The Other Side of Heaven

The Other Side of Heaven Californian Gwendolyn Godwyn seeks to learn her family s history and hopes to restore the bond that once existed between her Italian forebearers and those who live in America While visiting her ancest

  • Title: The Other Side of Heaven
  • Author: Morgan O'Neill Deborah O'Neill Cordes
  • ISBN: 9781440568060
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
  • Californian Gwendolyn Godwyn seeks to learn her family s history and hopes to restore the bond that once existed between her Italian forebearers and those who live in America While visiting her ancestral Italian town, Gwen is caught in a violent earthquake and inexplicably thrust through time At first refusing to believe what has happened, she nevertheless uses her witsCalifornian Gwendolyn Godwyn seeks to learn her family s history and hopes to restore the bond that once existed between her Italian forebearers and those who live in America While visiting her ancestral Italian town, Gwen is caught in a violent earthquake and inexplicably thrust through time At first refusing to believe what has happened, she nevertheless uses her wits to survive, donning a monk s cowl to hide her identity as a woman Ripped apart from all she has ever known, Gwen finds herself in the midst of brutal territorial battles in an era she once blithely called The Dark Ages When the golden Italian summer of 951 emerges from the strife and gloom, Gwen joins forces with a cadre of gallant men, allies in the struggle against the evil nobles, Willa of Tuscany and Count Berengar, kidnappers of Italy s rightful queen, Adelaide Along with Father Warinus and Lord Alberto Uzzo, Gwen seeks to rescue Adelaide and restore her kingdom In the midst of this great adventure, Gwen falls in love with the complex and passionate Alberto, to whom she reveals her identity as a woman But can Alberto learn to love her strong and independent nature and help Gwen in her quest to discover her rightful place in time

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    1. California girl and committed scholar of early languages, Gwendolyn Godwyn possesses all the skills she needs to research her Italian family history in the small, ancient Santa Lucia. The town that has called her home for years seems to open its arms to her quest, and she quickly finds that the gorgeous tour guide Stefano is a distant cousin, willing to accept her as family and make her visit everything she had hoped for. But disaster strikes. An earthquake—or evil from the past?—violently [...]

    2. The Other Side of Heaven is the first in another time-travel series, this time set in Italy, by the fabulous writing duo known as Morgan O’Neill. I eagerly awaited the series after reading the awesome Roman Time-Travel series and my only disappointment was that it ended too soon and I have to wait to read the next book! It was a quick read that kept me riveted to my seat and wanting to return to it (which is hard to do these days due to my busy schedule).Our action-packed adventure begins when [...]

    3. In a search to discover the hidden mysteries of her Italian family's history, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Godwyn, travels to the small Italian town of Santa Lucia to begin her discoveries. It isn't long before she's thrust hundreds and hundreds of years into the past to the time of 951. The territorial battles ripping apart Northern Italy is not a safe time for anyone, let alone a woman from the future who would surely be named a witch and killed if her secrets were found out. Banding together with Lord Al [...]

    4. The paranormal novel, The Other Side of Heaven, Book One of the Italian Time Travel Series, by Morgan O’Neill, is a fascinating read, and not at all what I expected. While the story starts in modern-day Italy, the action takes place in 951 A.D and the book quickly becomes an intricately woven historical novel telling of a dark time in the life of Adelaide of Burgundy, Queen of Northern Italy.Californian Gwendolyn Godwyn visits Santa Lucia, Italy, her hereditary home town, in hopes of learning [...]

    5. In this first book of their new series, Morgan O'Neill do for medieval Italy what they did so well for ancient Rome in their Roman Time Travel series--present a historically accurate picture of a specific era as they take the reader on a trip through time, flavored with romance and adventure.In "The Other Side of Heaven", the heroine Gwen, while on a visit to Italy to research her family history is sent back to medieval Italy as the result of an earthquake. She lands in the midst of the struggle [...]

    6. The Other Side of Heaven, by the fabulous writing duo of Morgan O’Neill, explores the era of medieval Italy—not often the subject of a romance novel. The history is so rich, you feel like a part of it. Gwen Godwyn is a scholar with a gift for languages who spends her days in dusty libraries researching her family tree. That is, until she and her newly-found cousin, Stefano, experience an earthquake while she’s in Italy. That quake catapults the pair back to the year 951, when absolute powe [...]

    7. Morgan O’Neill pulls us straight into AD 951, to a world of superstition, witchcraft, brutality and courage. Gwendolyn Godwyn is visiting Santa Lucia, Italy to research her Italian ancestry when she is ripped out of her present day reality into the “Dark Ages”. Disguised as a monk, she stumbles into the battles and intrigue surrounding the struggle by Queen Adelaide and her loyal supporters, led by Alberto Uzzo, to hold the throne against Willa of Tuscany and her consort, Count Berengar.I [...]

