Lacey and Lethal

Lacey and Lethal Set in the same world as Scarred and Kilt and Mine to Chase Lacey hunts vampires vile monsters who leave death and shattered lives in their wake They murdered her sister and she wants revenge Until sh

  • Title: Lacey and Lethal
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
  • ISBN: 9781419937125
  • Page: 289
  • Format: ebook
  • Set in the same world as Scarred and Kilt and Mine to Chase Lacey hunts vampires vile monsters who leave death and shattered lives in their wake They murdered her sister and she wants revenge Until she captures a big, sexy, blue eyed vamp, and the strong attraction she feels contradicts everything she s become But she can t resist getting closer Just looking at him maSet in the same world as Scarred and Kilt and Mine to Chase Lacey hunts vampires vile monsters who leave death and shattered lives in their wake They murdered her sister and she wants revenge Until she captures a big, sexy, blue eyed vamp, and the strong attraction she feels contradicts everything she s become But she can t resist getting closer Just looking at him makes her mouth water and her thighs clench.Lethal can t believe the little lass got the better of him He s been drugged and chained, but he s insulted than concerned She s bold, fearless, as she straddles his hips and threatens to use his body, teach him how it feels to be taken without consent Now he s intrigued and eager to get her out of her clothes She swears he s the enemy, but he s determined to be her lover.

    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ☆ Lacey and Lethal - by Laurann Dohner À
      289 Laurann Dohner
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    One thought on “Lacey and Lethal”

    1. Yay~ A LD book with a release date. Something to count down to.[image error]I am hoping for True to come out quickly, but any Laurann Dohner book would be amazing and I have really wanted to read about Lethal since I first met him. Who can say no to this guy?Besides, I always love a well written vampire with vampire hunter novel, and I can always rely on LD to write a good story.Can't wait until the 24th of July~

    2. Lacey is on a mission to eradicate vampires ever since one of them killed her sister. working with a special team she's able to tranquilize one and chains him up so he'll turn to dust when the sun rises. But she's looking for the specific vampire who killed her sister and so interrogates the vamp she captured. Lethal, an ancient vampire, can't believe a female mortal captured him much less that he's about to get fried when the sun rises because of that. His only option is to turn the tables on h [...]

    3. 4 1/2 AWESOME stars!!YUP! That's what I'm talking about!Those 2 are definitely my favorite couple in the trilogy! <3LOVED IT!

    4. Way to short but to the point. Quick little read about what happens when a vampire hunter meets her match. When Lacey and Lethal lay eyes on each other there is instant attraction, even though they both deny it. Lethal being a master had the ability to use mind control but he only does it a little to get her where he wants her, on top of him. In his words, it's a good way to die, with her straddling him and the promise of a skylight hitting him with a full blast of sunshine he's ready to accept [...]

    5. Nothing really to write home about in this book. It was quite short and not a great deal of character development. I enjoy her writing and wanted to read this one. The sex scene was smokin but I didn't fall in love with this book. Insta-luv takes some convincing for me. Plus, we didn't even know Lacey loved him until we read "the man she loved falling to the floor" or something similar. We don't see her admit it to herself first. It's mentioned right there with no build up. I'm currently reading [...]

    6. A short story about a lady vampire slayer who kidnapped a master vampire and planned to kill him to avenge the killing of her sister. Heard that one before? Of course we have. Without any spectacular or out of the ordinary plot lines, I just flipped through the pages without any interest and concern to the HEA. Because I can already guess of the ending since page 15. All in all, a read-before story just told differently. A let down by LD's standard.

    7. 2.5 stars. It was good, but I wished it was a full length story rather than Novella length. If there was more back story and enough time for these two to fall in love, it would've been great :0)

    8. enjoyable short story by this authorsta lust and lurve,possessive hero which I like in all my romance heros.

    9. SynopsisSet in the same world as Scarred and Kilt and Mine to Chase.Lacey hunts vampires—vile monsters who leave death and shattered lives in their wake. They murdered her sister and she wants revenge. Until she captures a big, sexy, blue-eyed vamp, and the strong attraction she feels contradicts everything she’s become. But she can’t resist getting closer. Just looking at him makes her mouth water and her thighs clench.Lethal can’t believe the little lass got the better of him. He’s b [...]

    10. I read this book as part of the Claws and Fangs compilation.Lacey and Lethal 3.75 out of 5 stars.Lacey+LethalLacey is a vampire slayer…she became one after losing her sister to a rogue vampire…but of course she doesn’t know that. All she knows is that all vampires are bad. So she captures Lethal and is set to kill him…let him meet the sun, until she decides to use him for her pleasure. This part right here, makes this the best book in the series, because book two has the smut, the other [...]

    11. 4 1/2 stars, This is a short novella that just barley satisfied my Laurann Dohner addiction unfortunately, that satisfaction has already worn off and I want another LD book now! I really liked this book it takes place in the same world as the two novellas in Something Wicked This Way Comes volume 2(Scarred and Kilt) and Mine to Chase. In this book we meet Lethal and Lacey. Lacey had a great life a job she loved, a fiancé, and a great sister then one day her sister was killed. While grieving ove [...]

    12. Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI couldn’t wait to read this book when I read about it. There is just something about the way this author writes that I love. It also has vampires, which is an added bonus.Lacey just wants revenge on the bloodsucker that killed her sister. She doesn’t stop to think that there are good and bad vampires just like with humans. There is just something about Lethal that gets to her after she [...]

    13. After losing her sister in a vampire attack, Lacey has dedicated her life to hunting and killing any vampire she can find. Until she captures Lethal. Lethal is a master vampire, stronger than any she has meet before, and she is drawn to him and soon loses all desire to see him turned to dust. Lacey is funny. She is sassy with some amusing one liners and doesn’t take any grief from anyone, including a centuries of vampire. At the beginning of the short she is sad with the grief of her sisters d [...]

