old Aunt Mildred, who is clearly in the vein of Jane Marple. This one also provides an easy comparison to Towards Zero, another Battle book with some [...]

    12. It was a fun read considering the twist in the end. And it's like being with Miss Marple but not really - because of the old woman in the story. The twist was really good!!! It was a revelation within a revelation. It's true what they say, you can never know with Agatha Christie ;)

    13. I hate to be so harsh with an Agatha Christie novel. They are usually so good. So tightly plotted.In fact, I would argue that the setup for this mystery is Christie's most brilliant and engaging. An encounter with a seemingly crazy old lady on a train becomes much more significant when it turns out her suspicions may be founded. I was really disappointed, however.The first disappointment came with the characters. Unlike a lot of Christie's more well-crafted works (Death on the Nile springs to mi [...]

    14. A good little mystery, I picked up one red herring (view spoiler)[ that Ms Pinkerton had told Luke that it was a man who was the murderer when I didn't remember her saying so (hide spoiler)] but I thought it was so obvious a clue that I didn't know if it was deliberately put there to be discovered. Ms Christie can often double bluff her readers. The gradual reveal of the murderer was pretty chilling - murder in her books is often practical and prosaic, it's usually done for money or for intense [...]

    15. Wäre dies mein erster Christie-Krimi gewesen, nie hätte ich mir die Mühe gemacht weitere ihrer Werke zu konsumieren. Dieses Buch stellt sich für mich als komplette Enttäuschung heraus.Obwohl die Handlung durchaus flott und vielversprechend beginnt, verdross mich alsbald der inoffizielle Ermittler, Luke Fitzwilliam. Noch bevor er sich von Liebestiraden und Heiratsanträgen ablenken ließ, zweifelte ich bereits an seinen geistigen Fähigkeiten. Dafür, dass er aus der Polizisten-Zunft stammen [...]

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    17. Eu pensei "Ora aí está, Agatha Christie, apanhei-te! Descobri o assassino, finalmente consegui acompanhar o teu raciocínio! Afinal és infalível! Descobri tudo! Muahaha". Só que não. Faltavam 30 páginas para acabar o livro. Obviamente que a rainha dos policiais não seria tão básica. E aquela pitada de romance? Amor algo instantâneo, mas ao mesmo tempo tão querido. Enfim, felizmente, não foi desta que ela me desiludiu.

    18. This was rubbish. Are we sure Agatha Christie wrote this? The whole book was the world's dumbest policeman (Luke Fitzwilliams) walking around thinking about who committed the murders and he was continually wrong. He also didn't seem to care one bit about evidence either. Horrible.

    19. ** Books 11 - 2018 **3 dari 5 bintang Sengaja memilih judul Agatha Christie yang berada di urutan paling bawah dalam Scoop Premium dan akhirnya menemukan judul ini setelah Murder in Mesopotamia . Ketika dibaca ceritanya kalau bisa dikatakan saya lebih menyukai Murder in Mesopotamia karena lebih ada plot twistnya dan kalau buku ini akhirnya lebih ke romance?Dan ini adalah buku pertama Agatha Christie yang menceritakan Polisi Luke yang sebagai tokoh utama sebenarnya lebih suka cerita yang ada Dete [...]

    20. Eh. It was all very plodding, really.Maybe I set myself up for disappointment because I expected Poirot or Marple to show up at some point, and then all I got was Luke Fitzwilliam, who just wasn't interesting or all that likeable. I particularly liked how he felt eligible to pursue Bridget simply because he didn't like her old fart fiancé. Never mind that he himself was an old fart too, and bloody lied his way into their house to begin with. "I know what's best for you after a few days in your [...]

    21. Sooo One star may be a little harsh, but this was by far the least interesting Agatha I've read to date. I was quite bored and underwhelmed.The set-up was ok, but I was severely unimpressed with our "detective" Luke Fitzwilliam (he was even a policeman! I wouldn't have guessed!). He makes all the cliché mistakes and never compensates with any actual cleverness. The story just continues to happen all around him without him making any useful contribution, and every other character in the book kno [...]

    22. The concept and overall plan of this novel were genius, but the actual product was not quite as chilling as was possible. There comes a point in the novel where key characters discuss the series of murders that have occurred and their tendency to escalate in audacity and gruesomeness. Yet, I was not quite as disturbed as Agatha clearly intended me to be. I don't thrive on violence, but this novel needed to reach a little farther to produce the hair-raising effect it was trying for. Not to mentio [...]

    23. I must say, it was a mistake to listen to this audiobook while home alone on a dark rainy day. AC has a way of making things seem creepier just by the tone of her words and the way murders just seem to happen. Also by the demeanor of the killer and the strange characters in the village.(view spoiler)[ I did guess the murderer slightly before the characters did. When it seemed like Gordan was the obvious killer, I knew it couldn't be (since AC never gives up the answer before the very end). And o [...]

    24. I loved this one. It was perfect,just the right amount of thrill and detection. And you even have a romance going on in the background. The suspense is there till the last page and it keeps you guessing. Well I was guessing till the last never for once pointing at the right one. This is a real nice story considering how Val McDermid would have written it The perfect storyline for a serial killer mystery You just need to add the gruesome details

    25. Es el segundo libro que "leo" en forma de audiolibro y me está gustando muchísimo la experiencia. Como siempre, Agatha Christie me ha vuelto a sorprender porque no me esperaba que el asesino fuera esa persona.

    26. This was my second book by Agatha Christie and I found it as amazing as the first book that I read, her books don’t ever get boring.The story revolves around a man named Luke Fitzwilliam who emerged back from the Middle East and is currently living as a retired policeman. As he arrived to England he took a train to London and there he got the chance to sit with an old woman named Miss Pinkerton who made a journey from Wychwood to reach Scotland yard for a reason which was to report about a ser [...]

    27. This book reminds me of the movie Gosford Park. It's because the guilty party is not what is hinted at and I fell for the red herrings hook line and sinker. Unlike the movie, the book is disappointing beyond redemption. It's a good enough book, but the murder of Lavinia Fullerton is incredulous for me. The old push and shove from the crowd is fine, but how does the murderer convey that the car that hit her is a Rolls. Did the murderer keep on following Lavinia waiting for the perfect crime to oc [...]

    28. Not much of Battle appears in this work (near the end he finally shows up), but the reader meets a new protagonist Luke Fitzwilliam who gets drawn into the mystery by the chance of meeting an old lady on a train. I thought it was a delightful mystery and as ever had me unable to pin point who the culprit was.

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