Sweet Thunder

Sweet Thunder A beloved character brings the power of the press to s Butte Montana in this latest from the best storyteller of the WestIn the winter of a quirky bequest draws Morrie Morgan back to Butte

  • Title: Sweet Thunder
  • Author: Ivan Doig
  • ISBN: 9781594487347
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A beloved character brings the power of the press to 1920s Butte, Montana, in this latest from the best storyteller of the WestIn the winter of 1920, a quirky bequest draws Morrie Morgan back to Butte, Montana, from a year long honeymoon with his bride, Grace But the mansion bestowed by a former boss upon the itinerant charmer, who debuted in Doig s bestselling The WhistlA beloved character brings the power of the press to 1920s Butte, Montana, in this latest from the best storyteller of the WestIn the winter of 1920, a quirky bequest draws Morrie Morgan back to Butte, Montana, from a year long honeymoon with his bride, Grace But the mansion bestowed by a former boss upon the itinerant charmer, who debuted in Doig s bestselling The Whistling Season, promises to be less windfall than money pit And the town itself, with its polyglot army of miners struggling to extricate themselves from the stranglehold of the ruthless Anaconda Copper Mining Company, seems like the couple s fast diminishing finances on the verge of implosion.These twin dilemmas catapult Morrie into his new career as editorialist for the Thunder, the fledgling union newspaper that dares to play David to Anaconda s Goliath Amid the clatter of typewriters, the rumble of the printing presses, and a cast of unforgettable characters, Morrie puts his gift for word slinging to work As he pursues victory for the miners, he discovers that he is enmeshed in a deeply personal battle as well the struggle to win lasting love for himself.Brilliantly capturing an America roaring into a new age, Sweet Thunder is another great tale from a classic American novelist.

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    One thought on “Sweet Thunder”

    1. I can’t rightly say that I’ve forgotten, but it’s always a welcome reminder each time I open one of Ivan Doig’s books, just how enchantingly he writes. It’s the feeling of coming home. I’ve always found his stories in general to be wholesome and thematic, and this one is no different. I love to read about people who love to read – what could be better? And Morrie Morgan loves to read, loves books, loves knowledge. This particular tale finds Morrie, his wife Grace, and the lovable p [...]

    2. I have enjoyed 4 of Ivan Doig's books. He captures a era gone by. However, in this novel, I found it lacking the essential things that made his works so entertaining.The marriage of Grace and Morgan, separates, and he is too busy trying to rescue the town of miners to give her what she needs to win her back. Took a carefree attitude after a few feeble attempts/ I didn't care for some of the passages that were [prolonged. I felt my mind gravitating to other things which to me is a signal.Alas, ma [...]

    3. As always, I love how Doig transports you to a different time and place. This time it's 1920s prohibition-era, copper mining town Butte. The characters of "Sandy" Sandison and Morrie Morgan are brought back from earlier books. I loved Morgan's character in Whistling Season, but this and last story he starred in aren't as memorable. The premise of the story is around Morgan working as an editor for a union supporting paper, while maintaining Sandison's mansion, and trying to win back his wife's t [...]

    4. I didn’t know when I recently read “Work Song” that author Ivan Doig had already published a third in the Morrie Morgan series, namely “Sweet Thunder.” I found the latter soon enough on the library shelves and finished out the trilogy.I gave “The Whistling Season” 5 stars, the next book 4 stars, and for this last one I can only manage 3 stars. Maybe it’s because I was on Morrie overload by midway through “Sweet Thunder.” The story seemed to drag on and on with Morrie running [...]

    5. This book suffers from a lack of focus. I might perhaps have liked it more if I'd read the first two books about the narrator, but I don't know. The characters felt like caricatures and all the various plot threads felt contrived. The setting is great, I feel like I've been to Butte now.

    6. In the first few sentences of this novel, before I realized I met Morrie in The Whistling Season, my impression is that his scruples were a bit off-base but I was going to like him anyway. I wasn't wrong.Morrie has had to reinvent himself again, a chameleon on a barber pole, and there are consequences. Of course. But he has a wonderful bride, a mansion to maintain, and is fighting the good fight to protect Butte, Montana miners whose lives are controlled by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company.As [...]

    7. I'll be honest, historical fiction set in the semi-Wild West isn't quite my thing. No gunslingers here, we're in the 20th century with Prohibition and mining strikes and newspapers being the tool of the Big Bad Company, which moved this up to a three-star. Morrie Morrigan, the star of previous Doig books, is back, this time as the "inheritor" of a mansion (except that he's inherited it from a living man who still stays in the house) and a new role as a semi-anonymous op-ed writer going after the [...]

    8. A fun read with quirky characters (how can you go wrong with a skinny orphan named Russian Famine?), a surprising and well-connected plot, and a good presentation of the battles between Anaconda and the miners in 1920's Butte, Montana. My problem with the book was that you have to savor these separately: the characters don't seem appropriate for their roles, the fictional action seems improbably related to the historical setting, and much of the story revolves around a confusion of persons that [...]

    9. Nov 2015: I had completely forgotten the big mystery at the end so it was like brand new! Such a fun story and just as good in audio the second time around.Sept 2013: Ah, Morrie, you don't disappoint. This book begins a year after the action in "Work Song", and although you could read this one without reading "The Whistling Season", (but you should definitely not miss it!), this one definitely is a sequel to "Work Song" and continues with the characters. Knowing their past will definitely help u [...]

    10. I like Ivan Doig a lot, but this wasn't one of his best. In this book we get to check in again with Morrie Morgan from "The Whistling Season" (best of the three) and "Work Song." Morrie has returned to Butte, Montana after a year of honeymoon travel. The miners of Butte are still struggling with the Anaconda Copper Mining Company over wages and safety and Morrie quickly gets entangled in their cause. As usual that is not the only trouble that catches up with him and the story proceeds in a sligh [...]