    14. acey and Lethal by Laurann DohnerPublication Date: July 23, 2013Reviewed by: Reading In Pajamas/ CoriRated: 3.5 StarsREVIEW:This book is set in the same world as Scarred and Kilt in Something Wicked this Way Comes and Mine to Chase. I recommend reading the books in order, but they can be read out of order. I always enjoy Laurann Dohner's books. Lacey and Lethal was no exception. Who doesn't enjoy sexy vampires? Lethal is captures by Lacey who thinks all vampires are evil and joins a group of hun [...]

    15. What can I say? Nothing really. Laurann Dohner's novel does it all for me. Lacey has been on the hunt for everything that resembles vampire in sight. Since the death or her sister she is looking for revenge from the one that killed her. On the way she happens to kidnap/capture a hunky alpha male, Lethal. Bound and questioned by a lovely and not to mention horny Lacey, things begin to escalate and change quickly. Are you ready for the adventure?Even Lethal's name gives me some very interesting th [...]

    16. I've read and enjoyed the previous books Scarred & Kilt and Mine To Chase.Lacey and Lethal was so worth reading.I really liked the capture/captive plot. Rough and tough Lethal wakes up embarrassed at getting taken down and captured by a mere human, and a woman at that. Lacey has only ever seen bad, evil vampires in her quest to stop others from being hurt like her murdered sister and doesn't know what to make of Lethal.The dialogue between them was so entertaining. I couldn't wait for what h [...]

    17. So there are three novels set in the same time frame. I try to read them in order because I feel like it ruins it when they're out of order. I actually started Mine to Chase before this one and I realized pretty quickly that Lacey and Lethal comes before Mine to Chase and after Scarred and Kilt. I thought it was pretty good. I could feel Lacey's anger and hatred. I admit I was scared at first, I didn't think Lethal would make it. I have to admit, Dohner has moved into one of my favorite authors. [...]

    18. Laurann did it again, people!!! It was perfect, from the beginning till end. Short, sweet, sexy and of course with a HEA. I loved how cute and amazing Lethal and Lacey were together. Lacey is quite funny, stubborn, smart and when needed also open minded. And Lethal is one big teddy bear, but only to his woman. You certainly don't want get on his bad side, that's for sure. There's also some action and just the right amount of scorching hot scenes. ;)After reading this one

    19. Real different than her known series! No New Species, Zorn Warriors or hot Cyborgs. But Vampires! Wow. If you like your paranormal books hot, jucy and full with alpha men. Then Laurann Dohner is your author.Lacey and Lethal by Laurann Dohner is set et in the same world as Scarred and Kilt, and Mine to Chase. Lovely book to read. I have to admit not as good as the New Species series but definitely fun to read Laurann's books about vampires. She proofs that she in't stuck on one or two paranormal [...]

    20. This was a novella which means short. When stories are short they lack the time to do the relationship building I enjoy. I have to say I did like this story despite the lack of relationship building. Of course I didn't buy the instant love the hero feels for Lacey. I mean he is so old and never wanted any other women but in no time at all he falls for her when she kidnapped him and said she was going to kill him. I mean blah blah blah. It just isn't believable. If you just read the story and for [...]

    21. I love these little shorts but to truly appreciate them you must read Scarred Kilted in Something Wicked this way Comes Anthology Part 2, Mine to Chase a short release on its own then Lacey and Lethal. My expectations of these shorts were exactly that “SHORTS” something to wet your whistle while you’re waiting for her next species to come out. I happen to like the wham bam thank you mame type reads when I’m in-between series or waiting for a new release. I’m tickled Lethal found his ma [...]

    22. The story is good, the opening scene is semi-action pack. Although the development of the couple from enemies to lovers is only for a few chapters, it is still enjoyable to discover their feelings to one another. Lacey learned that not all vampires are mindless killers and Lethal falls in lust then love with her in a few days. But I noticed that the pursue of justice of Lacey, and the cause of her becoming a hunter was not solved in this story. I wish that this story have a sequel where the othe [...]

    23. I absolutely love this book! I am a huge fan of Laurann's writing and this did not disappoint.Lacey is a feisty little woman who had her world ripped apart when a vampire murdered her sister. She now works with a small group that hunts and kills vampires. Lethal is a Master Vampire that had lived a very long time. He doesn't kill humans and won't hurt those that are weaker than himself. When these two meet, they will set you on fire! Love, love, love it!!!!

    24. This one was better than Mine to Chase but I guess this series is just not going to be one of my favorites. Both main characters are very likable, the story is a good idea and the sex scenes are hot, but to go from Hunter/captive to HEA mates in one day is kinda fast I think. Anyway, I still love Laurann Dohner and will read all her books. I now known what to expect from this series. A quickie Happy reading!

    25. Another great read by Laurann. Lacey and Lethal are the perfect couple. Things move quickly when you know that person who is meant for you and both did in this one. It only happens over a couple of days, but they both knew they were meant for each other, Lacey however did make it hard for Lethal, but she gave in to her feelings. I loved this one, the only problem I have with it is it's not long enough.

    26. Another great short, very steamy story from Laurann Dohner. I really liked the story line, Lacey a vampire hunter, got more than she bargained for when she captured Lethal. He not only changed her misconception that all vampires were evil kllers, but changed her world aswell. I highly recommend all Laurann Dohner books

    27. Lacey is supposed to be a bad ass vampire killerLethal is supposed to be untouchable. Lacey captures Lethal but after their brief time together she cannot seek her revenge and kill him. These two are each other's match, Lacey is fiesty and Lethal loves every second of it. Tragic loss brought them together and some sexual chemistry is keeping them thay way.

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