Gypsy Lady

Gypsy Lady Catherine Tremayne s aristocratic loveliness was a flower no man had yet dared to pluck But when Jason Savage first beheld the violet eyed beauty she was disguised as a Gypsy a maiden long ago stolen

  • Title: Gypsy Lady
  • Author: Shirlee Busbee
  • ISBN: 9780380018246
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catherine Tremayne s aristocratic loveliness was a flower no man had yet dared to pluck But when Jason Savage first beheld the violet eyed beauty, she was disguised as a Gypsy a maiden long ago stolen from her father s Cornish estate.Only after he had carried her off to Paris on a dangerous mission for President Jefferson did Jason bare Catherine s secret.Yet CatherinCatherine Tremayne s aristocratic loveliness was a flower no man had yet dared to pluck But when Jason Savage first beheld the violet eyed beauty, she was disguised as a Gypsy a maiden long ago stolen from her father s Cornish estate.Only after he had carried her off to Paris on a dangerous mission for President Jefferson did Jason bare Catherine s secret.Yet Catherine s destiny drew her on, into a world of intrigue and danger, and she fled from Jason to the city of New Orleans through an odyssey of peril and sexual captivity to ecstatic reunion with the fearless adventurer who at last would quench the fire in her burning Gypsy soul

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    One thought on “Gypsy Lady”

    1. Absorbing Bodice Ripper But With Some Improbable ElementsThis was Busbee’s first novel, and was followed by LADY VIXEN (to which I gave 5 stars). Busbee is, in my opinion, a brilliant writer of romance. She weaves intricate, historically accurate and absorbing stories that you do not want to put down. However, in both this one and the related WHILE PASSION SLEEPS, there were some improbable events at critical points that had me tearing out my hair and kept me from giving Busbee the 5 stars she [...]

    2. Loved this one! It's a long one, almost 600 pages and it does take awhile for the H and h to actually meet but I never found myself bored at any point. Tamara/ Lady Catherine (h) was kidnapped bands small child by a band of gypsy' s along with her older half brother. The person who set this up wanted them killed and out of the way but the gypsies decided to keep and care for them as their own. Years later when the children are nearly grown they are thrown back into the lives that were stolen fro [...]

    3. Why do I pick up books like this? And then, why do I read them almost halfway through before throwing them down in disgust? I admit that a part of me was fascinated by this story. I didn't enjoy it and it wasn't romantic, I was just fascinated, in much the same way a person might pay attention to a sex scandal while saying how horrible it is that the media is fixated on such things. And at first, Jason didn't seem so bad. A bit oversexed, but what romantic hero isn't? (I could actually name a fe [...]

    4. This was my first ever romance novel. I was ten. This is the story of my childhood trauma. I was ten years old. I was practically born with a hunger and passion for reading. Other parents would be trying to get their kid to read. My mother was trying to stop my reading- she suceeded that year too. I got first in class that year, and being in the best class Well, that was an accomplishment. But my mother didn't understand that I loved reading so badly, if she took my books away, I would simply ju [...]

    5. This book is a classic. Shirlee Busbee amazed her readers back in the day (during the 1970') with desire, passion, and chivalry at its finest. Catherine Tremayne and Jason Savage is a love story that hurt very much at the beginning because he was so mean and controlling, but fate brought them back together and their love grew with desire and passion which she pretty much set him straight by the end of the story. The setting is in Paris during the late 1700 and early 1800's when Louisiana was jus [...]

    6. This book is such a train wreck. But unlike 50 Shades of Grey it is better written. I enjoyed the historical elements and kept reading because I wanted to see how it ended. I finished the 50 shades trilogy- so I guess I felt I needed to finish this. I need a list entitled "awful books that I think were sprinkled with hallucinogens because I kept reading."

    7. When love and Stockholm Syndrome were one and the same!I'd say it's a guilty pleasure but I felt no guilt.

    8. This was Busbee's first book, and I read it after Lady Vixen, which is in my mind as a sort of special book because it was my first adult book, first bodice ripper. I ready it probably like 30 years ago.I must admit that whilst I did finish it and I love Shirlee Busbee, this was a toughy. I actually thought the hero was quite a bastard, and treated the heroine appallingly. I notice a few years ago I gave it four stars, but I'm kind of not sure I should have as the hero raped the heroine, and it [...]

    9. this was a great story it had a little of everything in it love hate sex history. surprize twists it is worth the read like the read of her work.

    10. Good bodiceripper, full of misunderstandings and viciousness on the hero's part. Flawed but highly entertaining. If you don't like bodicerippers don't read it and complain. If you do, ENJOY!

    11. Ugh. I am so glad that I am finished with this awful book. Everyone is stupid, including myself for wasting my time with this novel.