    8. When Gwendolyn Godwyn travels to Italy to connect with her grandmother’s family, an earthquake sends her back in time to the Middle Ages, where she’s swept up into an intrigue that threatens her life as well as that of those around her. I love the idea of time travel, and I love history, so of course this story appealed to me. Gwen is a terrific hero. Her background as a scholar helps her survive, but her strength and will are her most important assets. She could give up in her grief for tho [...]

    9. The Other Side of Heaven is the first in an Italian Time Travel Series by Morgan O'Neill and I really enjoyed this book. I felt it finished far too soon, I wanted to keep reading, so I'm definitely looking forward to Book 2.Morgan O'Neill clearly knows and loves history. This book takes you from modern day to 10th century Italy. The heroine, Gwen is thrust right into the middle of an action packed adventure with Stefano from her time-frame and then separated almost instantly. As she searches for [...]

    10. THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN, the first novel in the new Italian Time Travel Series by writing team Morgan O’Neill, is a passionate story of lovers separated by centuries of history set amidst a richly detailed drama. When the heroine is swept back in time, along with her dashing cousin, both their ancestry and lives are put in devastating peril. With the help of several well-drawn, historically accurate secondary characters and a literal knight in shining armor, the heroine is rescued and love ap [...]

    11. This was the first time travel romance book I have ever read and I thought the concept is really fascinating. I loved to know the plot is intertwined with real historical facts and the writing style is consistent with what I'd expect (although I'm not an expert). The story is fast paced and with multiple point of views you can't help but to keep the pages turning. The secondary characters are interesting on their own account and, although I wish they were more developed in this book, I understan [...]

    12. Star Crossed Lovers?Gwen Godwyn, the perpetual student, comes to Italy hoping to gain a greater knowledge of her family and heritage. She gets much more than what she bargained for Instead, she finds herself catapulted through time to Medieval age and into the realm of Alberto Uzzo. The Other Side of Heaven is a time traveling romance, one part historical romance, one part time twisting. It's a beautifully told tale, one in which the storytellers clearly have based in history, but with a license [...]

    13. I just love the depth of history in Morgan O'Neill's books. There's a rich taste, chewy texture, and satisfying earthiness to these stories and 'The Other Side of Heaven' deserves to be part of that illustrious banquet.Where do I begin? With the two strangers meeting up in modern day Italy? When they're ripped back in time to an unstable period in history where power struggles were more than soundbites aired on television, but rather deadly affairs? It doesn't matter. History comes to life and y [...]

    14. Splendidly drawn characters, heart-skipping danger and a witch’s evil plans will keep you turning the pages of The Other Side of Heaven. Finding herself transported back to Italy during the Middle Ages, Gwen Goodwyn meets and falls in love Lord Alberto who vows to protect and rescue Queen Adelaide. Gwen faces danger, rape and death to help him do so. The plot is action-packed and full of danger, especially when it involves the brutal methods of Willa and Berengar. Based on the true life of Sai [...]

    15. There are few things I appreciate more than a novel where the author is diligent about their historical facts, while at the same time seamlessly weaving them together with a fictional romance and adventure. Morgan O’Neill is one of those authors. This first novel in the author’s new Italian Time Travel Series brings Medieval Italy to vibrant life with real historical figures mixed with complex fictional characters who feel equally as real. I am convinced that few authors can deliver such a n [...]

    16. When I open a Morgan O'Neill book, I know that I'm in good hands. I enjoyed their Roman time travel series, so I was excited to see that the first book of their new series is coming out. The Other Side of Heaven is beautifully crafted, well-written, and thoroughly researched. Morgan O'Neill weaves an emotional, evocative love story in with action and adventure, keeping the reader on her toes and turning pages to see what happens next. I recommend The Other Side of Heaven to readers who enjoy his [...]

    17. This was an amazing book, and in a lot of ways, I enjoyed it even more than the authors' first time travel series. This book is much, much darker than any of the books in the Roman Time Travel series, and I found myself liking it even more for that reason. As I was reading, and the scope of the narrative became clearer, I couldn't help but make comparisons between this book and the best-selling PILLARS OF THE EARTH. They both have a large cast of characters; they both are set in important and hi [...]

    18. When are we going to see a Morgan O'Neill time-travel book turned into a TV series? I can picture any one of them on the small screen. :) There is a reason I keep going back to this author and this genre. In this book, O'Neill takes me on a whirlwind trip to the past in such authentic detail. It's a journey that I highly recommend to anyone who loves history, romance, strong heroines, dashing heroes and wicked villains. Go into it knowing this is book one of two, or the cliffhanger ending might [...]

    19. A fast paced novel that took me away to Italy. I loved Gwen's courage after she traveled through time. Alberto and Stefano were heroes who sacrificed for the greater good. I am anxious to read the next novel in this series!

    20. A fluff book for a summer dayA time travel romance. Not to be taken seriously. Easy read. Cliff hanger series. R rated, improbable, but fun and not too predictable

    21. A fond hello to our new friends. We hope you enjoy reading our Italian time travel series, which debuted with THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN and follows with TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE. Medieval Italy awaits you!

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