    11. This is the 3rd book in a trilogy and it's very much recommended that you read the previous books if you want to read this one. The first book whistling season was a definite 5 star, the last book 4 and even though I can see why the story might not be as appealing as the previous ones his writing is so amazing and the characters are so well developed. This book was a satisfying wrap up to the story set.

    12. Ivan Doig brings Morrie Morgan full circle in a sense as Morrie's past catches up with him. Mingling once more with the delightful collection of characters from Work Song, Morrie uses all his literary skills, and a few others, to continue the struggle against the Anaconda Copper Mining Company and to hold the demons of his past at bay. Doig guides a story full of twists and turns to a most satisfactory conclusion - not a spoiler if you have read other novels by Doig.

    13. I love Ivan Doig's writing and the way he can change styles completely from one novel to the next. This one had such a dry wit, that you knew you missed a lot of it at times. But about three-quarters of the way through, I got very tired of it and it was a slog to the end. There's not much plot here, so it's one of those books you read primarily for the writing. Could and should have been shorter.

    14. Doig always hits the mark when writing about times in history and the people who lived in those times. Sweet Thunder is no exception. The seriousness of the poor treatment of miners by the mine owners is shown here with proper respect, but not overdone. And being mistaken for an infamous bootlegger and living to tell the tale is actually believable. It was great to see Hoop & Griff back too.

    15. Ivan Doig is the staunch torchbearer of the Walter Stegner-style of Western writing. In "Sweet Thunder," Doig's prose transports the reader to 1920's Butte, Montana during the peak of copper mining while continuing the story of characters first introduced in "The Whistling Season" (my favorite Doig novel). Doig has a gift for creating a strong sense of place and time with perspective carefully curated to highlight elements essential to draw the reader in without any extraneous details. For me, i [...]

    16. These two books that follow The Whistling Season are a slow, uphill chug that, once they peak, uncharacteristically rocket through the details to the end. Convenient, tied in a bow. The troubles that have plagued Morrie for countless — flowery—pages is suddenly gone, like a flicked line of dominoes. And so is my attention span for much of this book.I found myself skimming to get to the point, often accidentally skipping key things I had to go back and check on.I didn’t like the two books t [...]

    17. Sweet Thunder by Ivan Doig is the third and final book in the Morris Morgan trilogy. Morrie and his new wife, Grace, receive notice of an inheritance and return to Butte after traveling the world for a year. Upon returning to Butte, Morrie must find a way to support Grace and goes to work for a new newspaper that is designed to support the miners who work for the Anaconda Mining Company. The book has several subplots that provide interest and excitement to the story. I enjoyed the book, but did [...]

    18. I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. It took me a while to get into the story, but once the plot thickened I couldn't put it down. The description of Butte, Montana made me want to jump in the car and take a real look for myself. The 1920's Prohibition twist added a lot to the storyline. Miners' rights and working conditions back then were clearly not ideal, and the story makes you really sympathize and cheer on those backing the unions for better wages and conditions. I felt eve [...]

    19. Ivan Doig has been a favorite author of mine for years, and I am not going to give up on him yet, but this book was Actually, I don't think his last few have been all that good. I have never really warmed up to the characters that populate them (and this), and, in this one, particularly, the plot developments seem incredibly contrived. As I am reading (or, here, listening, as I did it as an audiobook in the car), I say to myself, "Ah, this is happening so that this little plot twist can fall int [...]

    20. I lived in Anaconda from 1974-76 and also spent time in Butte. This book was particularly interesting because I was privy to the battle between the Anaconda Mining Co and the people in Anaconda that worked in the mines and suffered through so many illnesses caused by the arsenic poisoning spewing out of that tall smoke stack. With no environmental regulations they dug out the mountains and poisoned the earth in so many ways. Doig takes a sad time in that area and weaves it into another colorful [...]

    21. Doig never disappoints. His use of the English language is delightful, using words that have more than one interpretation to keep the reader fascinated.A Chicago gambler ends in copper mining area of Montana with his past exploits to hide. A wife to love following a world wide honeymoon on some of that questionable money. Now involved with a mining strike and as an editorialist in a newspaper war, which is where, in the book, word usage shines.A good yarn.

    22. Another great Doig read. Especially liked this one because of personal history in and near Butte, MT. (Even rolled and totaled my car there in a blizzard way back when.). I'll be heading back there soon to do a little personal family business and, hopefully, some fly fishing.I'm not done with you, Ivan.

    23. This is another book in the saga of Morrie Morgan, and while it was good it was not as good as the first one. It's more humorous but not as interesting as the first book in the series. However, it has a lot of elements of an Ivan Doig book -- his prose is wonderful. And I intend to read all of his books.

    24. Butte Montana and copperDoig is a wordsmith of first water. Besides the plot, Characters, and location the reader is treated to phrases so stunning that I have to gasp. Read all his books to encounter them.

    25. 4.5 stars. The plot dragged a little bit in parts, but Doigs genius for word-slinging carried it through. I listened to the audiobook with a nearly unbroken smile. If you like Doig (which you do, even if you don't know it yet), you will like this one.

    26. Really want to rate this a 2.5. I'm a huge fan of Ivan Doig. of the time. This isn't one of them. It's almost as if a ghost writer wrote this. Maybe it's because he's trying to be humorous???? Whatever it is, it fell a bit flat for me. That being said, it's still better than most:)

    27. Favorite lines:1. “I thought again what an achievement a book is, a magic box simultaneously holding the presence of the author and the wonders of the world.” 2. "You're a teacher. You can do anything" (199).

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