    12. I have read "Decesive not my Heart" and "The Tiger Lily" by Busbee,and now i have finished reading the classical romance novel "Gypsy Lady" about the hotblooded wild Jason Savage and the stubborn spitfire Catherine.Jason appeared in both "Decesive not my heart" and "The Tiger Lily",so i was very interested to read his story with his soulmate.While the heroes from the other two novels were coldblooded arrogant males,Jason is the most coldest i have read about.He truly are arrogant and thinks he c [...]

    13. The hero starts out sexy, forceful, good looking and highly sexed and deteriorates into a revengeful philandering rapist and woman batterer who blames her for everything. The problem isnt as much the violation and beating itself, which given the times may have been historically accurate, its the fact that his transformation into love does not include remorse or promise to never do it again - on the contrary, he explains it away blithely as part of his volatile character and if she doesnt continu [...]

    14. Typical bodice ripper, heroine is kidnapped and raped by hero, they both have a million misunderstandings about each other and there's a lot of anger between them. I still enjoyed the story though, and the setting which took place during the sale and purchase of Louisiana.

    15. One of the first romances I ever read (I think someone lent it to me when I was about 12). Therefore, I haz a soft spot. I don't think it would hold up so well now though!

    16. To start with I would've given this a three star. The rape and kidnap kind of turned me off but as I got more into the story I really started to enjoy it although more often then not I felt like reaching into the pages and knocking the main characters heads together but for what is and something I don't usually read I did enjoy it

    17. MY SECOND BUSBEE BOOK AND I AM BEGINNING TO QUESTION THE AUTHOR'S PERCEPTION OF MEN OF THAT TIME. IT WAS CLOSE TO UNBEARABLE. Busbee's books have taken this tone whereby the men are always overbearingly dominant, arrogant, proud, obstinate and uncompromising. It's like all the bad traits of a human being rolled into one man. IT IS OBSCENELY TERRIBLE! I think an animal has more compassion.While the first book ive read was a guilty pleasure, I am starting to hurt myself reading her HEARTBREAKING h [...]

    18. It pains me to say this: but it is the worst historic romance I have ever read; though I like Shirley's books! I hated the story and especially the hero!!! What an insufferable, despicable, hateful character!! Such a conceited, arrogant, womanizing, brute, cruel and cold-blooded hero I am vey happy I have never encountered!!! Throughout almost the entire novel I never appreciated Jason Savage!! Why would such a man be written about, I don't know?I felt such fury and disgust after the few first c [...]

    19. What on Earth is this nonsense? I can explain!! *Waves hand in the air*It is slander of the United States of America's sole claim to aristocracy! Oh yay, let’s all go buy a copy to fry our brains and watch history be misrepresented!If Jason actually existed in antebellum South, he would have been ostracized and probably shot eventually, because those plantation owners were true noblemen and would never have stood to see one of their peers set such a shocking example, or treat women so badly. S [...]

    20. Not a bad book. Wished the Hero and Heroine would have made more progress in their relationship. If there was ever a fictional couple who needed to resolve their difference and learn to TALK to each other instead of jumping to conclusions or hiding things for the sake of pride it is these two. Their silences and misunderstandings caused soo much to happen to them even leading to the Heroine's capture and rape. Although the emotional distress caused by her assault was well handled as it happened [...]

    21. omg the story was boring and long and if i never hear about enticing violet eyes and masculine arched brows again it will be to soon i just don't understand how an author can write the description of a character over and over and not get sick of herselfthis is the first book i have read by this author so i do not know if the rest of her book's are written the same if so can someone let me know please :)

    22. น้ำผึ้งกับบอระเพ็ด / จามรี พรรณชมพูจิตรเสน สุรบดินทร์ ณ อยุธยา ชายหนุ่มได้พบเห็นศุจิกรรณ หญิงสาวครั้งแรกก็ประทับใจ แต่เพราะความเข้าใจผิด คิดว่าหล่อนเป็น หญิงสาวชาวบ้านธรรมดาท [...]

    23. I love how everyone is ripping this book apart through the shade of political correctness. This is what romance books were like when I first started reading them and they weren't called "bodice rippers" for nothing. It is fiction. enjoy the story and calm down! Would I find Jason's behavior acceptable in real life? HELL NO! But in the historical setting, I enjoy the fantasy and the wonderful writing of the author.

    24. I was pretty young when I read this book like 11-12. My Gramma had it she didn't know I had the book lol. I read it multiple times before I fully understood different parts I fell in love with Jason and Catherine. Jason character had faults pissed me off at times. Both stubborn but loved how Mrs. Busbee wrote this

    25. LOL - I'm pretty sure I read this story when it first came out - I remember I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading the back list from this author via Kindle and Kobo e-books !

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